How to integrate a gas stove in a countertop

How to integrate a regular gas stove in a countertop?

Is it possible to integrate a gas stove in the countertop? Of course, you can, but first you need to choose a place where the unit will stand. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on several points: the hob should not be located next to the sink. It cannot be allowed to ensure that drops of water fall on the preheated surface.

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If the gas stove does not have heat protection from the oven, then the plate and furniture should be pushed away from each other. If the stove does not have protection, then the gap between the kitchen cabinets and the stove should be at least 10 millimeters (one centimeter) on each side.

Built.In gas slabs

These kitchen devices are independent or dependent modules that are located in a closet or countertop. This solution can significantly save space in the room. The built.In plate will be in perfect harmony with furniture, hood and other kitchen appliances.

In dependent models of this technique, the oven and the hob are connected, so in the kitchen set they are located nearby: on top there is a gas hob, below. An oven.

Independent option is more mobile. The hob and oven operate autonomously, so you can integrate a gas stove of this type anywhere, even outside the countertop.

Features of placement

The kitchen slab subject to embedding can inextricably bind to the oven (the latter takes place strictly under the panel) or arrange a mansion, regardless of the furnace (control elements belong to it personally, and not unite with the ovens). The capabilities of the location directly depend on what type of type. Devices of combined models, with rare exceptions, have a single power source, plus to everything, they are connected by a network of wires. First of all, the oven is installed as the main carrier of the control bodies (the unit is aligned using the construction level).

Autonomous hobs that actively crowd built.In sets are usually entered in or crashed into the tabletop of the headset.

The minimum thickness of the countertop under the building of the plate is 38 millimeters. The material should be well removed moisture and withstand temperature growth to at least 100 degrees.

GE Stove Valve Replacement Countertop Stove

If the device supports automatic ignition, there should be a socket next to it. The installation rules prohibit the placement of any plate nearby with the sink so that the drops of water do not find themselves on the hot surface. The close neighborhood with the refrigerator is also an unspoken taboo: the walls of the unit will every now and then be subject to thermal attacks.

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Connection to the countertop of a gas stove

Consider how to integrate a gas stove in the countertop (photos of some stages in the article).

When installing the slab, it must be remembered that all gas work related to the gas is very dangerous and require compliance with all the established safety regulations and instructions.

One of the important points is the correct choice of a special hose for connecting the stove. They are metal, selphone and rubber. The hose must be certified and it should only be purchased in a special store.

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So, how to integrate a gas stove in the countertop?

Before starting the installation of the slab, you need to carefully examine it. It is very important that it has no mechanical damage. If one are not found, you can start work.

It is easy to integrate a gas stove. This is necessary:

  • Insert the device into the hole prepared for it.
  • Using the divorce keys, connect the gas hose to the gas pipeline crane. In order to avoid gas leakage, the connection place must be wrapped with gas winding.

Connect the second end of the hose to the hob. Please note that the outputs can be of two options, one of which is designed for the balloon device.

After the device is connected to the gas line, you need to open the gas crane. Make up the connection places with a soap solution that will help to understand whether there is a gas leak or not. If soap foam is motionless, then everything is in order.


A separate refrigerator cannot be built

If in terms of the new kitchen there is a clock under the refrigerator, then you will have to buy a new refrigerator. Your old swinging will simply not go there. The built.In refrigerator has a completely different design. Instead of the usual decorative doors, the door of the “black” building, has huge loops and is mounted directly to the foam facade. It is impossible to remove the door from the old refrigerator and attach it to the closet. Also, separate models have a different cooling system that requires air circulation near the walls of the device.

And finally, you need to take into account the dimensions. If the individual ones usually go from 60 cm in width, then it is built under a 60-centimeter cabinet-narrower to fit in.

Built.In refrigerator less spacious

And it is true. The standard problem of modern kitchens. I want a built.In refrigerator, but its volume is not enough. In this case, there are three options. The first is to integrate two refrigerators at once or order a kitchen by individual sizes and look for a large refrigerator for 2 doors. But this is if the place allows. The second option is to refuse the building in general and beat a separate model, and the third is to take a built.In refrigerator without a freezer and a separate freezer for a countertop. Before ordering the kitchen, go shopping and evaluate what the built.In refrigerator should be for you.

Choose a place

Is it possible to integrate a gas stove in the countertop? Of course, you can, but first you need to choose a place where the unit will stand. At the same time, you need to navigate at several points:

  • The hob should not be located next to the sink. It can not be allowed to ensure that drops of water fall on the preheated surface.
  • The place where the plate will stand should ventilate well.
  • It is necessary to provide free access to pipes and gas cranes if there is a need to repair or maintenance.
  • No need to put the plate next to the refrigerator. This can damage one unit and another.
  • Other elements of the kitchen set should be located at some distance from the stove, they should not be placed nearby.
  • We must not forget about the interior. It must be ensured that the stove looks good.

How to integrate a regular gas stove in a countertop?

Modern plates are less heated by surrounding objects, since materials endowed with appropriate properties are used for their manufacture; It is quite possible to integrate a separate stove in the countertop, and for this it is not at all necessary to change the configuration of gas pipes.

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If the gas stove does not have heat protection from the oven, then the plate and furniture should be pushed away from each other. If the stove does not have protection, then the gap between the kitchen cabinets and the stove should be at least 10 millimeters (one centimeter) on each side.

Which plate to choose built.In or not?

Another advantage of the built.In slab is an aesthetic and stylish appearance. Its front panel has an elegant, modern and flat design. The surface of the oven is on a flush with the panels of the facades of the kitchen set, while the bottom of a regular plate can step forward somewhat.

integrate, stove, countertop

It is recommended to arrange a hob at a distance from the door or window at least 50 cm. This distance can be large, but no less, because the draft can both extinguish the flame and provoke a fire if there are flammable objects (curtains, curtains, towels) nearby).

integrate, stove, countertop

The choice of a gas hose

Before choosing a built.In oven, it is necessary to follow the implementation of certain requirements, the observance of which will avoid dangerous situations:

  • Near the oven should not be flammable and combustible materials (kitchen curtains, towels, rags, butter).
  • Furniture in the close area of ​​the oven should withstand an increase in the surrounding air temperature by 50 s.
  • It is not recommended to place an oven and a hob near the refrigerator or freezer.
  • The oven should be located in the distance from the sources of water in the kitchen.
  • An electric oven should be close to a grounded power outlet installed at an altitude of more than 10 cm. From the floor.

Determining the kitchen and at what height to install the oven, it is necessary to consider the following placement options:

The traditional placement of the oven, while the arrangement of the hob over the oven is not mandatory. This option is most often used in small kitchens, where there are few working surfaces, and has no alternative to small.

Cabinets of the column

Typically, this placement is used in a spacious kitchen, where there is enough space for installing additional high cabinets.

When deciding at what height to install the oven, it is necessary to take into account the following. High placement of the oven gives a number of advantages: it is easier to wash and serve, it is safe for young children, it is easier to get dishes and monitor the cooking process.

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In the skeleton

In a spacious kitchen with a hob placed in the middle, it will be logical to install an oven in the skeleton directly. The option is most suitable in families without young children and rare cooking.

In a high cabinet

A very convenient place for embedding the oven in the Tumba headset located on the edge. At the same time, it is not possible to use the surface of the cabinet as a working area, but you can install a microwave oven, various household appliances and kitchen accessories.

It should be noted that such placement is quite often used in everyday life for medium kitchens, where there is no shortage of working surfaces, but the deficiency is also not observed. In this case, it can be considered optimal.

Installation of the cabinet in different surfaces

There are two main types of gas hoses on sale:

Gas hoses sell various lengths, before buying, decide what length you need.

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Rubber gas hoses are the simplest and cheapest, probably, therefore, the most common. But rubber hoses are poorly protected from mechanical influences, the recommended service life is 5 years.

Polymer gas hoses in a steel braid were previously widespread, but in many cities and countries they are prohibited for use. They are distinguished by visually yellow stripes in a braid from water hoses.

The bilphone gas hose is safer and more durable than rubber gas hoses, there are references to the service life of up to 25 years. Stainless steel baking hoses are produced at the ends of the fitting hose with a thread with paronite gaskets. The hose is easily bending, withstands pressure up to 6 atmospheres and temperature from.50 to 200 degrees from. On this option I opted for my choice and I.

Sylphone gas hose with a protective coating is a model of a bell tower, which is protected by a layer of polymer coating.

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The selection of a place for installing an electric oven of an electric oven should be approached with maximum responsibility. At the same time, in addition to complying with the basic rules of electric and fire safety, it is necessary to ensure normal conditions for the operation of the oven and worry that it does not interfere with the functioning of other household appliances located in the kitchen.

Far from the incomplete list of recommendations is as follows:

integrate, stove, countertop
  • In the immediate vicinity of the oven, curtains, towels, paper products and other flammable items should not be located;
  • Furniture elements in contact with the cabinet should withstand the temperature of 50 OS without damage;
  • The location of the oven closely with the refrigerator or freezer is unacceptable;
  • It is advisable to install the oven at a maximum distance from the sources of water supply;
  • To ensure natural circulation of air, it is necessary to provide gaps of at least 90 mm from below, 40-50 mm for the side and rear wall of the oven;
  • From the side of the installation site at a height of at least 10 cm from the floor there should be an electric outlet with grounding, to which you can easily reach.

Size ratio when connecting an oven cabinet

Important! The outlet should be designed for current strength of at least 40 A. If this is not the case, make a replacement. Before you integrate a new oven with your own hands, you should decide on the place of its installation. The most convenient points of the arrangement of ovens:

  • In the cabinet under the countertop. At the same time, the hob is not obliged to be nearby at all. This placement is optimal for small kitchens with a limited area of ​​working surfaces;
  • Cabinets of the column. This option is good for spacious rooms. The niche intended for the oven can be located at the eye level, which facilitates the supervision of the cooking process and removes hot surfaces from children;
  • In the skeleton. Many housewives consider it a convenient and natural installation of an oven in the supporting structures of the hob that stands in the center of the kitchen area;
  • In a high cabinet. In a medium.Sized kitchen, it is quite possible to mount the oven in the extreme cabinet of the kitchen set.
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