How to install a check valve on an hood

Founder valve for ventilation. We understand the device and do it on our own

The ventilation system is the necessary communication for any building. It consists of a large number of components that ensure ventilation of the premises. Among the most important parts of exhaust ventilation, the check valve is often distinguished, it eliminates the likelihood of turning the air flow in the hood and thanks to it, fresh air always enters the rooms. Let’s talk about the design and creation of a DIY valve.

Any problems in the work of home ventilation quickly become noticeable. Unpleasant odors appear in the apartment. This is usually the case due to reverse traction, in which part of the air from the ventilation room returns to the living room. There are several reasons for the appearance of such problems:

  • Improper installation of an exhaust pipe;
  • Admission to the system of insufficient amount of supply air;
  • Installation in one of the apartments of a multi.Storey building of a powerful compulsory ventilation system, which negatively affects the work of a common.House ventsistema;
  • Flake valve.

The check valve is a device, the main constructive element of which is the shutter. The shutter should open under the influence of the air flow only in one direction. If air flows are not directed from residential premises, but inside the rooms, the shutter automatically closes. By installing a check valve for ventilation, you protect your apartment from possible unpleasant odors, from reverse traction, whatever it is caused.

Exhaust fan with a valve

Finding valves for vendes are made in the form of a disk or clutch. They can have different sizes and cross.Section configuration, which is round, rectangular and other types. Such devices can be heated or function without heating. Heated devices are suitable only for installation in ventilation systems with an electric drive, they are good in that they completely exclude the danger of condensation in the system and ice due to this in the winter season.

The main characteristic of the check valves is the throughput. According to the current standards for normal ventilation of the average dwelling in ventilation, it is necessary to install valves with a bandwidth of 4 to 6 m/s. On the market you can find such devices made of metal and plastic. Metal devices are more durable and reliable, but during operation they can make loud and unpleasant sounds. Pops when closing the shutter. Another disadvantage of metal products is that when condensate is formed, they can rust. Plastic valves, although not so durable, are more popular today. They are completely soundless, differ in lower cost and are not subject to corrosive processes.

The valves not only prevent reverse traction, but also prevent the gail in the ventilation of garbage. Small insects and dust.

Why is the check valve needed?

The house is ventilated by creating a tributary of fresh air. This is how natural ventilation is carried out. In some rooms (kitchen, bathroom, etc. D.) install additional devices. With optimal functioning of ventilation, the exhaust air and excess moisture indoors are excreted outside. But there are situations when, through a natural or forced extract, air enters the room. This phenomenon is called the thrust overturning, and there are several reasons for its occurrence:

  • Displacement of the balance between the volumes of incoming fresh air and the removed;
  • Ventilation blockage;
  • Narrowing or initially incorrectly installed hood;
  • The presence of a more powerful fan in neighboring rooms;
  • Ventilation shaft with low throughput (relevant for old houses).

In many cases, it is impossible to correct the situation due to the structural features of the hood itself or the premises in which it is established. But in order to not enter the apartment from neighbors or dirt, dust and insects from the street, install the check valve on the hood. It is he who allows air to circulate in only one direction, t. E. Serves as a barrier.

How to mount ventilation with a check valve on an extract

The occurrence of reverse traction is a common phenomenon, which has many negative consequences. By installing the check valve for ventilation, you can solve this problem.

To do this, you need to know the design options for the execution of such devices, their pros and cons, as well as the rules for placing and installation in exhaust systems.

Causes of reverse traction

In order to decide on the installation of a check valve, it is necessary to find out the possibility of reverse traction in the ventilation system of the house.

Understanding this process will allow you to correctly plan and implement air exchange in the premises.

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Using a burning match, you can easily check the direction of air movement in the ventilation hole and evaluate the flow rate

The principle of operation of supply and exhaust ventilation is based on the law that at any moment of time the volume of the arriving and emerging air from the premises is the same. Thus, the reverse traction in the hood occurs if the total flow at the remaining points of the entrance and air output is directed from the house. There are several main reasons for the occurrence of such an effect.

Often reverse traction occurs due to a significant reduction or termination of the flow entering the premises through the supply ventilation. This can happen as a result of gradual clogging of holes, and in the case of a forced circuit. Wear or breakdown of the mechanisms responsible for air circulation.

Also, the occurrence of reverse traction can be facilitated by a sharp increase in the volume of air that goes through one of the exhaust devices. For example, with furnace heating, hot air with combustion products intensively exits through the smoke pipe. With insufficient intake through the supply ventilation, a change in the direction of the flow in the hoods will occur.

The reason for the reverse movement of the air flow may be an uneven pressure formed when several branches are connected to one ventilation channel. In such situations, each fishing line for a trimmer is equipped with a check valve

In the case of use inside the house of the duct with several points of air fence, it is possible to change the direction of the flow if forced ventilation is turned on in one of them. So, if the boxes from the kitchen and the bathroom are connected to one system, then the inclusion of the kitchen hood will lead to the occurrence of air pressure not only towards the street, but also towards the bathroom.

Changing the parameters of the environment outside the apartment or house can also cause reverse traction. During construction works associated with a change in the relief, such as the construction or demolition of close buildings, it is possible to change the direction of the wind towards the hood.

In apartment buildings, when using general ventilation shafts to remove air, reverse traction may occur in the apartment due to the neighbors connecting powerful extracts. This problem is especially relevant for old houses, the common air ducts of which are designed without taking into account the possibility of using devices for forced ventilation.

install, check, valve, hood

The throughput of the common ventilation shafts of old multi.Storey buildings is not designed to pass a large volume of air generated by modern powerful extracts

Even if there are no conditions for the occurrence of reverse traction at the moment, it is better to install the check valve when installing the air circulation system. Its possible modifications, supplies of supply ventilation or external factors can lead to a variable direction of movement of the air flow. The cost of finished devices is small, and the introduction of a valve into already working ducts is a time.Consuming task.

Types of constructive performance of the check valve

Due to the widespread use of exhaust devices, the use of manual control to regulate the air flow is no longer relevant. There are four fundamentally different design ways to automatically prevent reverse traction in the ventilation system. Each of them has its own pros and cons that must be taken into account when choosing the type of device.

How To Install An Inline Fuel Check Valve (Andy’s Garage: Episode. 49)

Single.Barrel gravitational action

The flow directed from the room exerts pressure on the valve sash and opens it to pass air. In the absence of movement or in the event of a reverse traction, there will be no pressure on the sash and, under the influence of gravity, it will close.

The use of just one sash to pass air and the use of gravity for its closure make a gravitational model of the valve simple and reliable

With proper installation, the gravitational check valve can be used with natural ventilation, since the resistance to opening the sash has a slight. There are two ways to execute this design:

-displacement of the position of the axis on which the sash is fixed regarding the middle of the cross.Section of the duct;

-the presence of a counterweight located inside or outside the device.

Given the fact that the principle of closing the sash is based on the action of gravity, it is necessary to place the valve depending on the design strictly horizontally or vertically using the level. Otherwise, it is possible either incomplete closure, or significant efforts of air flow in the ventilation system for opening the sash will be necessary, especially in the case of using the counterweight.

The check valve installation circuit for the ventilation channel is determined by the design features of the system. Devices are mounted so that their blades open in the direction of the air flow

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Double.Barrel using springs

A butterfly check valve is equipped with two curtains, which are folded at excess pressure from the desired side and slammed with the help of springs in its absence. Since the closing process does not depend on the action of gravity, such a device, unlike the gravitational type, can be located at any angle.

Golden Rule

During the installation of the ventilation system in the dachas, the main point should be taken into account. The influx of fresh air should correspond to the volume of the dedicated material.

The general enthusiasm for hermetic metal.Plastic structures practically eliminates the penetration of air into the apartment. The problem can only be solved by installing a check valve in the system for natural ventilation, which will provide an influx of the required volume of air.

Service nuances

The check valve in the kitchen room, bathroom or toilet requires careful care. Dirt, dust and fat are often packed inside the device. All this does not allow the sample to fit tightly to the lattice and its functionality deteriorates. To clean the product, you need to pull out the internal case from which the noise detector and filter are removed.

The procedure is carried out in the warm season so that cold air does not get into the apartment. If the device is synthetic, it is enough to wash it with warm soap water and dry it. At this time, the duct itself is cleaned using a conventional vacuum cleaner.

On the lattices located on the street, ice often forms in winter. It needs to be removed, since it prevents the full closing of the wings. You can use a heater that will soften cold air. If the lattice on the street is plastic, it will quickly break, so it is better to use the metal version.

How to choose a finished product

In the functioning of ventilation, the main problem is a bad thrust. It is enhanced by combining all types of ventilation using a check valve.

When choosing a check valve, it is necessary to take into account the compatibility of all devices and mechanisms according to the following factors:

  • Form and diameter of the cross section of the channels. Choose a valve and a fan in size corresponding to your duct so that there are no problems during installation. Many valve models with various round and square shapes and sizes have been developed. Typically, air ducts and check valves in size of 100 mm are used in everyday life. Square valves that are easily attached in square mines are reliably established.
  • The material from which the product is made must correspond to the type of system, so as not to worsen its functioning. Indeed, in natural ventilation, the shutters should respond to the slightest oscillation of the air, which means consist of the finest material. And in production extracts, the devices should be stable in an aggressive environment and temperatures, so galvanized steel or aluminum is used here.
  • Purpose and device. Take into account for which room the valve is selected. It must correspond to the power of the fan used so that it is enough to open the petals. For example, if for a bathroom enough with a coefficient of 7, then for the kitchen. 10. There are ready.Made models in the set of a valve fan.
  • It is important to consider the capacity of the check valve. In everyday life, products with a bandwidth of 4-6 m/mm are used. The volume of the air displayed from the apartment should not exceed the cross.Country ability of a common ventilation shaft, otherwise it will be distributed to other apartments. Otherwise, it is necessary to install a separate air duct with the withdrawal to the street.
  • According to climatic conditions, some devices are mounted only indoors, since they cannot stand low temperatures. For example, a butterfly from frost will be covered faster with ice. For a private house, it is necessary to take care of the characteristic blowing of the wind and the penetration of rodents. The correctly selected valve is a guarantee of the quality of your ventilation and comfortable living conditions for living.

What is the check valve for

The return (anti.Breeding) valve is a design in which the blades of the valve itself located on the axis will move so that the air entering the valve will not enter the apartment.

The air masses in the check valve move in only one direction, and if it changes sharply, then the device closes, which prevents air flow into the room.

install, check, valve, hood

To check the presence of traction in ventilation, you can use a candle. Bring the lit candle in ventilation and open the window. If the air flow is correct, then the candle will fade.

DIY check valve process

Photo step.Step algorithm of actions with Комментарии и мнения владельцев
The author of the project is going to install a homemade check valve in a 125 mm channel width under a standard plastic grill. The installation of the forced fan is not planned. It was decided to apply improvised materials to save money. The need for modernization arose due to the receipt of unpleasant odors from neighboring premises located on other floors of the house.
This cover is removed without unnecessary difficulties. It is fixed on strips of adhesive tape (with two sticky sides). Over time, they stopped performing their functions, therefore, more reliable means will be used for new fixation.
After removing the tape and pollution. It turned out to be a good basis for creating the necessary design.
For the valve frame, cardboard, thin plywood, plastic sheet are suitable. In this case, empty packaging from writing paper was used. The corrugated cover has the necessary strength. An additional advantage, the extinguishing of sound vibrations is not useful here. But it can be used when creating a structure with a fan.
In order not to damage the workpiece, use a soft lining.
The outline of the lattice is bypassed with a pencil, a rectangle is cut out of the cover along the marked lines.
Then measure the width and height of the ventilation hole. It turned out 125 x 170 mm.
Using a ruler and pencil, the part is drawn in the center of the rectangle. Distances from opposite edges to its perimeter should be the same.
In the central part, a vertical jumper is set up with a width of 10-15 mm. It is useful for mounting a valve, which can be made from a suitable piece of a thick polymer film. The author used the upper part of the standard stationery folder (delay).
First cut out the central parts.
Next. Create valve leaves. They must converge in a closed state in the middle of the central jumper. If less rigid plastic is used, an additional support bar is installed horizontally in each hole.
The valves are attached to the side parts of the frame using tape. Check the strength of the mounts and the functioning of the mechanism.
The multi.Colored surface of the box will be visible through the cracks.
To eliminate this drawback, the workpiece is glued with white paper.
Using a practical experiment, you can check the functionality of the check valve for ventilation with your own hands. It is necessary to make sure that the petals move freely, reliably block air access in a closed state.
To increase the duration of the tests, the valve is mounted on self.Tapping screws without twisting them completely. The holes are noted in accordance with the lattice parameters. If everything is in order, it is installed on top, attached with screws to the wall with the valve.
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It will be easier to buy a check valve for ventilation after reading the data from this table:

Sioux Chief ProCheck /h3>

DIY ventilation installation of valve valve

To correctly install the device with your own hands, first of all, you need to determine what place the check valve will occupy in the ventilation circuit.

Hood into the bathroom: eliminate excess humidity. The choice of equipment. Calculation of the fan power. Recommendations for independent installation.

The grate with a check valve for ventilation is mounted at the entrance or exit to the ventilation. It is very simple to carry out such installation with your own hands: the ventilation grill with self.Tapping screws or with the help of “liquid nails” is attached as tightly to the wall, completely closing the opening of the air duct.

Installing a ventilation grill with a check valve is quite simple

In the case when the check valve is installed in the ventilation shaft behind the fan, the fan is first of all dismantled. Then the valve is inserted into the ventilation hole and the marking is applied for mounting the device. Having pulled out the case, holes for fastening are drilled in the marked places. After that, the case is installed in the channel and through the openings made areas are planned for attaching already on the concrete wall itself. With the help of a gentry, holes are arranged in the intended places, where the dowels will be clogged later. Then mount the valve in the ventilator.

Helpful advice! If, when installing a check valve with your own hands between the wall of the ventilation shaft and the device’s body, the gaps remained, they are filled with silicone sealant.

The principle of wiring ventilation in the bathroom with a common ventilation and reverse valves

After installing the check valve, the fan is mounted in its place. If the installation is performed correctly, the check valve will prevent the re.Entering the exhaust air into the room.

The check valve is a simple but effective device that promotes high.Quality ventilation and the creation of a healthy microclimate in the rooms.

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