How to calibrate the floor scales Vitek

How to calibrate the floor scales Vitek

The option of electric weights in home criteria requires an even and hard surface, which will provide them with a stable position. The rest of the process is depending on the properties of the device itself.

Annotation for the operation of floor scales of excess weight vitek VT.-1956 This device will help you go to a healthy lifestyle. The device uses a bioelectic analysis method of complete body resistance (impedance) “BIA”, which allows to calculate the percentage and water with the highest accuracy, taking into account personal data entered into memory (growth, age, gender). Principal security measures. Before introducing weights, read this annotation intently. Do not expose the scales exposure to high and low temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight. Do not drop the device and do not knock on it. Keep the device away from sources of the highest temperature. Wipe the scales with a moisturized cloth. It is forbidden to use abrasive agents or solvents to clean the scales. It is forbidden to repair the scales without the help of others. For maintenance issues, contact authorized service centers. Do not allow water to enter inside the weight body. This device is not waterproof. It is forbidden to leave or use the scales in places with high humidity, do not allow the contact of the device with water or other liquids to avoid violation of the correctness of the scales readings. The introduction of excess weight analyzer is completely contraindicated in pregnant ladies. The introduction of excess weight analyzer is completely contraindicated in persons with power pacemakers and other honey devices with built.In power elements. Store the device in hard.To.Reach places. Do not allow children to use the device as a toy. ATTENTION! Packaging material (film, foam, etc. D.) may pose a danger to children. The danger of suffocation! Store the packaging in an inaccessible place for kids. Save this annotation, use it in the upcoming reference material. What is excess weight. It is well known that the excess body weight can negatively affect health. Excess weight can become a prerequisite for dimple, the appearance of troubles with a heart, the development of atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and the shortcomings of weight can lead to osteoporosis. (Osteoporosis is a systemic disease of the skeleton, characterized by a decrease in bone mass per volume and a violation of bone microarchitectonics and leading to an increase in the fragility of bones and the risk of their fractures from a low injury or even without such). You can get rid of excess weight with the help of physical exercises and a moderate diet, and the analyzer of excess weight is completely suitable for controlling it. It is clear that with small weight in the muscles and tissues of the body there is more water than fat, also that the electric current passes through water than through fat. Passing weak electronic current through your body, you can quite simply and rapidly measure body fat in the muscles. This will allow you to watch your own figure every time you. Adviсe. Carry out weighing at the same time of the day. After taking food, 2-3 hours should pass. After saturated physical exercises, about 10-12 hours should pass. Attention! Information about excess weight can be obtained only in this case if you are standing on scales with bare feet. Before the first implementation. Pull the scales from the packaging. Set the scales on a flat stable horizontal luck. Open the cover of the battery compartment and make sure that 2 lithium batteries of the CR2 type.032 3V are installed correctly. To connect the batteries, remove the insulating gasket. Installation of measurement in kilograms or pounds. There is a switch on the lower part of the weight body. In the “KG” position, all measurements of the weight will be shown in kilograms, and growth in centimeters. In the “LB” position, all measurements of the weight will be shown in pounds, and growth. In feet and inches; In position „‟ st ‟‟ All measurements of weight will be shown in the staws.

Electric scales allow you to track any weight configurations and guarantee the highest accuracy of measurements. In order to receive reliable data about your body, you should correctly configure this device and follow the advice on its use.

Kitchen Libra Vitek VT-8020BL. Review

Finally bought a scales for myself. In the RBT, the price was reduced, and the fact that in this price category they were the only ones were up to 10 kg (others up to 5).

The brand is certainly not the most reliable, but all the eminent technique is an order of magnitude more expensive, plus relying on my own experience, I can say that expensive brands are summed up.

Libra design is ordinary, pleasant, in the style of Provence. I didn’t bother with particular appearance, otherwise my purchase would be much more expensive))

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The main criterion was the price, this model is really one of the most budgetary, presented at that time in the store.

She is responsible for choosing a unit of measurement, there are mg, ml and ounces, I think you will need only 2 first. Almost everything weighs in mg. Ml is needed only to determine the volume of water, the scales are considered the volume based on the weight, if you use a measured glass, then this function will not be useful. Well, in ounces, I didn’t come across recipes, so I can’t say anything about them!

You can weigh products with a container and without. The right button is responsible for this, which also turns on and off the scales in combination.

You can weigh the product without containers by simply turning on the scales by choosing a unit of measurement and putting the item on the surface. The surface, by the way, is easily wiped with a damp cloth (but to wet, it cannot be washed with water, this is said in the instructions)

If your product is loose, liquid or more than the surface of the scales, you can use the container, the scales for this need to be resurrected. So, we turn on, select a unit of measurement, put our cup

And click Tare. We look at the scoreboard, there 0.

Now safely fill the vessel and watch the weight.

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There is only one small but, as I understand it, it depends on the shape of the product, if the hardest part is not in the center, then there is an error of 1-2 mg. For example, this carrot:

The device works from one such battery.

On the back of the scales there is a hole for which they can be suspended.

By the way, do not store the device near another technique. Such as, for example, microwave and do not subject them to heating or freezing, the scales will deteriorate.

How to check electronic scales for accuracy

A person’s mass tends to constantly change, as evidenced by different indicators in the morning or in the evening. Therefore, the accuracy of electronic weights is simply necessary.

Some judge the correctness of the device data, putting some item on its platform. This is a common misconception. Libra is designed to measure the mass of only a person. And dumbbells weighing 5 kg or kilogram sugar package will not help clarify the correctness of work, there will certainly be errors in the calculations.

Unfortunately, floor scales allow a slight error in measurements. Maximum permissible. Up to 400 grams.

For verification, you need to weigh several times in a row. Then, from the largest meaning, take away the smallest. And compare the remaining result with the permissible norm. If the error is greater, then perhaps this is a malfunction of the sensors.

Reference! Special sensors are located in the legs of the devices of each model. The correctness and accuracy of measurements is assigned to them.

In separate scales models, a discharge function is provided. Such a button, as a rule, is located below the device. We will have to carefully and carefully turn the scales and press the button on the bottom.

If the settings of settings did not change the situation, then you will have to carry the scales for repair. Or throw out and buy new.

It’s not sad, but buying a new device is cheaper (due to a breakdown of sensors) than repairs. But when purchasing other scales, pay attention to the assembly, quality, and reliability of the manufacturer more carefully. You definitely need to view reviews about the purchased product, and draw conclusions. The desired error should be with the least meaning. In this case, the data obtained will be the most reliable and the duration of the work will last.

How to calibrate the floor scales Vitek

Hello. Floor Libra Vitek VT-1973 MAX 150 kg (indicated on the tag behind), and on the front panel sticker 135.0 (apparently recommended weight).

All health. The scales of Tanita BC-730 ask only the date and time to set, it also does not turn on, just weighing or complete.

All health, comrades. When the floor scales vt-1984 g, when turning on, give out error ERR 2, what does this mean and what to do?

There is no data on the display more than a month ago Libra Maman SBBC 208

Hello, children’s scales are Maman SBBC 208, the display lights up, but does not show anything on the screen, even when you put something that is the reason.

Good evening, when the electronic scales are turned on, after the test, 6 zeros shows on the scoreboard. What to do?

Floor scales are not included more than 3 months ago Libra Tanita BC-730

Goodnight. The floor scales Tanita BC-730 stopped turning on, changed the batteries, but nothing has changed, what else can be done?

The scales of platforms no more 3 months ago Libra Nevsky Libra VPP4-1500 do not work.A9

How to calibrate weighing scales

Hello, please help me figure it out. Turn on the Neva Libra Subp4-1500.A9, and they turn off after 5-7 seconds. Checked.

Floor scales do not show weight more than 3 months ago Libra ECON Eco-BS114F

Good day. On the scales of the ECON ECO-BS114F scales, the inscription 0-ld suddenly began to burn. Switching from pounds to kg does not help.

Good evening. SCARLETT floor scales after falling from a height of about 20-30 cm show a weight of ~ 20 kg less than necessary, what to do?

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Libra show inaccurate weight more than 3 months ago Libra Redmond RS-M732

Good evening. Instead of 100 grams, the Redmond RS-M732 scales show 559 grams. Instead of 350 grams show 1916 grams. What is.

Why the scales do not read the parameters more than 3 months ago Libra Tanita BC-730

Good morning. When installing the parameters on the scales of Tanita BC-730, they show the weight, but do not read the parameters. The batteries changed, put up.

Tanita’s floor scales do not work more than 3 months ago Libra Tanita BC-730

Good afternoon. The floor scales of Tanita BC-730 broke, do not work and do not show kilograms, how much repair costs?

How to diagnose more than 3 months ago Tefal 79520 Persona Libra

Good evening. The floor scales Tefal 79520 Persona show different weight how to conduct diagnostics?

Libra does not work from the network more than 6 months ago Libra Midl MT 3 B1J (0.5/1; 220×270)

Good afternoon, tell me, please, on the scales Midl MT 3 B1, the indicator flashes.AS- (there is no battery, they must work from the network.

The legs of floor scales have crushed over 6 months ago Libra Polaris PWS 1831DG SPA

Good afternoon! The rubberized legs of the floor scales Polaris PwS 1831dg Spa have crushed. Is it possible to replace them, fix or buy new ones in.

Floor scales do not work, what is the reason more than 6 months ago Tefal BM3021 BODYSIGNAL Libra

Good evening! Tefal BM3021 BODYSIGNAL do not work, or rather they work, but after a time, only a running line and that’s it, but if if.

We need rubberized legs for scales more than 6 months ago Libra Polaris PWS 1835DG Sea

Good evening. The legs of the rubberized burst and crumbled in the floor scales Polaris PWS 1835DG, where you can buy such 4.

Shows the numbers more than 6 months ago the weight of Tefal PP6012 Compliss Vision

Good afternoon, our Tefal PP6012 Compliss Vision scales began to show some numbers on the display, what’s the matter?

Err Her Her error how to remove more than 6 months ago Mas PM1E-150-4050 Libra

Good afternoon, on the floor scales MAS PM1E-150-4050 came an error error ERR H, how to remove it?

Setting up electronic scales before starting work

Before the first use of the scales, it is necessary to install them, calibrate and configure them. First of all, it is necessary to remove the protective coating of the compartment for the nutrition elements and insert batteries into it, not forgetting about polarity (it should coincide with the battery and terminals in the compartment). Lo marking appears on the scales display when the nutrition elements fail and require replacement. If the scales are rarely used, the nutrition elements can be removed.

Some models of weights are equipped with alternative energy sources and work from the sun or from transforming mechanical energy when weighing.

To get started, after the nutrition elements were inserted, the device must be installed on an even hard surface, preferably in level. The accuracy of the measurement depends on this. For example, a soft carpet is not suitable, the values ​​will swim and do not match the actual. In an ideal case, the scales should always stand in one place. So their position will not affect the result.

To adjust the sensor, click on the scales platform, in most scales the right point is in the upper right corner. 88:88 will be displayed on the display, after which 0 will appear.0 or just 0. This signals readiness for work.

Methods for adjusting accuracy

In most cases, calibration of trading weights is performed using reference weights. It is necessary to run the settings mode, set the weight of the weight and make sure that the display is displayed that the corresponding to this mass is displayed.

There are electronic trading scales, the calibration of which is produced using built.In reference weights. These weights special device loads the platform when setting up.

Floor Libra Vitek VT. 8061 sr. Review

A couple of years ago I dreamed of losing weight about weights. A special need appeared after childbirth.

Every day I was taldychy to my husband that I just need to follow the weight as air. But, I wanted to choose them myself! Well I need to read reviews, shove all the stores, get a consultant. And then once and brought me the scales after work [sighing emoticon]

What am I going to, think you. To the fact that if you want pretty girls scales, choose others. Vitek VT-8061 SR.This is in my opinion, a purely peasant version. No dvvatochki, butterflies, cats. Such a harsh gray-black design.

This will not affect my assessment, because tastes and color, as they say)

Libra made of hardened glass. Believe me, durable (I have a very curious child). Still would! It is stated that the maximum load is 180 kg, this must be withstanded) Therefore, if you have no more than 180 kg in you, you can safely climb them, and admire a rather large dial with your weight.

I recommend not to put these scales on uneven, soft, not stable surfaces, the weight will be absolutely wrong. It is ideal to put them on the tile, which I do, or on a laminate. Well, you understand, on an even, hard surface.

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On the rear panel of the scales, there is a switch of measurement units: kg, stowns and pounds. Try not to hurt this button by chance, otherwise you will be shocked by your weight)))

Measurement accuracy of this model, up to 100 g. Change in 50/25/5/1 gr, you will not see. Only 100 g more or less.

They work from two flat batteries CR2032x1. Replacing them is very simple.

I like to do control of the control in the morning on an empty stomach (in front of the shower). This usually happens in the bathroom without clothes. So I can see the result as much as possible.

The daughter used to be weighed in her arms and took her weight. Then she learned to walk /stand, and I taught her to “play the game”.

/// stood on the scales, lifted the pens, touched the nose, patted their hands. ////

Maybe it sounds stupid, but otherwise she did not want to stand still.

I can’t say that these scales have some numerous disadvantages or jambs.

calibrate, floor, scales, vitek

-They must often be wiped, because even slight dust is noticeable.

-Need a flat surface for accurate measurement.

-If you decide to photograph your result, monitor the reflection))) They all reflect

I recommend Vitek VT scales. 8061 SR, for two years of use, they have never let me down. They accurately show weight, do not take up much space. I change batteries about once a year.

Need help?

You have a question about Vitek VT-1964 BK or you need help? Set it here. Fully and clearly describe the problem and formulate your question. The more you report on the problem or question, the easier it will be for the manufacturer Vitek VT-1964 bk to answer you.

Hello purchased these scales for a long time. They worked well at the beginning. After a long stay in the dust, they cleaned and set. Problem: I enter the data after which at the end during the show of centimeters nothing happens just the figure is indicated by me and the weighing itself does not appear (kg) ! Help who knows.

Bought scales vitek turn on they pack err.Or get on them they show 00kg

How to install a unit of measurement of weight in kg?

On the scales, 6 indications are displayed, and only 3 are indicated in the decryption table, which means other 3 readings.

About Vitek VT-1964 BK

View Guide for Vitek VT-1964 BK Free. The leadership belongs to the category of Libra, 1 person (a) gave him an average rating 9.3. The management is available in the following languages: Russian, English, German, Romanian, Ukrainian. You have a question about Vitek VT-1964 BK or you need help? Ask your question here

How to glue the scales again

After the final check, it remains to collect the scales.

We fasten the bolts and snap the case.

How you can not glue the weight body

In no case should you use superglines. And in general it is better to forget about superglines when repairing electronics. Superwood damages the surface. And most importantly, this is that you glue the details to each other once and for all. Without damage to separate glued parts with a superglue will not work.

In our case, gluing the scales successfully the first time is likely not to work. You need to aim exactly, and glue everything exactly so that there are no errors in measurements.

How can you glue the scales

You can glue the scales either with B7000 glue or double.Sided tape for phone repair.

If you decide to use double.Sided tape, then you will first have to remove the remains of the old, and stick a new one around the perimeter with one layer and at the same level.

15306 platform scale calibration Instructions

In this case, we use glue B7000. This glue (and bilateral tape) is good in that the device can then be disassembled again. It glues the surfaces perfectly. Ideal for repairing equipment, and does not spoil the glued surfaces.

We have a tags that were installed initially. And you can also centralize the scales by buttons and display.

Carefully follow the wires so as not to accidentally hurt them when gluing.

Put the load on the scales so that the glue is better distributed about the area. The load is needed uniform, and over the entire surface. And leave so scales for at least 2 hours. And better for a day. And all, the repair is over. In case of repeated malfunction, it will be possible to put the scales without problems.

As you can see, such scales are quite realistic to repair even at home. But some service centers reluctantly take up such repairs. The issue of price is banal.

If you bought these scales for the conditional 1000, and the repair will cost 800. Is it worth it to repair?

In any case, if you decide to try to repair the scales with your own hands, then this is quite possible. Even if you are starting amateur radio or electronics.

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