Gel for depilation how works

The latest alternative to shugarming and vaxing. Gel hair removal

The number of modern ways to remove unwanted hair is simply amazing! How many methods have already been patented. And cosmetologists can not stop in their desire to offer women an ideal painless procedure, universal and affordable. One of the latest new products is considered to be gling (or gel hair removal). The best salons of Moscow provide a similar service, and it is worth noting that it has already managed to win a certain number of fans. Than the attractive this procedure? First of all, we are talking about her painlessness. In the case of gel epilation, beauty does not require sacrifice. And this factor becomes decisive for many women when choosing a method of removing unwanted hair. What other advantages does geling have and what is the essence of this method?

Like any other procedure for removing “extra” hair, gel hair removal requires preparation. Specialists of the best beauty salons (Moscow) recommend taking into account the following mandatory points:

  • Immediately before the procedure, it is necessary to take a shower and not use oils and fat creams.
  • If you plan to do hair removal in the armpits, refrain from using alcohol.Containing deodorants.
  • It is important that the procedure is assigned to the middle of the menstrual cycle.
  • The length of the hairs in depilated zones should not exceed 8 mm.
  • After peeling the skin of the face, as well as Botox injections, should pass at least a month. Only after this period is it possible to carry out the procedure in this area.

Gel hair removal: 5 advantages of an innovative way of hair removal

In our rapid world, it is sometimes impossible to keep track of all kinds of news in the field of cosmetology. You will not have time to get used to one procedure. At the peak of popularity, another. You will doubt the usual methods. How immediately it becomes possible to try innovative methods. The world of beauty is changing regularly, scientists constantly make sensational statements and display new formulas for preserving youth and maintaining perfect appearance. The sphere of epilation is a clear example of the variability of the preferences and relevance of new products.

Vaxing, shugaring, photo and laser hair removal. It would seem that they can still offer women as a method of combating unwanted hair? But there is no end to research and inventions. And now gel hair removal is already facing the leading position. Moscow became the capital of the invention of a revolutionary comprehensive way of combating “extra” vegetation. Young Russian scientists have developed a scheme of painless hair removal using special gels-and since then all the best beauty sites have been offering a similar service to their customers.

Geling has many advantages over other ways of depilation, but we will dwell on only five main ones:

  • First and most important. What all women expect and what is important for each of us. The painlessness of the procedure. Subject to the correct and consistent implementation of all stages, only light discomfort can occur during the removal of the gel composition. This is possible due to the destruction of the connection of hair follicles and hairs directly.
  • High.Quality result and long.Term effect is another advantage, thanks to which gel hair removal has gained more and more popularity in Moscow salons. Already the first procedure stops an increase of more than 20% of the hair for several weeks, with each new manipulation increasing this figure. The hairs become thinner, lighter, softer due to the regular transformation of hair follicles and as a result cease to grow completely.
  • The safety of the procedure deserves special attention. It is worth noting the careful effect of the gel on the skin. There is no risk of getting burns or injuries, there is no feeling of tightness of the skin after using a drug for depilation. After removing hairs on the skin, no redness, irritation and bruises are not observed. This moment is very important for owners of delicate sensitive skin.
  • Gel hair removal has a minimum of contraindications, which plays an important role in choosing a method of removing “extra” hairs. So, it is worth approaching with particular caution to the procedure for people with varicose veins, exacerbation of infectious and viral diseases and the presence of moles and papillomas in the depilation zone. Absolute contraindications are diabetes and oncological diseases. In other cases, gel hair removal is not prohibited.
  • Moscow is a city of rapid life where people try to save time. The advantage of geling is the short.Term procedure (on average manipulation lasts 30 minutes). In addition, after hair removal, there is no need to wash it off, separately process the skin or give the skin rest after a painful procedure. You can immediately go about your business and enjoy perfectly smooth skin!
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Given all the recommendations for geling and choosing an experienced depilation master, you reduce absolutely all the risks to zero, getting an excellent result and a long.Term effect. Is this not the dream of every modern woman?

At the moment, we do not do gel hair removal in our salon and offer you a great replacement for this service. Skins hair removal

What is gel epilation

Is an innovative hair removal method. The procedure is carried out by applying a special gel, which, penetrating into the inner layers of the skin, destroys the follicle, thereby stopping or slowing down hair growth, making them weaker, lighter and thinner.

Geling is an absolutely painless procedure that does not require special training, pain relief. There are no restrictions after.

The effect persists up to 5-7 months, and after the course (the number of sessions depends on the density and quantity of the hair, it is determined individually) you can forget about the problem forever.

Our advantages

Our laser hair removal studio is one of the first in Sergiev Posad. We constantly support the professionalism of our masters at a high level and update equipment to go with laser hair removal technologies in one leg.

We carry out the removal of unwanted hairs in all possible zones, we consult before and after the procedure. And the use of a high.Quality gel from the best manufacturer makes the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Our price list offers both single procedures and profitable subscriptions to achieve 100% of the result in the struggle of unwanted vegetation.

The cream-redifier is the last century or the necessity?

I am inclined to the first statement. But creams-deputy creams will be useful to young girls with thin fluffy hair, who are slowly growing-the products will work well in such areas, and they will not need to be used as often as I said. If the hair is dark, hard, there are ingrown hairs, then the creams will not dissolve them and you just spend time.

Now there are many more effective ways- laser, photo and electro-power. Everything is individual, but, as a rule, after 7-10 procedures, the problem of unwanted hair leaves. Of course, this is a more expensive option, but it is safer and more efficient.

What is the difference between geling and wax hair removal and shugaring?

Gel hair removal is a way to remove unwanted hair for a long time. The technique is based on an integrated approach, which allows you to remove hairs without cliffs. After the first procedure, the hair becomes lighter, thinner, while their growth is reduced by 20%.

The main advantages of geling over shugaring and wax hair removal include the following:

  • Low risk of irritation. The use of wax or sugar paste can be accompanied by itching and redness of the skin, but in the case of a gel of such negative moments, as a rule, there is no.
  • Lack of ingrown hair. When using the hair gel, it is completely removed along with the root, and in the case of sugar paste or wax, there is a risk of a hair breakdown during mechanical removal. In the future, after hair removal, there is a risk of hair growing.
  • The minimum list of contraindications. The lack of mechanical effects on the skin significantly reduces the number of contraindications to the epilation with gel.
  • Long result. Geling, as a rule, must be held every 4-5 weeks. The effect of wax and sugar paste has a less prolonged effect-no more than 2-3 weeks.
  • Minimum discomfort. A special gel destroys the connection between the hair follicle, hair papillae, nerve endings. As a result, the hairs are removed with slight discomfort.
  • Lack of sticky effect, tightening the skin. Sugar paste and wax leave on the skin a sticky effect, which is not noticeable when using a gel.
  • There are no thermal burns. To conduct shugaring and wax hair removal, heated compositions are used, which can burn the skin. When using the gel there will be no such consequences, because it does not need to be warmed up.
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Types of depilation

A razor is a common and painless method of hair removal, which suits everyone without exception. The advantages of the method of using a razor allows you to quickly get rid of hair and does not require preliminary preparation. Low cost. With a razor, you can painlessly remove the hair in the area of ​​armpits and a bikini, without getting irritation of the grown hair. Disadvantages are short effects, hair grows after 2-3 days and more stringent and dark. The probability of cuts.

Wax hair removal, or vaxing, are widely used in cosmetology. This is an effective remedy for depilation, which can be done independently. Home use of wax strips has gained great popularity among the female population. Cosmetologists divide this type of depilation into three types: warm, cold, hot, differ in the temperature of wax. Advantages of the duration of the effect of up to 3 weeks. Wax or wax strips can be purchased at any pharmacy or store. Practically no irritation. After the procedure, small redness appear, but they do not create discomfort and quickly pass. It must be remembered that if you have varicose veins, then wax depilation is contraindicated.

Shugaring is a way of hair removal with sugar mixture. Today, this is the best and effective remedy for depilation. This method does not cause allergies and severe irritation. The effect after the procedure lasts more than 3 weeks. Unlike wax depilation, shugaring deleys even the smallest hairs. There are no chemical impurities and additives in this tool, this is an environmentally friendly product that has no contraindications. Sugar depilation. A fairly painful procedure, but after regular conduct, the hair grows much less often.

What is the difference between the epilation agent and the depilation?

The composition of the innovative gel for hair removal includes a patented complex of components, which has unique properties. Penetrating to different depths, active components act directly on the hair follicles. They weaken the connection between the bulb and the root, without violating the structure of the hairs. As a result, they are removed along with the root. This approach allows you to suppress hair growth and maintain skin smoothness up to 5-6 weeks.

The main difference between the gel for hair removal from depilation products is the method of hair removal. The epilation composition allows you to remove the hairs with the root, which leads to a change in the structure of the follicle. After several sessions, the hairs become thin, bright and soft. Depilation agents are able to remove only the upper part of the hair that protrudes above the skin, so after the procedure they grow within 5-10 days.

Advantages of acryola about as anesthetics for gel hair removal

Acrolis Acrolis. Anesthetic for skin, which has such advantages:

  • The composition includes 2 active substances at once. A long.Chip and lidocaine, which provide a synergistic effect and the best analgesic effect compared to one.Component analogues 26;
  • Does not contain preservatives and etheric anesthetics (tetracaine, novocaine), which improves its security profile and reduces the risk of allergic reactions 7, 26;
  • It is sold in pharmacies in tubes 5, 30, 100g. You can choose the volume that is most suitable for the processed zone (this is how only 2 g of cream will require a single cavity with an area of ​​20 cm 2) 7;
  • Cream production complies with GMP 2 standards.

Acriole PRO cream can be used not only for gel, but also for other types of hair removal 7.

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  • The company in terms of sales is included in the five leading local pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Russian market
  • Acrykhina production site is a modern complex on a 36 km area of ​​20 km from Moscow, in the city of Staraya Kupavna
  • In 2015, Akrikhin received the opinion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of compliance with the requirements of proper production practice (GMP)
  • Akrikhin successfully passed more than 30 international and Russian quality audits
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