Gorenje refrigerator does not cool the upper chamber

Why are the side walls heat the refrigerator, how to find a problem and what to do

Why the refrigerator heats up the side walls and what to do with it? Is it possible to solve the issue yourself? When you need to call the master? How to avoid heating the side walls of the refrigerator?

In this publication, we will analyze why some refrigerators heat the side walls. Consider the main reasons and ways to solve the problem. Let’s tell you how to avoid heating.

Important: myths and fairy tales

There are many articles on the Internet in which incompetent people advise. The reasons why the main compartment of the refrigerator does not work, they can call the following:

  • The doors close the doors;
  • The seal was worn out;
  • Too hot in the apartment;
  • Often use the main compartment;
  • Put the hot in the refrigerator.

Indeed, all this leads to improper operation of the equipment. But so that the main camera does not work There must be a good reason. And not that you quickly closed the door or put a pan with a warm soup in the refrigerator. And now more.

Problems with doors and seals

Suppose a gap between the door (seal) and the refrigerator body will be 1 cm. Then the main camera will cool, but the compressor will have to be tight. It will often turn on, or constantly work. But the refrigerator will maintain the temperature.

High temperature in the apartment

There is an opinion that in the heat the refrigerator does not cope with the work. In fact, manufacturers make equipment with a power supply. Even if you have 35 in your apartment, the refrigerator will work. Expending to electricity is possible, but he will cope with his task.

Frequent use

Any manufacturer of refrigerators counts on the opening and closing of the wings. This is the normal functioning of such a technique. Yes, the more often you open the main camera of the refrigerator, the greater the flow of heat. But this will only lead to the following:

  • The compressor will work more intensively;
  • There will be periodic temperature changes in the upper chamber;
  • The consumption of electricity of the refrigerator will grow.

Hot food in the refrigerator

Indeed, when you put hot dishes in the refrigerator, the load on the compressor increases. He will not always cope with her. The camera will be warm and it seems that the refrigerator does not cold. But this is temporarily, soon the compartment will cool to the optimum temperature.

Types of breakdowns of Gorenje refrigerators

The formation of snow or ice on the back wall of the refrigerator is a malfunction with which the masters of the SKVIS company do most often. If the Gorenje refrigerator freezes, first check the following factors.

The clicks of the refrigerator are unusual primarily for people who have just bought a new unit. Old models of refrigerators did not make such sounds. But modern models due to their design and.

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If your Gorenje refrigerator is constantly squealing, then the device signals a failure in operation. First you need to check: whether the door is tightly closed? Perhaps you did not notice that any object prevents her to close;.

It happens that you find a burning red bulb on your refrigerator. What does this mean? The main reason is the elevated temperature in the refrigerator compartment, as a result of which products may deteriorate. Red.

Noticed that the Gorenje refrigerator housing is very hot, and this caused you anxiety? Do not immediately raise a panic, because with the daily operation of the refrigerator, its body heats up a little, and then cools down. This is.

People who are worried about the loud work of their refrigerator Gorenje regularly call the Squis company. However, the loud operation of the unit is not necessarily related to a breakdown, you should first check: correctness.

The masters of the company “SKVIS” often receive calls with a complaint that the Gorenje refrigerator suddenly began to make extraneous sounds, for example, knocking. Extraneous noise is not always associated with a breakdown: the refrigerator is on uneven.

Modern manufacturers of household appliances seek to make it as silent as possible. That is why, if the Gorenje refrigerator is noisy, we immediately think that there was a breakdown. However, this is not necessary at all, and for.

If under the refrigerator Gorenje water, it is always unexpected and unpleasant. But do not rush to panic, perhaps everything is not so scary with the device itself. There are two types of such a malfunction: 1. Water is only under.

Everything is good in moderation, is it not true? This expression fully applies to the refrigerator Gorenje. If your kitchen assistant begins to freeze too much, this indicates violations in his.

In the company “Skvis” people often address the question why the Gorenje refrigerator does not freeze the freezer camera and how to fix it. First, the owners need to check if there is a breakdown at all. Perhaps: chosen.

When the Gorenje refrigerator does not cold, this is always an unpleasant surprise. Very often, people file a complaint to the SKVIS company: “The upper camera does not have a refrigerator.

Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Why Is My Refrigerator Freezing My Food? | PartSelect.Com

If you suddenly find water in your refrigerator Gorenje, then do not panic immediately. Water in the chamber is often not a messenger of breakdown. For example, if you have a refrigerator with a drop system at home.

People more often face a problem when the technique does not turn on. But the Squice company often receive calls with a complaint that the Gorenje refrigerator does not turn off and is constantly freezing. If you have the same problem.

What to do if your refrigerator Gorenje does not turn on? First you need to check external factors: problems with a cord or outlet. There is a chance that your unit is just de.Energized. The refrigerator was incorrectly installed.

When the Gorenje refrigerator suddenly stops working, the owners always have a shock. What to do, from which side to approach, so that this faithful friend continues his important work? First advice. Do not try to repair.

Why neither the refrigerator nor the camera freezes

The completely two.Chamber refrigerator does not freeze, if there is no network power, the compressor refused, an electrical or electronic control circuit is faulty.

The refrigerator does not show signs of life if the contacts are burned out at the connection site, a break in the supply line. At a voltage below the face value, the motor can buzz, but the compressor does not provide the necessary compression of the refrigerant. If after turning on the engine it stops with a loud click, the starting relay may be triggered. There are two reasons. A malfunction of the relay or short circuit in one of the motor windings. Not allowing the motor can not give a faulty thermostat located in the refrigerator. The shutdown is accompanied by a click.

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If the compressor works without stopping, and the capacitor is cold, there is no freon in the system. Perhaps the leak occurred in the heating circuit or the cooked part. Only the master will determine the true reason. There is no freon or a capillary tube clogged.

The freezer freezes, and the refrigerator does not cold in the premium model

Modern multi.Door refrigerators with air and combined cooling, electronic control have a complex circuit. Any malfunction should be eliminated by the master. The display after self.Diagnosis reflects error codes. Decryption of them is given in the instructions. But the red flashing indicator and the sound signal in all devices notify the violation of the thermal mode in the chamber. Why the freezer works, but the refrigerator is not, sometimes depends on the state of the electronic control unit. With unstable voltage on the network, it breaks the first. If the device with electronic control, a air sensor is installed in the refrigerator, which gives the signal to the board. A faulty sensor acts on the entire system as a thermostat for a compressor during electromechanical control.

Smart electronics will stop supplying a cell with a refrigerant, into which fresh air constantly enters. The increase in the fur coat on the back wall of the chamber with a simultaneous increase in temperature signals. The thaw in the drip defrust system is faulty. If drainage is clogged in the chamber, condensate will accumulate at the bottom, freeze and break the seal from below. This will lead to an increase in the temperature in the chamber.

When using No Frost in both cells, the freezer can freeze, but there is no refrigerator if the damper is blocked in the air duct. The error will affect the display, the result will be an increase in temperature in the refrigerator.

If the compressor is faulty or a little cold cold may not be enough, and again the question will arise why the freezer is freezing and there is no refrigerator. The compressor will work for wear, since its launch and stops are carried out according to the parameters of the plus compartment.

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What can be fixed yourself

Before inviting specialists, try solving the problem without repair.

How to Replace a Thermostat on a Fridge Freezer

  • Make sure that the camera door closes tightly, the panel of the pan or any other protruding item does not interfere with it. Quite often the reason lies in such trifles.
  • If you recently rearranged the refrigerator, it could be too close to the heat source. A battery or kitchen slab. Due to the fact that the device is constantly heated on one of the sides, the compressor does not cope with its cooling.
  • The compressor can also overload the frost chamber installed at the lowest temperature, especially in the summer. The refrigerator does not cool: the freezer pulls all the resources on itself. Come on, refrain from the constant use of this regime: it is turned on for a short time, with shock freezing of a large volume of products. It is enough to store them.18 ° C.
  • Owners of models with the No Frost system should listen: does the characteristic sound of the fan appear from time to time. Sometimes around it forms a layer of ice, which prevents the blades. Without hearing the fan, try to defrost the refrigerator. If the problem has disappeared and did not return within 1-2 weeks-it was not caused by breakdown.
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What to do so that the refrigerator cools

If the unit stops cooling after the voltage jump, check the RCD and the machine on the shield, it may have been knocked out traffic jams. Could fail the network filter. When everything is in order with electricity and the light bulb burns, check the established mode on the thermostat.

Then pay attention to compliance with the rules of operation of the device and the density of the door of the door. If the problem is a rubber seal, it is changed or try to restore its properties. This procedure is carried out independently or using a specialist.

If the unit began to work incorrectly after moving, rearranging or defrosting, most likely the reason is the leakage of the freon, which occurred after mechanical damage. In this case, they turn to a specialist who finds the place of leakage, seal it and refuels the system with a refrigerant.

When the refrigerator stops cooling in the device with the No Frost system, it is defrost. If this does not give a result, the masters cause.

Some malfunctions can be identified independently by certain characteristics. The failed details are changing, but this requires experience. It is more difficult to find breakdowns without symptoms. Therefore, it is better to entrust this to a qualified specialist so that independent repair does not lead to more serious consequences and the complete failure of the equipment.

How a typical refrigerator works

Modern refrigeration systems have the same type of device, even if in some models the manufacturers have improved it, the basic principle of operation remained unchanged.

Damage to the refrigerator are associated with the main nodes of the system:

  • Compressor. Regulates the streams of the cooler;
  • The cooler. A substance passing through narrow tubes, picks up heat from the camera, gives the cold;
  • The evaporator is a container into which the liquefied cooler enters, while turning into gas and giving the cold;
  • Temperature regulator. Supports the pressure level of freon, necessary for normal operation;
  • Capacitor. Heated refriges cools in it.

It is worth knowing! For each process, the time of work and rest has been established, the technology of cyclical operation of each individual device has been developed. If one of the devices is disturbed in the rhythm of operation, the entire refrigerator is suffered.

Increased noise during operation.

If the Beko refrigerator is noisy when working, then the most likely cause of the breakdown is the wrong installation or twisted transport bolts.

To eliminate the deficiency, make sure that the refrigerator is firmly on all legs, set in level, does not rest against the wall, and the bolts fixing the engine during transportation are released or completely removed.

In order not to encounter such problems, you can contact our company for installing the Beko refrigerator, in addition, we are engaged in the repair of Beko refrigerators, it does this quickly and efficiently, thanks to many years of experience with this brand and not only with it.

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