How to choose a sewing machine for knitwear

How to choose a sewing machine for knitwear

In this article, we will try to tell our readers about what the modern household sewing machine is, we will classify, compare the machine models offered by the market, tell us about what can be done using cars of various types. I would like to immediately warn that this article does not consider sewing and sewing machines, the cost and capabilities of which are very far away even from the most difficult sewing machines. A separate article is devoted to the choice of such machines.

The principle of building a line

Ancient grandmother’s car “Zinger” knew how to make only a straight line. Later, cars appeared in which the needle could move to the right and left and the design of the shuttle changed. Such cars were able to depict a zigzag and more complex lines. The number of lines in the most complex and modern machines is limited only by the imagination of the developer.

According to the principle of building a line, modern sewing machines can be divided into mechanical and computer control machines; And this is the first thing to decide before buying.

Mechanical sewing machines

In mechanical sewing machines, gears of a special shape and all kinds of levers, wheels and other mechanics are responsible for moving the needle and the movement of the fabric conveyor. Machines with mechanical control, due to technological features, cannot perform lines of complex shape and have a limited number of lines.

Computer control machines

In machines with computer control, moving the needle relative to the fabric is controlled by the microprocessor. This management principle removes restrictions on the complexity of the lines and on their number. Everything is determined by the amount of memory and the program that the manufacturer laid in a particular model. Only computer control machines can be performed with eye loops and beautiful decorative lines.

However, whatever the principle of building a line, its width is limited by the design of the shuttle and the needle movement limits. In the best machines, the width of the line reaches 9 mm (Pfaff Performance 5.2, Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 and T.P.).

To obtain wider lines, a mechanism for moving the fabric is necessary not only back and forth, but also right. In the presence of such a mechanism, the fabric can move in several directions, and, despite the absence of an embroidery block, these machines can be called sewing machines with embroidery capabilities. You can evaluate these opportunities when embroidery, for example, borders from decorative lines. You can embroider a flower, make several stitches obliquely, embroider some kind of asterisk, make several stitches in a different direction and so on. Thus, you can get the most intricate patterns of arbitrary size (sometimes in advertising avenues such patterns are called “maxi asses”).

For sewing machines, the ability to move fabric from side to side. Exotic. So far, only Pfaff, Brother and Husqvarna use this technology in some expensive models. For example, you can mention the car Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 965Q.


The number of lines of the modern machine varies from units in simple mechanical, up to several hundred in complex computerized machines. The lines of the sewing machine are customary to be divided into working and decorative.

choose, sewing, machine, knitwear

Working lines

The working lines include, in addition to the traditional line of line and zigzag, also overhead lines, lines for elastic fabrics, secret lines, lines for tightening, etc.P. The table shows samples of useful, in our opinion, work lines:

Direct line
Elastic zigzag for sewing elastic bands
Elastic line for knitwear
Reinforced straight line
Reinforced zigzag
The regional line
A line for invisible hem
Elastic line for invisible hen


Almost all electromechanical machines can perform a slotted linen loop. Some cars make such a loop in semi.Automatic mode in four receptions without turning the fabric. Testination of the left side of the loop, distant fixing, switching the right side, and, finally, close fixing. Many cars of this class allow the loop to automatically in accordance with the size of the button. Other types of loops for electromechanical machines are not available.

Computer control machines make loops automatically. Machines of Japanese companies usually perform loops in accordance with the size of the button. For this, the button is inserted into a special measuring device. European machines usually do not have a button to measure the butt. In such machines, you can set the desired size of the loop in millimeters. To accurately comply with the size of the loop of Pfaff and Husqvarna, they supply their machines with a device that measures the loop itself during the marking process. Computerized machines are capable of up to 10 or more types of loops. In addition to the traditional underwear, it can be costume loops, loops with an eye, loops for knitwear, loops with rounded edges and others. In addition, you can make a loop once and bring its parameters in memory. Then the car will make any number of exactly the same loops. Even the usual linen loop, many computerized machines are performed not as electromechanical. First, a straight line is laid on the left side (the line imitates the cord. As in the best loops made on professional equipment), then this side is swept out with a zigzag, then the fixing is swept away, after which the straight line on the other side is again, the other fixing, the right side is swept out and at the end. Several spot fixed stitches. Total. 7 receptions.

Decorative lines

The range of decorative lines in mechanical machines is limited. Perhaps the largest set of lines among cars of this class can be found at Pfaff Select 4.2 and Singer Fashion Mate 3342.

All computer control machines can perform a variety of decorative lines. These are various ornaments, festone henchildren, lines made by the smooth cauldron, elements of the simplest embroidery. Lines with a cross, flashes, openwork lines and so on. Complex models in memory contain one or more alphabets. Many modern models (for example, Pfaff Ambition 630) have not only Latin, but also Russian alphabets in their arsenal.

Sewing machines with horizontal shuttle

Buy a good inexpensive sewing machine for a house with this type of shuttle is due to the ease of working with them. This model is suitable for thin fabrics, knitwear, and the sewing process is quiet and fast.

Brother LX1700S

This model belongs to electromechanical, so it will last a long time without any breakdowns. At the same time, it is easy to use, settings and sewing will not take a lot of time. Another plus is universality. The machine can be used for thin fabrics, for example, silk or cotton. It will also cope well with thick and dense materials like denim or even skin. The sewing speed is adjustable using the pedal, which is convenient for beginners. Horizontal shuttle, which is used in the design, works almost silently. It also allows you to quickly and easily season the thread.

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The machine supports many modes for different types of lines, loops. There is a decorative decoration, semi.Automatic throwing. The model also supports sewing in different directions, which facilitates the creation of consolidation. Among other useful functions. Work with two needles at once. To select the desired option, it is enough to use selective switching. The set includes different paws, in t.H. Various. The other foot allows you to quickly and easily sew lightning.

Sitnikov sergei good price-quality ratio. Inexpensive, simple machine. I bought my wife. The wife is satisfied. He copes with domestic tasks, sews both dense fabrics and lungs. For two months of use, no flaws have been detected yet. If you buy accessories, it will be wonderful. The wife was very missing in the configuration of an additional pin for the coil (for a double needle), a stump plate and a paw for sewing buttons.

Annet0880 decided. Stop paying money for the repair of clothes. The purpose of the purchase is to sew up and pick up. I’m not a seamstress))). Complete with the documents is a disk-I immediately opened and looked-an excellent video instruction for 18 minutes. All clear! I checked the machine-it worked for 5 lines (there are 16) plus a loop-poleworm. I changed my paws. Inserted a zipper on my skirt. Everything is perfect. While he sewed trousers, she dangled on Skype. The sound of the car did not interfere with the conversation at all. It does not work at all loudly.

Janome My Style 100

This model with a horizontal shuttle is designed to create clothes of various types. She can even flash a dense fabric in t.H. Folded in several layers. Therefore, using a machine, you can, for example, sew jeans. To do this, you can use a change in the height of the foot. It can be raised by 11 cm. The device belongs to budget, and it has many properties of more expensive models. Horizontal shuttle, which is used in the mechanism, provides a flat line and does not confuse the lower thread.

Using this machine, you can make seams and lines of different types. The device supports 13 modes. For example, there is a line of zigzag, a line-tongue for the edges of the thinnest fabric. If you need to seal the edges of the trousers, there is a function of a hundredfold stitch, and the mode of the elastic seam is well suited for knitwear. The creation of button loops will also help save time. The device is equipped with useful additions in the form of a sleeve platform and a compartment where accessories will fit.

Taisiya in. The machine is ideal for small home repairs, as well as for beginners to master a sewing business. Actually for minor repair, I acquired it. However, for the year of use, I have already sewed clothes and all sorts of little things for the house. The machine is an excellent, intuitively understandable intensity, works very quietly (a child sleeps in the next room). But of course it is intended only for thin fabrics. Even on the knitwear of medium density, it passes with difficulty, you have to push the fabric with your hands.

Tatyana Luchkova chose a sewing machine for home use. For me there was no purpose to embroider or some kind of “scenery” engage. I’m not a pro! Well, there to pick up things for a child, sew up bed linen, curtains, jeans, etc.P. I chose this model and did not lose! Great machine! Glad is crazy! It’s so nice to work with her! Very obedient, does not miss the stitches, does not tear the threads. The gas station is light! Twist the lower thread. In general with one movement of the hand! Quiet!

VLK Napoli 2400

This sewing machine is also designed to perform a large number of operations. Many of them are performed automatically. For example, the device itself cuts the thread at the end of work. There are 19 different functions and modes in total, so you can almost professionally sew clothes. Despite the performance and functionality, the device remains compact and easy. Its weight is only 1.9 kg. Therefore, the machine is easy to install and transfer.

What size sewing machine needle do you use for what fabric??? Learn how to figure it out!

Sewing machines rating for beginners

The sewing machine for beginners should be simple and reliable, have basic lines and vertical shuttle, convenient control. It is worth giving preference to famous brands: Chayka, Janome, Brother, Singer.

Chayka New Wave 735

According to buyers, Chayka New Wave 735 is the best sewing machine for beginners thanks to wide functionality and ergonomic design. The model can reproduce the most common lines, including secret, decorative, knitted, overpowers, loop-poolomat. There are 19 operations in total. Free sleeve allows even narrow products to sew. Electromechanical control is simple and clear.

Adjustment of the length of the stitch from 0 to 4 mm will allow you to work with both thick and thin fabrics. Sigzag’s width adjustment up to 5 mm allows you to carefully turn the seams.

Vertical shuttle durable and reliable. The foot can be raised depending on the thickness of the fabric. The thread cutter makes the sewing comfortable. Power of 70 watts allows you to work with different fabrics.

  • Low price;
  • Compactness;
  • It is possible to regulate the length of the stitch and zigzag width;
  • You can sew narrow things thanks to the sleeve platform;
  • It sews even very thick fabrics;
  • Stable;
  • Works quietly;
  • Comfortable lighting.

Ivanova Nadezhda Price, I like the assembly, everything is in place. It works fine with any fabric. This is my first sewing machine, and I still don’t want to change to another. Suits completely, studied on it, figured out quickly. And to this day, even when I gained experience, the machine does not seem bad. There are necessary lines, sleeve platform.

Katya Kletska does not fail me at all, all the fabrics sews perfectly, there is a filamenter, lighting. Management generally as convenient and understandable as possible. Thanks to the manufacturer for this!

Leader vs 377a

Leader sewing machine can do everything you need for a novice seamstress. In total, the machine performs 21 operations, including knitted, decorative stitches and automatic shafts of loops. With the help of a free sleeve, you can sew narrow things. The maximum rise of the paw 12 mm allows the use of thick fabrics. With the help of reverse, you can sew in the opposite direction.

Sewing machines (watch before you buy) | SEW IT BEGINS EP 2

Vertical shuttle allows you to work without breaks. He is durable and strong. LED backlighting makes work comfortable at any time. Power 70 W is enough to perform ordinary operations.

The user can increase the length of the stitch to 4 mm and the width of the zigzag up to 5 mm.

  • Low price;
  • Wide functionality;
  • Does not heat up during work;
  • Quiet;
  • Automatic grinding of loops;
  • Durability;
  • Stable;
  • Sews any fabric.

Inna s. I took it for myself. I am relatively beginner and I think the car is ideal for people like me. It was important for me that the car was sewing through all the fabrics. I especially want to note an automatic loop. For such little money, a very impressive dignity. In my opinion, this is a good choice for those who want to get an excellent car at a small price. I was very pleased with my purchase))

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Maria s. I wanted a simple machine, I’m just learning to sew, I do not need a large number of lines. I don’t want to overpay. The consultant in the store advised this machine, showed how it works. It can be quickly mastered, even those who have never sewed. Lights of good quality. I never regretted that I bought it.

Minerva la Vento 710LV

Minerva La Vento 710LV. A simple sewing machine with electromechanical control. The device performs 12 operations, including elastic, elastic secret lines. This is enough for domestic use. Vertical shuttle is simple and convenient, reliable and durable.

The maximum lifting height of the paw is 2 times less than that of Leader VS 377A, and is 6 mm. Another difference from this model is the semi.Automatic execution of the loop, and not automatic, like Leader VS 377a. The set includes paws for zipper and sewing buttons.

Reversible rotation simplifies work. Power of 70 watts allows you to work with different fabrics. The line on the case makes the sewing comfortable.

  • Nice design;
  • European brand;
  • Works quietly;
  • Convenient management;
  • Sews any fabric;
  • Compact;
  • High assembly quality.

Andrianova Sophie for almost six months of use the machine has never failed me. This model suited me perfectly. It’s easy to figure out even a beginner to understand the settings. Plus she flashes any fabric.

Kondratieva Lada finally acquired a sewing machine for herself. Of all the options, I chose Minerva La Vento 710LV. Compared to other models, she does not have many modes and paws in the kit are not included in the same volume as we would like, but for the novice seamstress. A chic apparatus. There is a backlight, the quality of the lines is ideal, the result of labor inspires new achievements.

Budget machines with an overhead line are included in the assortment of brands by Janome, Jaguar, Brother, Leader, Chayka.

Janome Juno 513

Janome Juno 513. A sewing machine with an overlock for the house. Is easy to control. The thread on the bobbin is wound automatically. The vertical shuttle is reliable and durable, produces a high.Quality straight line. A winding loop is performed in 4 operations without turning matter with a loop paw. The device performs both secret lines for baking trousers and skirts, as well as overpass for processing the edges of the product. 60 W power is enough for sewing and lungs and medium fabrics.

You can adjust the width of the stitch length from 0 mm to 4 mm. You can also control the sewing speed, the maximum is 700 t./ min. Reverse serves to strengthen the line. The device is easy to transfer thanks to the handle.

  • Affordable price;
  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Compact:
  • Mobile;
  • Works quietly;
  • Simple in management;
  • Wide functionality;
  • The semi.Automatic execution of the loop.

Natalya Tara Sure sews perfectly, all the stated functions work, for beginners this is a great start, it works quietly, the only thing would noted that it is not very convenient to cut the thread, the rest is fine, the bar of the overlock and zigzag is a miracle, in the first week they sewed towel towel towers from the first week their help, sewed trousers, t.Shirts, pillowcases

Larisa Kushnareva chose a machine according to the principle. Inexpensive and so that there were necessary functions, namely a filamenter, overlock lines. Stopped at Juno 513 and did not lose. All I need is everything in it. I bought an additional cover, but for the money that the machine is worth it and it will spend on the case. I sew very rarely, but sometimes the machine is necessary, so I was satisfied with my choice.

Jaguar Voyage

Jaguar Voyage. Compact sewing machine with an overlock function with simple control. The configuration includes a bailiff for sewing large products. The filamenter simplifies the refueling of the thread. The maximum length of the stitch is 4 mm, and the width of the line is 5 mm, like standard models.

The linen loop is washed semiautomatically. The design of the model, including horizontal shuttle, allows you to install a double needle to perform finishing seams. Reversible movement allows you to strengthen the seam.

The package includes paws: universal, for a loop, zipper, a secret seam and a cover.

  • Compactness;
  • Silence of work;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Horizontal shuttle;
  • Automatic filamenter;
  • Bright lighting of the working surface;
  • Stylish design;
  • Ease of controls.

Olga a. The car immediately attracted the design, very cool, you sit down to sew and at the same time remember how it was on the fruit =))))) The machine is adjusted to the machine, the spul is very simple (not as before in the swinging shuttle), the carfidder of the thread in the needle is installed in the needle. Although the machine is satisfied with a compact, but hardy-even coped with 8 layers of jeans, then I didn’t torment it =)) there is a line-mitteration of the overlock, it is very useful for processing the edge, you can’t even say that it is processed on the typewriter.

Julia Rezakova in general, until I tried all the lines available in the arsenal of my car. I use a straight line, zigzags, still very overclocking line convenient for processing the edge so that it does not pour out. In addition, there are many different sewing functions, I will also try. The machine is generally delighted, both beginner seamsters and pro are suitable.

Tissue pressure regulator

Even in the simplest model, there should be a pressure regulator on the fabric, which affects the quality of the line, the length of the stitch and provides normal movement of the fabric under the foot. For example, for knitted paintings, in order to avoid tissue stretching, it is necessary to weaken the pressure.

Is responsible for the quality of the line. Pay attention to the inside of all the sewing operations that you performed during testing. The line should be even and neat on both sides. Of course, in the process of working with different types of fabrics, you will have to change the tension of threads, but with factory settings, the car must cope with the most ordinary cotton cloth without any problems.

Choose trusted manufacturers

Even if you need a sewing machine only occasionally and you do not plan to sew complex things on it, it is better to stop choosing on the technique of trusted manufacturers. Here are brands that can be recommended:

Firstly, the machines of well-proven brands are usually more thoughtful, convenient, easy to use and high-quality. Secondly, if the technique still breaks, in the case of famous brands it is easier to find a knowledgeable master or service center to eliminate the breakdown. Not everyone can work with cars of little.Known brands and take to work, plus. It can be difficult to find spare parts for them. Third: for cars of famous brands, more additional legs and other components are produced: expanding the functionality of the machine will be easier.

Types of sewing machines

Let’s start the classification with the description of the types of sewing machines.

choose, sewing, machine, knitwear

A brief historical excursion

Attempts to mechanize sewing work have been known since the XIV century, but the active development of sewing technology began precisely with mechanical machines in the 18th century, which, in fact, copied the manual stitch. The first sewing machine was invented in 1829 in France Barteli Timonel (Barthelemy Thimonnie. It was made of wood, could perform only one type of line, but at a speed of about 200 stitches per minute, which was an incredible achievement compared to manual labor. Further improvement and development of sewing units was already impossible to stop. Models were created with the horizontal course of the needle and attempts to implement machines for embroidery.

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The design created with each model created, improved, they became faster and specialized. The prototype of the usual sewing machine appeared in America already in 1851. The invention of Elias Hou (Elias Howe) embodied by Isaac Merritt Singer. It is curious that the first massively produced sewing machines of The Singer Company cost only 10! And with the appearance of a foot drive, Singer cars have gained incredible popularity.

This is a very short excursion, in which we did not mention many engineers on opposite sides of the ocean, who put a lot of our knowledge and effort so that the sewing machine appears in the form in which we are used to seeing it. If there is interest and a request from you, dear readers, we will try to prepare such material.

choose, sewing, machine, knitwear

Mechanical sewing machines

Mechanical sewing machines. Quite reliable models. Depending on the modification, they are controlled by the hand or foot (swinging pedal). Due to the technological features, they can perform a limited number of simple lines, have a low speed of work, but at the same time practically do not break. They can be called morally obsolete, but in some cases they may be indispensable.

Electromechanical sewing machines

The peculiarity of such a device consists in the symbiosis of a mechanical sewing machine and an electric engine. The principle of action is the same. The levers and gears of a special shape, wheels and other mechanics are responsible for moving the needle and the movement of the fabric conveyor. They do not have the ability to make complex seams, but the functionality includes the main popular operations and allows you to do more than 30 types of lines, sew buttons, rub the edge, mark loops, sew lightning, etc. The speed of electromechanical machines is regulated by the pedal. Because of its price, simplicity and convenience in work, such machines are widely used.

Electronic sewing machines

This is a higher class of sewing machines, in which electro- and electromagnetic switches are built-in that control quite thin mechanics and ensure the correct operation and adjustment of all basic processes- the position of the paw, needles, shutters, rails, etc. All information is displayed on the display, control is carried out using mechanical or sensory buttons, which naturally simplifies interaction with the machine and allows you to more accurately select optimal parameters. Typically, such machines are distinguished by a wide range of automated functions. Hundreds of sewing operations, including dozens of types of stitches, various types of loops. The speed of the machine can usually be adjusted both by the pedal and directly on the case. Machines of this class are more expensive than electromechanical, but at the same time they are increasingly popular among sewing lovers.

Sewing machines with computer control (computerized)

Computerized sewing machines. The top of perfection and automation of household sewing machines, they have high accuracy and sewing speed. Such devices are equipped with a microprocessor and an operating system, which controls the movement of the needle relative to the fabric, allowing you to realize any types of lines that are not limited by quantity or complexity, perform the loops “with the eye” and generally completely adapt to your sewing needs. In addition to the wide spectra of your own programs, the car can be connected to a computer, develop and download copyright, decorative or finishing stitches, templates. The possibilities are limited only by the amount of memory and the program that the manufacturer laid in a particular model. Sewing machines with computer control often have a large margin of strength and functionality, but due to the high price they are inferior in prevalence to their simpler “brothers”.

Sewing and embroidery machines

These are all the same sewing machines with computer control, but with wider functionality, including the possibility of moving fabric in different directions, automatic adjustment of the tension of the upper and lower threads, an extended range of the needle displacement in different directions, and often the possibility of several needles at the same time. For such devices, for the convenience of work, a fairly large and very informative sensory display is usually placed. In fact, this is a full.Fledged combine with a professional approach and attitude, and with a high cost.

What type of shuttle to choose?

The second important point: the choice of the type of shuttle. In budget models, there is usually a horizontal shuttle or a vertical swinging (sometimes it is called just swinging). Each type has its own advantages, cons and features of use.

Vertical swinging shuttle. A simple, reliable, time.Tested design. Almost does not break, and if it breaks, it is easy to replace or repair. Cars with such a shuttle can sew thick, dense materials. You can use different threads with it, including thick. Cons: noise when working, does not allow the typewriter to develop too much sewing speed (but usually cosmic speeds are not needed when sewing at home). To refuel the lower thread, the bobbin cap needs to be removed, put in it a bobbin and inserted back. This takes more time than in a typewriter with a horizontal shuttle.

Horizontal shuttle. The option is more modern and simple to use. The bobbin is simply and quickly put into the hole on the case, and through the transparent window you can see how many lower threads are left, it is convenient. Works faster and less noisy. Cons: a car with such a shuttle can not sew thick and dense fabrics very well (but this is not necessarily). It is also necessary to sew on such machines with thin modern threads, thick or rude ones can damage it. Repair in case of breakdown will be more difficult (and more expensive). But with thin, medium fabrics, knitted materials, such machines work well. Some models with horizontal shuttle are well taken and dense fabrics.

Horizontal shuttles love for ease of use and good work with capricious fabrics and knitwear. Swinging. For reliability and “omnivorousness”.

Rating of sewing machines for home quality

Thanks to the introduction of new technologies into our lives, a modern sewing machine for all types of fabric is a device that allows professional seamstresses and amateur hostesses to create clothes without resorting to a long fuss.

Consider the rating of the best sewing machines for the house in quality, in accordance with the characteristics:

Brother M-14

Brother M-14 sewing machine is one of the best price ratio is quality, it will become a find for both beginners and craftswomen with experience.

It is convenient in operation and easy to replace the elements. In the event that some mechanism failed, then thanks to the prevalence of this model in the product market, replacement will not be difficult.

Thanks to the horizontal shuttle, it differs in the ease of refueling the lower thread. The multifunctionality of the device allows you to save time and ensures comfortable operation.

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