How to choose a hair dryer for long hair

How to choose hair hair dryer. 2019

Fans are divided into household, semi.Professional, professional hair dryers. Household is made from budget materials, which reduces their service life, is equipped with a minimum of nozzles. To dry your hair, you need more time, it is difficult to make professional styling. Semi.Professional hairdries are better in quality, more powerful, cost an order of magnitude more expensive. Professional. The most powerful (from 1800 watts, the range is often regulated), different nozzles are included in the kit, or you can buy the necessary separately. Hairdressers choose them to create hairstyles of any complexity.

How to choose hair hair dryer for home use? Depends on the tasks. If you rarely need a hair dryer, only to slightly dry your hair, take a household. If you use the hairdryer regularly, you like to create various styling or you have long and thick hair (you need more time or more of the hairdryer for drying). It is better to immediately take a professional.

We tell you what characteristics to pay attention to, and which model is best for the home among top.End professional hairdresses for hairdressers.

How to understand that you have a good hair dryer?

Alas, not all hamples are the same. There are differences even between models that are sold at the same price. When choosing an “assistant”, you should focus on certain parameters.

  • The modes of operation. Not all types and length of the hair are suitable for the same power and heat supply, so there should be at least 3 options.
  • Components. Nozzles allow you to adjust the flow of air, which increases the efficiency of the hairdryer when laying certain types of hair.
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There are different types of nozzles on the hair dryer, but most often these are the same. More universal and convenient to use:

Diffuser is an ideal choice for owners of curly hair. They direct the air to the very tips to prevent excessive curling, make curls more textured and add volume to the hairstyle;

Concentrator. And this nozzle, on the contrary, gives the hair the maximum straightening and smoothness. Concentrators are of different sizes. Large is recommended in situations when you need to quickly dry long and thick hair. Well, small nozzles “break” small curls and make hair more obedient.

  • Cold air supply mode. Yes, yes, your future hairdryer must have it, and you must complete the procedure every time in this mode! Cold air “closes” the scales of each hair and fixes the hairstyle, which increases its resistance and reduces the risk of mechanical damage.
  • Power. The most common power is 1875 W. Experts recommend buying a hair dryer where this value is between 1500 and 2000 watts. No more and no less!
  • Design. It should be convenient for you to hold a hair dryer in your hand for a long time. He should not bore you or be inconvenient to use, so it is better not to be seduced by professional, but massive models.
  • Ionic technologies. A hairdryer equipped with such a high.Tech addition will be more carefully drying the hair, make it brilliant and more obedient.
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Top 5 BEST Hair Dryers Of [2021]

Do not spend money on a hairdryer with sophisticated functionality, for example, with infrared radiation or with a tourmaline coating. All this, of course, sounds very cool, but mass research about the benefits of such technologies for the condition of the hair have not yet been carried out. So such modes are not mandatory when it comes to a safe, convenient and effective gadget.

Varieties, their pros and cons of

Choosing a hair dryer, first of all, it should be decided with what purposes it will be used. Despite the fact that before this device was used only for drying hair, today more and more girls are required models that can help with their styling. Again, the hair dryer that is suitable for short hair can very poorly cope with long. In principle, all hairdresses available can be divided into 5 categories. Wall devices are stationary and, as a rule, are installed in public institutions-pools, fitness clubs and other similar places.

Such a hair dryer usually has an average power and can only be used for hair drying. No additional nozzles in the kit are provided. For home use, wall devices are rarely purchased, but still this happens. The second category is professional hair dryers with maximum cost and most often used in beauty salons.

Devices can reach maximum power, equipped with a large number of brushes and nozzles.

The ability to use various modes allows you to choose care for a particular type of hair and not cause any harm to them. Currently, an increasing number of girls acquires professional models specifically for home care. Stayler shirts, they are also flashes, their appearance is very reminiscent of a curling iron. The design looks like a cylindrical case equipped with numerous nozzles. Such models are not powerful and quickly fail, so their acquisition is not particularly recommended.

Household hair dryers are suitable for home use and are the most purchased devices. Their power is average, and in addition, there are several speed and temperature conditions. The more expensive the product, the more likely it is that additional nozzles will be included in the kit. Finally, there are road devices used in travel. They have small size and are folding, which allows you to always place the design in the baggage.

The disadvantage of road hair dryers is small power and the absence of any additional settings.

Xiaomi Mijia Negative Ion Hair Dryer

Inexpensive and compact Xiaomi hair dryer is portable. Equally convenient for use in travel and at home. Portativity is achieved due to the folding handle. Despite compactness, it is quite suitable for drying the hair at home, as it has a power of 1600 watts.

Only 1 nozzle is included. A concentrator, so the device is suitable for girls who make uncomplicated styling or only dry their hair. For more complex tasks, the device is not intended. Equipped with a function of automatic shutdown when overheating.

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Remington AC 6330

Remington Feng for professional use with a powerful motor and low noise. According to the manufacturer, the noise level Remington is 50% lower than that of similar devices.

The manufacturer also indicates that the device is light, however, the technical characteristics indicate weight 748 grams, so this fact is questioned. The nozzle has a diffuser and a concentrator. The filter on the rear surface of the hairdryer is removed for cleaning.

Why is this parameter important?

Power is the speed with which the device blews air. The hair drying time depends on this parameter. At high speed, the hair will dry faster, but the styling is unlikely to work if you are not a professional. For self-drying of hair, devices with a capacity of 1200-1600 watts are quite suitable.

Fans with lower power are suitable for travel, as they are usually compact and convenient to take them on the road. Also, devices with a power of less than 1200 W are suitable for short, thin or brittle hair. They will dry their hair, but will not harm them. There are models with a power switching function. Such hamples are suitable for a family where several people use a hairdryer.

The power of the hairdryer also affects the heating. The most gentle hair drying mode is the maximum speed and average temperature.

Low power hairdries can heat up to high temperatures, but a weak air flow will make the hair drying time large, which will harm the hair. Boins with a power of up to 1000 watts are used mainly for hair styling.

The most common models have the possibility of switching air flow rate. Usually the hair dryer has three operating modes: low, medium and maximum. There may be six in professional models of operating modes, for more individual work with each client. The temperature regime can also be changed. The maximum temperature regime is recommended for styling so that the hair is quickly taken by the desired shape, and the minimum or function “cold air” is used at the end of the styling to maintain its appearance for a long time. To just dry your hair, you can use the average power mode and temperature.

TOP 5 Best Hair dryer in 2022 [ Buyer’s Guide ]

A hairdryer with properly selected power will maintain the health of your curls. You need to choose this parameter taking into account the structure and type of curls: for normal hair, a hair dryer with a capacity of 1500-1600 watts is suitable, for the weak you need to choose a less powerful device, and if you need to lay long and thick hair daily, it is better to make a choice in favor of professional models.

Place. Master Professional, Storm MP-305Y

Under the brand Master Professional, professional products for beauty are produced, and among them, hairdries occupy an important place. The brand products are developed on super.Quality American raw materials using the latest technologies.

Characteristics from the manufacturer

A powerful and ergonomic hairdryer with overheating and button instant cooling provides quick hair drying, gives them elasticity, facilitating styling. The device is equipped with a reliable engine, has 2 speeds of operation, 3 temperature conditions, a long cord, a loop for hanging. The tool is equipped with 2 nozzles of air concentration.

  • Power up to 2,400 watts
  • 3 operating hours
  • 2 air supply speeds
  • Hanging loop
  • Convenient building
  • There are complaints about the slippery case
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Assignment of points

  • 1 point for power up to 2,400 watts;
  • 1 point for a stylish convenient case;
  • 1 point for 3 temperature conditions;
  • 1 point for 2 air supply speeds;
  • 1 point for the function “cold air”;
  • 1.5 points for 2 nozzles included.
  • 3 points for the cost;
  • 1 point for popularity.

As a result, Feng Master Professional receives 10.5 points.

Feng: what to choose?

The assertion that the hairdries are all the same and differ only in the brand and, accordingly, the price is nothing more than a common myth. But in fact, the hair dryers are different in power and purpose.

Professional hair hair dryer is used in salons, but if necessary, at home. Such a hair dryer has a high power, a long cord and quite massive. It works for a long time, helping to perform one hair styling after another.

Household hair dryer. With or without nozzles. More convenient to use the house. It’s just to keep it and it is easier to keep it, but it is not good for long.Term work. In this category, the choice is great: you can buy a hair drying hair dryer, which you need to straighten, or a hair dryer with special brushes to do neatly styling.

A compact hairdryer is an option for those who are often traveling or going to the gym. Most often, such a device has a folding handle and modest size. He is not capable of exploits, and it is problematic to use this hair dryer to lay hair, but he can simply dry his hair.

Modern hair hair dryer for hair has many functions that its predecessors never dreamed of. Among them are ionization, which fights electrostatic electricity, several temperature conditions, an infrared lamp that allows you to dry hair at lower temperatures.

Recommendations for use

Regardless of the brand, configuration and cost of the hair dryer, it is recommended to comply with several simple rules that will help extend its life.

  • Before including the device in the outlet, straighten the cord if it is twisted and check its integrity.
  • Choose the thermal mode depending on the thickness of the hair. The thinner and less often hair, the less intense temperature should be set. And vice versa, to dry the thick hair, a higher temperature is needed.
  • For drying wet hair, you can use the high speed of air supply, and when you move to the laying process, the speed can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Even the most fashionable hair dryer with a sparing regime will not provide complete hair safety, so you should periodically refuse to use it, especially in the warm season.
  • Before drying, a protective tool should be applied to the hair.

Several useful tips on choosing a hairdryer for styling see in the video below.

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