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Fan repair

I already talked about how to choose a floor for a room or an exhaust fan for the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. In the production of cheap models, the manufacturer saves on the quality of materials, so they break more often than more expensive analogues. If the fan has stopped working, then do not rush to throw it away, because to restore its performance in most cases you will not need a lot of time and financial costs.

I will not dwell on mechanical malfunctions such as the repair of impeller, body, rotation mechanism, etc. P. To eliminate these breakdowns, it is simply necessary to restore a worn or broken part or replace with a new. This article will consider issues on the repair of the electrical part of the fan, in which an electric motor with hum, unpleasant smells of the paired or seals are not turned on or works. For consideration, a more complex model of flooring will be taken. Built-in exhaust fans are much easier, due to the lack of speed switching unit, so it is even easier to repair them. But repairs, given the price of a simple model of an exhaust fan without bells and whistles, is inappropriate.

In order to find the cause of the fan malfunction, it will be necessary to disassemble it. It will be quite simple and fast to do it with your own hands. First, remove the protective grill, then the blades or impeller of the fan, which is fixed by the nut. Next, it is necessary to remove the second part of the protective lattice and unscrew the lid screws.

BU DELTA FFB0412SVHN fans. (unfortunately very much)

A small overview for BU fans from China, which turned out to be too much. As well as the upgrade of cooling labbp.

Started for health! The Chinese was quick and sent the parcel 1 day after payment, which even surprisingly looking at the price of the goods. Delivery took place through Cainiao_economy, the track was also issued, which worked only in China, and traced OK as “received” and then waited for sending. After sending, the track changed to the one that AliExpress Standarg Shipping usually gives out. As it turned out, the parcel was combined with three others. The total travel time with two tracks is 25 days, the parcels come in a couple of weeks for a long time and usually the solo, but it seems now a normal time for combined parcels. Why do this? Unclear.

2 fans came in a large package. Over, next to her in the same package, there were many more valuable goods that were packaged in any way, and then 5 dollars, and a good box.

Opening the box, a view of the pimples opens, there are a lot of pimpa, and probably a layer of 3 tape on top! Without a knife, just can’t open. In general, for the packaging of the Chinese 2 fat pluses.

Well, then disappointment awaited me. Of course, I got exactly what I ordered, 2 fans, no one promised that they would be new, but in the photo in the description they are a little worn, but clean! And then they almost rot already.

Photo from the description.

Model. Delta FFB0412SVHN, normal power voltage: 12V, normal current up to 0.24a, but judging by Datashit, you can feed this fan starting with 4.5 and ending 13.2v. The fan is not weak and promises 15CFM at full speed (9500RPM), while consuming 2 watts.

The connection is simple. 2 wires, red plus, black minus. There are no tachometers and there are also PWM adjustments, it’s just a fan. But running ahead, DC Adjusting is without problems.

A separate interesting moment is an additional row of blowing blades, which “unwinds” the air flow, making it even and not rotating (very simple explanation). This fan is not particularly powerful and designed for light loads. On 40mm turntables in servers, usually there are 2 fans, one blows, the second promotes the flow. Generally a pleasant bonus.

And here is the thing that has upset the most, rust. And this is only what we see from the outside, that inside is a huge question. At the same time, as I wrote above, I was ready for the fans, but judging by the appearance, the storage conditions were in the form of a flood in the basement. /

There are a lot of scratches on the end.

Also, the thread is cut in all 8 holes, it seems this fan has seen a lot of servers and not only. The holes themselves are much thinner than the standard fans for PC fans, you will have to look for the screws in the bins.

The connector is flat and non.Standard, easier to immediately cut. An unpleasant moment. Even his contacts are very strong. And the wires after cleaning, soldered tight because of a strong raid.

Under the sticker the hole, you can disassemble and lubricate what is nice, as soon as it cracks, I’ll try to lubricate.

Both fans turned on, both work, consumption is slightly lower than stated, but this is normal, since there is no load. One of the fans rustles softly, while there is almost no rumble from the motor and vibrations, only the rustling of only air. The second is buzzing, not scary but no longer silent. Rumble more likely from poor lubrication than from destroyed bearings or imbalance.

These are the turntables, the seller fell well and sent it quickly, sorry for the goods not very. Well, do not disappear good. Even in this state, these turntables are quieter and more powerful than 40mm fans of 1 with a yellow sticker, which after half a year begin to bother like a tractor. It was these turntables that I put in my labp from this review Mysku.Club/Blog/DIY/72761.Html, and now it’s time to update them.

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Almost nothing has changed from that review although no, the BP has changed from 24 to 36V, but this is the topic of a separate topic.

Due to the large size of the PSU to 36v and the unwillingness to change the case, the fan was transferred to the street, it didn’t get worse =)

Islands and collective farm were added inside, because not every converter will pull out the work from 36V input voltage.

We delete the old turntable and put a new. The new is noticeably thicker, and the wires soldered very tight, but in general everything fell into place as a native.

A little heat shrink and everything will be quite reliable.

With 2 module everything is exactly the same, the same fan is also buzzing. This BP feeds the backlight on the table, the soldering iron and also has a spare a little wretched but working labbp.

Rus floor fan.

The button for turning the rotation mode of the casing of the controller controller control

Screw B12. Screws13. Tilt screwings14. Decorative pad15. Drawn.Out bar16. Clutch racks17. Standing18. Base19. Timer

Read the operating manual carefully and save it as

Incorrect handling of the device can lead to its breakdown and harm it

Before initial inclusion, check whether the technical

Product characteristics indicated on the sticker, the parameters of the mains.

Use only for domestic purposes in accordance with this manual for

Operation. The device is not intended for industrial use. Do not use rooms. Always turn off the device from the mains before cleaning, or if you do not use it.

In order to avoid electric shock and fire, do not immerse the device into water or other liquids. If this

It happened, do not take up the product, immediately turn it off from the mains and contact the service center for verification.

Do not use the device in bathrooms and about water. Do not have a device near heat sources. In

Avoiding electric shock do not turn on the device with wet hands.

Do not let the children play with the device. Do not leave the on the device unattended. Do not use accessories that are not included.

Do not try to repair the device yourself. If there are malfunctions, contact the nearest

Do not use a device with a damaged power cord. Make sure that the power cord does not touch the sharp edges and hot

Surfaces. Do not pull the power cord, do not twist and do not wind it around the device case. Avoid contact with moving parts of the device. Do not stick pencils or other items through the protective grill of a working fan. Do not turn on the fan without installed protective grilles.

The fan is delivered in a disassembled form. Before starting the assembly, make sure that the supply kit is full and

Do not connect the device to the mains, first not fully collecting it. Install the stand on the base and fix

Screws (included). Remove the clamp from the rack, put on a decorative pad and lower it on the base. Put the bar to the desired length, set the clamp in place and tighten it. Install the electric motor and control unit on the bar and fix the screw in.

Unscrew the fixing nuts: blades. Clockwise, and the rear grill. Counterclockwise, and remove them from

Fan shaft. Put the back grate on the fan shaft. Screw the back of the back grate on the shaft and tighten it.

Install the blades on the shaft so that they reach the latch. To fix them, tighten the fixing nut of the blades counterclockwise. Combine the front and rear lattices so that the logo located in the center

The front lattice was located horizontally, and fasten them around the circle with fixers. Fix the fan tilt angle with a screw. The fan is ready to work.

NOTE: In order to avoid electric shock or fire, do not use the fan in conditions

Increased humidity. Put the fan only on a dry even and stable surface. The fan can work in three speed modes:

“one”. Minimum fan speed;

On the engine casing is a button to turn on the fan rotation mode. If you press (drown) this button,

The engine with the blades will begin to rotate in different directions. To cancel the rotation mode, pull the button back.

Install the desired time of work with a timer. To turn off the fan, press the “0” button.

Before cleaning, be sure to turn off the device from the mains. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Wipe the protective grill, blades, rack and base with a damp soft cloth and then wipe it dry.

Eternal fan from the processor cooler

We decided to please readers, telling how to make a fan. The review is far from the first, I had to rummage, looking for a worthwhile. The idea of ​​creating an eternal fan that spins forever looks gorgeous. The user posted a design that looks attractive. Let’s look closely, pondering along with how to make a fan working forever.

You know, of course, system units work quietly (modern models). The slightest noise means: the cooler has lost the axis, or it is time to lubricate the aged fan. Work for hours, days are formed for weeks, the system unit will serve as years. It became possible, thanks to thoughtful technology. Think about, noise depends on the size of the friction force. The mechanical energy becomes thermal, acoustic due to the presence of roughness. Processor coolers are easily rotated, it is worth blowing.

There are no switches inside, means a paradoxical fact: the field of coils is constant.

If the asynchronous engine of a typical fan is powered by a variable voltage of 220 volts, creating a rotating magnetic field, in our case the picture is constant. Could say: inside the rotor sets in motion a switch that creates the right distribution. Not true, confirmed by the further course of the author’s thoughts, the result of experience. The Western innovator decides to replace the coil with a constant magnet. Indeed, there is no variable field. Why electric current?

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Disiently, the author cuts off the power supply, has a neophyma magnets (hard drive) with a perimeter of the frame. Each on the continuation of the axis of the coil. The work is finished, the blades vigorously began to rotate. We believe that the principle is simply used, blurred by orthodox literature. The commercial secret of the patent holder.

The initial movement of the blade is obtained due to random fluctuations of air. Resembles a magnetron, swinging of oscillations is caused by a natural chaotic movement of elementary particles. The question arose, what asks the direction of rotation. The design is absolutely symmetrical. We decided to figure it out, we express our observations:

    In the review of one processor cooler (cooler, not a fan), you can see: when stopping a blade affected by a hand, begins to move with light jerks. The portal examined the pumps of washing machines. There is a similar effect. The design is similar: the perimeter is the coils (alternating field), the magnetized rotor inside. Due to the action of a permanent magnet, the blade rotates with jerks. Indicates that the axis of the processor fan has a certain moment. The degree of magnetization is small, but enough to work the device. It is possible, the effect is manifested without special exposure. The TVs have a loop of demagnetization of the screen mask. It applies to electron-ray models. The literature says: the cause of magnetization can be a closely located speaker of the speaker system, the natural field of the earth. DC reels are perimeter. The cooler axis is equipped with a magnetic moment, you can seize: the handle of Archimedes, who promised to turn the ground, receiving a lever.

Agree, it’s more convenient than to stir up USB ports, constantly spend batteries. An eternal fan works from an arbitrary position, deprived of wires. We believe that the power of magnets plays a decisive role. A simple rule ceases to work: more. Better. The golden middle slips slides. Когда лопасти будут крутиться от случайного потока воздуха, преодолевая поле кусочков неодима. Weak magnets are probably powerless to keep stable rotation. The strength of the field should be exactly, as created by reels under the action of voltage 5 or 12 volts.

Playing the Red Mini Toy Fan

Create an eternal fan correctly

Discussed how to make a fan, measure the direction, the strength of the magnetic field of the coils. Use special devices. Magnetometer, teslamet, formed by a magnetic induction converter, measuring module. With the interaction of the fields, a resulting picture is obtained, called a clutch. The converter generates the EMF. The size determines the measured force of the magnetic field. Like two fingers! Costs 10,000.

Magnets will be located at a considerable distance from the axis. The coils are much closer. You need to know the change in the picture with the distance. According to the law of Kulon, the force falls inversely in proportion to the square of remoteness, fair for single charges of an arbitrary sign. Separate magnetic poles in nature have not yet been found (it is not possible to create), a cube of distance is introduced into the law. Suppose removal to the coil from the axis is 1 cm, the perimeter of the diagonal is 10. So, the neopim should be stronger in 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 times, a small coil.

No one obliges to arrange neodymium magnets with a perimeter of the fan on the diagonals. The poles are crosswise. Regulate the force of exposure to wide range. Passing neodymium magnets in the center of the sides of the fan frame, we significantly increase the field strength. Let’s make a calculation. Suppose a hypotenuse of a triangle with a side of 10 cm is a diagonal. The distance to the center of the square will be 10 / √2 = 7 cm. See, the ratio with 1000 falls, reaching 7 x 7 x 7 = 343. Weighty, desperate to find strong magnets of neodymium to create an eternal fan.

Power is measured! Compass is suitable (there are user structures assembled by yourself, for example, http: // Polyus.Clan.SU/Index/Indikatory_magnitnogo_polja_svoimi_rukami/0-52). Should be connected to the power one coil. Then find the position, the transmitted arrow will deviate by about 45 degrees (do not like it. Take any other azimuth). After start an experiment with a neodymium. Pass the piece on different removals, achieving the coincidence of the deviation of the arrow with the resulting processor fan coil. Surely the distance is not equal to the diagonal, half of the side, you will have to break, cut.


First of all, we will consider the features of the cooling of PC and the farm mining in the summer, when the temperature in the room can reach 30 degrees. In winter, everything is simpler, you can put the farm to a glazed unheated balcony and track only the level of humidity.


As you know, hot air always rises up, so blowing the processor, power supply and video card should be done from the bottom or side, and only by blowing heated air on top.

Do not underestimate the importance of dust filters, they delay a lot of dust, which settles on printed circuit boards, accumulates moisture, creates foci of corrosion and superficial conductivity. Pole filters can be made independently, there are enough instructions on the Internet. The filters must be cleaned periodically, otherwise the air flow will be very limited, which will lead to overheating of the components.

Remove and rinse under a stream of water a dust filter faster and easier than vacuuming the entire body

The use of bias for fans. Expert opinion of ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte representatives


Official representatives of large vendors clearly against the use of hubs and branches to connect a large number of fans to one power connector on the motherboard. It is strictly not recommended to exceed the current strength of 1 ampere to a connector for connecting fans, this can damage your motherboard, since there is a chance that the paths on the textile of the boards will simply burn and this will not be a warranty case.

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The response of the representative of Gigabyte

The answer of the representative of MSI

The opinion of ASUS representatives is such that the use of various hubs and adapters can lead to incorrect operation of the functions of monitoring and automatic adjustment of the fan rotation speed.


Having found out the official opinion of representatives of various venders, it is worth moving from theory to practice and choose the right bakers who will not harm components, motherboard in particular.

Typical floor fan device

On the agenda, the repair of the floor fan with your own hands! You should start small: the simplest fans do not have a ground terminal. The device does not have the degree of electrical safety. The device of the floor fan includes a housing made of plastic. Water will get inside. Expect a good shake. The floor fan of the specified variety cannot be used near the water. Starting with an aquarium with fish, ending with a flower vase. Particularly dangerous where young children live. The contraption will fall, the child will guess to pour into the milk Draw the conclusions yourself:

When the floor fan falls with a high degree of probability, nothing will happen. We plunge into the design. So far, we will leave the features of the control of the engine speed and button to the side. Let’s talk about the gearbox. Krasnodar floor fan carries one asynchronous condenser engine. The front side of the shaft through the pin, the nut with the left thread is connected to the blades, the back goes to the gearbox formed by two gears, one double.

The shaft is equipped with a thread, clinging, rotating, large wheel teeth. The moment is transmitted to the small wheel that drives the flywheel. The gear of a crooked-shaped mechanism with a diameter in the hand, so rotation is inferior to the speed of the initial shaft of an asynchronous engine.

Through the cardan gear, the crank is hooked by the leg, the engine housing is planted on the axis. When the shaft of the asynchronous engine rotates, the blades move smoothly in one or two. However, you can stop the process. In the double gear, the rolls are attached to the larger gear with two balls with a spring inserted into a through hole. If you pull the regulator handle directly connected to the axis, the latch slides up. The connection between the gear, the shaft, the rotation is stopped. The mechanism implements protection against the fall: six grooves are cut along the internal landing hole of the drive gear. Balls fit. The provisions are six, the mutual transition is accompanied by a click, the axis is turning relative to the gear, the balls beat along the walls, slipping into the grooves.

Clicks are heard, there is a high probability. The floor fan has fallen. The drive jammed, working, clicking, protective mechanism, protecting the motor from combustion.

How to install a Ceiling Fan. Replace

We believe that the regime is unprofitable to the floor fan, not to turn off the device, the engineer.Guard of the motor will certainly break. The gearbox is attached with three bolts to the engine, cut through a pair of lubricants through which you can flavor plastic gears. Concerns the drive, rotating with the speed of the asynchronous engine.

Headache, how to fix the floor fan and collect. We see the alignment: the mutual position of the gearbox, the legs through the transmission, the head of the floor fan will move incorrectly relative to the frontal plane. It can be annoyed. Connection the gearbox, check the product by connecting power. Caution, so as not to hit the current, try to visually determine the correctness of the assembly.

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I have a fan for the CPU: “Cooler Master A9020-18RB-3AN-F1 ″ began not to spin after downtime PC (I start it by spinning with my finger for 5-10 minutes). I decided to disassemble it and grease it. He has a sticker from the top and from the bottom. Under them. Whole plastic tell me pliz: it can be disassembled using the method described in this article.

Bogdan_s, I have not yet come across fans that I could not make out. Pay attention to this article. It describes the method of disassembling another type of indifferent fans there and the video is where the whole process is shown.

I have made such a CoolMasters today today. I haven’t found anything either. Until I came across this site. Disassembled stupidly pure the impeller on both sides at the same time. I don’t understand the principle of how she kept there. Stop puck is more like a cover of a closing shaft

Online calculation of the capacitor of the motor condenser

Enter data for calculating the capacitors. Engine power and its efficiency

There is a special formula by which you can calculate the required container for sure, but it is quite possible to do with an online calculator or recommendations that are bred on the basis of many experiments:

The working capacitor is taken at the rate of 0.8 μF per 1 kW of engine power; The launch is selected 2-3 times more.

Capacitors should be non.Polar, that is, not electrolytic. The operating voltage of these capacitors should be at least 1.5 times higher than the network voltage, that is, for the 220 V network, take capacities with an operating voltage of 350 V and above. And to make the start passes easier, look for a special capacitor to the starting circuit. They have the words Start or Starting in the marking.

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