How to change a light bulb in Shindo hood

Reliable exhaust technique for each kitchen: all about the choice and use of the hoods of the crown

There are several reasons why the bulb may not burn:

  • She has run out of service life.
  • A short circuit occurred.
  • The network is too overloaded.
  • Mud came on her.
  • The cartridge is damaged.
  • The wiring was burned out.
  • The switch broke.
  • Contacts stuck.

The service life has ended

You just need to replace the light bulb.

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Short circuit

Could happen. Inspect the wires visually. If there are no external damage, test power lines using a multimeter to find a location in a hidden wiring.

If there is a short circuit, find a damaged place, and carry out repairs.

Overloading the mains

Perhaps you incorrectly divided the network load between other household items, or a faulty technique is connected to the network. There are several options for solving this problem:

  • Increase the value of the machine if the cable cross section allows.
  • Install several additional sockets.
  • If you have an outdated machine, replace it.
  • If you use tees, change them to extension cords.

Perhaps a turbine (fan) is installed in the hood). Because of this voltage, it becomes not enough and the light does not work.

change, light, bulb, shindo

Mud or moisture

If dirt or moisture came to the source of backlight, it must be removed, cleaned, and wait until it dries. After that, return to place. If the light does not work, the reason is different.


If the lamp cartridge has burned down, it is necessary to check the tongue that transfers the voltage to the basement. Often it is he who burns. But there may also be other problems with the cartridge:

In the first case, we bend the cartridge to return to the correct position. In the second, we just clean it. In the third we repair the compounds.

If the cartridge is completely burned, replace the part. For this you need:

  • Disconnect the conductors (as shown in the photo) and remove the lamp.
  • Take off all glass.
  • Unscrew the cartridge and turn off the wires.
  • Dismantle the base.
  • Replace the cartridge. To do this, connect the phase to the central contact in the basement, and zero to the second.


Perhaps the wiring was burned out. You need to find the place where it happened. For this:

  • Find a burned wire. First of all, check the one inside the lamp. This wire is the thinnest, therefore, with a probability of 90%, it was he who burned out. Replace the blown wire.
  • The wire may be whole, but when the closure has come off. Connect in place.
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The switch is broken

If you are poorly versed in technology, it may be easier to install a new switch. If you understand, try cleaning the switch contacts.

Shindo Pallada Sensor 60 b/bg 4etc

A light bulb burned out how to remove it to replace? Tell me which lamps are suitable?

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If I tried everything and does not help, read the instructions

Did not receive an answer to my question? You can watch online instructions

Replacing diode lamps with Shindo Aliot PS.

The video shows how to replace the diode lamps with the Aliot PS hood of the specialized shindo brand. An hood can be bought in a specialized brand online store of a hot line for specialized brands Krona, Shindo, Flavia, Fornelli. 8 (800) 700-37-98. Useful links: https: // vk.COM/Clubbt123. Https: // vk.COM/Repair.Apartments

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change, light, bulb, shindo

How to replace the light bulb, refrigerator, oven, sewing machine

The hood was chosen on the principle of beautifully. Quietly. Not very expensive. According to these parameters, the Ventolux Bravo kitchen hood is approached by the inclined surface, the color of the metallic, the sensory buttons, the lighting with two bulbs, the relatively low price compared to the other extracts. During the first year of work, the hood coped with all its tasks: it pulls steams and smells from the hob is good, the light is bright, it works quietly enough on the first and second mode, it is very simple to wash it on a metal surface, there are no prints, drops of fat are erased without effort.

In the second year, both light bulbs burned out in the hood. You can replace? We also thought so, until we dismantled the hood and saw that the lamps in it were soldered along with the electric board. It’s so easy to twist a burned out lamp and screw the new one in a few months our hood completely “went crazy”. It is worth it to boil the saucepan on the hob and pour the steam with the hood, as the touch buttons independently begin to turn on and turn off, switch the operating modes, we even jokingly called our extract a poltergeist.

Turned to the master with this problem. The answer received unequivocal: due to poor-quality isolation of the internal electric part of the extract of steam from the pots, it enters the board and “switches” the extract, oxidizing the contacts. Repair is a replacement of all boards. At the same time, the master did not guarantee that the problem would not arise again, because it is impossible to fix a production marriage.

Catalog of reviews Technique for the kitchen hood. Average: 1 1 review. Read all reviews 1. Category: Hoods. Type of technology: hood. Published on November 16. Touch buttons that themselves turn on and off. Postgirl does not recommend. All Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Read all reviews 2. Average: 2. Average: 4 1 review. Stylish, practical, convenient to care for, but the performance is extremely weak.

Average: 5 1 review. Great design will decorate your kitchen and bring comfort. Popular categories.

Features of replacing bulbs in hoods from different manufacturers

Front.Shaped incandescent lamp for hoods Crohn

To change the bulbs in kitchen hoods from different manufacturers, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the features of their design. Several popular companies are known, products from which are most often purchased by a Russian user.

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Hoods “Crohn”

The products of this company use candle.Shaped incandescent lamps “Minion” (base E14) with a capacity of 25 watts. The use of products with other parameters is prohibited. To access them, you will need to remove the fatter filter. Closer to the back wall, cartridges are visible in which one or two lamps are screwed (depending on the model). To replace a blown light, you need to unscrew it, and then plunge a new sample to this place. At the end of the operation, the aluminum filter is installed in place.

Maunfeld devices

When replacing the lamps in Maunfield hoods, two types of models should be distinguished. In one of them, after disconnecting from the network, the light bulb is simply extracted from the cartridge and replaced by a new. In the products from the Great Modern, you first need to undergo a ring holding the lamp housing, with a flat screwdriver, and then carefully pull it out. After that, it remains to replace the light element and install the ring in place.

Devices from Lex and “Elikor”

The instruments from LEX provide for the use of halogen bulbs that differ from other lighting products. When replacing them, the most important thing is not to touch the working surfaces of lighting elements with the hands of the working surfaces, since after that they quickly fail. The same procedure is applicable for the hoods of the Elikor brand, in which halogen products are also installed.

Incandescent lamp

A budget option that can be seen in almost all models of economy classes. Artificial light in such lamps is formed by passing electric current through a thin tungsten wire. It gives a warm, soft glow, which many associate with comfort.

Search for replacement will not cause trouble and serious financial costs. Mostly in the hoods, samples with the E14 basement, with a capacity of 20 or 40 watts are used. This is a small low.Power lamp with an elongated flask. The downside is that it has a rather small resource and quickly burns out.

Incandescent lamps are provided in the Hansa EXTICS OKR, Shindo Emi/Maya, Krona Janna/Kamilla, Elicor Integra, Gorenje DFG, etc.D.

Replacing Vent A Hood LED light bulbs vent a hood replacement parts

  • The power plug is removed from the outlet;
  • It is necessary to let the lamps cool if before that the lighting was turned on;
  • Aluminum filter is removed;
  • A faulty lamp is twisted against the clockwise;
  • The replacement of the same power is carried out (as I said, usually it is E14, 40 W);
  • The filter is installed in place.

Replacing the backlight lamp in different hoods

The backlighting hoods with light bulbs refers to an additional option available in almost all models. They differ in the type of lighting elements used, their brightness and place of placement. Regardless of these factors, it is important to figure out how to replace the light bulb in the hood in the kitchen in case of its burning.

It is more convenient to use the stove over which there is lighting

  • Ease of use of a stove illuminated from above;
  • The possibility of prolonged operation of economical products that do not blind the eyes of the hostess;
  • The naturalness of light.
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The advantages of backlighting do not exclude the presence of negative sides: the high cost of certain types of lighters and additional costs for paying for electricity.

Got New Bloodline Jokei, Senko & Ashen Max Level!. Shindo Life Roblox

Maunfeld devices

When replacing the lamps in Maunfield hoods, two types of models should be distinguished. In one of them, after disconnecting from the network, the light bulb is simply extracted from the cartridge and replaced by a new. In the products from the Great Modern, you first need to undergo a ring holding the lamp housing, with a flat screwdriver, and then carefully pull it out. After that, it remains to replace the light element and install the ring in place.

Selecting bulbs for hoods

The bulb in the kitchen hood has to be changed about once a year

In modern exhaust devices, the following types are installed:

Luminescent light bulb in the kitchen allows you to get a cold and soft light that guarantees good lighting of kitchen equipment. They are designed for a long service life of at least 5 years, and differ in a relatively high price. Luminescent lamps are installed in hoods of the Krono type, Faber Titano, as well as in Miele DA models.

LED devices are characterized by high efficiency and installed in modern models of exhaust devices. Presumably, the savings due to their use reaches 90%, and the life of operation is at least 10 years. LED lamps are mounted in extracts such as Shindo Nori, Hansa OKC, Gorenje BHP, Maunfeld and others.

Hague light bulbs are a relatively expensive version of illuminators that differ in long life. They are achieved by the addition of halogen vapors to a working resource up to 2-4 thousand hours, and the temperature of the spiral is up to about 300 degrees. Halogen illuminators consume less energy than ordinary lamps, and allow you to get a natural glow. These products compete with LED analogues and are installed in Elikor extracts, for example.

change, light, bulb, shindo

Incandescent lamps are positioned as the simplest lighting option that are found in most budget models. The light beam in these products is obtained by passing the current through the tungsten thread. Such a light source is characterized by a soft glow, creating a feeling of comfort. As a rule, in the hoods, samples with a capacity of 20 or 40 watts with a basement marked E14 are installed in the hoods. The lack of cheap bulbs is that they quickly burn out.

What in the end

Incandescent lamps, halogen, fluorescent, LEDs. Here is a list of possible options for hoods for every taste. The more energy.Intensive is warm light from incandescent lamps, more economical. Cold (halogen, fluorescent). The most economical solution is LED backlight. Each type carries its advantages and disadvantages, but there are no universal tips. Initially choose the solution that is optimal for you.

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