How to change batteries in the apartment in winter

How to heat your home with no electricity or power

I decided to independently replace the heating batteries in the winter in the apartment on the 20th floor: I tell you through what I went through

All normal people in urban apartments are hot batteries, people open the windows so that it is not so hot, they heat the street.

In my apartment on one of the risers of the battery, it seems, even colder than the surrounding air. The plumber came, knocked on the battery, but all to no avail.

In the end, he went around all the apartments on this riser and carried out the resume: the battery must be changed. Right now. Almost in winter, when hot water in heating risers.

The story of the blog subscriber Mikhail shared the story.

Those who have encountered the replacement of batteries in the apartment, it is known that summer is the most suitable period for this. Despite the fact that water is in the summer in pipes (in order to avoid rusting the inner surface of the pipes), in winter to carry out this procedure is much more difficult.This is due to the fact that in the summer people physically do not feel that water has left the risers, and in winter the drain of water is fraught with a sharp decrease in temperature in apartments, and this can cause great inconvenience to you and neighbors.

However, many people are forced to resort to the procedure for replacing batteries in winter. Zheki and DEZA very willingly agree to replace during this period. Some even believe that the work of work during this period gives more advantages than the minuses, because to check the quality you do not need to wait a few months before the start of the heating season. You can check the quality of installation and welding work on the same day after the resumption of water supply in risers. In addition, in winter, the services for replacing batteries, due to low popularity, are slightly lower.

Of the minuses, it can be noted that the replacement procedure in the heating period should be carried out in the shortest period of time so that thermal losses in your and neighboring apartments are minimal.

As we see, replacing batteries in the heating season is quite possible and even has some advantages compared to the summer period.

Advantages of using gas welding and welding

This method of fixing batteries and heating pipes has long established itself from the good side. It has a number of advantages over other methods of connecting elements:

  • Aesthetic appearance of the structure without the use of heavy fittings and nuts.
  • Lack of seals used for a threaded connection. Thus, the wear of individual structural elements is impossible, and an increase in the life of the operation is guaranteed.

Welding in order to fix pipes and radiator without fittings.

  • High level of reliability of the process, lack of system failure with increasing pressure parameter.
  • The use of gas welding in high.Pressure systems. The probability of damage to the thread is excluded.

The order of work

To properly replace heating radiators in the apartment, you need:

  • Coordinate the alteration with the operation service.
  • Purchase the necessary materials.
  • Make pre.Assembly of nodes.
  • Prepare tools.
  • Agree with the brigade (if you are not planned to carry out work yourself).
  • Make a remake in ZhEK, decide on the date of work.
  • Dismantle old radiators.
  • Install the brackets.
  • Hang new batteries.
  • Connection to heating pipes.
  • Check the operation of the system.
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During the preliminary assembly of the nodes, all the necessary elements are installed: plugs, gaskets, cranes of Maevsky, etc.P. In addition, you can make markings in advance in those places where the pipes will be cut off. At the same time, the plumb line and level should be used so that the new radiator becomes exactly.

If the supply pipes also require replacement, it is necessary to prepare these elements: cut off pieces of suitable length, attach teles, etc.P. All this is done in order to quickly perform installation after the water descent from the heating system. Such a measure will be more than relevant if the need to change old batteries arose during the heating season.

Welding is used to replace metal pipes. At the edges of the structures, you will need to cut the threads to reliably connect them to the radiator

The procedure for dismantling old batteries depends on whether it is necessary to replace the pipes. If the supply communications are required to be saved, you will have to carefully unscrew the old battery. At the same time, it is important to maintain the curtain. A sufficiently long thread on the edge of the pipe. The radiator is fixed using a nut and a coupling that will have to be unscrewed.

The procedure may be quite complicated. If the details do not move, you can try to weaken the connection using anti.Corrosion compounds. In the most extreme case, the radiator is simply cut off with a corner grinder. At least 10 mm threads should remain. Zusents should be removed from it.

If it is decided to leave the old steel pipes, then the dismantling of the radiator must be carefully carried out so that there is an intact carvings on the drives

change, batteries, apartment, winter

If you could not maintain the shift, you will have to increase the pipes, as well as cut a new thread. Reducages removed in the future can be used again when installing a new radiator. It is much easier to dismantle the radiator if the pipes are also replaced. In this case, they are simply cut in a suitable place. Usually this is a place where the system turns to the neighbors at the top and below.

change, batteries, apartment, winter

Now you need to install brackets, and then hang a new radiator on them. At this stage, sometimes you have to adjust the length of the supply pipe. It remains to restore the threaded connection. It is very important to correctly perform the seal. For this, flax or plumbing thread is usually used.

Some masters do not recommend using a FUM tone on such compounds. The seal is wound clockwise so that it forms a cone growing from the edge of the thread. Then screw the connecting nut. If part of the seal remains outside, this is normal. But its layer should not be too thick.

In such works, a lot of garbage is formed. They are best done during the capital repairs, after the windows are installed

To achieve maximum tightness, sometimes the seal is impregnated with paint, after which they screw the countrogike. Then the protruding insulation is also impregnated with paint. The water.Based composition for these purposes is not suitable. After drying the paint, it is very difficult to develop the connection.

At the end of the connection from the radiator, the protective film is removed. You also need to check the position of the air vent. His hole should be directed upward. To check the quality of work, you need to ask plumbers so that they upload water to the heating circuit under pressure.

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It is better to remove the film in which the new radiator is packed after it is installed, so as not to accidentally damage the coating

This will identify and immediately eliminate leaks. During operation, it will not hurt to observe the radiator for the first time, as well as check the condition of the compounds to make sure that they do not proceed.

Test check before launching the system

The system of performance is performed along with the employees of the ZHEK. Water is supplied to the system under pressure to see the leaks immediately. Heat should be distributed evenly throughout the equipment in the apartment.

The slightest malfunction or leaks eliminate immediately. The heating is disconnected again and renew its functioning after eliminating shortcomings. When the system has passed the check, they are crimping. It is performed by employees of Zheka. As soon as the pressure testing has passed, the system is ready for operation.

It is possible to replace the heating battery in the apartment yourself. But this requires certain skills, as well as a set of tools. If there are doubts about their own abilities, it is better to turn to professionals, especially when you need to replace the battery in the winter in the heating season.

Why change batteries

There are five reasons why it is worth doing it.

  • The batteries proceed. There is nothing to think here: if even a few drops of water appeared on the radiators, they must be changed. Because sooner or later the drops will turn into a stream that will flow to the neighbors. And then, instead of spending several thousand on the purchase of batteries, you will have to pay tens of thousands to repair your own and neighboring apartments.
  • The room is cold. If every October you put on woolen socks and do not remove them until May, it makes sense to replace heating radiators. Maybe the batteries standing in the apartment now are not suffering enough rooms. So, it is worth replacing them with devices with higher heat transfer. Perhaps radiators are designed to warm up the premises to the standard 19–21 ° C, and the residents are too heat.Loving. Then it is worth buying a larger battery to better warm up the apartment.
  • Radiators look battered. This is familiar to everyone who had classic cast.Iron batteries in the apartment, in which sooner or later the paint began to peel off. But the presentable appearance may lose relatively new radiators, for example, if the manufacturer has saved and painted them only in one layer. Or after repairing, chips and the remains of building materials appeared on them. All this reduces the reliability of the devices: where the paint has broken off, rust appears faster and the leak forms over time.
  • It is planned to modernize the heating system. If 10 years ago, temperature adjustment in the room with the help of the window was considered a normal business, today there are more technological methods. For example, automatic thermal controllers or remote heating control in an apartment through a smartphone is rapidly gaining popularity. Cast iron batteries and convectors, which once seemed to the crown of the creations of engineers, hardly fit into such systems, so they are changed to more modern heating devices.
  • The interior is updated. Including after buying an apartment. This is probably the most common reason for replacing radiators. Sometimes old devices are simply visually not suitable for a new room design. And some apartment owners believe that if you make repairs, then change everything up to the batteries.
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Useful little things

Initially, you need to take care of the availability of special tools. If there is a replacement of the heating batteries with your own hands, then the project will simply not be enough. You need to understand every nuance of installation. At a minimum, it is worth it to adopt several basic rules.

So, the battery should be installed at an angle: otherwise, air will be accumulated in it, which will have to be blown away so that the efficiency of the heat transfer of the radiator does not decrease. If we are talking about installing a cast.Iron radiator, then it should be disassembled and assembled before installation.

There are still a number of points that are worth paying attention to. To get a more complete picture, you need to consult with specialists or be in advance of searching for information on the network. Battery replacement is a really laborious process that needs scrupulous technology execution.

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Tips and recommendations

Experts recommend in the heating period to close heating devices, use the following devices:

To block the radiator into the dwelling and avoiding adverse consequences, the optimal solution will be the call of emergency services. If the accident, you should not panic, you need to block heating. For this purpose, the design of existing overlapping devices and the place of installation are studied.

Knowing how you can turn off the heating in the apartment, it is possible to decide how to prepare for the heating period in the summer period. Installation of bypas and ball valves is carried out by specialists who will block the water inside the riser.

change, batteries, apartment, winter


You can not change the radiators to any model. The selected option should strictly comply with GOST, and the management company will need to provide a battery passport to the management company. Then the following work is performed:

  • The riser pipe is cut off from above and below. Then the radiator can be disconnected from joints and removed from hooks;
  • Marking the future new battery is applied. It is important to observe the conditions of the gap between the radiator and the wall, as well as the vacant distance between the pipes;
  • The pipe of the riser and the radiator pipe are adjusted to the desired dimensions using special scissors, and then fastened with a welding machine;
  • After fastening, you can serve water in the riser. If everything went well, the representative of the management company conducts the radiator pressing procedure.

So that the air does not accumulate inside the radiator, it is installed at a small angle inclined towards the riser.

If the management company refuses to turn off the riser or tries to impose any fine, you can contact the council or housing inspection-such actions are illegal. Disconnecting the riser for no more than 3 hours is an ordinary paid service, which do not have the right to refuse. The entire heating system of the house does not suffer from shutdown of one riser.

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