How the stove works in proven oil

Do.It.Yourself stove for working out: drawings with instructions

There has always been fuel for furnaces, there is and will probably be a problem. Firewood and coal, pellets and briquettes. All this must be bought. However, there is a type of fuel, which can often be obtained not for free, and sometimes even with the provision. This is a practice of machine oil.

In fact, this is the former engine oil, the lubrication of the engine and the chassis. In the process of operation of the technique, oil, initially a rather clean oil product is saturated with slags. Particles of metal (the result of friction and mechanical damage to parts), soot, salts, tarry joints. As a result of such saturation for lubrication, the oil is no longer suitable, but it burns well. Which allows you to use the product as fuel.

The composition of the development is burned by about 85%, and in the process of combustion it gives out about 11 kW/hour of thermal energy from each liter. Thus, the product in its fuel qualities is comparable to diesel fuel.

Important: if the oil is strongly clogged with hard inclusions, it is advisable to filter it before use.

At the same time, the oil stove on filtered training will work longer and better, it will have to be cleaned less often from soot.

The design of this stove is simple and in the presence of tools and materials you can make it in a few hours. As for the raw materials, the motorists have the disposal of the waste of diesel fuel, processed oil and other combustible materials, is a big problem. The decision to apply processing waste from a car for heating the same garage or other buildings is an excellent solution that will bring double benefit. Darm material, which is also almost safe for the environment is an ideal solution. It remains only to make a stove and use fuel twice, for its intended purpose and as a recyclable. You can take the used raw materials in large quantities at the stations of maintenance and auto enterprises. There sometimes even the disposal of processed raw materials is paid.

How to make yourself a stove for working out the easiest way

In order to independently make a stove for a garage, which will consume a spent car oil as fuel, you need to find an old gas cylinder. Before you start cutting it, you need to release the entire residual gas and drain condensate. After that, the cylinder is washed with water to exclude even the very possibility of ignition. To disassemble the cylinder, you need to lower the gas from it by pressing the valve.

Working principle

Helpful advice! To make sure that the gas in the cylinder is completely absent, it is necessary to grease the valve with liquid soap. It is necessary to press on the valve until the soap solution stops bubbling.

An example of a homemade furnace made from a gas cylinder

After the gas is completely descent, the valve needs to be unscrewed. If this is impossible, then you will have to drill a small hole in the bottom of the cylinder with a diameter of 10 mm. To do this, take the drill and roll in the center of the bottom, without pressing much so as not to get spark. For confidence, we constantly water the place of drilling with water. As soon as the hole is ready, ordinary water is poured inside the cylinder and it is washed. Then the water is drained and the sections are marked on the cylinder.

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In the manufacture from the gas cylinder for working with your own hands, the drawing of which was presented earlier, it is necessary to cut off the lower part. Its height is 20 cm. Legs are welded to it, which can be made with the ability to adjust for the convenience of installation on any surface.

Installation dimensions of a barrel stove to create with your own hands

The primary combustion chamber is made from the bottom. A spent oil will be poured into it, which in the process of adjustable combustion will heat up and decompose into flying fractions. The upper part of this chamber is covered with a round cap with a thickness of 4 mm. It must be easily removed if necessary, since the inner surface of the chamber needs a weekly thorough cleaning of toxins.

A hole with a diameter of 10. 15 cm is cut in the middle of the lid. A pipe 50 cm long is welded to it, in which a lot of 10 mm is drilled. Holes. The pipe should be thick.Walled, at least 4 mm. A hole of the smaller, up to 5 cm of diameter is made in the same cover on the same lid. A small tube with a damper is inserted into it. She plays the role of a neck for pouring oil and throttle to manage the receipt of the air mixture in the furnace.

Equipping stove cooked from sheet metal

Since, created by yourself, a stove for working out, needs to be removed without exhaust of fire, another camera is made from the upper part of the cylinder, in which the exhaust gases cool before flying into the pipe. Inside this chamber there is a partition that prevents a direct hit of fire into the exhaust pipe. The hot gases manage to fully burn out in this chamber while they go around this partition.

How the oil “pot burner” works

stove, works

Helpful advice! The height of the exhaust pipe should be 4 m. This is the optimal size to ensure proper traction. It should be strictly vertical, since any horizontal areas are able to accumulate condensate in itself.

Do.It.Yourself stove creation

Such a stove works as follows. A waste oil is poured through the hole in the combustion chamber to two third volume. There it is set on fire. When the combustion intensifies, the damper is covered. This provides a more economical oil consumption and its complete burnout. During heating, the fractions that have not immediately been burned into a hole pipe, where they are in contact with the air, after which they ignite and burn, releasing heat in a large amount. The spent gases fall into the upper chamber, where their final burning out and exhaust into the pipe occurs.

So from a regular gas cylinder you can make a stove for working out. Drawing with all the details and their dimensions can be viewed in the photo.

Office for working out. Advantages and disadvantages

What should be taken into account in the manufacture of the furnace for working out, what are the main principles, difficulties and advantages of such a solution?


  • The furnace works on cheap and affordable fuel.
  • The effectiveness of combustion is high enough to obtain the high temperature of the furnace body, and, therefore, high heat transfer within about 500. 700 degrees.
  • The design of the furnace allows you to assemble it from steel with the help of a welding machine, which in the presence of experience and material is not at all difficult.
  • Burning in such a furnace is supported independently. These are the physical principles of her work. You can adjust the burning due to the restriction of fuel supply with a simple throttle damper.
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  • The high temperature of the furnace body requires the release of a special place for it, cleaned of all fuel at least half a meter from the device.
  • When heated with such a stove, heat spreads unevenly, it is easier to say that it is very hot nearly, far away. Cold.
  • Oil processing furnace works on the principle of radiation, not air heating.
  • The probability of boiling fuel in the preliminary warming chamber always remains, and under certain conditions. Emission of boiling fuel from the body.
  • The furnace is very actively absorbs oxygen in the room.
  • The design should be taken into account the high temperature in the chimney, which means that in places of contact with the roof it is necessary to create a protective layer of non.Combustible refractory material. The chimney in the simplest version can only be vertical. We will write about the reasons below.
  • Possible claims of firefighters if the stove is installed in the service or workshop.

Is it possible to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the design or find an economical, effective and safe alternative to a home.Made heating furnace in waste oil? You can at least level some defects of the design and fully use its entire potential.

Requirements for the installation and operation of the furnace in oil

It is required that the stove be in an empty room, near which there should not be flammable surfaces. Particular attention is paid to independent manufacturing devices. They cannot be placed on a shelf or other support that may light up.

A homemade processing stove should be located on an even base, which can be concrete or brick. It is necessary that the distance between the device and the wall is at least 1 m. For good traction, the smoke pipe should have a length of more than 4 m. On its external side, insulation should be provided to exclude the formation of acid condensate.

A solvent or other flammable element should not get into the waste oil, so such components should be away from the furnace. It is also unacceptable to get moisture into a container with oil. This will lead to ignition in the furnace. In the case of an emergency, to eliminate fire should use the fire extinguisher.

Important! In the room where the oven is located, a good system of natural supply and exhaust ventilation should be organized.

The principle of operation of the stove with drip feeding fuel is similar to the mechanism of diesel engines

Before starting work, the oil is poured into a container in an amount equal to half the volume of the tank, which will provide the necessary space for the formation of vapors. So that pairs are enriched with oxygen, it is necessary to wait a while. Then fuel is fuel with long matches. As soon as the process of fire fire begins, the damper is half a hide behind.

To increase the performance of mini-stoves for working out, you can install a sealed tank with a liquid above its upper chamber. For the supply and removal of water, fittings are attached to it, which are placed at different levels. Another option for increasing performance is the necessary air convection, which is carried out using a fan located near the upper chamber. Taking warm air from the stove, it contributes to its cooling, which positively affects the life of the device.

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Making a pallet for practicing

The pallet made from a cast.Iron automobile brake disk. Cast iron is distinguished by good heat, so I decided to take it exactly.

Here is from this disk and I will make a tray

A steel circle. This bottom welded the bottom

He welded the lid on top. In it you can see the return part of the burner and the opening. Air enters the stove through the opening. I made it wide. It’s better. With a narrow opening, air thrust may not be strong enough, which is why the oil cannot get into the tray.

Then he made a clutch. She connects the pallet and burner in my stove. It will be much easier to serve the stove with a coupling. If necessary, I can get the pallet and clean the burner from below.

Then I made a clutch of a clutch I put a clutch in place I put a clutch in place

I made a coupling from a 10-centimeter pipe, just cutting it along the longitudinal edge. I did not brew the opening in the clutch. There is no need for it.

The advantages and disadvantages of the furnaces for working

The advantages of stoves in the spent oil include the following points:

  • Such stoves heat up closed spaces well, so they are suitable not only for technical rooms, but also for heating small greenhouses and agricultural buildings, which contain pets and poultry.
  • The correctly arranged stove does not smoke and does not give a large amount of burning.
  • A similar heating device is very easy to operate;
  • Since the development itself does not burn, but only its couples burn out, the furnace can be called quite fireproof, subject to the rules of its operation.

The disadvantages of this heating method include:

  • In the furnace, you can not use a development that has extraneous impurities. This is explosive. Best case scenario. Waste from combustion of such fuel will quickly clog a filter and nozzles, so before use it should be filtered, but you can purchase filtered oil.
  • The chimney, as well as the furnace itself, quite often require cleaning of combustion products;
  • In the process of its intensive burning, the stove is quite buzzing.
stove, works

How to use

For quick ignition of oil, you need to pour a little-0.2-0.5 l. Then add a small amount of solvent or other combustible fluid. You can set fire to the mixture using burning paper or fabric, which is placed in the chamber. The cover should be completely open.

Когда отработка разгорелась и печка вышла на рабочий режим, пламя регулируется задвижкой. To put out the stove, just stop the air supply. To do this, push the lid on the fuel chamber. A few minutes later all the oxygen will burn out and the flame will go out.

Application area

Other names have stoves in spent oil: thermal guns, calorifiers. For heating of residential premises, the air is overdried due to the presence of red-hot surfaces. But for industrial premises, they are ideal, since the air is very quickly heated.

Usually they are used to heat greenhouses and garages, one hundred and car wash, etc. D. Modified structures with a coil can be included in the water heating system.

stove, works
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