How to brew capsule coffee without a coffee machine

Problems of malfunction of capsules in coffee machines (2021.)

For everyone who used Nescafe Dolce Gusto and after a short time thinks that it has broken down. Like the lever is turned and coffee is not prepared, the water does not go and so on.

This is not critical and very easily solved, although of course the user is to blame for this, because he himself has repeatedly stepped on these rakes.

  • The first thing to do is to add water, lay out the capsule with coffee along with the capsule and lower the lever that pierces the capsule down. A horn that holds a capsule should not be there and you should see a needle itself directly to pierce the capsules.
  • Then, substitute an empty cup and take the water supply lever to the right. First, a thin stream of water will hit, and steam will go after a few seconds. As soon as it goes steam, return the lever to the central position.
  • Actually why all these not cunning manipulations When water ends in the coffee machine, and you do not have time to add it, then air is in the heating element, blocking the further continuation of the water collection process from the tank. And the rest of the car is almost eternal, he has already done thousands of cups at work and no problems. Rush there practically nothing. Everyone has a successful caffeat and I hope to someone this review turned out to be useful.


But nothing helped me, but it was only worth inserting the horn, as steam and water went. (Before that, the water supplyer cleaned the corner)

The coffee maker was not used for a long time, turned on, but it does not work. The pump is buzzing, but the water does not pour. Cleaned with a needle, did not help. They took the phone and blew from the side of the container. One held the phone, on the other side blew, picking up water in his mouth. Helped, first went steam, then water.

How is the easiest to open the capsule with coffee?

Suppose that you were accidentally presented with coffee in capsules that are not suitable for your coffee machine model. Or another option. You have capsules, but no coffee machine. What to do? Like any other food product, capsules have their own shelf life, so keep them for a long time. Not the best option. Thus, a reasonable question arises: is it possible to drink coffee coffee without using a coffee machine? How to brew capsule coffee without a coffee machine? We will try to give an exhaustive answer to these questions.

First, we will understand the principle of operation of the device, which itself cooks coffee. The device independently makes a small hole in the foil cover, then hot water is supplied to the powder, after which the drink is poured into the cup. You just have to repeat the sequence of this procedure.

brew, capsule, coffee, machine

In order to use a capsule and prepare coffee from it without a coffee machine, it is necessary to carefully open the lid, since it is thinner than other elements of the container. It is best if this is done on the principle of opening a can, that is, gently pierce the lid at the very edge of the container, and then make a circular incision with the tip of a sharp knife. Thus, you will open the capsule without scattering its contents. If the cover is made of plastic, then just carefully cut it with a knife.

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The advantages of the units and their disadvantages

A way to brew coffee in capsules in a coffee machine is not complicated. This equipment has its advantages:

  • No need to clean the horn.

How to make coffee without coffee maker

  • Original products do not contain impurities, only natural grains. Therefore, the espresso is tasty.
  • The unit remains clean after the preparation of drinks.
  • There is an opportunity to configure the fortress.
  • The device takes up little space in the kitchen.
  • Low cost of the device.
brew, capsule, coffee, machine

From the disadvantages of making coffee in a capsule coffee machine:

  • Original cups are more expensive than grain coffee for automatic coffee machines.
  • Pompom coffee makers are more expensive than boiler rooms, but do high.Quality espresso.
  • Limited range of drinks within one brand of products.
  • Dairy component is dry milk, which is not as tasty as the whole.

Important! You need to choose an unit for yourself in comparison with other similar models, given the range of coffee drinks of each brand

Types of capsules

The cups may differ:

  • In form, which does not affect the quality of espresso;
  • In varieties of coffee sealed inside is an important point;
  • By the number of tea leaves. From 7 to 10 g of ground powder.

It is advisable to choose models whose glasses are interchangeable. Subsequently, there is an option to purchase a reusable container made of metal for which they buy, grind grain coffee, then fill it into a capsule and boil drinks.

Advantages and disadvantages of coffee in capsules

This product is in high demand among customers. This is explained by the advantages of capsulated coffee:

  • Does not contain harmful additives;
  • It is stored for a long time without losing organoleptic properties;
  • Just preparing;
  • After it, it is not required to wash the coffee machine for a long time;
  • Compared to ground natural coffee has more pronounced taste and aroma.

Despite the pluses, coffee in capsules has some disadvantages:

  • The price is higher, one cup of a fragrant drink costs 1.5-2 times more expensive;
  • Production suggests that fried grains before packaging in containers need to give a couple of weeks to lay down, as a result, the taste and aroma of such coffee is less pronounced when compared with freshly ground;
  • Excess garbage in the form of empty cups;
  • Capsules are designed for coffee machines of the same company.

Potential damage to capsule coffee

Despite the fact that capsule coffee is considered a clean and safe product, it really can cause a certain harm. We are talking about low.Quality capacities. The cheapest option to make containers for coffee is to use aluminum.

Typically, another layer is laid between the metal and the contents of the capsules, which excludes their contact. But sometimes the capsule is damaged and aluminum ions penetrate the drink. In this case, the health can be harmful.

What it is?

First, let’s figure out the designation of these products in the article below.

Coffee capsule is a small sealed container made of plastic, aluminum or both at once. Inside there is a verified portion of ground coffee, designed to create the perfect drink. Each coffee machine has its own exclusive fishing line for a trimmer of capsules. To use the capsules of a certain brand, you need the technique of the same brand. Nevertheless, there are several available alternatives on the market, analog capsules. They cost a little cheaper and repeat the features of the original capsules, however, they are not a fake.

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Speaking about what the coffee capsule is, many use the word “one.Time”, t.E. Calculated for 1 portion.

What happens when they try to shed more from one capsule? The resulting drink only looks like coffee. Rather, you will get just tinted water without taste and smell, but with a large dose of caffeine. Drinking like this is unpleasant and, of course, harmful.

However, demand gives birth to a proposal and there are exits:

  • There are capsules with reusable use on the market. As a rule, the capsules are empty, in them you can place any coffee, including a soluble. The main thing is that it is grinding. Such products are not related to brands of capsule coffee machines, they are produced by third.Party manufacturers.
  • The original capsule can also be used several times. For these purposes, the capsule must be cleaned and formed in order to fill with ground coffee. At the end, you need to tamp the tempor. There is nothing complicated here, but the first time you have to practice.

We strongly do not recommend using these methods. The main advantage of capsules is tightness, lost. Not to mention the fact that capsule coffee machines are originally designed for disposable capsules.

Coffee in capsules

Brew such coffee only with a special capsule machine for making coffee. It contains a device, at the same time opening the bottom and the top of the capsule. A strong air flow passes through the capsule, mixing its contents. Through the opened bottom, boiling water under a pressure of 15-19 bar comes. Opened top allows the drink to be poured with a thin stream into the cup.

Capsule. This is a portion of ground fried natural coffee in a package of food polymer, pressed paper, aluminum or various combinations of these materials. Grinding and dosage of coffee 6-9 g are carefully selected for the optimal cooking process.

For gourmets, empty capsules are produced for making coffee according to their recipes. You just need to open it and fill it with prepared contents.

Capsules of other manufacturers: a variety of tastes and forms

For a long time, a noticeable place in the capsule systems was occupied by Cremesso. Its assortment was already richer than the leaders, included 14 options (10 types of coffee and 4. Tea). To taste the drink prepared on their basis, resembled Nespresso. However, the capsules and coffee machines that work with them gradually disappear from the Russian market, today it is impossible to find them on sale.

Capsules with various types of coffee produce other brands, including Russian. For packaging, the number of capsules in boxes depends on the brand. Taste qualities are different, on the market there are delicious options and capsules with soluble coffee, complemented by dry milk and flavors. The widest range of capsules can be found in specialized online stores.

Most manufacturers focus on Nespresso systems. For them, capsules under Starbucks brands (in elongated penalties), Smart Coffee Club, Vergnano, Julius Meinl, Coffee Joy, L’or, Noble, Caffesso, Molinari.

For machines adapted to Dolce Gusto capsules, the products of the following brands are suitable: Starbucks (in square boxes), Must DG, DI Maestri, Veronese.

The composition of the capsules, the process of their preparation

First you need to understand how the capsule works and what the coffee machine does with it. As mentioned above, this is a hermetic container made of aluminum foil and plastic. The inert gas that is contained inside the capsule helps to maintain taste and aroma, and prevents oxidative processes. The capsule is also filled with ground coffee, sometimes various additives are added to it. The choice of tastes is large, but fragrant Nespresso coffee capsules deserve special attention, which conquered many with their aroma.

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One portion of the drink is obtained from one capsule. The coffee machine during the preparation process pierces this “container” and mixes its contents with hot air, then a thin stream of boiling water passes evenly through the capsule and gets directly into the cup.

Any coffee maker has such functions:

  • Adjustment of the fortress of the drink;
  • Automatic piercing system of capsules;
  • Selection of the required volume of coffee;
  • Disposal of used capsules in a special department;
  • Preparation of cappuccino.

Additional functions of the capsule apparatus:

But the presence of additional options does not affect the taste, quality and smell of the prepared drink. They only add convenience and make the process even easier.

Very often, people become hostages of marketing and buy capsules without knowing that they need special equipment. But do not be upset, because they can be brewed at home. To achieve the same taste of coffee as in the cooked coffee machine is unlikely to be obtained, but the fragrant drink is guaranteed.

The number of grains in different types of coffee grounds

Capsol machine

Such a device is easy to control. And no need to calculate how many grams of ground powder put in a mug.

To prepare a drink, use a special capsule. One on a cup. It contains 6-9 grams of ground coffee mass. One kilogram is enough for 111-167 capsules.

Coffee maker

The equipment works on a drip principle. The coffee mass is filled into the funnel in the form of a fine mesh and water is added.

Hot water passes through the coffee layer and drops into a transparent container. Two teaspoons of powder with a slide are placed on one cup-12-14 grams. Therefore, from a kilogram of grains, 71-83 portions will be obtained.


2-3 teaspoon of ground powder is added to the copper container-8-12 grams.

Making Cappuccino/Latte/Flat White at Home (without an Espresso Machine)

From a kilogram package, you will be able to cook 83-125 mugs of delicious and fragrant fluid.

Coffee machines

In the bookmarks of the memory of each device, a certain program for preparing a drink is laid down. Software also allows you to adjust the fortress. Three modes:

With a consumption of 1 kg of coffee in a coffee machine, it turns out 100, 110 and 120 servings.

French press

This is a glass berth with a pens-press that is attached to a small grid. Rough or small grinding is suitable for this dish.

In a jacket, they put powder from the calculation: 2 teaspoons per portion. Pour hot water into the container and lower the press down. It cleanses water from small particles of coffee mass.

From a kilogram package, you get 125 cups of a drink.


Invented dishes chemist Peter Shrit. This is a glass flask with a narrow and high funnel. It is needed for a comfortable fluid outlet and excreting excess air.

Interesting! Rules for the preparation of coffee in a coffee machine

A paper filter is placed inside the vessels, into which hot water is first poured, and then ground grains are poured. Proportions: 500 milligrams of boiling water. 30 grams of rough or medium.Sized powder.

After 5 minutes, the filter is removed with the grounds, and the invigorating liquid is poured into 4 cups. From a kilogram of grains in Kemex you get 132 portions.

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