How to choose the right towel rail for the bathroom

Towel heated: choice for 10 steps

Choose a heated towel rail. The task is not easy. However, it can be successfully solved if you adhere to a certain algorithm. We will help you make a choice in just 10 simple steps!

Weird question? In fact, the answer to it for different people sounds differently. There are only two main functions of the heated room: to heat the bathroom and dry it: towels, socks and in general everything that needs to be dried quickly and efficiently. The shape of a heated towel rail depends on what function. It can be of two types:

A coil can have a different shape. The most familiar option is a pipe curved in the form of C, M or S. The number of bends is in no way limited: the coil can be arbitrarily long. There are also combined models: an external pipe in the form of C, curved around a thinner m-shaped. Standard.Type towels are perfectly cope with the heating room. If you want the bathroom to always be warm and dry, choose a coil with the largest pipe as possible: the longer it is, the more heat will be given.

If you are primarily interested in drying, pay attention to the towel rail. The more jumpers on it are located, the more towels or other items you can dry on it. In the simplest “ladders”, jumpers are direct rods. There are models with jumpers curved in the form with parallel to the ground: they are more capacious. But most things can be hung on a “ladder” with jumper in the form of S. Usually they are located not strictly horizontally, but slightly at an angle. If raw things are placed in several rows, this design facilitates the access of warm air to them. “La item” has one more advantage: some models have a lateral supply of water. This is convenient if the standard placement of a heated towel rail is undesirable for some reason: for example, if in this case it interferes with the bathroom furniture.

Which heated towel rail is better: electric or water?

REALLY TOMENTERS with heating from the water supply or heating system are considered traditional. In the first case, they will be hot year round, except for periods of planned disconnection of hot water. In the second. Hot heated towel rail only in the heating season, and you will have to look for a replacement for almost six months.

The disadvantages of the water heated towel rail include stationary. It can only be placed near the withdrawal of hot water. Its transfer to another wall is not considered a redevelopment, however, it is associated with technical difficulties. Shortening or lengthening of the pipe, installing clamps, analyzing part of the wall. The installation should only be carried out by a specialist. It is better to play it safe and call the masters from the housing office so that the installation of a heated towel rail is carried out in accordance with all the communications of the house.

Electric towels are much more mobile, they can be installed on any bathroom wall. The device from the outlet works, so you will need the help of a good electrician. For electric networks, installing waterproofed outlets. The disadvantages include increased electricity consumption. Also, when the electricity is turned off, the heated towel rail will not work.

Terminus Lazio P11

Design and material. A stainless towel with glossy surfaces is made in the form of a ladder with an uneven step between 11 steps, composed in 3 sections. The product is welded from rectangular pipes with a wall thickness of 2 mm, which guarantees a long service life. The heated towel rail has quite large dimensions 103×53.5×11 cm. For proper filling in the trigger in the upper part of the structure, the crane of Maevsky was mounted.

Parameters and connection. This model is designed for operation from 3 to 9 atmospheres at a maximum coolant temperature of 110 degrees Celsius. He has a lower type of connection to fittings with a thread g½.

Towels depending on the installation method

Dimensions and thermal power of heating equipment must correspond to the size of the room. Depending on their own weight, the main types of bathrooms for the bathroom involve the mount to the wall or installation on the floor.


Floor heated towel rails. Massive structures used in bathrooms with an area of ​​at least 7 m 2. In addition to performing the main function of heating, they often play the role of an independent element of the interior involved in the zoning of the space. They are usually fixed on the floor, but for greater reliability, they are often still attached to the nearest wall.


Wall models most often have a flat shape, which is convenient to fix in a small section of the wall using 2-4 brackets. They occupy a minimum of useful space, so they are best suited for small and medium.Sized bathrooms.

The connection points of communications are usually covered with standard screens. It is better to install such devices during major repairs, but the installation in the already finished premises will not cause special difficulties.

Towel tower attached to the wall.

The choice of a heated towel rail: how to take into account Russian specifics

Permanent author Houzz, interior journalist. At different times, he worked as a correspondent, editor, chef-editor in different editions of G.St. Petersburg. Actively wrote about the interiors for the 4living site.

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Seasonal shutdown time of hot water is a good reason to think about the repair or replacement of a heated towel rail. How to improve the water and when it makes sense to spend money on electric? Which device will last longer in Russian realities. Domestic or imported? What can the heated towel can do except for drying towels?

This is archival material: the article was first published in 2016, updated in 2022

How to understand that the time towel is time to change

If the seams of the tiles are signs of the fungus (and ventilation works properly); If the black spots on the silicone at the sink or behind the bathroom screen; if it is cold in the bathroom when a towel is running, the room does not warm up well enough.

This problem can be solved in several ways.

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Replace the old heated towel rail with a more voluminous option

Was a P-shaped-they made a “station wagon with a shelf” (see. Screenshot). However, the larger the area of ​​the pipes, the colder the water will go through the riser. This will surely notice the neighbors.

If the bathroom is large, there is a reason not to change the water “snake”, but to supplement it with an electric model.”Laedener”. Usually this issue is solved simultaneously with the decoration of the room (to carefully remove the wires into the wall).

Add electric warm floor.

This is a reasonable move if the bathroom is no more than 4-5 square meters.M. Then suffer from a choice of which towel is better. Water or electric, you do not have to at all. Pass the rails for towels in the lower part of the room. And everything will dry perfectly naturally.

Important! Connect a water warm floor to a riser with hot water in an apartment building is prohibited by law. You will never be agreed by such a redevelopment. Accordingly, it will not be easy to sell the apartment. In addition, the water temperature at the output will inevitably decrease. Which means that angry neighbors have every reason for complaints about you to the management company, the prosecutor’s office and Sportloto.

Water warm floor can only be done in a private house.

In a private house, a regular radiator can replace a heated towel rail. The bar over the heating battery will allow you to dry the towels without problems.

But you can use the convector as a heated towel rail only partially. Such a device can warm the bathroom (a grade of dust and proxy from IP24 and above), but it can not be covered with a towel. If you look, you can find special convectors-lancers-with a holder for towels.

How to fix your towel rail when it stops heating

Tip: Feel free to connect the management company to solving your problem. The heated towel rail (water) in Russian houses is built into the hot water supply system, or in the heating system. Government Decree of May 6, 2011. N 354 determines the following temperature minimums for hot water at the parsing point: at least 60 degrees for open centralized heat supply systems, at least 50 for closed ones (these data are in the Criminal Code). Acting SanPin 2.One.4.2496−09, regardless of the heating system used, puts a bar of 60 degrees (the temperature at which infectious pathogens die).

As for heating, the mentioned resolution refers to public utilities to heat our apartments to at least 18 degrees, and GOST R 51617-2000 sets a specific minimum for the bathroom-25 degrees on the inner wall of the room.If the water in the pipes is colder than it should be, you can demand a recalculation of the board for heat and/or hot water and take measures to increase the temperature of the water-it happens that it is enough to insulate the pipes in the basement, or cut off a water warm floor or a huge towel railway. Full.Time.

Which is better to choose a heated towel rail. Water or electric

You still decided that a heated towel rail is needed? Then let’s determine how good it will be to fulfill your tasks in your bathroom.Water on average is cheaper than an electric counterpart in half and does not require additional expenses. Electric heated towel rail will inevitably increase electricity accounts, but you can not be afraid of leaks, forget about the pressure in the pipes and disconnecting hot water. The range of electric dryers is huge, water. A little more modest. There are, of course, water with glass inserts or “branches” from collectors, but they cost more than standard electric.

Another important point. Most often, a water heated towel rail is built into the hot water supply system and works for a whole year except two “preventive” weeks. But in some houses. Usually with gas columns, a folotener is part of the heating system and will turn off for at least four months. In this case, you can also think about an electric counterpart. Especially if you are struggling with mold.

choose, right, towel, rail, bathroom

Which water heated towel rail to choose

When choosing a water heated towel rail, first of all, you need to look at the material from which it is made. The cheapest models are made of black steel, but can be painted “under stainless steel”. In hot water, circulating through our pipes, there is a lot of oxygen. Together they corrode metal from the inside (therefore, ordinary pipes for DHWs are galvanized as protection). In addition, the water is full of metal impurities that settled on the walls of the heated towel rail. Both for black steel is detrimental. And the chrome coating quickly begins to exfoliate. Such models are suitable for private houses where the water is cleaner and the pressure weaker. In addition, there are double.Circuit models where water heats antifreeze. They will last longer.

choose, right, towel, rail, bathroom

Stainless steel is not afraid of corrosion, therefore it is preferable to black. In order not to buy a fake, look at the certificate (passport) of a heated towel rail before you part with money. The material is necessarily indicated there. There are few minuses of stainless steel: too acute carving on the joints (you need a good seal) and weak protection to the so.Called “wandering currents”. But there is nothing to do with it.

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Imported towels are often made of chrome plumbing brass, adding elements from anodized aluminum. They are also not afraid of rust, but are not always ready for Russian loads. In general, chrome models look “more expensive” polished, but also cost similarly. As for the quality of heating, the coating does not affect it.

Types of towels

The first thing you need to decide is the type of thermal energy that will be used to heat. Products can be connected to a hot water supply system, eat from electricity or use both sources in turn.

Water towel

In an apartment building, such models work from DIS. In private houses, the dryer can be connected to heating or hot water, if a double.Circuit boiler is not installed. Pure water will circulate in the pipes, so the requirements for manufacturing material are lower than that of radiators. But the risk of lime deposits remains, so it is better to choose a device adapted to such working conditions.

Water towels will be temporarily useless during prevention in the summer. Therefore, in the bathroom it will not always be possible to dry things. If we are talking about gas heating, then the dryer will also work only in the cold season. You can get out of the situation by constantly heating water in the DHW circuit, if the boiler has such a function.

Connecting to the DHW system occurs using unit nuts and sealing gaskets that need periodic replacement to exclude the appearance of leaks. If the device is installed not on the wall with the central riser of the water supply, then it is better to choose a stainless steel heated towel rail with the “Maevsky crane”. This valve will be required at the first start and after the completion of preventive work on the line. The crane is easily eliminated, therefore the movement of the coolant is rapidly restored, and the bathroom is quickly warmed up.

Electric models

This option has no installation restrictions, it is suitable not only for bathrooms. Electric heated towel rails have no dependence on hot water supply, they remain warm regardless of the weather and the state of heating systems. It is also easy to include the device only for the right period to save electricity. The surface of the pipes does not heat up above 60 degrees, so you cannot burn about them.

choose, right, towel, rail, bathroom

In electrical models of dry type, a cable is used, which heats the metal parts. The element is protected from water exposure, so the heated towel rail is permissible in the bathroom without fear of damage to moisture. Ten can also be installed inside the case, but this option is not so reliable. There are also oil models that hold heat for a long time after turning off the device.

A bathroom heated towel can have a hidden connection in which all wires are hidden in the wall and brought directly to the distribution shield. This is possible if there is a control unit that will allow you to adjust the heating temperature, turn on and disconnect the device. Towsters usually have fuses. When the desired temperature or external failure is reached, the device is disconnected. Also, devices can be with open wiring, in this case it is advisable to mount them next to the outlet. If the overhaul is not planned, it is better to choose a heated towel rail with free accommodation.

Models of different sizes and power are produced, so you can find an option for any room. Subject to all requirements and use of the RCD, the device is completely safe. It is suitable for the insulated balcony, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. A heated towel rail can enhance the central heating effect or warm a small room without it. It is important to install the device at a distance of at least 600 mm from the places of water intake. Shells and places for bathing.

Combined options

If you do not know which heated towel rail is worthy of choice, then pay attention to combined models. They combine the advantages of water and electric heating, allowing you to switch the modes. Therefore, emergency or preventive situations in the DHW system will not lead to cooling the pipe. It is important when installing to observe all the requirements for electrical appliances.

Когда полотенсушитель переключается на электронагрев, краны блокируют поступление воды. This allows you not to mix the coolant with an incoming cold liquid. When installing a thermostat on this process, a minimum amount of electricity will be spent on.

Advantages of electric heated towel rails: for which the repair is launched?

Installing and connecting a heated towel rail is a troublesome matter, so it is important to weigh everything “for” and “against” to understand whether the game is worth the candle. Unlike water models connected to the heating or hydropower plant, the electrical samples of a completely closed circuit providing a higher degree of autonomy. Although there are sometimes interruptions in power supply, problems will be eliminated during the day, while repairing water supply networks and preventive work can last for weeks.

  • Economy. The electrical appliance consumes a minimum of electricity and is included in the network as necessary;
  • Reliability in operation. Closed systems do not suffer from air traffic jams and pressure changes;
  • Rich decorative potential. Stylish designer models can be used as interior accents for zoning the bathroom space;
  • Simplicity of installation and permutation. You do not need to suffer with wiring communications to install a heated towel rail or transfer it to a new place. It is enough to outweigh the mounts.
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What power should be an electric towel?

I have already touched this moment higher in the “Operation costs” item, but I will dwell on it in more detail.

Why are heated townsers high power, from 300 watts and above?

Very often, consumers do not even suspect that “dryers” are able to play the role of a full.Fledged heater. Why do you need a certain power depending on the size of the room. An interesting fact. For example, the ATLANTIC models in the certificates are not indicated as heated towel rails, but as radiators. The company simply does not have low.Power models. “Starting package”. 300 watts, which is enough to heat the bathroom up to 3 m². According to my observations, this is the size of the bathroom in the bulk of the apartments in Russia.

Throng-drums-low-power heated towel rails with actual or equivalent (for water models) with a capacity of up to 100-150 W. Such devices are unable to heat the room of the bathroom and dry the towel at least one day. At the same time, they have sufficient power if the owner’s needs are limited by drying thongs and other small objects from very subtle textiles.

Typical strings 450 x 650 mm with a capacity of only 99 watts. But for comparison, the French Atlantic Na 300W is 300 watts with a size of 400 x 798 mm with the designer painting “Anthracite” costs 13,690

If you want to purchase a separate heater in addition, then better not do it. Purchase costs-about 3 thousand plus 3-4 thousand per towel. Total. Budget about 7,000. Two sockets, the need to install two devices instead of one.

Finally, your heated towel rail will most likely be without a thermostat and will spit around the clock at full power. Therefore, you will spend more on electricity than in the case of the most inexpensive Atlantic 2012 White 300W with a capacity of 300 W for 8,390. With a full set of modes, like more expensive models of the company. So that the heated towel rail does not work constantly, but strictly if necessary, and cost you a maximum of 200-300 per month.

How to choose the optimal power of a heated towel rail?

Let us agree that we select a modern heated towel rail, which means that it is able to perform the task of a full.Fledged heating of the bathroom. As a rule, manufacturers offer to select power based on the area of ​​the bathroom. From the rate of 100 watts per 1 m². For the completeness of information, I will clarify that some companies advocate a more corrosive approach and call the norm of 40 watts for each cubic meter of space. Which, in principle, is more correct, because, for example, in Khrushchevs the height of the ceiling is almost 2.5 meters, and in modern houses reaches 2.7-2.8 meters.

Big bathroom with an area of ​​7 m². For heating, a towel with a capacity of at least 700 watts will be required

Another important detail-according to GOST 30494-2011, the minimum comfortable temperature in the bathroom is at least 18 ° C. Recommended-24-26 ° C. So, 100 watts per 1 m² are given for those very 18 ° C. If you want to achieve the recommended, not minimum temperature, it is better to proceed at the rate of 150 watts per square meter.

If for some reason you do not need a bathroom, but only drying of towels and clothing from textiles is required, as a rule, experts recommend sharing the optimal power of the heated towel heater into two by two.

As you can see, choosing power at random is a lesson, to put it mildly, short.Sighted. Therefore, I was frankly shocked in some articles about Perla’s heated towel rails, I quote: I quote:

“By and large, it makes no sense to focus on such an indicator as power. When choosing, it is better to pay attention to the appearance, as it fits into the interior of the bathroom, its functionality (for example, motionless or rotary, with or without a timer) “.

How not to go broke to pay for electricity accounts when using an electronic towel rail?

We will talk about this in the next section.

Additional functions. Tiemers and switches

Modern heated towel rails are very energy efficient, and the most effective way to use them is to leave them constantly on. This is due to the fact that the energy necessary for heating the initially cold heated towel rail is much greater than it is necessary to maintain the heat of the already preheated device. Manufacturers, however, try to take into account the wishes of all users and equip their products with timer and shut.Off switches.

Due to the presence of a timer, you can set the inclusion of your heated towel rail long before taking a bath or shower, so that your towel is pleasantly warm when you finish washing. Some manufacturers install built.In timers or switches, others offer them as a separate option. Some models are also equipped with a thermostat to maintain the temperature of the heated towel rail in accordance with your preferences.

We tried to give you general ideas and help answer the question of how to choose a heated towel rail to the bathroom. We hope that this leadership will help you in the process of making a decision, and you will ultimately find your perfect heated towel rail.

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