How to choose a smart vacuum cleaner for home

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment

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BEST Robot Vacuums 2020 Edition. Vacuum Wars

With a container. For those who do not want to bother with bags

Works on cyclone technology. Air whirlwind is created inside the vacuum cleaner, under the influence of centrifugal force, dust is discarded to the walls and pressed. If there are several cyclones, garbage is divided into large and small. The more cyclones, the cleaner the air out.

With such a vacuum cleaner, you save money and time to search for the desired bags, which over time may disappear from sale. To get rid of dust, just clean the container. Pay attention to the shape of the container. It is important that it is convenient to get and wash it.

What brushes the manufacturer complete the robot vacuum cleaner

Side brushes. These are equipped with almost all blankets, which are on the market. They make circular movements, directing dust and more obvious garbage into a special hole that sucks it into the inner tank. It is with the help of these brushes that such gadgets cope very well with the corners of the rooms, which cannot fully call in due to a round shape. One brush or two can be used in robots. The last option, in theory, should cope with cleaning better. But because of the difference in the algorithms of moving in practice there is no big difference.

Central turbo engine. It is located in the central part of the bottom. This is a circular mechanism that rotates, collects dirt and transfers it further. Since due to the compact design, the absorption power of robot permits is not particularly large, this element usually performs the main work. However, it is far from all models. Budget options are usually equipped only with side brushes and instead of a central turbochite they have only a hole for absorption. The quality of cleaning in this case is usually nothing more than mediocre.

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The only drawback of the presence of a central turbo. The need for constant cleaning. Her hair is wrapped without problems, it is covered with pets wool and other garbage: for example, needles from a Christmas tree. You will have to get rid of all this at least a couple of times a week.

TOP-7 robots for dry cleaning

360 C50

The novelty 360 C50 opens our rating. This robot vacuum cleaner costs about 9500-12000. He collects garbage central and two side brushes. Navigation is provided on the basis of a gyroscope, a robot moves along a zigzag.Like trajectory. The absorption power reaches 2600 Pa and during the 360 ​​C50 tests proved that it is really powerful. The device is able to remove from 40 to 60 kV in areas.M., It is charged automatically on the basis, controlled from the remote control and through a mobile application.

choose, smart, vacuum, cleaner

It is important to note that the robot is nevertheless equipped with a water tank and can additionally perform wet cleaning. But if you don’t need it, just don’t use it. And so, for this money it is perfectly assembled and efficiently performs dry cleaning, especially in terms of power, it has no analogues in the budget segment.

Therefore, if you need a powerful budget robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, the best option is 360 C50. In this case, you clearly do not overpay for wet cleaning.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1

In 2020, a new budget robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi appeared on the market, the model is called Mijia Sweeping Robot G1. At a cost of 12-14 thousand. This model is equipped with a gyroscope for navigation, can be controlled through a mobile application and, moreover, is similarly capable of wet cleaning. For such money, this is rather not overpayment for a function in which you do not need, but simply an additional bonus option.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1

Removes a robot vacuum cleaner well, as for a price segment of not more than 15,000. It is equipped with two side brushes, a central turbo, which collects wool and hair, as well as a vacuumber with a volume of ascended as many as 600 ml. When driving on carpets, the robot automatically increases the absorption power to the maximum, this is a plus.

As for the characteristics, from the main ones I would like to highlight the absorption power of 2200 Pa, the cleaning area is up to 800 kV.M., Operating time up to 90 minutes and the height of the case is slightly more than 8 cm. For your money, the option is just excellent.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner 1s

Considering the best robots for dry cleaning, you can not pass by the popular Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner 1s. This is an updated version of the first.Generation model. It costs about 20 thousand. Rubles. The fact is that the first generation was published back in 2016, and this robot vacuum cleaner appeared on the market in mid-2019.

The absorption power has changed, it reaches 2000 PA. In addition, a camera was also added for navigation to the lidar. Thanks to this, the robot knows how to build a map of the room, save several cards in memory and zone the room for rooms. It is also possible to limit the cleaning zones in the application. In general, this robot vacuum cleaner is better than the predecessor, new useful functions have appeared, but the quality of dry cleaning is about the same.


The next participant in our ICLEBO O5 rating. This Korean robot vacuum cleaner can be purchased for 40-43 thousand. Rubles. It is equipped with a camera for navigation, builds a map of the premises, is controlled through a branded mobile application and remote control, and also automatically increases the absorption power on carpets.

ICLEBO O5 is equipped with a rubber central brush, which qualitatively cleans the carpets, and also effectively collects wool and hair from the floor. There are also two side brushes for better cleaning along the walls and in the corners. This robot is quite powerful, it is able to remove over 100 square meters on areas.M., equipped with a 600 ml vacuumber and can overcome obstacles 1.5 cm high. But in our tests he even managed to move through sills of 2 cm high, although not always. Additionally, from below, you can fix a napkin moistened by hand (water tank is not provided). This napkin allows you to wipe the floors from dust during dry cleaning.

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If you are ready to spend about 70-75 thousand on the purchase. Rubles, I strongly recommend paying attention to IROBOT ROOMBA i7. Unlike the predecessor, this robot vacuum cleaner knows how to self-clean, retains several plans for the harvest and zones the room on the rooms. You can limit the cleaning zones both in the appendix and with the help of a virtual wall that is included.

But the main feature is the base for self.Cleaning. It contains up to 30 volumes of a vacuum cleaner, so you do not need to constantly manually clean the container. In addition to all this, the robot can be synchronized with IROBOT BRAAVA Jet M6 for joint dry and wet cleaning. There is also control through the application, but there is no automatic increase in power on the carpets, this is a minus. He removes the robot using two updated rollers of scrains of their silicone, as well as one side brush.

From the characteristics it is important to allocate work time up to 75 minutes and the cleaning area over 100 kV.M. I personally use IROBOT ROOMBA I7 for more than six months and is very pleased with the high quality of the cleaning and autonomy.


A model that can be serious competition Iirobots and Xiaomi. The new XBOT L7 Pro. It combines one of the most useful functions and characteristics of competitors. This is primarily a database for self.Cleaning, Lidar for navigation and high absorption power (2700 Pa). He removes the robot with two side brushes and a central bristles-piercing brush (collapsible). The quality of the cleaning is high, and besides, there is a nozzle for wet cleaning (110 ml), which can be installed on the bottom if necessary. In this case, everyone


The alternative to the LG gadget is Roomba i7 or Roomba i7 from the recognized market leader, IROBOT. The plus version differs from the basic configuration by the presence of a docking station with a built-in automatic vacuum cleaner automatic cleaning system.

The station collects garbage in disposable bags, which contain up to 30 tanks of the device. You need to change them not so often. The smart cleaner of the IROBOT ROOMBA i7 is equipped with a double turbo, which, together with a side brush, high power and a number of intellectual algorithms, allows you to clean the rooms very quickly and as high quality with the minimum participation of a person.

When the device discovers that a certain floor surface is noticeably larger, it increases the absorption power, and also passes along it several times. Smart algorithm provides maximum cleanliness. The device can clean not only smooth coatings, but also carpets with a small pile height. To do this, two rubber roller scraper are used in the design of the device.

Autonomous IROBOT ROOMBA i7/Roomba i7 from one charge reaches 75 minutes. An important feature of this robot permits is the construction of a map of the premises while maintaining plans for the devices in memory of the device. In the future, saved options can be used directly from your smartphone.

For example, you can direct a smart cleaner to a specific room or ask him to clean the specified space. Thanks to the system of several high.Precision infrared sensors, the vacuum cleaner not only knows how to navigate in space, it goes around obstacles, takes into account the changes in the height.

Results: TOP of the best robots-percleshots

So, the robots, which are included in our rating, received according to five most important criteria these grades:

Model The power of absorption Cleaning area Convenience of management Noise level Care and maintenance Average score
Clever Clean M-Series 004 3 3 4 4 3.5
Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite 4 4 4 5 5 4.4
Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 5 5 5 3 5 4.6
Iboto Smart L920W Aqua 3 4 5 5 4 4,2
Xiaomi Dreame F9 5 3 4 3 3 3.6
Ilife Robot A9S 4 5 4 4 5 4.4
IROBOT ROOMBA i7 4 3 4 3 3.5
Xiaomi Roborock S6 Maxv 5 5 5 3 4 4.4
Hobot Legee 688 4 4 4 5 5 4.4

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 (rating is 4.6) was the best robot. This budget model has a wet cleaning function, and the power is enough to collect small stones. Through a mobile application, you can configure the cleaning schedule and even adjust the intensity of wetting the napkin.

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In the range from 15,000 to 30,000, the Iboto Smart L920W Aqua (rating is 4.2) will be a good choice. This robot is accurately oriented in space, recognizes especially contaminated places and removes them more thoroughly. It is distinguished by quiet work even at maximum power and recognizes voice commands through Alice and Amazon Alexa. However, it cannot simultaneously carry out dry and wet cleaning. If this moment is fundamental for you, then pay attention to Xiaomi Dreame F9 (Evaluation. 3.6). It costs cheaper, but has functions of more expensive models: the ability to install forbidden areas, choose a specific room or cleaning area, configure the absorption force and the intensity of wetting the napkin and much more. (Despite the fact that the average score has Ilife Robot A9S than Xiaomi and Iboto, we cannot recommend it at the time of writing an article: Ilife Robot has some malfunctions during cleaning. We hope that the manufacturer will correct them at the next updates).

In the segment of 30,000, Xiaomi and Hobot robots received the same number of points. ROBOROCK S6 MAXV (rating. 4.4) is characterized by power, the possibility of individual cleaning tuning for different rooms and other modern functions inherent in more premium robots. Hobot Legee 688 (rating. 4.4) is cheaper, and it washes the floor as high quality as a person.

As for the rest of the models, each of them has its own advantages that can attract customers.

How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner | Expert Reviews Buying Guide

Method of recharge

Some of the robots-blankets have a convenient base for recharging, which allows it to return and restore energy on his own. Chuw Iilife V7 Bluetooth Mini has a good base. This is a robot with remote control and automatic route control.

Inexpensive models can be charged for several hours, while their power is not enough to clean several rooms. Because of this, cleaning is stretched for the whole day.

0 C50

Well, it closes the rating of powerful 2022 blankets-the most powerful budget robot vacuum cleaner in the market, 360 C50.

The most important thing is why we are talking about him is his power. On the stand in maximum mode, he was able to suck garbage from a gap with a depth of 10 mm. It is important to note that the cost of 360 C50 is about 160-200. And this is just an excellent offer for those who choose a high-powered robot permissive for a small area.

choose, smart, vacuum, cleaner

A gyroscope is installed on board this robot, so it can be removed in the areas of no more than 60 kV in areas.M. The robot showed high quality dry cleaning on solid flooring and on carpets. Instead of a vacuumber, you can install a water tank. In wet cleaning mode, the robot is not able to vacuum, but at least sweeps into a small garbage compartment. The cleaning module is represented by two lateral and central brush brush. Management is provided through the remote control and mobile application. From the main one: you can adjust the power of absorption, as well as the degree of wetting the napkin. In general, for its money, the robot is very, very interesting just due to the high absorption power.

choose, smart, vacuum, cleaner

By the way, an absolute double of 360 C50 is sold on Aliexpress only without a water tank. T.E. The robot vacuum cleaner is the same in terms of functions, the design of the cleaning module and the absorption power, but is intended only for dry cleaning. The model is called Airrobo P10 and was in our review, so the power is confirmed by real tests. The price is only 120, which makes AirRobo P10 one of the best budget robots and high absorption capacity.

So the best robots and high absorption capacity in 2022 were considered. I hope the presented rating helped you choose the best option for your own conditions and budget. If you have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Good purchases to you. Till!

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