How is the microwave oven different

How is the microwave oven different. So as not to drown in the waves, or how to choose a microwave oven. Microwaves and grill

Many housewives are happy to use microwave ovens to warm up food, and some successfully use them even to prepare complex full.Fledged dishes. The principle of exposure to electric waves laid in it on the molecular structure of the product helps to quickly and evenly warm food or drinks.

The advantages of cooking in microwaves are undeniable. This is speed, simplicity and efficiency. In this case, the organoleptic and qualitative properties of the dish are fully preserved.

Despite the fact that in the use of microwaves there are a number of restrictions (the use of metal dishes or hermetic packaging), its use is absolutely justified in any kitchen.

One of the last modifications of the microwave of the stoves was the inverter microwave. What is this technology and what is its advantage? About this. Further.

Types of heating elements

Inverter microwave oven

In ordinary microwave furnaces, the time allocated to the process of heating of products depends directly on the frequency of turning on and off the magnetron. The magnetron does not turn off in the inverter furnace. The power changes. Thanks to this, the microwaves are continuously in the product. The appearance of these two types of furnaces does not differ, the difference is only in dimensions.

When cooking using inverter technology, the structure of the product remains the whole. Meat fibers are not torn, and the texture of vegetables is not lost. The taste is preserved. The use of inverting contributed to an increase in the size of the working chamber by replacing the high.Voltage transformer with an electronic control unit.

The defrosting of products is much faster. The turbo mode of defrosting, which is not in the usual microwave oven.


Grill. Heating element, using this device, the dish is fried. The main feature is frying with the formation of a crust, which is not in models that work only at the expense of microwaves.

Ten grill. A spiral of alloys enclosed in a metal tube. Such a grill in the classic version is installed in the upper part of the working chamber.

In some models, the grill is moving (relates only to Ten, ceramic and quartz heaters are always static).

This is done so that you can prepare various products, regardless of their size and forms.

The quartz grill is presented in the form of a retinue of wire from a nickel and chrome alloy. Located in a special flask made of quartz glass.

Installed at the top of the furnace, parallel to the working chamber. The main advantages: heats up in 2-3 minutes, the cooking process is faster, and the cleaning process takes less time. Because of this, the quartz grill is considered more economical than the ten.

  • Does not occupy unnecessary space in the working chamber, which makes it possible to prepare a larger amount of product at a time;
  • Consumes much less electricity, but at the same time gives out greater power.

Ceramic grill. In the models that are equipped with ceramic grill, they combine with quartz. Due to such a decision, it was possible to make cooking faster and at the same time save more moisture in it. The fact is that infrared radiation penetrates deep into products, which contributes to better preparation of dishes.


Convection. Heat transfer in the form of energy transmission flows. Natural and forced convection differ. In the models of microwave furnaces, as a rule, a fan located on the rear wall of the working chamber is built.

Depending on the model, ten is installed in parallel. The microwave is heated to a certain temperature. When the required temperature reaches, the shades are disconnected, while the fan continues to work.

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The advantage of this cooking is that the dish is fed with hot air from all sides, which contributes to better preparation. The microwave oven with convection function can displace the oven, since it is suitable for the preparation of flour confectionery products. But lags behind the oven with the size of the working chamber.

Microwaves that are equipped with grilled can have a spinning.

This element rotates, which allows the product to prepare evenly from all sides. The spin is located horizontally, but in some models you can also find the vertical location of the vertel.

The lack of this preparation is that the microwave ovens has a small volume of the working chamber in comparison with the wind cabinets, and if the product is large, then its cooking is accompanied by abundant pollution of the walls of the microwave, the purification of which can take a lot of time.

Separate microwave ovens

The pluses of separate microwaves:

  • The main thing is that you do not need to adjust the kitchen set, special openings are not made. It is installed in the kitchen, on the surface.
  • Easy to transfer. If you make a rearrangement in the kitchen or buy other household appliances, and change the furniture and appliances in places. Then it is easy to do this with this option.
  • Convenience during cleaning. It is enough to wipe it from all sides with a rag.

Designers say that it is not necessary for a separate microwave oven, like any other technique in the kitchen, to match the interior. Much more beautiful if the original design is created.


The difference between such models, from other options for microwaves, concerns functions: such a technique can be equipped with a grill and / or convection.

Types of microwaves

Note! The microwave oven received its name for not in vain, because it helps to cook food with ultra-frequency radiation.

microwave, oven, different

Such a rather “terrible” term actually means the following:

  • Microwave radiation penetrates deep into the products and actively affects the water molecules contained in them;
  • These molecules begin to fluctuate, thereby provoking the heating of food;
  • Food is prepared in accelerated mode;
  • At the same time, the taste of products and their compositions rich in vitamins or microelements remains unchanged. This cannot be achieved, for example, when cooking or frying.

However, not all people consider the microwave radiation safe, so they deliberately refuse to buy such a household appliance.

In fact, the microwave is no less “dangerous” than a smartphone, Wi-Fi router or computer.

microwave, oven, different

Over, well.Known manufacturers of such household appliances are constantly working to increase their level of security.

Keep in mind! All modern furnaces practically do not have a negative effect on the human body.

Types of microwaves

It would seem that such microwaves similar in appearance should and “be able” to do the same things. However, this is not so, since manufacturers produce the following types of furnaces:

  • The Solo model (warms up and cooks only with the help of microwave radiation);
  • A device with convection (it will be useful for those who like to make a brush on baking or meat products);
  • A model with a grill (can have a quartz, coal or a ten grill);
  • A device with a steam generator (allows you to steam, as well as sterilize the dishes);
  • Inverter models (“smart” stoves independently increase or reduce the power of work).

So, in order to prepare at home a delicious chicken grill or bake fish with vegetables in a special way, you need to purchase a microwave with a tennium or coal grill.

Bake delicious grandmother’s cheesecakes, pizza or pies will help the device with the “convection” function or a technician with a quartz heater.

And at the same time, a stove will help to cook several dietary and megapoleous dishes that combines the function “solo” and “double boiler”.

Note! Types of modern microwaves are not limited to this list, since today on sale can be found both models combining convection and grill, as well as “smart” devices with convection.

Microwave food causes cancer

Fears associated with the development of cancer arise either due to “radioactive radiation” (which we have already figured out), or because of the “change in the structure of food” (we also dispelled this myth). In any case, all these fears are unfounded.

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“Actual data show that there is no connection between the use of a microwave and an increased risk of cancer. In the context of the risk of this disease, it is much more important that you put in a microwave oven. So read the labels and try to reduce sugar, fat and salt in products, ”Комментарии и мнения владельцев for Which? British charity organization for the study.


By type of design, microwave ovens are divided into:

  • Solo. Only microwave radiation; without grill and convection.
  • With grilled. Contains built.In quartz or heat grill.
  • With convection. A special fan pumps hot air into the camera, thereby providing a more uniform baking, similarly to the oven.

By type of control, microwave ovens are divided into:

  • Mechanical. Mechanical regulators of time and power are used.
  • Button. Control panel consists of a set of buttons.
  • Sensory. Sensory.Type buttons are used.


The microwave oven with convection replaces the oven, if you only have a plate without an oven, then this model will become for you a “lifting stick”.

2 The main functions of the microwave oven:

The device is equipped with heating elements of two types: quartz and metal. Ten is a tube, inside there is a wire with high resistance (nichrome). A heating element twisted into a spiral. Standardly ten is installed at the top, in stoves with convection is installed in front of the fan. In separate models, this is mobile. This applies to metal, quartz shades are always static.

It is fixed over the work camera. This grill is convenient to operate, since it takes up a minimum of space, warms up in 2-3 minutes.

Types of microwave ovens

The microwave oven has long become an indispensable kitchen appliance. The process of warming the dish was simplified by it.

Each model of microwave ovens is unique and has its own technical characteristics and design. Thanks to this, each housewife can choose a product based on needs, kitchen space and interior.

Built.In microwave ovens

This is a functional and aesthetic option that is installed in kitchen furniture, creating a single composition. It is pleasant that such a technique can replace the oven, with the necessary functions.

Control options for built.In microwaves:

  • Button. Control is carried out by buttons;
  • Mechanical. Can combine buttons and modes switches;
  • Sensor. Is a touch panel with designations.

The button and sensory models are additionally equipped with automatic preparation programs: “recipes” are already built here, which can be selected for a specific dish, and the microwave will cook it at the required temperature and the right time.

Complete and assortment

Built.In microwave ovens, like other models, differ in size and configuration.

Accessories that can be included in the package:

Built.In microwaves are installed in the kitchen set and the size plays an important role here. So, for small kitchens, the oven volume of up to 10 liters is suitable, for spacious. You can choose an individual option, up to the replacement of the oven.

If the family has small children, it is better to choose models with an antibacterial coating of the internal chamber. Fat does not accumulate on such surfaces, an unpleasant odor does not appear and bacteria do not multiply.

Separate microwave ovens

The pluses of separate microwaves:

  • The main thing is that you do not need to adjust the kitchen set, special openings are not made. It is installed in the kitchen, on the surface.
  • Easy to transfer. If you make a rearrangement in the kitchen or buy other household appliances, and change the furniture and appliances in places. Then it is easy to do this with this option.
  • Convenience during cleaning. It is enough to wipe it from all sides with a rag.

Designers say that it is not necessary for a separate microwave oven, like any other technique in the kitchen, to match the interior. Much more beautiful if the original design is created.


The difference between such models, from other options for microwaves, concerns functions: such a technique can be equipped with a Grille of Ilyi convection.

Microwave ovens with grilled

The microwave oven with this function is practically not inferior to the standard oven. In this case, the speed of cooking here is higher than in the oven.

When choosing a microwave oven with a grill, pay attention to the capacity of the camera. This indicator directly indicates what sizes can be cooked in it. So, some models allow you to prepare a large chicken. For this, the oven volume must be at least 25 liters.

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The most profitable grill option is quartz. It differs in that it warms up well, while in the chamber it occupies less useful area, unlike other types of grill.

When buying, pay attention to the grill power. It directly affects the speed of cooking. For the grill, 1000 watts are enough standard.

Microwave ovens with convection

Such models make it possible to cook dishes with crunching crust. Built.In fan. Distributes the air flow evenly, so the food is evenly prepared from all sides. If the convection function is combined with the grill, then this gives additional opportunities for cooking.

Convection allows you to cook dishes without a rough crust or with a steamed dish with one side of the dish, which occurs when cooking in a standard oven. Such a device facilitates cooking, makes the process much faster.

microwave, oven, different

Among the additional functions of microwave ovens with the Convention, they highlight:

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Among the models with convection, a function such as vapor cleaning is found. Facilitates the devices clean, as well as in removing odors.

Large.Volume microwave ovens

Large microwave ovens is a set of functions and opportunities for making a wide list of dishes. This model is best suited for a large family and for those who often invite guests.

Like other types of microwaves, these models may differ in a set of functions, design, control and installation options.

Microwave ovens up to 17 liters

Microwaves up to 17 liters in most cases are small and suitable for one person or a small family. If you only need to warm up food, especially for one or two people, then it is better than the option than the microwave oven to 17 liters cannot be found.

Their main advantages include:

  • Compactness;
  • Optimal internal volume;
  • The convenience of installation. In the kitchen such devices will not take up much space, which is relevant for rooms of small area;
  • Small price-due to the small size of the devices and low power.

The power of such microwaves is about 700 watts.

Solo microwave oven is nothing more than the simplest technique for one person. We are not talking about any cooking, built.In programs, and so on. The only thing that can be done in most of these models is to warm up food.

Their difference from other options for microwaves is that they have different microwave power and design. The power of microwave ovens varies from 100 watts to 1450 watts. Their size is usually small, which is extremely convenient for a small kitchen.

Standardly for solo models, an internal acrylic coating or enamel is used. Both are easy to keep clean. Some solo models also suggest the defrosting of frozen semi.Finished products.

Simple microwave ovens

Simple do not have any additional functions in their device. The main functions here are the heating of products, defrosting and simple heat treatment. This option is perfect for customers who do not need the functions of steam cleaning, grill, convection, etc.D.


The working detail of the microwave is a magnetron performing the microwave radiation, as a result of which the water that contains products is heated to a boil. Thus, dishes are prepared according to the internal warmth method. It is the differences in the technology of work that show how the mini-fluff from the microwave is different. In addition, the circle of cooking dishes in the microwave is significantly reduced.

The objective assessment of the microwave also consists of considering its deficiencies. The main, but unproven, minus of such technology. Radiation. Yes, a microwave, like a mobile phone or computer, produces a certain radiation, but the harm of its influence on human health by scientists has not yet been confirmed. The most tangible minus of the microwave is a slightly artificial taste of dishes prepared in it. Many agree that cooking in minepers gives a dish a pleasant taste.

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So, the disadvantages of the microwave oven:

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