How the mobile air conditioner differs from the cooler

Varieties of floor air conditioners

There is a huge assortment of floor air conditioners of various modifications on sale, but only 2 subspecies of this climatic technique can be attributed to floor mechanisms: split systems and mobile equipment.

Features of split systems

The structure of the split system includes 2 separate blocks-evaporator and capacitor. The first is always inside the room, and the second is outside. The connecting elements for them are electrical wires and tubes, two of which circulates Freon, and condensate is removed according to the third.

In the outer unit (condenser), the refrigerant from the gaseous state passes into the liquid, and in the internal (evaporator) freon changes the liquid state to the gaseous. The compressor included in the external unit. Its task is to maintain the movement of the refrigerant along the contour, compressing it.

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Before applying to the evaporator, the pressure of the freon decreases by the heat regulatory valve. To make heat transfer more intense, both in the external, and fans are built into the internal blocks. Air flows, created by them, blow the capacitor and evaporator.

The main elements of the split system are: compressor (1) ‚valve switching modes (2)‚ automation (3), axial fan (4), capacitor (5) ‚copper tubes for freon‚ centrifugal fan (7) ‚evaporator (8) ‚Filters (9‚ 10)

Split systems include floor-flowing air conditioners. They can be equipped with an internal unit for both ceiling and floor installation. Their main advantage in the rapid cooling of the air. Air masses are distributed evenly along the blowing plane and do not create drafts.

It is better to compare: the split system or air conditioner will help the following article dedicated to the analysis of the arguments “for and against” both varieties of climatic equipment.

Floor air conditioning without air duct

Unlike stationary split systems and a floor air conditioner with an air duct, mobile climatic equipment can be easily moved anywhere. By purchasing such equipment, it can be operated where it is necessary at the moment. In a city apartment, in the office, outside the city in the country.

To ensure a comfortable microclimate, floor air conditioning, not equipped with an air duct, just include in the outlet. It is a monoblock in which all equipment, including the compressor, is in the room. The principle of its action is based on evaporation.

The air is cooled by absorption of heat with water when its liquid phase transformed into a gaseous. On the same principle, the human body also works in conditions of heat. The skin is cooled by the evaporation of sweat.

The truly mobile cooling system does not have air ducts, so you can install it anywhere. It is much cheaper than split systems-30 percent

In the air cooler of this type there is a porous filter and a special reservoir filled with water. The fan directs a stream of air to the filter that absorbed water ‚and the evaporation of the heat occurs with the absorption of heat, as a result of which the air is cooled.

The initial humidity in the room directly affects the effectiveness of cooling. The lower it is, the more intensively the liquid evaporates from the filter, therefore, heat is more absorbed. Moisture, evaporated by the unit, remains in the room ‚so it is necessary to periodically ventilate, otherwise even when the temperature in the air will not be a feeling of freshness.

This feature is the main drawback of the mobile air conditioner. Consumes equipment for a maximum of 85 watts. It works effectively on a small area. Up to 25 m².

Air air conditioning

And without and without it are a compact mobile structure. Both of them take the air from the room, purify it, passing through a special filter.

In the case of using a mobile floor air conditioner with an air duct, heated air is excreted through the window or specially provided for this openings

mobile, conditioner, differs, cooler

Equipment with an air duct resembles an old window system, only installed on wheels and having a more elegant look. It works on a freon, while only water is needed for the device without a duct.

If there is no duct, the air conditioner is immediately connected to the power supply, and in the case of its presence, you need to take care of the output of the corrugation out.


For cooling and heating the room, not only stationary split systems are used. Household air conditioners who have a special design and several different types are very popular among summer residents, tenants and offices of small companies.

What floor air conditioners exist

To avoid confusion, you should immediately decide on the concepts that are applied to flooring devices. A simple layman may not distinguish between floor (floor-flowing) split systems, floor monoblocks, mobile split systems and floor air conditioners-all these devices belong to different types of climatic technology and differ according to the principle of operation.

Floor-flowing (console) split system

This type of cooling device is one of the types of two.Component air conditioning systems. He has an external (condenser) and indoor blocks. The first is hung outside the building. The internal module can usually be placed either on the wall, raising it a little above the floor, or on the ceiling, attaching it to the stilettos. This is a stationary device with a large number of modes, functions and additional options.

Modern air conditioners are made by manufacturers with improved technical characteristics. They work quietly, efficiently and economically. The range of power in cold/heat, as well as the variability of operating temperatures, have advanced boundaries.

Device and principle of operation

These systems are also called monoblocks due to their design. At the floor mobile air conditioning, all the components of the main node are in the same device, that is, the external and internal blocks are combined. There are models with a condensate collection and without it. In the second case, the condensate will have to be removed manually from a special pallet. To do this less often, when choosing, you should take models with a container for collecting a larger volume.

Some manufacturers supply mobile floor air conditioners with an automatic evaporator, which removes moisture itself as it accumulates.

The principle of operation of such a device is that the air taken from the room is divided into warm and cold streams. The first goes into the room, and warm air, a cooling capacitor, is thrown through a corrugated hose to the street. Typically, the heat.Heating tube is launched through the window or a special hole at the bottom of the window canvas (with plastic double.Glazed windows). In the kitchen, it can be removed through the ventilation shaft. Sometimes it is allowed to remove the hose sleeve into a technical hole in the wall ceiling.

If the floor air conditioner is planned to be placed in the country, it is better to take a flexible sleeve into the underput through the technological hole, from where it will be removed through ventilation openings in the basement of the construction.

Such devices can cool/heat a room with an area of ​​up to 40 m². Among the modern diversity there are still devices that work only for the cold. The power characteristics in performance have restrictions. Up to 3 kW, then the efficiency of work is reduced. This technique is equipped with an electronics unit, can be controlled from the remote control or from the instrument panel, equipped with a variety of biofilters and has rich functionality, as close as possible to equipping split systems.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main plus of floor.Type floor air conditioners is portable. They easily move from the room to the room, as they are equipped with comfortable wheels, they can be transported from the apartment to the cottage, and when moving, pick up with you. Dismant only a dropping pipe.

Air air conditioning mobile is a completely ready to work unit that does not require laying communications and complex configuration of electronics.

An important advantage of moving indoor floor air conditioners is independent installation and the price of the device itself. The only difficulty in installing is the selection of a place to withdraw corrugated. You can’t even leave small cracks between it and the plane of the window, otherwise the monoblock will work for cooling the street. All compounds require thorough sealing. The cost of “nightstands on wheels” is much less than the price of a split system with the same technical characteristics.

Among mobile air conditioners, there are mini-napol models, the dimensions of which are similar to the size of a small suitcase, and the weight does not exceed 9 kg. It is convenient to place them in small rooms or in rooms with a non.Standard layout, where there are many niches and protrusions. Such a mobile device is not difficult to transport with you to the country.

Basically, small floor air conditioners are engaged in trademarks such as Ballu, Slogger, Bimatek, Desa and Electrolux:

mobile, conditioner, differs, cooler
  • Ballu has a model only 76 cm high and 36 cm deep. The compactness of such devices does not affect their performance in any way, and many can be used all year round;
  • General Climate has the smallest floor conditioner, which is also equipped with a self.Diagnosis function and temperature control without human intervention;
  • Electrolux equips small air conditioning devices with additional programs to the maximum with which it becomes possible to set the modes for day/night. All devices are equipped with an automatic evaporation system. This eliminates the user to organize condensate removal;
  • Bimatek produces the quietest mini-napal air conditioners that can be mounted even in bedrooms and children’s.
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But they also have enough disadvantages. Firstly, this is a loud noise. With equivalent power indicators in wall or console indoor splittes, the sound indicator will be in the range from 19 to 37 dB, while in the floor conditioner of the mobile type, these values ​​exceed the level of 50 dB.

So that this feature does not become a surprise after the purchase, when choosing a floor air conditioner, to arrange a test drive of noise characteristics in the store and listen to how the device works in various modes.

Mobile air conditioners. How to choose the best. Manufacturers and prices.

Electrolux mobile air conditioners (from 22,000) are stable and in demand due to high quality, excellent performance and trust in the Electriculum brand. The following sales are Ballu mobile air conditioners (from 17500) thanks to the wide range of and functional saturation. Zanussi mobile air conditioners (from 19000) are gaining popularity as one of the Electrolux concern and cost somewhat cheaper. Mobile Monoblocks Roal Clima from 16000 and from the Japanese Funai brand from 23000 among evaporative air coomers, mobile air conditioners without a Sabiel air duct (from 14500) are adequately represented.

Mobile air conditioners for home, apartments, small office are produced by a capacity of up to 3.5 kW with cooling (up to 30 m.Sq.), the most powerful floor air conditioner Electrolux EASM-18 HP/N3 (5.2 kW. Up to 50 m2), Royal Clima RM-L60CN (6 kW. Up to 55m2), Ballu BPAC-20 (6 kW. Up to 55m2), household climatics are designed for rooms up to 40 m.Sq., Further on sale there are already more overall devices with the connection to the water supply.

Mobile air conditioners for large premises, emergency cooling, production, workshop, warehouse. Only industrial mobile air conditioners of WelTEM professional cooling on sale from 4.7 kW to 32 kW (up to 320 m.Sq.) Weltem production can be used for local cooling of workplaces, t.To. Have the ability to connect from two to three ducts to supply chilled air. Sabiel climatic mobile complexes are designed to cool the premises up to 260 m2, and the industrial sabiel stationary installation (on the roof, outer installation brackets, with supply air ducts or mobile stands) up to 300 m2 and when combined into one group. To the desired. The difference in the of industrial mobile air conditioners is noticeable: Weltem from 2600 USD, Sabiel Prom from 500 USD.

mobile, conditioner, differs, cooler

It is possible to buy a mobile air conditioner without a duct only as an evaporative cooler, such as Slogger, which will perform the functions of a climate complex with air washing. Classic mobile air conditioners are necessarily equipped with an air duct, t.To. Constructively require the removal of hot air from the room.

A mobile air conditioner with heating can heat both a heat pump (through a compressor) and using a built.In heater. At the same time, thermal energy efficiency of the thermal pump is 3 times higher. Famous mobile air conditioners with a heating BPHS Platinum series with a heat pump (from 19000), mobile Dantex air conditioners with heating heating heating elements (from 20,000), only expensive Art Style series and powerful Cool Power EacM-16/18HP (from 22000). Some climatics have built.In heating elements and can be used as full.Fledged heaters in winter. Zanussi mobile air conditioners and others are produced with the regime only cooling.

Quiet mobile air conditioning is a relative concept, t.To. Everyone has their own attitude to the noise. In mobile air conditioners, the compressor is inside the device and, therefore, after installation, is indoors. The noise level produced by compressors of mobile air conditioners in the process is close to similar indicators for external blocks of split systems. The quietest mobile air conditioners today are Electrolux Eacm 08/11/13/15 Cl/N3 Loft (from 44 DBA) and Ballu BPHS-09H Platinum series (from 42 dBA). The most quiet are the evaporative.Type coolers (climatic), because the noise comes only on the fan and its level depends on the fan speed (from 30 dBA). /Examples: 20 dBA can be heard, 25 dBA whisper; 30 dBA maximum according to the norms for residential premises at night from 23 to 07; 35 DBA muffled conversation; 40 DBA ordinary speech, the norm for residential premises during the day; 45. An ordinary conversation, quite audible; 50 DBA. A distinctly audible conversation, writing a machine from 60 dBA. Noisy and t.D.)

Installation of a mobile air conditioner will not require large expenses. Install the floor air conditioner for almost everyone, since in this case there is no need for complex skills. Installation is to remove a flexible hose of hot air outlet to the street through the window opening or hole in the wall. Mobile air conditioners can be moved from one room to another, taken to the country in the summer, as well as use in stores and offices. To facilitate transportation within the premises of the device are equipped with moving wheels. Installation of the climatic does not require any effort at all, t.To. There is no removal of the generated heat (mobile air conditioning without a duct).

The most relevant offers for mobile air conditioners: price list for floor air conditioners, the best mobile air conditioners today.

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All about air conditioning air conditioners

The only external difference between instruments with air ducts is the presence of a corrugated pipe of large diameter, along which warm air is excreted outside the window. However, the difference relates not only the design.

Analysis of technical characteristics

From the point of view of production power, floor models with an air duct are not much different from simpler analogues: they are also designed to cool (or heating) of rooms with an area of ​​20-25 m², less often-30 m². This restriction is due to the size, the noise of the compressor and the load on the mains.

Comparative refrigerated power table and sizes of various types of air conditioners. When choosing an air conditioner, it is also necessary to take into account the volume of the room and the average temperature in the room (in a hot period)

The built.In compressor creates a noise, the level of which can reduce the comfortable stay in the room. When choosing, you should focus on the indicator of 45 dB, but the values ​​of most modern models, unfortunately, are 50-60 dB.

Dimensions are chosen depending on the capabilities of the installation. For large rooms, it is better to take devices with a large case. As a rule, they are multifunctional and have increased performance.

If you plan to move the device often, a compact mini-model on wheels is suitable. Do not forget that each installation site requires a separately equipped opening for an air duct.

The functions of models with a hose are the same as in alternative options without ducts. Additional moisture, drainage, heating, ventilation, more thorough air filtration, etc.

We go to the point that distinguishes air conditioners with an air duct. To their installation.

Features of connecting the device

The main guide that should be studied before installation is the manufacturer’s instruction. It lists the requirements for the premises and the procedure for installation, and the schemes and drawings are also presented. And we will analyze the question of where and how the duct is connected.

The duct is a plastic corrugated pipe of large diameter, one end of which is fixed on the body of the device, the second is displayed on the street

There are three ways to withdraw the pipe out:

Installation in the ventilation channel is sometimes associated with structural difficulties. The standard length of the duct is not more than 2 m, while the distance to the entrance to the mine is usually greater. Making large holes in the walls of high.Rise buildings is strictly prohibited, one solution remains. The window.

During the construction of a private house, you can consider all three options, for a city apartment the most acceptable is only the only option. Entering the pipe into the window

Why is it not enough just to put the hose on the lower partition of the window? Hot air will go out of the room, mix with a fresh flow and partially return back.

The effect will turn out to be minimal. So that the exhaust air masses do not return through the opening, window or window opening should be modified.

Usually free space is simply overlapped with a plastic partition, in the center of which a hole is cut under the diameter of the hose. To protect the hose from friction on plastic, a smooth short pipe or silicone (rubber) cuff is used.

When the mobile device is moved to another room, the hole is covered with a plug. Companies selling air conditioners usually offer all kinds of accessories. Plugs, frames with doors, special panels.

Option for the output of the duct to the window opening. In the gap between the window sash raised up and the windowsill, plastic blocks with a hole for the pipe are inserted

If the opening for the duct is in order, it remains to install and connect the air conditioner itself. To do this, completely unpack the case and all components, then make assembly strictly according to the instructions.

For connection, you need a 220V network and preferably a grounded outlet. Be sure to study the instructions to find out what condition the refrigerant is in. It may be necessary to twist a pair of valves so that it spreads over all heat exchangers.

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When equipping the holes in the wall or in the double.Glazed window, attention should be focused on its diameter. If the form does not correspond, part of the spent air will be returned through the gaps, but when squeezing the corrugation, the problem increases. It is possible to change the output volume of air, which also affects the performance of the unit.

Existing air conditioning systems

To create the most comfortable living and work conditions for a person, the premises have to install various climatic equipment.

Most often, this is a regular air conditioner. A device designed to maintain humidity and air temperature in the values ​​optimal for people.

Modern air conditioners differ not only in efficiency, but also by a presentable appearance. The bulky and noisy blocks built into the window have gone far into the past

Gradually, such a technique turns from an optional luxury item into an ordinary household appliance available in many houses. And the office without such equipment for air conditioning is difficult to imagine today. I would like everyone to work and live in the most comfortable conditions.

There is a simple air conditioner with a minimum set of functions of about 10–25 thousand. Rubles. Quite affordable price. For this money, the buyer receives a device that can not only cool, drain and clean, but also, under certain conditions, heated indoor air slightly.

The general principle of work

In many ways, the air conditioner resembles a refrigerator. In both cases, there is a refrigerant circulating in a closed circle. Usually a freon. Over, he constantly evaporates in one place, and condenses in another.

During evaporation, Freon absorbs, and with condensation. Gives heat. Pure physics, no mysticism. As a result of these transformations, the thermal energy is taken on one heat exchanger and its return on another. On scientific. Steam.Pressing refrigerator cycle.

Two the least air conditioning elements are an air fan to ensure air circulation and a compressor for pumping, and compression of the freon

All climatic equipment refers to energy.Dependent equipment. Without power supply, these devices cannot function.

If the room due to the accident on the networks is left without electricity, then the appliances of maintaining a comfortable microclimate in question immediately stop working. You should not forget about this moment when choosing equipment. If there are problems with energy supply, then you should take care of the household uninterruption.

Types of climatic equipment

Any air conditioner inside has two working units. The first serves for heat to die, and the second for its return. They are connected by pipe with a refrigerant between themselves. At the same time, in some air conditioning systems, all these elements are combined in a single apparatus, and in others they are divorced in a couple of separate modules.

The entire assortment of air conditioners is divided into three groups:

The devices of the first group are a classic air conditioning “All in one”. The devices from the second are divided into two blocks. Internal for installation in the room and external for the street.

Multi split systems are a separate type of split system and have several modules outside and/or indoors. They are usually used in office, industrial and public buildings

Monoblock air conditioners are divided into mobile models and window devices. Some are installed on the floor and, if necessary, can be rearranged from place to place, while others are mounted in the window opening.

Split system. The word “split” means separation. In fact, this is a conditioner divided into parts.

The external unit giving heat on the street contains a high-pressure device for preparing a freon and an external heat exchanger-condenser. And the module inside the room has an air filter, a heat exchanger, a fan and a drainage pump with a condensate tray.

Interior blocks of split systems are:

From the wall version, the cooled air is blown out onto the wall opposite, and from the ceiling it diverges along the ceiling to the sides and from top to bottom. The column model blows up into the ceiling, from which they are already leaving the room.

The main feature of all monoblock devices and split systems is the absence of air movement between the working blocks, the refrigerant circulates exclusively inside this technique

The main difference between the split system and the monoblock air conditioner is the separation of the air conditioning device into two blocks. In the split the most noisy elements are carried out into the street so as not to interfere with the room located indoor when working.

The difference from cooler-sparkers

In addition to classic air conditioners with refrigerant, there is another type of climatic equipment with similar functionality. Evaporators on the water. There is no freon in these devices, it does not need.

Cooling type air conditioners work due to the evaporation of water, in which the resulting steam and space is cooling directly around it

Domestic-sparker coolers are more compact and consume less energy than analogues on the freon. However, the water evaporating in them inevitably enters the cooled room, increasing room humidity.

As a result, with the long.Term operation of such a cooler, the interior and furniture in the room begins to deteriorate.

Unlike freon split systems and air conditioners, the evaporator is not able to heat and drain the air-the cooler, on the contrary, only constantly moisturizes it. Plus such a device is constantly required to add water.

In the dry region or for short.Term inclusion, such an option is acceptable, but often, it will be more practical to take a device with a refrigerant and great functionality.

Features of a mobile air conditioner

The name of such a device proceeds from its key property, which consists in its operational installation, which can be carried out almost anywhere. In addition, if necessary, it becomes possible to move it to other places of the room. The main purpose is to ensure the most comfortable conditions within the room or office.

It is also worth noting that the configuration of the portable air conditioning system has a feature that consists in equipping electric heaters that make it possible to combine two functions in the considered device at the same time. Cooling and heating.

In its design, the device in most cases is available in the form of a monoblock. And the principle of operation of the mobile air conditioner is that the flow of warm air is performed using a flexible corrugated tube. It is displayed in the window or in a hole specially provided for these purposes, located in the window.

The mobile air conditioning system has a number of important features, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • Due to the fact that the mobile air conditioner is one block, all the part of its parts are located within its limits. This also includes the compressor, which is a fairly noisy element of the mobile air conditioner. Therefore, making a choice between the split system and the mobile air conditioner, it should be borne in mind that the noise of the latter will be similar to the noise of window models.
  • Almost always, the design of the mobile air conditioning system includes a container that serves to collect condensate formed in the process of its functioning. It should be released from time to time.

The pros and cons of the mobile air conditioner


  • You can easily move between the rooms, cooling the place that is now necessary.
  • The best option for rooms in which you cannot mount a regular split system. For example, external blocks of air conditioners violate the aesthetics of facades of architectural monuments. Therefore, in the centers of many cities there is a ban on their installation. The floor mobile air conditioning will be the only salvation.
  • You can do without drilling walls and other “joys” associated with installation work.
  • Buying a mobile air conditioning for an apartment is much cheaper than a stationary.
  • Homemade mobile air conditioning. An ideal solution for rented housing.


  • Mobile air conditioning without an external unit is less productive than stationary.
  • When the heating hose is removed into the window or door, the gap remains through which hot air penetrates the room again. For the most effective cooling, you need to figure out how to close it up. Some glue the gap with a film or other similar materials. Radical option. Make a hole for the hose in the wall. Then the mobile air conditioner begins to play the role of a stationary

Split system, wall block, inverter. R410A refrigerant, cooling power 5.13 kW, heating power 5.27 kW, noise 46 dB, filter from: dust, smells, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

  • The mobile air conditioner works tangibly louder than a stationary. Not everyone will be able to sleep in the same room with the unit on.As a rule, the range of blows of blowing modes is not as wide as in stationary air conditioners.

Split system, wall block, inverter. R410A refrigerant, cooling power 2.2 kW, heating power 2.3 kW, noise 21 dB, filter from: dust.


When buying a cooling device for an apartment or a private house, a logical question arises. Which type of air conditioner to choose? Although there are not so many options, but the difference between them is significant. Help to decide on the choice and explain how the air conditioner differs from the split system, this article will help.

Design features

It makes no sense to consider the principle of operation of different coolers, because it is the same for all refrigerators. Everything else is structural differences and additions that allow the use of units in certain conditions and improve the functionality. The difference between them is that the usual air conditioner has all the nodes in the same case, and in the split. The system is spaced through two separate blocks. Simple (monoblock) air conditioners should include 2 types of units:

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The former differ in that both heat exchangers in them are located opposite each other, and fan impeller are on the same axis. Accordingly, this type of air conditioners requires minimum installation work for installation in the window opening. The design features of the window cooler are shown in the diagram:

Unlike the window, the mobile air conditioner is equipped with two separate fans, and the installation does not require at all, except for the removal of a corrugated air pipe per street. The design feature of the device is the presence of a large capacitance for collecting condensate, since it is impossible to remove it outside. You can study the design of the mobile air cooler in the figure:

Split. A system, unlike air conditioning or mobile type, is installed stationary, which requires additional funds and time. Here, heat exchangers with fans are spaced along two separate blocks.

In addition, the external unit contains all the main equipment: compressor, valves, drainage and so on. This is done in order to reduce the noise and occupied volume of the room, improve the performance and aesthetics of equipment in the room. The functional scheme of the air conditioning of the split system is shown in the figure.

Types of split. Systems

By the design of the internal unit, this type of cooling devices varies to the following types:

In addition to the listed species on the market, a hybrid version is proposed, which is a cross between monoblock and multi.Block cooling systems. This is a mobile split system, where the division is maintained into 2 parts, but both of them are moved. Instead of traditional copper tubes for the freon highway, flexible hoses are used here, concluded with the cable into the protective shell.

It is impossible not to say about the new control unit installed on multi.Block models. This device is an inverter, its task is to regulate the microclimate in the room so that the unit does not turn off at a set air temperature. By approaching it, the cold.Producing air conditioner smoothly decreases, and upon reaching the temperature, the device works at a minimum. As a result, the air begins to heat up again, which leads to an increase in cold production, then the cycle is repeated.

It turns out that an inverter split system is different from the usual other, more economical algorithm. There are no starting currents of electric motors, unnecessary energy is not consumed after turning on, temperature changes are not observed in the room.

Which is better: split system or mobile air conditioner?

To answer this question, you should do 2 things: to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of those and other refrigerators and indicate for yourself the purpose of buying the air conditioner, its purpose. To begin with, we give the advantages of monoblock devices:

Do Portable Air Conditioners Really Work? (A real world test)

As for the shortcomings, one of them is a small distance for movement, because the unit can be moved around the house only for the length of the air pipe. In addition, monoblocks create noise in the room, occupy an additional place and require periodic emptying of the capacitance for condensate.

The structural difference between the split system and the air conditioner gives it the following advantages:

The disadvantage is a significant price of the system and the need for its installation, that’s all. Such a short list suggests that multi.Block devices are better in everything except mobility and price.

But there is still a question about the appointment of a cooler, and if you need to create a comfortable microclimate in different rooms using one unit, then a mobile air conditioner is what you need. In other cases, alternatives split. Systems do not exist.

Monoblock device is a refrigerator purchased for a specific purpose to the detriment of all indicators. If you take two different units of the same cold-productivity of one manufacturer, it turns out that the power consumption of the split system is less. Therefore, they gained such wide popularity.

Mobile air conditioning without air duct

A mobile air conditioner without a duct is a convenient household appliance for cooling and air conditioning. Its main advantage is the ability to install in the room without labor.Intensive preparation and installation. Mobile air conditioners do not require connection to the air duct and hose to remove condensate. According to the principle of action, they are called evaporative air conditioners.

The principle of operation and working conditions

Remember the feeling of coolness after swimming on a hot day, when a damp skin blows a light wind. In this case, the physical process of evaporation of water occurs, and the result of this process is a sharp absorption of heat from the environment. Air cooling in evaporative air conditioners is based on this property of water: absorb heat when moving from liquid state to gaseous.

The air conditioner has a spongy filter that absorbs water from a special tank. A stream of air, pumped out by the fan, passes through this filter and evaporates moisture from it. In this case, the heat is absorbed, and the air passing through the air conditioner is cooled. Maximum efficiency is achieved at air temperature in the room above 25 degrees Celsius.

Mobile air conditioners are produced in the floor. They do not require air supply from the street through the duct, however, the flow of fresh air allows not only to cool, but also to refresh the air, normalize its humidity. Therefore, it is not recommended to use such air conditioners in tightly closed rooms and basements. The air, even cooling for several degrees, will remain stale.

The advantages of mobile air conditioners

In addition to mobility, which allows you to easily move a mobile air conditioner from one room to another, there are a number of other positive features of the device:

  • Compact dimensions allow you to install it in any room;
  • Mobile air conditioners are designed to cool rooms with an area of ​​up to 25 square meters;
  • A decrease in the temperature in evaporation mode occurs gradually, while the humidity of the air is normalized. With this cooling mode, the risk of reconcile is minimal.
  • High environmental friendliness of the device: refrigerants are not used in it, cooling occurs only due to the evaporation of water;
  • Simplicity of control. Buttons and switches are located on the device case, some models are equipped with a remote control;
  • A wide selection of models with additional functions: heater, air ionizer or ice container that allows you to quickly reduce the temperature, as well as the ability to operate in the fan mode;
  • Mobile air conditioners do not require qualified installation and connection to air supply systems and condensate removal;
  • Low level of energy consumption with a high issued cooling power;
  • Moderate noise level not exceeding the noise of the floor fan.

The disadvantages of mobile air conditioners include only the inability to work without an influx of fresh air.

The choice of a mobile air conditioner

Before you purchase a floor mobile air conditioner without a duct, you need to deal with the desired characteristics.

  • First of all, you need to turn to the maximum area of ​​the room that the device is able to cool. Most models are designed for a room with an area of ​​up to 20-25 square meters, but there are more compact air conditioners.
  • The second important characteristic is the list of modes. Mobile air conditioners, depending on the modification, can work in several modes:
  • Cooling and moisture regime. Achieved by evaporation of water from the filter.
  • Fast cooling mode. In addition to cooling, when the water is evaporated, cooling the air jet is added when it passes through the ice container. Ice is laid in a special tank.
  • Fan mode. Works without water.
  • Heating mode. The fan drives the air through the heating element, from which the air stream temperature rises.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the ability to change the intensity of cooling or heating by choosing the fan speed and the power of the heating element.

  • If the floor conditioner without a duct is used in different rooms. Check the convenience of its transportation. Well, if the selected model is equipped not only with wheels, but also with handles on the case that facilitate its transportation. The weight of the air conditioner is also important.
  • Check if the selected air conditioner is equipped with a condensate evaporation system. If not, you will have to drain it from time to time.
  • Evaluate the convenience of management. The control panel can be either sensory or mechanical. Some modifications are equipped with a control panel.
  • Check the noise level by passport: 50 dB is a significant sound background, and if the air conditioner is used constantly, it is worth looking for a model with smaller noise values.
  • The manufacturer also matters: well-known and well-proven brands are distinguished not so much by high quality as a wide network of service centers. Therefore, when buying, it is worth clarifying the warranty period and conditions for the repair of the air conditioner in case of failure.
  • Additional options depend on the model, while with an increase in functionality, the price also increases. Useful options include air filters on the rear panel. They clean the absorbed air from dust and microparticles, thereby not only extending the life of the air conditioner, but also cleaning the air. The modes that allow you to turn off the air conditioner or change the modes of its work on the timer, as well as the regulation of air flows will make the atmosphere in the house comfortable at any time of the day.
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