How to find out the size of the fan for the case

The right choice of fan for the computer body

New technologies and programs are developed every day, demanding from computers more and more performance and return. Every year, video cards, boards, processors and other components of the computer are improved, which leads to an increase in the consumed and released energy. In this regard, the user often faces the problem of overheating, which, in turn, leads to a deterioration in the system and breakdowns of the constituent PC. That is why the fan is an extremely important aspect in the normal operation of the computer. All modern devices are equipped with a particular cooling system. It happens that the fan is installed only on the processor or on the video card. Their task is to maintain the temperature of only one element, while throwing hot air into the body. Such a system saves separate parts, but the total temperature inside the case only rises. That is why the ventilation system must be complete and serve all the components of the device. Carbon fan is a great solution to many problems at once.

Recommendations for choosing a fan for a computer body.

General information

The number of computer fans in powerful system units can reach a dozen or more. Many people have a question of how to replace them or repair when irritating noise or fan failure occurs?

If you have not noticed a fan failure in time, then this can lead to the loss of expensive equipment due to its overheating.

This issue is especially relevant during the summer period, when the average temperature in the house or office rises compared to the winter period, and since computer fans take air from the environment, it also increases inside the computer system.

The quality of cooling the entire computer system affects the size, speed of rotation, performance, manufacturing technology and even the shape of the impeller of the blades.

The fan connected to the radiator is called the cooler.

Adding a fan to the Raspberry Pi 4 official case

The radiator can have a variety of shape, size, material and manufacturing process. Include components that help more quickly and efficiently remove heat from a warming element, for example, thermal tubes.

It is very simple to buy and replace the case fan, and every user who has at least some skills in handling a screwdriver can do this.

To replace the fan on the processor cooler or on the cooling system of the video card, in most cases, it is impossible, due to their non.Standard sizes and methods of fastening, which leads to the need to complete the replacement of the cooling system of this node.

For the selection and further purchase of a high.Quality case fan, cooler for a processor or video card, you must own information about the main types, characteristics and fan device. This will help you (if necessary) to remove, disassemble and grease the annoyingly noisy fan in the PC system unit.

After reading and studying this article, you will know very well how the fans of different price categories differ from each other, learn to understand their technical characteristics, and you can make the right choice in favor of a particular fan model for its purchase when it is purchased. So, let’s start.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

It does not have too much mass, which is 569 grams, due to which the load on the motherboard will be less. The cooler radiator includes 57 plates made of aluminum, each of them has a thickness of 0.5 mm. All of them are tuned to heat pipes made of copper, the diameter of which is 6 mm with a distance between the ribs of 2 mm. The estimated area of ​​this product is about 6400 kV. Cm. Thermal tubes are located in a checkerboard pattern, due to which the distribution of heated air flows is carried out as evenly as possible. The efficiency of the radiator is at a height of both low and high speeds. The fastening here is universal. If necessary, it is possible to connect another fan, which will increase the power of the cooler and will allow it to use it on dispersed or gaming processors.

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There are no aluminum inserts between the heat pipes, thanks to this design feature of the product, the removal of excess heat from the processor is carried out as evenly as possible, which also increases the efficiency of the device. The cooler is excellently combined with all the most common platforms. AMD, Interl, and so on. It is possible to install LGA2011 on the connector, but for this you will have to purchase a special mount. In the system unit itself, this cooler will take up not too much free space, so it can be installed in compact products.

Thermalright Macho Rev.A

This model is a cooler of the tower structure, which provides an oral radiator of a rectangular shape, where excess heat is removed at the expense of the radiator on heat pipes additionally equipped with a fan. The base and thermal tubes themselves are covered with a thin layer of nickel, the plates are made of aluminum. As the main feature of this device, users note not too large overall dimensions, as well as anodized upper plastic, which makes the cooler more attractive. Aluminum plates here are 30 pieces, the thickness of the made is 0.4 mm, between them is a distance of 3.1 mm. It is worth noting that each of them has in its structure 56 gaps of a rectangular shape, and their edges are bent upward. Together with the central hole of rather large sizes and open sides, this allows us to maintain high efficiency of this cooling system even at minor speeds of the fan.

Heat pipes are 5, each of them has a diameter of 6 mm. They alternate with each other so that heat is evenly distributed by aluminum plates, and the contact of these elements is provided by ordinary pressing. Above the radiator is a fan with seven blades, the overall dimensions of which are 120x120x25 mm. The edging is black, and the fan itself is painted white. The rotation speed is adjusted in automatic mode in the range from 600 to 1300 revolutions per minute. Energy consumption is low. Even at maximum loads, it, in fact, does not exceed 1.6 W. In order to fix the fan on the radiator, classic wire brackets are used, which differ in excellent reliability.

SVEN HT-202-a complete overview of the speaker system 5 in 1

  • Excellent efficiency throughout the service life;
  • Included with the device is a set of mounts for any processors currently relevant to date.

Deepcool Lucifer V2

The radiator of this device has a tower structure in which there is only one section, and its dimensions are 163x140x110 mm, that is, the shape is quite massive. The total area of ​​heat dispersion in this product is about 6800 kV. Cm. This value is slightly higher than the average compared to other similar products. The radiator includes at once 6 nickelled heat pipes of a standard diameter. 6 mm, on which 36 plates made of high.Quality technical aluminum are attacked from above. Each of them has a thickness of 0.5 m, a stable distance of 2.7 mm remains between them. This factor allows you to install these products in system units, where a low purge level is observed.

If necessary, you can install an additional fan, but only one includes in the kit, the second will have to be purchased additionally. The mass of the device is 745 grams. Not very much. Two heat pipes go to the cooling plates at an insignificant angle, so the heat is more uniformly distributed throughout the radiator, which increases the effectiveness of its operation. The device contact site is thoroughly polished, which provides the most dense contact of the cooler and processor.

  • A fairly simple installation on any relatively modern platform;
  • It is possible to install an additional fan;
  • A completely acceptable price.
  • The fan hangs greatly above the near connectors for connecting RAM, which is which only low-profile modules can be placed;
  • Thermal tubes could be located more optimal.

Deepcool Gammaxx 400

The overall dimensions of such a cooler are 159x135x76 mm with a mass of 638 grams. It includes 51 plate, the thickness of which is 0.4 mm, a distance of 1.8 mm remains between them. In addition to them, the design provides 4 thermal tubes, with a diameter of 6 mm each. They pass through the radiator with a slight displacement relative to each other. There are aluminum inserts between them, providing the most dense contact with air heat flows and, as a result, more efficient cooling of the processor. The diameter of the fan is 120 mm, it is equipped with nine blades. It itself is installed on a hydrodynamic bearing, the speed of its rotation is from 900 to 1500 revolutions per minute. The maximum fan consumes 3 watts of energy. Fastened on the radiator due to two wire brackets. An additional pair of brackets is provided. They are designed to install an additional fan.

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Why do the processor temperature control is needed

When performing resource.Intensive tasks, the processor predictably begins to bask. This is due to the fact that the CPU performs many computing actions with which it was loaded by the user. To cool the processor in the computer, a cooling system is provided.

Usually it is presented in the form of fans trying to cool the CPU cold air. However, this is far from always possible, and the heated “iron” becomes the result of many problems:

In addition, overheating often becomes the main reason for the computer failure. That is, having allowed a strong CPU heating, the user simply risks losing his device, which is why you will have to either change the processor or buy a new PC. To prevent such complications, it is recommended to constantly monitor the temperature indicators of the computer. This can be done both by built.In Windows 10 means and using special programs.

On a note. The optimum processor temperature when performing resource-intensive tasks is the range of 60-70 ° C. In this case, short-term heating is allowed to 90-105 ° C. If you go beyond the indicated framework, the service life of PC will be reduced, or it will immediately fail.

Type of bearing

A bearing is a mechanism due to which the blades rotate. It is subject to the greatest exposure and wear due to friction, and is also the main source of noise. This characteristic is responsible for the durability of the cooler. The main types include:

How To Tell Which Way Your Fan Is Blowing

  • Sliding bearing. Characterized by a short period of work, average noise and low price.
  • Friction bearing. Is characterized by increased noise, but the life of the work is much more.
  • Hydrodynamic bearing. This type is provided by self.Sings, which reduces friction and extends the life of.
  • Magnetic centering bearing. The basis of this mechanism is the axis and the magnetic field, so that the friction is practically no. The service life, respectively, is very high, like the price.

When choosing a fan, decide which characteristics are more important for you. Manufacturers represent great variability, giving the opportunity to choose something optimal for everyone.

Types of cooling PC

The cooling system can be different. It all depends on what tasks PC performs and how many heat the components release.

size, case

The easiest is the air cooling system, which can be passive due to the operation of one radiator or active due to the operation of the radiator and fan.

Liquid cooling is used less often, because it is very expensive. It is usually used in expensive gaming systems, and sometimes just for beauty. The advantage of such an CO is its increased efficiency and noiselessness.

size, case

Fremon installation. An even more rare type of CO in PC. Typically, this option is used for experimental models that are designed to work with overclocking all components.

The refrigeration unit has an evaporator, which is aimed at the most heated components (processor or video card). Such an OS is complex and very expensive, demanding of electricity consumption.

Connection of the cooler to the BP or battery

To connect to the power supply, use the standard connectors, if you need to change the number of revolutions (speed). You just need to reduce the voltage supplied to the cooler, and this is done very simply. Rearranging the wiring on the nest:

So you can connect any fan and the lower the voltage. The lower the speed, respectively, its work. If the computer does not really heat up, but very noise, you can use this method.

To write it from batteries or batteries, just serve a plus for red, and minus on the black wire of the cooler. He begins to rotate already from 3 volts, the maximum speed will be somewhere at 15. The voltage cannot be increased more. The windings of the motor from overheating will be burned. The current consumed will be approximately 50-100 milliamps.

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Device and repair of cooler PC

In order to disassemble the fan, you need to remove the glued nameplate from the wires, opening access to the rubber plug, which we remove.

We will pick up a plastic or metal half.Ring by any object with a sharp end (a clerical knife, an hourly screwdriver with a flat slot and t.P.) and remove from the shaft. The eye opens a motor operating from direct current according to a beating principle. On the plastic basis of the rotor with the impeller around the shaft, an integral magnet is fixed, on the stature there is a magnetic circuit on a copper coil.

Then clean the hole under the axis and drop a little machine oil there, collect back, put the plug (so that the dust does not clog) and use the already much more quiet fan further.

size, case

All such fans have a biased rotation mechanism: this is reliability, economy, noiselessness and the ability to adjust the revolutions.

For modern coolers, the connectors have a much smaller size, where the first contact is numbered and is a “minus”, the second “plus”, the third transfers data on the current speed of the impeller rotation, and the fourth controls the speed of rotation.

Technologies are tirelessly improved, specialized programs and the latest games require more and more powerful computers. Processors, video cards and other components of the computer are modernized annually, and this leads to the release of greater heat. Excessive heating can threaten with freezes, breakdown of individual elements and increasing rumble of coolers. Dust accumulating in the case only exacerbates the situation.

Fans come to the rescue. Today they are almost always placed on the power supply, on the processor and on powerful video cards. But often this is not enough: these fans serve only their part, throwing hot air into the body. This process not only reduces the effectiveness of coolers, which again suck the same hot air, but also leads to heating other parts of the computer. Therefore, the case needs proper ventilation so that the air is supplied on the outside, and from the inside is blowing out. It is for this that fans are needed for the case.

Unfortunately, for many, this is a question of the amount remaining from delivery. Over, when choosing a case fan, customers often focus only on its size. This is fundamentally incorrect, since an incorrectly selected fan will lead to an extra irritating noise, and it will last very little. If you approach the issue seriously, you need to understand the parameters of the case fans.

Corsair CO-9050005-WW

The fan of this model is distinguished by the design of the blades and the high speed of the impeller rotation. Here they tried to choose the optimal number of revolutions (more than 1450 rpm) and at the same time took into account the noise level to be low.

It is also worth noting that high speed does not particularly affect the pumping of a large amount of air. In addition, such a fan can be much easier to blow out from small holes.

To ensure high.Quality computer operation, it is important to choose a good fan that will cool the entire system in a closed case.

If the fans can only be installed in the front of the housing, then it is better to choose not very noisy devices. But in the back of the PC case, you can install both a more powerful and noisy cooler.

The backlight in the fan is the option that is selected at the request of the user. In addition, if the case is under the table, then most often it is not visible, so why overpay for it. In addition, often the presence of backlight can adversely affect the work of the fan itself.

And which fan is installed in the body of your computer? Does everything suit you in his work, or now you have chosen something else? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about your experience.

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