How to choose an electric boiler for heating a house

Electric boiler for heating a private house: review of the 15 best models of electric boilers

An alternative option for heating of housing is an electric boiler for heating a private house, the installation of which is much simpler than traditional gas or solid fuel equipment. Electric units are compact, safe and easy to operate. However, when buying them, many questions and doubts often arise.

Next, we will give a rating of popular models, describe their characteristics, pros and cons, indicate the main options for choosing an optimal electric boiler for home or cottage.

Among the worthy applicants for leadership are units of domestic and foreign production. For objectivity, the list of assessment includes both budget and expensive models. Among them are units designed to maintain compact premises, as well as high.Power electric boilers.

How a double.Circuit electric boiler works

The device of a double.Circuit electric boiler provides for two heating elements that do not contact each other. The peculiarity of the design is that the boiler simultaneously heats hot water and coolant.

The principle of operation of a double.Circuit electric heating boiler and DHW can be described as follows:

  • In the case there is a tubular heating element (TEN). When passing electric current, the inner spiral is heated. The heat obtained as a result of heating is transmitted by a heating surface in contact with the coolant.
  • The transfer of heat from the surface of the heater by the coolant is carried out through natural or forced circulation of the liquid in the heating system. The coolant, enters the container with an electric heater, passing through which it comes into contact with a preheated surface and accumulates heat.
  • Heated liquid enters the heating system, giving heat through radiators or warm floors.

The contours of the hot water and heating work in almost an identical way. When the hot water crane is opened, the heating element is turned on and begins to heat the liquid with a running method.

Double.Circuit energy.Saving electric heating boilers have a built.In accumulative capacity. Boiler. Heated water is stored in the drive, from heat loss, no more than 1 ° C in several hours. After the opening of the crane, the consumer, hot water is immediately supplied. Saving, achieved thanks to built-in accumulative capacity, reaches 10-15%.

Modern household dual.Circuit electric boards of many European companies are created taking into account the connection to low.Temperature heating systems. “warm floors”, without the need to install additional equipment.

Electric shows are available in wall and floor (stationary) performance.

Hinged 2 contour electric boats

Double.Circuit wall.Mounted electric heating boiler, the optimal solution of the apartment is due to the following advantages:

  • Small occupied area. Wall boilers, distinguish small dimensions. If necessary, electric boiler can be built into the cabinet.
  • Lack of excess power. Generated thermal energy, enough to heat the apartment.
  • Functionality. Double.Circuit models, are configured with a built.In boiler, automation under the control of a microprocessor. Some boilers are designed to connect to low.Temperature heating systems, without the need to install additional equipment: hydraulic shotus and knotting units.

Nast.Type double.Circuit electric boilers, optimal solution to the apartment of a multi.Storey building.

Floor electric boilers with two contours

The installation of a double.Circuit boiler in a floor is justified to provide a warm house or cottage with a warmth. Powerful devices than hinged analogues cope well with the heating of residential premises and the preparation of hot water in sufficient quantities.

Double.Circuit flooring electric boilers occupy a lot of useful area. Available with a minimum performance of 10-18 kW (depending on the chosen manufacturer), therefore, they are mainly used in private houses or cottages.

Large performance in the design of floor boilers is combined with a built.In storage tank (not in all models), automation and high capacity of the hot water. Solutions are popular with additional connection of an external heat accumulator, which allows you to save on electricity at least 25-30%.

The essence of the decision is that the connection is carried out to the three.Tariff counter. The boiler works in full only at night, when electricity is provided at a reduced price. During this time, heated water enters the heat accumulator. In the daytime, the boiler is turned off.

The coolant is heated due to previously stored heat. The solution is optimal for low.Temperature heating systems.

Correctly place and mount

Well, here we got to the main. Our tips approached you about the picture of the necessary equipment. And now a little about installation.

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Installation of the boiler

The electric boat is placed in a room where there is no access of explosive connections, conductive dust and acid vapor. It is necessary to control air humidity, it should not exceed 80%, and the temperature inside is not higher than 25 degrees.

For placement, it is important to maintain the distance between the body and the walls from 5 centimeters. There are from 70 centimeters of a free approach to equipment in front of the boiler. In this case, the distance to the ceiling leave at least 80 centimeters. For a suspended boiler, the distance to the floor is left from 50 centimeters. The same distance is left to the nearest pipes.

What is the best electric boiler?

The wires protect against accidental water and condensate from the ceiling. To protect the cable use a cable channel or corrugation of non-combustible material.

The floor boiler is installed on the stand that is sold in the kit. An anchor and dowel are used for a wall boiler. The wall is marked and a drill makes holes in a horizontal plane. The minimum skew affects the operability of the boiler. The dowels are clogged into the holes and the anchor is screwed. Next, hang a boiler.

The device is connected directly from the network, for this, from the current distribution box, the cable to the boiler lead. To protect the cable from damage and not spoil the interior of the house, it is laid in a hidden way.

So that the voltage surges do not disable devices, voltage stabilizer is connected to the boiler. The grounding wire lead directly to the boiler.

After connecting the elements, they check if there are bare contacts, is the insulation damaged. Examine the connecting couplings, joints on pipes, taps. Then the system is launched: open equipment valves and supply current.

Features of the installation

Wall electric boiler for low.Power heating (for example, a series of “mini” or “economy”) has a single.Phase voltage. 220 V. For apparatus with a voltage of 380 V, a three.Phase voltage is required.

For a household ordinary outlet, you can choose a wall.Mounted heating device of a low power of the Economy or Mini class, which consumes no more than 3.5 kW. The boundary power is calculated as follows: 16 A. Current strength in home sockets. With an average voltage of 220 V, we get the maximum power. 3520 W (220×16).

Despite the fact that the technical characteristics of mini and economy-boats up to 12 kW allow connection to a single-phase electrical line, experts recommend that models from 6 kW connect to an electric line of 380 watts.

Before installing a wall.Mounted electric boiler, a cable with a recommended section of 1 mm and a calculated load is carried out from the shield. 8 A. Floor boilers are more productive, owners of houses with a large area should choose this particular type of boilers.

What are electric boilers?

Electrokarts differ in power:

In terms of voltage in the connected network, boilers are single.Phase (220 V) and three.Phase (380 V). Models of small power are usually universal. They can work from both types of networks.

By design, electric heating boilers are divided into heating, electrode and induction.

  • In the heating electric boilers, the coolant is a fluid, which occurs in proper mode due to the presence of heating plants. These are cheap boilers that can work with various types of coolants, including non.Freezing liquids. They have the opportunity to regulate the power consumption, disconnecting or including a certain amount of heating elements in the work. But in boilers with this design, scale is gradually formed, which leads to a deterioration in heat transfer and to an increase in electricity consumption.
  • In electrode boilers, the coolant is water heated by the electrode, which gives the liquid an electric charge, which causes its resistance and provokes the release of ions. Electric electric boilers are compact, inexpensive, safe in the case of water leakage, have a smooth output to the rated power. But these boilers consume only alternating current, put forward high requirements for electrolytic characteristics of water and heating devices, need mandatory grounding and installing a circulation pump. In addition, the electrodes periodically have to replace. Also, the disadvantage of such boilers is that you need control over the electrical conductivity of the coolant. The work of induction boilers is based on the principle of induction heating. The inductance reel is sealed and does not directly contact the coolant directly. Induction boilers eliminate the breakdown of the heating element and leaks, in them minimally the formation of scale. Electrically safe and can use any coolants. But the price of these electric boilers is higher than electric heating boilers with another design.

Which electric boiler to choose. Recommendations

In 90%, we advise you to choose an electric boiler with hets. These are reliable devices equally suitable for different heating systems. Radiators, warm floors, floor or skirting convectors. Choose the degree of staffing based on the conditions of installation, operation and the allocated budget.

  • Unambiguously take a wall-mounted mini-boiler room, equipped with hets, your own pump and tank.
  • If the electric boiler should work in tandem with a solid fuel or gas unit, it is better to choose a model without a built.In pump and an expansion tank. The indicated equipment is connected separately. The tank works on the entire system, the pump is controlled by a room thermostat, as shown in the circuit.
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Comment. The electrode type boiler for the gravity system should have nozzles of the corresponding diameter (minimum. Ø32 mm), the supply is directed upward.

Only an electric heating boiler is suitable for a water warm floor. It is difficult to maintain a low water temperature in floor circuits. 35 45 ° C without a stepped heating.

choose, electric, boiler, heating, house

The choice of the boiler

All three options for electric boilers are suitable for arranging a private house heating system. So the final choice should be made on the basis of the following criteria:

In relation to the first and last paragraph and partially the second, the Ten boiler wins. The low cost and ease of maintenance is beneficial to him. It is enough not to fill the water from under the crane or from the well into the system. Change heating elements, very inexpensive, will have to only be every 5-10 years.

Induction and electrode boilers are the most compact, in addition to the high rate of heating of the coolant. However, for this, in both cases, you will have to spend more on the purchase of equipment. Induction boilers are capable of working even with oil products and, accordingly, with any type of coolant at low operating costs.

Electric boilers are too demanding in operation. Too many factors regarding the installation and launch of the system affect the efficiency of heating.

Is it possible to install an electric boiler in an apartment

The heating of the apartment with the help of an electric boiler does not require special permits, provided that the total power of all electrical appliances in the apartment does not exceed the established restrictions on the consumption of electricity.

But still, you will have to go through several instances and get permission for the following:

    Refusal of centralized heating. To obtain permission by 100% refusal, quite problematic. In most cases, you will have to continue to pay for heating the entrances, attic, etc.P. At the same time, the amount will be no more than 10% of the full payment of the services of the heating system.

Work on the installation of an electric boiler will be performed by electricians who have access in accordance with the PUE. If unauthorized contractors are involved in the installation, before commissioning, representatives of regulatory authorities, will be checked: placement safety, the presence of grounding, compliance with the PUE standards.

As reviews show, both easier and cheaper, initially invite regular electricians. Then the commissioning of the facility will go much faster.

Types of household apartment electric boats

Using a household electric boiler in individual heating of the apartment, the optimal solution when refusing the services of the central heating system. But in order for the re.Equipment of the heating system to be actually economical and ensures high heat transfer, you will need to choose the right electric boiler, in each individual case.

When choosing, pay attention to the following technical characteristics:

    The principle of operation. Tennaya and electrode boilers are suitable for the apartment:
    Tennovy, work on the principle of indirect heating, which is not always economically justified. As pluses, beautiful appearance, lack of load on the mains when turning on.

There are several possibilities to provide the needs of the hot water, through an electric boiler. The best option is to connect an indirect heating boiler.

What are the costs of heating the apartment with an electric boiler

The cost of electricity for heating the apartment is 3-5 kW/hour, in the maximum performance mode. Economical electrode electric boilers, consumes less electricity than the tennium.

On average, after installing an electric boiler, material costs necessary for monthly heat payment, decrease by 30-40%. You can achieve the best results by somewhat modifying the work of the heat generator:

    Installation of thermostats. Inside the design of any electric boiler, is a sensor that controls the intensity of heating the coolant, which is extremely ineffective. After the installation of indoor thermal controllers, the savings increase by 10-15%.

The installation of an electric boiler is economically beneficial, for another reason. Instruction for installation, many approvals and related financial costs (as in the case of gas heating equipment) is not required.

Evan Next 5

It can be used for heating not only private houses, but also cottages, warehouse and even retail premises of a small area. Often some people purchase such products as a backup source of heat, if a solid fuel or gas device is installed as the main one. By and large, such a boiler is a monoblock, where control elements are located under one case, all the necessary automation, including an expansion tank and a circulation pump.

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A built.In thermostat is provided, due to which the temperature of the coolant can be in the range from 30 to 85 degrees. TREAL.Stage equipment power control. In order to ensure maximum safety when heating the coolant to a given temperature, the thermostat turns off the power supply, and when the temperature drops below the displayed limit, it will start the device again.

What is an Electric Boiler?

In order to additionally protect the device from overheating, it has a built.In emergency thermal switch for a self.Return type. It works when the temperature in the system rises to 92 degrees. The heating element is made of stainless steel, which largely extends its service life. The design of the heating element is block, so if necessary, this part is very easy to replace. If desired, the boiler can be connected to a water.Free waterproof system, as well as install a block that provides remote control of this device.

  • Acceptable cost of the unit;
  • Very high quality components and assemblies;
  • It is possible to install additional elements;
  • Automation works instantly;
  • Can be connected to the system of warm floors.

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Allows you to provide enough heat for residential and industrial premises, the area of ​​which does not exceed 480 kV. M. These products are suitable for systems with natural and forced circulation circulation of the coolant. The boiler is single.Circuit. Not designed to supply hot water to the water supply system. It occupies a minimum amount of free space in the room. The heating elements are made according to the original technology, they are produced from stainless steel tubes, well withstand any thermal load. The boiler and the device control unit are placed in various cases. The control panel can operate both on power relay (they function absolutely silently) and on magnetic starters depending on the model modification of the device. In addition, products are available in different power options. From 3 to 15 kW.

A sensor can be built into the instrument control panel that provides automatically adjusting the air temperature in the room from 10 to 35 degrees. The temperature of the coolant at the output of the boiler is in the range from 40 to 90. There are also automatically switched power steps, due to which the electricity consumed is consumed more economically. The boiler provides a system of automatic diagnosis and rotation of heating and power elements.

  • Suitable for absolutely any heating systems;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Long service life;
  • High quality components;
  • Convenient and simple control;
  • The reliability and efficiency of the apparatus.
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