How to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot

How to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot

The RadioBOZ online store team often helps to solve problems with connecting robots and other smart gadgets from Xiaomi both their customers and customers of our colleagues. We tirelessly monitor everyone who acquires Xiaomi technique to fully use it. Robots-blasts and other smart gadgets from Xiaomi have chic functionality due to the possibility of connecting to a smartphone through the Mi Home application. Connection to the application significantly expands the capabilities of the technique and allows you to fully enjoy the abundance of the variety of planes. So, in the application for the robot, you can configure the cleaning schedule, track movements, battery charge, limit the cleaning area and even control it using the remote control.

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In this article, we want to show the sequence of actions when working with Mi Home: how to connect the Xiaomi robot vertebrae to Wi-Fi for the first time, how to find your gadget, as well as describe possible problems and ways to solve them.

Cleaning management

There are several basic functions, access to which the Mi Home application opens:

  • Clean mode. Allows you to set the right cleaning procedure.
  • DOC mode-sends a robot vacuum cleaner to the docking station if the cleaning was completed ahead of schedule.
  • Timer mode. Controls the cleaning time of the premises, as well as the frequency with which the cleaning is performed.
  • Cleanup Mode mode. Allows you to set the necessary method of cleaning from the presented options (in the amount of 4 pcs.). Depending on the selected intensity, the efficiency of cleaning will change, as well as the noise level of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Remte Control mode. Makes it possible to control the vacuum cleaner in manual mode directly from the phone.

It is also possible to obtain all the information about the degree of wear of the main nodes of the robotic vacuum cleanerXiaomi“. Access to it opens in the “Care” section.

connect, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner

⚙️ How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P to the smartphone

Modern robot sprayers have great functionality, which is provided through the branded application. Today we will tell you how to connect the detergents of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop and Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P to your gadget.

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To connect you will need Mi Home branded application, it can be downloaded both in the Play Market and in the AppStore.

Download the application, run it and get back in the European region. Once in the main menu of the application, click the “” ”in the upper right corner to add a new device.

Now it is necessary to reset Wi-Fi settings on a vacuum cleaner, for this, click the inclusion key and home for 3 seconds, before sound indication. After resetting the Wi-FI settings, the vacuum cleaner will automatically determine in the list of available devices for connection, you can also select it manually.

Next, enter data points Wi-Fi, to which you want to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. Only 2.4 GHz is supported.

Now you need to wait a couple of seconds to connect.

Then the connected vacuum cleaner will offer to specify the location.

You can also share access with other Mi Home users.

Xiaomi Robot Robot Vacuum Mop P Robot is connected to your smartphone and is ready for further manipulations, for which it is enough to press on the vacuum cleaner icon that appeared in the main Mi Home menu.

You can also use the instructions for installing the Russian language of the voice acting of your new friend.

How to connect the Chinese version of the Xiaomi robot to Wi-Fi

When trying to synchronize, errors often arise: the application does not recognize the device. This is due to the inconsistency of the regions. You can find out the version of the device through the program itself. Chinese vacuum cleaners work only with mainland China.

Attention! If the instruction contained in the package is written completely in Chinese, you bought just such a version.

  • If you use the international version, you need to go to the application settings section, find the “profile” item. Indicate your country in the line “Region”.
  • Before connecting the Xiaomi 1s Chinese robot vertebrae, you need to indicate “mainland China” instead of your country. After that, the program is rebooted.

The above actions will help eliminate the error associated with the inconsistency of the regions and normally perform synchronization.

Connecting the European version to the Chinese

Several different modifications of Xiaomi robot and vacuum cleaners are presented:

  • International-version has a leadership in English in a box and speaks English.
  • Chinese version. There is a Chinese leadership and Chinese voice acting.

Some of the latest Chinese modifications are blocked. They were developed for the local market of China, but for some reason there are sellers on AliExpress (and, possibly, in other stores) who sell them around the world. These devices cannot be connected to the application outside China.

How to find out if the Xiaomi robot vertebrae blocked? When connecting, the robot will report an error of about this type: “The product can only be used in China”.

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If you have a Chinese version of the robot, you should change your region to mainland China: Open the Mi Home application, click on the “profile” → “Settings” → “Region” → “Larry China”. After changing the region, you need to go into the program again.

If you have a blocked Chinese version of the vacuum cleaner:

  • Perform all steps for international release.
  • Remove the application. Install the latest version of the application.
  • Install Hola GPS Spoofer and Hola Free VPN.
  • Change the phone language to the English and time owl of the phone to Shanghai.
  • Launch Hola Free VPN Proxy and GPS Spoofer and set the location of Shanghai, and proxy. China.
  • Launch the application from Hola Proxy.Follow the usual attachment instructions.

When the attachment of the device is completed, you can use the application without proxy and GPS spoofer.

What program is needed for the Xiaomi robot

The Xiaomi smart control of smart vacuum cleaners uses Mihome Universal Utility.

connect, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner

The program allows you to build a house movement schemes, clean in individual zones, install virtual walls, choose a certain cleaning schedule and much more. The application is available for downloading to devices with Android and iOS. On Android, the utility works from the fourth version, on iOS-with the ninth through a wireless Wi-Fi router at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

How to reset the card. How to create several cards

In the process of use, there are situations when it is required to reset the cleaning card of the robot-blanket. Often this happens after updating the firmware or movement of the docking station. To reset the cleaning map, you need:

  • Open the top cover of the vacuum cleaner.
  • By some sharp object (for example, a clip), squeeze the Reset button.
  • Simultaneously click the “home” button at the same time.
  • In five seconds, release Reset, and hold the “home” button until the vacuum cleaner starts to speak.
  • Together the vacuum cleaner through the My Home application.

In order for the robot permissive to save several cards of cleaning the room, you need to find the “room-all-zone” switch in the “My Home” application settings. Having selected the “Zone” item, add the coordinates of the new room and save changes. As a result, it will be possible to switch between the maps using the application. This is necessary in order to run cleaning in a separate room, and not in the entire apartment.

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner First Time Setup and Start Using And Charge

A robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent assistant in maintaining homemade comfort and cleanliness. Smart card for the robot allows you to remove the entire area of ​​the apartment in one passage. Therefore, when correctly setting up the cleaning map, users can forget that you need to wash or vacuum the floor yourself. The gadget works freely both from the personal application and in the general system “Smart House”. Xiaomi presents a technique that occupies a leading position in the ratings and allows you to synchronize with any gadgets and operational systems.

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How to connect by Wi-Fi

Below is a brief instruction for connecting the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to iPhone and Android. But before this, you need to perform preparatory settings: turn on the vacuum cleaner and activate Wi-Fi on a smartphone. We proceed to the synchronization of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner with the phone.


To connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner with the iPhone there is a factory Mi Home application available for installation in an application store.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Unboxing, Setup & 1st Clean | TechManPat

  • Download the application and open after downloading.
  • After starting, you will need to create an account. To do this, select the region. We recommend choosing China, India or the USA, t. To. For other countries, some possibilities of a vacuum cleaner can be blocked.
  • On the main page, open “Add the device”.
  • In the list that opens, click on your device. In the absence of a vacuum cleaner in the list, add it manually.
  • Synchronization of devices through the application will begin. To complete, connect the vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi.
  • Now the Robot Vacuum Cleaner icon will display on the main screen of the program.

Attention! If the devices are not connected, check if the gadgets are connected to the network.


The process of connecting the vacuum cleaner is about the same:

  • Download the application and register an account;
  • Opening the program, click “Add the device”;
  • In the list that opens, find the vacuum cleaner;
  • Then connect to Wi-Fi;
  • A new icon will appear on the main screen.

Important! If the phone does not see a vacuum cleaner for connection, the reason may be in the wrong choice of the region. Choose China, USA or India, and the problem will disappear.

This method is relevant for connecting all vacuum cleaner models in t. H. Roborock, 1S and Mijia LDS.

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