Epalator how much the effect is enough

How much depilation is enough

A person comes to a depilation master to get rid of unwanted hair and make his skin smooth. He expects the effect after the procedure not for 1-2 days. And how much depilation is enough? What depends on the effect of shugaring and vaxing? From many factors that we will tell you about right now.

epalator, much, effect, enough

The effect of waxing and shugaring is preserved for 3-5 weeks. Much depends on the characteristics of the body and on which procedure in the account, with what frequency it is carried out, in which area.

The first time a person does depilation, the hair does not appear for about 3 weeks. After a few procedures, they begin to grow more slowly, become thinner and less noticeable. The effect of smooth skin after shugaring or vaxing will increase and gradually reach 4-5 weeks.

Philips Series 8000 Bre730

Battery Epifarator for dry and humid hair removal. This is a disk epalator with 32 ceramic discs that capture the hairs well. Completion: a razor head, a nozzle-grinding, a pile for processing the feet, a nozzle for sensitive areas, a nozzle for optimal contact, exfoliating a glove, a cover, a standard cover, a brush for cleaning

epalator, much, effect, enough

How often can you use a photoepilator?

Dear women, we know for sure, each of the fair sex is ready to give everything to be beautiful and like men. Since ancient times, humanity has argued about female beauty. There is an opinion that the beauty is external. It is not important. But the proverb: “They meet on clothes”. Always relevant. Beauty external. This is what they meet for, because external beauty. This is a person’s internal state.

Using a photoepilator- step to attractiveness!

The beauty. These are not chubby lips and big breasts. The beauty. These are beautiful hair, clean face, tidy appearance and light makeup. But if unwanted hair sticks out everywhere. This is the reverse side of beauty. Fighting these unpleasant things is not so easy. If you just shave these hair, they come out again in a week again and even more rigid and noticeable. That is why they invented the photoepator. Photoeper. A device that destroys hair follicles with the help of light rays, and the hair falls out with the bulb and their growth stops.

How often you can do photoepilation

The photoepilation procedure is still more often carried out in cosmetic rooms. Although this is a very simple procedure that can be easily performed at home with Lescolton photoepilator. In the salons, the cosmetologist delivers gel to the body, puts glasses and a photoepilator on the eyes, which, with the help of high.Frequency light flashes, processes the necessary areas of the body, removing unnecessary hairs. To get rid of all vegetation, you need to do from 8 procedures. The number of necessary procedures depends on the power of the photopulator, type of hair, type of skin, genetics. For example, for a more powerful photo epilator, fewer hair removal procedures are required, but it is more dangerous for the skin. Without proper qualifications, they can cause serious skin damage to. Therefore, in home photo epilators, as a rule, the ability is limited to 6-7 J/cm.Sq., Whereas, in professional, from 15 to 25 J/cm.Sq. The advantage of the photo epilator is that after hair removal, from 6 months to 5 years, depending on the type of skin and hair. To maintain smoothness, you can undergo a re.Correction, the required number of corrective procedures is also greatly connected with the equipment used and the hair type.

Hair removal in intimate places with a laser forever: views

There are several types of removal of the hairline in the bikini zone and about. They depend on the size of the effect of the apparatus.

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Classic type of epilation

Implies work with hair roots along the edge of the contour of underwear. That is, the bulbs are heated in a more visible area that do not close panties or swimming trunks. Hairs are destroyed from the upper part of the pubis and inner surface of the hips. This allows you to wear bathing suits and not think that somewhere you need to constantly remove something. This type is very traditional and acceptable to many women, occurs. For those men who, in principle, are not puzzled by the amount of hair throughout the body, this option is unfortunate. But most often they prefer another type of epilation.

Laser hair removal of a deep bikini

In this case, the hair removal procedure affects not only the fishing line for the trimmer of a swimsuit or underwear, but also relates to get rid of hair follicles on the entire pubis and labia. This is a fairly intimate process that is trusted by qualified specialists. He implies exposure to a stranger. Most cosmetologists perceive such manipulation as something ordinary, but professionals will always carefully treat your body, your trust is no less important to them. On the Internet, on request “” you can find videos where they demonstrate an amazing effect of several sessions and features of the procedure. On the inside of the groin, the hair is also destroyed. Only a neat vertical strip remains (the width, of course, determines the patient) on the pubis and in the perineum.

Full hair removal in intimate areas

This is already called about this type of procedure, you can find fans not only among women, but also among men. This type of manipulation includes complete hair removal in all intimate areas, including skin areas between the buttocks. In this case, it is very important to find a cosmetologist who are ready to demonstrate yourself without hesitation, completely. Due to the sufficient intimacy of the process, they are rarely removed quite rarely. So, total (means complete) hair removal occurs on the pubis, and on the hips, and in the perineum or scrotum, as well as in the gluteal folds and near the anus.

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Laser hair removal: when this procedure appeared

The history of epilation begins many centuries ago. Ancient Egyptians, for example, used for this means that now show us wild: pointed stones, magic potions. True, then this was not called epilation. There were years, centuries. Women still worried about excess hair on their body and sought new opportunities. Only in the 19th century, razor machines came to the rescue, but still far from laser hair removal. The duration of the effect of hair removal with “handicraft methods” was a minimum. They were cut off, pulled out, but all these procedures concerned only the hair itself, without acting on the root and parts that are under the skin.

And in the 20th century, by a happy chance, one unfortunate physicist working with a laser received a burn of his hand (although the skin was not injured). A few days later he noticed that the hair in this area does not grow, and a month later he was convinced of this completely.

In the first years after the opening of such an effect, few tried to use a laser to remove hair, since harmlessness and safety have not yet been proven. And no one wondered how many procedures need to be done, laser hair removal as such did not exist yet.

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But science did not stand still: gradually invented devices that medicine allowed to use for cosmetic purposes. The technique continued to improve, and now it allows you to simultaneously remove the hair and cool the place of manipulation, making it almost completely painless. And today, even adolescents know about her.

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Laser hair removal. Is it harmful to health

To understand how the procedure affects our body and what happens to it during manipulation, let’s find out how the laser works. Pointedly directed bunch of light waves penetrates into a certain place where hair follicles are located. The laser does not affect the cells of the epidermis, since the wavelength is configured to a certain depth of 2-3 millimeters, it affects and affects the inner, rather than the outer layer. So for most of us, you can definitely exclude the harm of laser hair removal.

As before women, and in some cases, men got rid of unwanted hair on the body and face? What methods they did not use: everything began with a razor machine and tweezers, then tried an electric epalator. All these methods did not give a long.Term result, and sometimes even led to sad consequences: sensitive skin blushed, some hairs grew, inflammation arose. It was far from always painless, and none of these manipulations worked with hair bulbs, but only cut or torn off the hairs.

In the case of laser hair removal. What effect awaits us? The method of hair removal in this way acts differently. And it is with this that possible contraindications are associated. The process of destroying hair follicles occurs when the laser beam is exposed, in addition, the feed on the vessel affects the vessel. Our skin and our hairline are filled with a certain pigment, it is called melanin and gives color to our hair and the shade of our skin. Under the influence of the beam, the impulse is absorbed thereby melanin and the destruction of the hair follicle.

If in this case, in this case, the dangers of laser hair removal, then only in the context of the influence of the laser on certain parts of the body: the method implies heating, and if the procedure is carried out incorrectly, then small burns are possible. But the maximum that you feel is an almost imperceptible tingling and a warm wave in those skin areas where manipulation is carried out. Therefore, our main recommendation: use the services of specialists and visit the clinics of aesthetic medicine that conduct procedures certified quality devices.

If we compare hair removal with wax or sugar (shugarring) with laser hair removal, then contraindications and consequences will be different. Wiping hair with sticky compounds for sensitive skin sometimes threatens irritation and folliculitis (the so.Called inflammation of the hair bulb). Some complain of strong rashes or even blisters at the site of the session, and many are simply shy to admit. And although such unpleasant sensations are not immediately manifested, irritation and an allergic reaction can be delayed, unlike the consequences of laser hair removal. Impact on health without scars and scars, without redness and other unpleasant reactions. This is what we want from the magical procedure. We are looking for an effective and affordable method with minimal discomfort and complete elimination of the problem. The safest technique is considered to conduct a hair removal session using a diode laser.

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The resource of the photo epilator

Many girls and women want to overcome hair growth in some areas and often do this with a razor. This is not the most pleasant of the safe procedure, which also often leaves irritation on the skin. Photoepilation, this is a modern painless way to remove and prevent hair growth, by directly affecting the hair follicles. The availability of such devices made a real breakthrough in the field of beauty and self.Care at home. The service life of home-based photo epilators is impressively long and therefore one lamp should be enough for one person, with regular use, for about 3-5 years. In this article, we will figure out which resource of photoepilators for home use.

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This device works on the principle of heat concentration in hair roots. Usually, a similar effect helps to stop hair growth, without harm. With each new procedure, the required frequency of use is reduced, up to once every 3-6 months.

Honest review & Bad Experience of Braun 810 Mini face epilator & facial brush after 4.5 years use

Such devices are quite simple in terms of technical characteristics and therefore it will not be difficult to understand them. And as a rule, for many years of use, subject to the instruction of operation with them, nothing happens. So, for example, with our Lescolton photo epilators, guarantee problems did not arise during the existence of our store.

However, sometimes we served with photo epilators with the following problems:

  • The photoepator does not turn on, due to damage to the power supply; (In 90% of cases, there are traces of moisture in the blocks, and with some water is simply poured when opening, in 10% this is damage to the cable coming from the block to the photopulator)
  • Damaged lamp; (as a result of the fall of a photoepilator, or skin processing with not shaved hair)
  • Damage to the lamp cooling fan; (This type of breakdown is found when using a photoepilator with closed ventilation holes)
  • Oxidation of the photo epilator; (quite often we get “drowned” photoepilators, or photoepilators with oxidized chipels of the main board)

Below are a few recommendations in order for your device to delight you for a long time and live up to the moment of replacing the lamp. One. Use the photoepilator only in the “dry” room, do not use it next to water or in a wet room (bathroom).

Carefully store the device in areas not available to children.

Use the photoepator only on smooth.Binding skin.

After each use, wipe the glass filter of the lamp alcohol cloth.

Do not laid on the bed/sofa the on the photoepalator, the ventilation holes can be blocked by something, and the device will overheat.

epalator, much, effect, enough

Carry out the procedure for home.Based photoepilation on the couch or bed, thus exclude the fall of the device to a solid surface.

Epilating My BIKINI LINE�� For The First Time ���� Very PAINFUL Yrrr ���� Requested Video

epalator, much, effect, enough

Before use, be sure to read the use of use.These recommendations will help you save the device in a good working state for a long time, and the maximum that you have to do is change the lamps. And about the resource of the lamps in the next chapter.

If your goal is a face and a bikini is the best choice of Rio Salon Laser X60

But women who are concerned about excess hair growth on their faces with intensive pulsed light are not recommended, for these purposes it is worth paying attention to the laser epalator for home use Rio Salon Laser X60. The laser only affects the hair follicle, stopping hair growth, while there is no risk of skin damage, which is why cosmetologists use the laser to remove hair on the face. But you can also remove hair with a laser and throughout the body, just the processing procedure will take more time than when working with a photoepielator. It is often recommended to remove the hair in the area of ​​the bikini and a deep bikini with a laser, because it is as painless as possible, and does not injure the mucous membrane, and the effect exceeds all expectations. The model of the Rio Salon Laser X60 laser epilator is an analogue of a salon professional device that is designed to remove hair at home!

You will no longer have a question of which epalator to buy, because now you have solutions for any zone, hair color and intensity of their growth. Enjoy the beauty of your body, without a single extra hair!

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