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Regular cleaning in the house is a mandatory procedure that allows you to get rid of the dust that is harmful to human health. But not everyone wants to spend their precious time on such a lesson. This problem can be solved using a robot permissive.

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What is such a technique? What are its unique features? Let’s deal with these issues, making a review of the PHILIPS vacuum cleaners and compiled a rating of dozens of best models. The information given will help to make a decision on the advisability of buying such a device, and will make it clear which unit to choose for the home.

Advantages and disadvantages

We have studied all available information about Philips FC8796 SmartPro Easy. Here are the main pros and cons:

The Philips FC8796 01 robot vertebrae has an ultra-thin housing that allows you to clean the floors even under furniture with short legs.

Philips FC8796 01 SmartPro Easy can be called an unsuccessful device with limited functionality. The function of wet cleaning is poorly implemented. The vacuum cleaner does not remove contamination, but only wipes the surface. Many complaints can be found on frequent malfunctions in the work of the sensors, which is why the vacuum cleaner constantly crashes into furniture and does not pass through the thresholds and wires. Thanks to the thin case and convenient form, the robot can collect garbage under furniture, but you need to monitor its movement.

The manufacturer equipped the vacuum cleaner with a powerful battery, which allows you to achieve autonomous work in 115 minutes. But due to the lack of the possibility of preserving the room scheme, a lot of energy is wasted.

Philips Robot Vacuum Cleaner SmartPro Compact FC8710

Control through a smartphone is not available, which users often complain about. As a result, we can conclude that the price is overstated for a limited set of functions. Analyzing competitors, it becomes obvious that users overpay for a well.Known brand. Evaluation of the editorial office of our site: 49 points out of 100.

Armed with knowledge from the article “How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner. Guide for a novice roboter “, you will find the best alternative.

Wet cleaning

Chuwi Ilife V7S weighed 3 kg, a height of 8 cm, which created difficulties with overcoming obstacles and slipping wheels during wet cleaning. In the process of wet cleaning to a weight of 3 kg, a container of 300 ml (approximately 300 grams) of water is added.

Smartpro Easy has a wet cleaning process in a different way. Water container and separate wet cleaning mode is absent. Microfiber nozzle must be wetted under the tap, and then fixed under the vacuum cleaner. Remove, wet, fix. You need to repeat several times during the cleaning process, because there is no container with water, there is no automatic supply of water. Wet cleaning occurs along with the process of collecting dust, the whole trifle that has not gone into the container is assembled by a cloth.

How convenient it is, I still can’t evaluate, because Ilife refused wet cleaning due to the hemorrhoid process and zero result, the vacuum cleaner was skidding in place and hellish crews.

The result of wet cleaning at SmartPro Easy arranged me, judged by pollution of a rag.

Using a 24-hour planner

Drawing on the schedule in ILIFE is implemented by an order of magnitude better and more understandable. Firstly, Philips applies a remote control to the vacuum cleaner, which looks like belching production in 2017 (ILIFE has a gorgeous remote control), and secondly, the process of configuring the schedule was invented by perverts.

The instruction describes the configuration as follows:

A 24-hour planner can be activated using a remote control. Make sure that the robot vacuum cleaner is in standby mode and is not located in the dock.

Click the 24-hour scheduler button on the remote control panel to activate the 24-hour scheduler after activating the 24-hour scheduler displays the display begins to briefly flash every few seconds after activating the 24-hour planner of the robot vacuum cleaner will start round-the-clock cleaning. He will begin cleaning at the same time every 24 hours until a 24-hour planner is disconnected.

To turn off a 24-hour planner, click the 24-hour scheduler button. The display will glow constantly, showing the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner is in standby mode and the 24-hour planner is disconnected.

The first line contains, “and is not located in the dock”, this confuses wildly, because it is illogical. Why you can’t just direct the remote control to the vacuum cleaner, choose the time on the remote control and that’s it. Because, someone clamped a normal remote control!

As a result, tomorrow at 10 in the morning, I need to click on the planner button so that the vacuum cleaner starts cleaning after a day at this time. I hope my understanding of the instructions is true and it works just like that. But I can’t install the cleaning at 12:00, because I am not at home at this time, I won’t press the planner button.

Comparison with competitive models

It is easy to understand that expensive models whose cost is 30 thousand. And above, more functional and largely win from budget. In this regard, we compare the robot of the PHILIPS brand vacuum cleaner under consideration of the SmartPro Easy modification with representatives of the price category from 12 to 15 thousand. We will compare robotic devices that perform both dry and wet flooring.

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Competitor #1. Genio Profi 260

At the disposal of potential hosts will be a robot working in 4 different modes. The device is able to collect liquid, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Without recharging, the device “works” for 2 hours, after which it independently returns to the charger to obtain a fresh portion of power supply.

To mark the cleaning area, a virtual wall is used. From the consequences of a random collision with the walls and the situation, Genio Profi 260 protects the bumper made of soft shock.Absorbing material. To transfer the start of work, the unit is equipped with a timer, there is a watch on the front panel. The vacuum cleaner can be programmed to be turned on by the days of the week.

The management uses a touch panel and a remote control. For the convenience of monitoring the working parameters in the dark, the display is highlighted. The device perceives voice commands. The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 0.5 liters, the LED indicator signals its filling.

Competitor #2. Iboto Aqua X310

The model of a robotic cleaner offers to use four different modes. Without recharging, he can fight dust on the floor for a full 2 ​​hours. The exhausted charge will make the device return to the parking station, to which it rushes without the help of the owners.

Two containers are placed for collecting dust and filling with water inside the Iboto Aqua X310. The volume of both the vacuum cleaner and the container under the water is 0.3 liters. On the front panel are basic tools to control the robot. You can program it to activate the days of the week, control and change the regime using a remote control.

According to the owners of the device, this is a more reliable option in operation.

Competitor #3. Panda X600 Pet Series

One of the most popular models of robotic cleaning equipment. The Panda X600 Pet Series unit attracts attention with good power, a capacious battery and versatility. The robot copes with dry cleaning and sink of the floor.

The model provides for the possibility of programming the cleaning schedule for a week, there is a limiter of the cleaning area, display, UV lamp for disinfecting surfaces and a soft bumper. Infrared sensors are mounted to detect obstacles to the device.

The volume of a 0.5 l vacuumber, the container is equipped with a HEPA filter that provides effective cleaning of the outgoing air flow from dust.

A large number of reviews indicate the demand of Panda X600 Pet Series. Most buyers note good quality cleaning quality, with cleaning carpets, the robot copes worse. Sometimes they note problems with the search for the base, the duration of the battery charge.

Conclusions and the best offers in the market

The acquisition of a household assistant should be taken responsibly so that in the future there is no disappointment due to a lack of useful functions. After analyzing the characteristics and capabilities of the FC 8776 model, we can conclude that this is a really reliable and useful friend with smart behavior and simple maintenance.

Thinking about the purchase of Philips FC 8776, but there are doubts about the advisability of such an acquisition? Ask our experts and other site visitors of interest to our experts. Owners of vacuum cleaners robots will definitely share their use. Write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the block below.

Is it worth buying Philips FC8794/01 SmartPro Easy?

PHILIPS SmartPro Easy FC8794/01 robot is declared as an improved model for dry and wet cleaning with improved cross. The shape allows the vacuum cleaner to remove garbage even under low furniture and in hard.To.Reach places. But the owners of the robot note illogical cleaning and problems with the passage of obstacles in the form of wires and interior rapids. The device is unable to clean the carpets even with a low pile.

Due to the impossibility of building a map of the room and preserving cleaning schemes in memory, cleaning rooms takes a lot of time. Frequent charging is required. A significant disadvantage of the device is the inability to control the smartphone.

We recommend that you look at the IPlus L100 model, a little more expensive, but with smart navigation and high.Quality wet cleaning. This device builds a map of the room, which is stored in memory, as a result of which the cleaning time is significantly reduced.

And in your opinion, Philips SmartPro Easy FC8794/01 is worthy of attention? Express your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this review.

Philips FC8820 robot. Review

Every housewife with a pathological desire to be a queen is conceived about the purchase of a vacuum cleaner robot and finally take off his “humiliating” task to clean up at home for all garbage. A little lower the percentage of those who cover their laziness with a beautiful phrase: “My child learns to crawl and he needs a clean floor”. And even fewer those who believe that it is not tense to clean up, but why, if it can do a smart technique? These people know what to do while the robot is cleaning, such people are purposeful and ambitious. But let’s leave the categories, we finally go on my beloved.

So, I bought a vacuum cleaner because I am a lazy yu young lady and I always have something to do, if only not a household. I licked it for a long time when looking at robots, but I stopped not a sour price and it is strange that well, this round could not “remove” it. After we were rearranged in the windows in the entire apartment (who lived, who changed the windows for plastic. He will understand me), since then has passed for almost a year, and snow.White dust and now in the house. And I also returned to the family of a prodigy cat and, with him, tons of wool returned with him on all my monastic black clothes. Martha was waiting with horror, since these hairy murks love to discard just tons of wool in the spring, preparing a figure for summer. I could also drop my 5 tons of fat, buckets bucked back on New Year’s Eve.

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And this should have coincided two points at once: I had “extra” 12 thousand and I met a crazy discount in the store. I have not persuaded my husband for the purchase of such an expensive unit for a long time, since he had already agreed on the cheaper for a long time (the year of persuasion and dried crumbs under bare feet work miracles), and since the Philips technician has long conquered our house and left the impression of reliable and durable, It seemed to buy a robot permutal of this company to the best investment (price/quality ratio).

I bought a multicooker, electric browing, blender and all the equipment in the official Philips store and performs all the functions declared by the manufacturer. Why not buy a vacuum cleaner? At first I looked towards the Philips 3 wireless vacuum cleaners, where one pipe with a tan flask, below the brush to which a rag is attached. And this disgrace also needs to be carried with you all the time, stroke your floor in a dwelling and think that something is essential in quality or speed, or in convenience has changed. In fact, nothing has changed, I would still have to raise my fifth point and wear it around the apartment with a buzzing stick. Fu Fu Fu. Not. Our goal is different:

Laziness. This is a psychosomatic sign of serviceability of the mechanism of intuitive recognition of the meaninglessness of the work performed during the years of evolution.

☆ How to buy Philips cheaper: ☆

So, in March there was a grand event, a site with the Philips online store moved to another platform and in Honor changes in the appearance and functionality of the resource. The manufacturer decided to make discounts for his regular customers. For example, the PHILIPS FC8820/02 vacuum cleaner could be bought for funny 22,000. While on ordinary days his invitation to “Closed Foam Party, Sales appeared at night, I slept well that night, and by dinner, when I still got courage and discussed my husband with all the charm of a unique price and making sure that” I have to take “. I learned with surprise and sorrow that vacuum cleaners were dismantled at a delicious price! AAAAAAAA! Why do I need it?! Well, okay, “it will not be mine”. I thought and calmed down. Began to plan the purchase of a vacuum cleaner for Aliexpress, there Keshbek would not be sour. But then I liked the brand Panda Pet Brush. This robot has a special brush to facilitate the collection of pets wool. Well, great! And good reviews. Story. But the guarantee that such a vacuum cleaner will not give for a long time no one gives. And it would be ideal to buy a vacuum cleaner IROBOT ROOMBA. The most venerable manufacturer of vacuum cleaners robots. But even for 30,000 this beast offered only outdated moral models, and I was not ready to spend a thousand dollars on the most fashionable robot vacuum cleaner.

assemble, philips, vacuum, cleaner

And then I saw the sale of PHILIPS FC8820 vacuum cleaners in Eldorado, for some reason there are always the lowest and it was convenient for me to pick up the equipment there. Applying their bonus points, it was possible to get a Phillips vacuum cleaner for:

So either you need to buy something on the Philips website and the first to receive “hot sales for your own” or closely monitor sales in large retail chains, because they are the first and buy promotional goods from manufacturers.

☆ Philips FC88820/01: ☆ ☆ ☆ vacuum cleaner robot

  • – Robot vacuum cleaner;
  • – a container for collecting garbage with a lid with a change of filter;
  • – a rag for wet cleaning;
  • – Two brushes-sun to sweep garbage towards the hole of the container;
  • – two control panels, one of them with a laser pointer;
  • – Charging station;
  • – box “virtual wall”;
  • – A bunch of waste paper.

☆ How the vacuum cleaner robot works? ☆

The robot is turned on by the VCL/off button on the housing, after which the necessary mode is selected on it and the engine starts the engine start. You can select the mode with a remote control and press the start. The vacuum cleaner starts and starts to go forward. Usually I choose the mode “along the contour and diagonal, so that the vacuum cleaner immediately removes the plinth and collect garbage in the center of the rooms. In this mode, the vacuum cleaner can call, for example, under one closet, under one bed and leave the room in the corridor. Then he will definitely return and drop off under the second cabinet, once again under the first and again under the bed, so he dangles back and forth several times. That is, the terrain does not build a map. However, as a result. No crumbs, dust or fine garbage on the floor is no longer.

Philips Smart Easy FC8795/1 robot. Review

I have been using Philips robots for more than 3 years, I understand why, how and why it is needed. I can’t say that I do not like to remove, on the contrary, a wet cleaning of my faithful supporter, especially with children it is very relevant. Therefore, if someone additionally removes except me, and this could only be a brownie or bringing, I would not mind, guys come to clean! But alas, if I did not have time to remove it or a bunch of everything came in a day, then in the evening or on the weekend I had to go through the whole apartment with double / triple cleaning.

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The first robot I also had Philips, it was more expensive and round (which, by the way, I do not recommend you, there will be a problem with the corners, it cannot take them out, due to geometry). But about a year later, he just broke, gave it to the warranty service, at Philips it is gorgeous, and exactly 10 days after 10 days I received the whole amount back, buying a new vacuum cleaner.

I purchased this model at a discount for 17500 (now the discount is even more, you can buy it by an order of magnitude cheaper, thousand so for 10-11).

Choosing it, I liked it that it is primarily a square shape (namely a rounded square), has a moist cleaning function, and of course, endlessly pink.

He has many sensors, he will not stupidly fighting furniture, I had such.

Обзор робота-пылесоса Philips SmartPro Compact

I use more than a year, and I can say. That I like him more than the same Philips for 30k.

The indicator will notify you, if something wrong, the container is overwhelmed or something else.

Normally. It’s just a blue burning light bulb.

High.Quality wheels that easily move through the skirting boards. 2 spinning brushes, removed and cleaned from the hair.

He is not noisy, animals and children are not afraid!

Lifehack. Do not throw out the box, if there is a warranty case, then you will need the whole set!

Verdict: if you need help or you like cleanliness, then you just need such an assistant. This stylish vacuum cleaner will also become a decoration of the apartment as an additional robotic device. I am very pleased with such devices to maintain the appearance of the apartment.

PHILIPS SmartPro Easy FC8792 robot. Review

Good afternoon! Today I want to talk about our Phillips FC8792 Robot.

With the birth of a child, there was practically not enough time for cleaning, and my husband and I decided to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner. I campaigned for Xiaomi, but my husband was against orders with Aliexpress and acquired our Phillips.

A vacuum cleaner in a cardboard box is supplied. Nothing special, a vacuum cleaner and some of its functions are simply drawn on it:

assemble, philips, vacuum, cleaner

In the box lay a vacuum cleaner, its charging station, a remote control and some interchangeable parts.

It is easy to figure out with a vacuum cleaner. The button on the vacuum cleaner turns on and turns it off. And the remote control allows you to control the direction (if necessary), set the program of movement, put a timer, etc. Usually we do not use the remote control, only if it is necessary to send a vacuum cleaner to the base. Click “House”.

So, the vacuum cleaner has been working with us for almost a year, and these are the impressions I have left during this time.

1) the vacuum cleaner is convenient to operate, it can be launched and not waste time and effort on manual cleaning.

3) the vacuum cleaner sees stairs and obstacles, does not fall from a height.

But for myself I found many shortcomings:

1) The most unpleasant. This is the incredible stupidity of this vacuum cleaner. He drives the legs, carries chairs by the legs, crashes into furniture, wraps the laces on the brushes, in the end he rises on the rug in the bathroom or by the door, or just meets the wire, toy. And gets stuck! How annoying it. I can’t calmly start the vacuum cleaner and go to the store. He will definitely get stuck somewhere!!

2) This vacuum cleaner does not wash. There is a similar model, but where a rag of water is attached, and after a vacuum cleaner, a rag was wash immediately. I think this function would not be superfluous at all, especially in the house with the child.

3) a small dust container. I think it is enough somewhere for 15-20 sq m at home. Then the cleaning quality falls, dust clogs a suction hole. So for large apartments, this is an unsuccessful solution.

4) uncomfortable control from the remote control. The remote control is lost, moreover, many functions are implemented unobviously. Once the child turned on us a timer for cleaning and we could not understand how to disable it. It would be better to manage a vacuum cleaner from the phone.

5) Curve cleaning program. Xiaomi, which I initially wanted, passes around the perimeter of the room, and then it runs throughout the gender with a snake. Phillips travels like God puts on the soul, he has no logic.

6) everything is wound on the brushes, but where to buy spare ones, and how much do they cost. I don’t know. In the year, the brushes have already worn out.

7) the vacuum cleaner is not to say that quiet. It prevents you from watching TV, or talking on the phone, during a children’s sleep, I would definitely not run. Although much quieter than a large vacuum cleaner.

So my final assessment is 4. The vacuum cleaner is not perfect, and I definitely will not recommend it to buy. But it copes with its functions and simplifies life great, so the hand does not rise to put the top three.

P.S. Literally last week, a fastener closed the garbage compartment at the vacuum cleaner! Although I have carefully treated this latch. I reduce the assessment.

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