How can you smooth a T -shirt without an iron

Ways to stroke clothes without an iron

Home automation has so firmly entered our lives that it is difficult to imagine how before our ancestors did without a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, an iron. If you have to do without the usual gadget or the desired technological device, then it is necessary to show ingenuity.

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One of the necessary functional objects is the iron. How to stroke without this device if it is not at hand or you are in a hurry? How to act if you saw a crumpled outfit during a collection for an important event, and there is no time left for the iron?

Do not panic! We will tell you how to get rid of folds without an iron. Some methods will surprise you and come in handy on trips. If you perfectly know how to wash and stroke and understand the types of steamers, then learn to iron without an iron.

The following tips will solve the problem of smoothing clothing in any conditions.

Methods of ironing without an iron

He is not always at hand or can break. Sometimes before the responsible moment in the house they can turn off electricity. You need to know about the methods that will help make things even without an iron.

This is an old proven way. It is actively used in dry cleaners. Clothes are steamed independently at home.

  • Close the plug with a cork, dial the most hot water. The right thing to hang on the shoulders.
  • Carefully strengthen them over the bathroom so that they do not fall. Close the bathroom on the outside.
  • After 20 minutes, pick up a flat thing. Leave to dry on the shoulders.

Convenient for those who have broken the iron in the evening. Clothing will have time to dry until morning.

Tip: if the fabric is slightly crumbling, it is necessary to boil a pan of water and hold it over it. A bath is suitable for very crumpled.

Suitable if the clothes recently or not very wigged. You can smooth a couple of large creases.

If you do not want to mess with hot steam, water methods are recommended.

  • Wet a large towel. Put the glue to the floor or table.
  • Put a towel on top. Distribute on it, smooth the necessary clothes with your hands.
  • When she becomes flat, hang until drying.

The method helps knitted products: sweaters, sweaters, cardigans.

Simple options to iron a small element of clothing on vacation:

Electric appliances

Hair curls will help to stroke trousers without an iron. It is necessary to heat them to the required temperature.

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Then in turn clamping problem areas. Sprinkles are smoothed out for cuts on skirts or ties.

Important: before using the tool you need to degrease. Otherwise the clothes will remain on the clothes.

Light thin fabrics stroke this way.

6 wrinkle-free clothing hacks that don’t require an iron


Stroke a small tie, butterfly or handkerchief quickly with a light bulb. It is heated, the product is taken, carried out in both directions. Make from the wrong side so as not to pollute the material.

Easiest Way To Un-wrinkle a Shirt Without Using an Iron | Quick and Easy

Hot mug will save small T.Shirts. It is necessary to fill it with boiling water and wait until heated. Lay out clothes and spend it like an iron. It is convenient to use it. There is a pen.

If necessary, to stroke a large thing, a pan will help. The method is the same as with a mug. It will be possible to make even bedding even.

Other methods

Long but effective way. Pressure. There are two options. Things are put under the mattress. Before this, it is necessary to thoroughly smooth all the folds and creases. The second option is to roll in a dense roll and put under the mattress. In the morning you get a smooth product.

A vinegar solution will help to smooth out a shirt, t.Shirt, skirt, trousers:

  • Combine 3 parts of water and 1 vinegar 9%;
  • Pour the composition into a spray gun and spray on a crumpled fabric;
  • Dry it on the street or balcony.

The vinegar aroma will quickly disappear, while picking up smells from the material (burning, food, fat). The method does not leave stains.

If the hotel does not have an iron, you can smooth out a slightly crumpled thing in the shower. The door to the bathroom is closed and left clothes on the shoulders for the duration of the shower.

  • Lay out on a flat surface and stretch to the sides;
  • Put a heavy object on top or sit on it;
  • With strong creases, moisten them a little.

It is not difficult to iron things without an iron. It is important to choose the most suitable option.

You can also watch a video that tells how to stroke things without an iron:

How to smooth a T.Shirt without an iron

You probably often had a question: how to stroke a T.Shirt without an iron quickly and efficiently. Depending on the degree of jamming, this can be done in different ways. So, how to stroke a T.Shirt without an iron. Such ironing options are suitable here: “spraying”, a pot with boiling water or a kettle, hot objects, a hairdryer and a pressure method.

It is possible to stroke a shirt without an iron in such folk ways: steam (on the shoulders), spraying, hot objects, a hairdryer and pressure.

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How to properly iron male T.Shirts

What is the difference between male and female? A significant difference is observed only in styles of models, and in other qualities they are exactly the same. Therefore, they are stroked adhering to the same rules.

Principle of operation

Starting with small details, then moving to the main part. Consider them in more detail.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Iron the sleeves on both sides;
  • Iron the front front side;
  • Iron the rear front side;
  • Fold the product by banging the sleeves behind the back, and the T.Shirt itself in half.

How to do it right

If you just direct a stream of air from a hair dryer to a rumpled T.Shirt or other clothes, nothing will happen.

smooth, shirt, iron

You need to “iron” wet clothes with a hairdryer. The air stream should be powerful and hot. The hairdryer is kept at a distance of 10-15 cm.

It is best to start ironing immediately after washing the thing when it dries a little. At the same time it will be possible to quickly dry it.

Step-by-step instruction

There is nothing complicated in ironing clothes with a hairdryer. To get rid of bruises on clothes, follow the instructions:

  • Put slightly wet clothes on a flat surface.
  • If the fabric is dry, spray clean water from a bottle with a spray gun on it. You can just spray water with your hands.
  • Level the product as much as possible.
  • Turn on the hairdryer for maximum power and temperature.
  • Keeping the device at a distance of 10-15 cm, blow on the fabric at a slight angle.
  • Continue to “iron” (dry) the product until a satisfactory result.

Describe the way longer than applying it in practice. Usually ironing with a hairdryer takes no more than 10 minutes. Sometimes resorting to it is more profitable than using an iron. For example, when you need to stroke a tulle or chiffon skirt (dress), the hair dryer copes with the task several times faster.

Stroke with a metal mug

In this way, soldiers used when it was necessary to fade the sleeves of shirts or collars.

smooth, shirt, iron
  • Boiling boiling water is poured into the metal mug, and the container is installed on the unexplored surface of the fabric. After a while, move the dishes to the side. Thus, it is possible to iron small areas of the material.
  • To achieve a greater effect, press on a mug.
  • When boiling water cools, fill the container with a new, hot liquid.

Instead of a mug, you can take any metal dish: pan, bucket, dish. It is important that the bottom of the container is clean.

Do you need to iron all things?

For those who do not like to iron, there are great news. Separate elements of clothing with a large amount of synthetics in their composition, when hanging them on the shoulders after washing in ironing, do not need them. Shops are full of fashionable synthetic things, because they are relatively inexpensive, and they need a minimum care. But not all synthetic things are good and pleasant to wear. Therefore, a large number of things are now made with special processing of cotton, after which the thing practically does not break. This technology is called “without an iron”. But still there are fabrics that need to be ironed and require care. Natural fabrics are more awake, require care time, but to this day they are more appreciated.

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How to stroke different types of fabrics

Before stroking any thing with the help of an iron, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the instructions on the tag of the product-so you can protect it from damage.

Be sure to look at the label of clothes before ironing.

Some fabrics are prohibited to iron to avoid damage. For each type of fabric, you should choose the correct temperature and, if possible, it is better to iron things with an iron from the wrong side. The option of modern irons with a function of vertical steaming is ideal. They allow you to delicately stroke any things without removing them from a hanger.

Irons with a vertical steaming function. A relatively new device.

It is very important to monitor the cleanliness of the tank and pour only clean drinking water to avoid stains on the fabric and breakdown of the device.

The choice of water for the iron is a responsible event and completely affects the service life and quality of the device.

The advantage of washing machines with a drying function is to obtain not only clean and dry linen, but also a bad. To do this, just put in the drum along with things several ice cubes when you turn on drying for 10-15 minutes. He will evaporate and thereby smooth out linen.

Modern household appliances that will reduce the time of drying of clothes after washing several times.

Correct care

Not only ironing can save or spoil the product. To wear their favorite things longer, they need care from the moment of washing.

Check the tag, usually t.Shirts are washed at a temperature of 40 degrees, if the product is with a pattern, then it needs to be turned into the wrong side. Dry clothes on a rope, trying not to use clamps.

Then proceed to ironing, given all the criteria described earlier. Also, the T.Shirt will be able to remain in good condition if it is folded. It is better to fold t.Shirts on each other or hang on the shoulders. Following such simple rules, it will be possible to not part with your favorite things for a long time.

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