Electric connection of split systems Electric

Electric connection of split systems Electric

Instructions for the operation of air conditioners of split systems of household series Eacs-Hs, Eacs-Hs/N3

Electrolux air conditioner (electroele) household and internal unit (split system), designed to create optimal air temperature when ensuring sanitary and hygienic norms in residential, public and domestic premises. Air conditioning cools, drainage, heating, ventilation and cleaning of air from dust. Safe operating conditions. Use proper supply voltage in accordance with the requirements in the factory passport. Otherwise, serious malfunctions may occur, life is a danger or a fire occur.

Do not allow dirt to get into the fork or outlet. Reliably connect the power source cord to avoid receiving an electric shock or fire.

Do not disconnect the circuit breaker of the power source and do not pull the cord from the outlet during the operation of the device. This can lead to a fire.

In no case do not cut or squeeze the cord of the power source, since as a result of this, the power cord may be damaged. In case of damage to the power cord, you can get an electric shock or a fire may break out.

Never build a power cable. This can lead to overheating and cause a fire.

He use extension cords of power lines and do not use a socket to simultaneously power other electrical equipment. This can lead to an electric shock and the occurrence of a fire.

Do not pull out the skeleton from the outlet, holding on to the power cable. This can lead to fire and electric shock.

Be sure to take out the skewers from the power outlet in the case of prolonged downtime air conditioner.

Do not block the air intake and air drilling openings of the outer and internal blocks. This can cause a drop in air conditioning power and lead to a violation of his work.

In no case do not insert sticks or similar objects into the external unit of the device. Since the fan rotates at high speed, such an action can cause bodily harm.

It is harmful for your health if chilled air enters you for a long time. It is recommended to reject the direction of the air flow so that the whole room is ventilated.

Disconnect the device using the remote control if there is a failure in operation.

Do not repair the device yourself. If the repair is carried out by an unskilled specialist, this can cause an air conditioner breakdown, as well as an electric shock or fire.

Do not place heating devices next to air conditioning. The air flow from the air conditioner can lead to insufficient performance of the heating device and vice versa.

When cleaning it, it is necessary to stop the air conditioner and turn off the supply of power. Otherwise, electric shock is possible.

He allow placement next to the blocks of combustible mixtures and atomizers. There is a danger of ignition.

Do not allow air flow entering a gas burner and an electric stove. Do not touch functional buttons with wet hands.

Make sure the wall for installing the unit is strong enough. Otherwise, the fall of the block is possible, accompanied by injuries and t.P.

Do not allow any objects to enter the external air conditioner block. Air conditioning must be grounded. When there are signs of combustion or smoke, please turn off the power supply and contact the service center if the fire or smoke has not stopped after disconnecting, take the necessary measures after the fire, immediately contact the local fire service.

Note: The drawings given in this instructions are based on the appearance of the standard model. Therefore, the form may differ from the form of the air conditioning that you have chosen.

To control the air conditioner, a wireless infrared remote control is used.

When managing, the distance between the remote control and the signal receiver on the internal block should be no more than 10 m. There should be no objects that interfere with the passage of the signal between the remote control and the block.

The control panel should be at a distance of at least 1 m from television and radio equipment.

Do not drop and do not hit the remote control, and also do not leave it under direct sunlight.

3 Fan button. Fan speed.

4 button (01 Electrolux_knopki). Temperature increase button.

5 button (02 Electrolux_knopki). Temperature reduction button.

electric, connection, split, systems

8 button X-FAN-Epiphanum purge function.

10 Light button. Display backlight on the inner unit.

12 Timer Off button. Tiemer disconnection.

13 button (03 Electrolux_knopki). Selection of the position of vertical blinds.

14 button (04 Electrolux_knopk) I. Selection of horizontal blinds position.

16 Health/Air button. Turning on ionization modes and “flow of fresh air”.

-these functions are absent in the models of the Eacs-Hs, Eacs-Hs/N3 series.

1 On/OFF (Turning on/off) Press the ON/OFF button. When the device receives a signal, then the operating mode of the operating mode will light up on the display of the inner unit. When you press the button for the second time, the device will be turned off. Including or off the device, the Timer function and the Sleep function will be disconnected, but the preliminary settings will be saved.

2 Mode (operating mode) by pressing the button selects the operating mode in the following sequence: Auto (automatic), Cool (cooling), Dry (drainage), Heat (heating), FAN (fan). The corresponding signs of the modes indication are displayed on the remote control:

When turning on, the device is well done by Auto (automatic mode of operation). In Auto mode, the temperature on the display will not be displayed, in the Heat mode (heating) the temperature of 28 ° C will initially be set, in all other modes, 25 ° C will be initially set.

Note: About AUTO (automatic mode of operation) when AUTO (automatic mode of operation) is selected, the set temperature will not be displayed on the LCD display, the air conditioner, depending on the air temperature in the room, automatically begins to work in cooling or heating mode, creating comfortable conditions for the user.

Instructions for the air conditioning remote control. What do the buttons and icons mean

I will arrange all the functions and buttons in an importance from often pressed to rarely used.

Perhaps, after pressing the button, the device will not start immediately (it depends on the selected mode and temperature).

  • To enable the desired mode, there is a “Mode” button (it can be displayed on a remote control in the form of several small icons. Snowflake/sun/droplet). When it is pressed, the air conditioning modes switch sequentially. Most devices are 5 modes:
  • Automatic (inscription “Auto” or icon of “triangle” or another);
  • Cooling (inscription “Cool” or icon “Snowflake”);
  • Heating (inscription “Heat” or icon “Sun”);
  • Drainage (inscription “Dry” or icon “Drive”);
  • Ventilation (the inscription “FAN” or the “Fan” icon. It is important not to confuse the “FAN” mode with the “FAN” speed button).

After turning on the desired regime, it is important to wait 5-10 minutes until the “Konder” is rebuilt.

P.S. Rares rarely come across, where the modes are not turned on by the Mode button, but by separate modes buttons. Cool, Heat, Dry, etc.

The principle of operation is simple. What temperature was set on the remote control, such an air conditioner will support in the room. For example, if you set up 25, then the device will try to maintain 25 degrees in the room (many mistakenly think that the higher the number, the colder the device will blow. This is incorrect. )

  • Of course, if the air conditioner is calculated incorrectly, then he will never achieve the desired temperature.
  • On some models, the configured number automatically changes to the current temperature in the room. Do not get confused.
  • The air conditioner will not be cold, if you set up 25 on the remote control, and in the room, let’s say, 24 degrees. It also applies to heating mode (the device will not warm if the room is already achieved in the room).
  • To change the speed of air flow from the inner block, you need to find the Fan Speed ​​button (it can be just “fan” or just “Speed”, or “Fan” icon).

On the display, the fan speed is displayed in the form of a scale or inscriptions Low/Med/High/Auto (slow/medium/fast/automatic speed). When setting up automatic speed, the device itself chooses how speed to twist the fan at the moment.

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Speed ​​setting does not affect the value of the mood (for example, if they set up 25 degrees, they will also be supported). This function affects only the speed of cooling the room (speed of reaching a given temperature).

It is important not to confuse adjustment of the speed of the fan fan, and the operating mode “FAN” (ventilation. Switches using the “Mode” button). Also, we do not confuse the automatic speed of rotation of the fan with the automatic mode of operation of the device (“Auto”. Also switches using the “Mode” button).

The flow of any air conditioner is regulated in two directions. Up/down and right/left. Up/down at any air conditioner is adjusted by the button on the remote control. But the right/left can be adjusted in manual form (in this case, be careful and better turn off the air conditioner).

There are several variations of the “Swing” button up/down:

  • It happens that the direction changes in the simplest mode (once pressed. The curtains “swim”, the second time pressed. The curtains were fixed at any point in the amplitude);
  • It happens that the direction is changing step.By.Step (once pressed. The curtain moved one step, pressed the second time. The curtains moved one more step and so on);
  • It happens that the situation is changing, as the schematic image shows on the display of the remote control.

I recommend that you experiment with the setting direction to find the safest position (so that the flow of air does not blow on people and the vacation areas of households. Read more here)

These were the main buttons that are on absolutely every remote control. Next, we will analyze additional, more rare buttons and functions.

  • To enable the “sleep mode”, the “Sleep” buttons are used (it can also be “good Sleep”). The algorithm for the operation of this function for all air conditioners is different, but it unites them that the fan works at the slowest revolutions. In this mode, the configured temperature can automatically change by no more than 2 degrees. This occurs gradually within a few hours. This is due to the phases of human sleep so that the temperature at night when falling asleep, awakening and in the phase of deep sleep is the most comfortable and safe.

On the display in sleep mode, the icon “in the form of the moon” is often depicted. Read more how your model works when activating this option only in the instructions for its operation (it goes with the documents to the “Split”).

The quiet “Quiet” mode performs approximately the same function, only the temperature does not automatically change.

  • To quickly cool the room, the so.Called “turbo mode” is used. The buttons on the remote control have the inscriptions “Turbo”, “Jet”, “Jet Cool”, “PowerFul”, “Hi Power”, or the icon similar to the “Accelerated Fan” icon. To activate accelerated cooling, you need to press the corresponding button once. After which the fan of the internal unit begins to rotate at the highest speed. Upon reaching the set temperature, the “turbo mode” automatically disconnects. It can also be turned off on your own repeated pressing the button.
  • To program the time for turning on or disconnecting the device, a timer is used. For different air conditioners, the timer settings buttons differ. Some models have only one button (“Timer”), some models for setting up time have a whole block of buttons (“Clock”, “Timer on”, “Timer OFF”, “ONF”, “OFF”, “ Cancel “,” set “and various arrows). In such models, setting is intuitively more understandable. You must first configure the current time, then the time of turning on or disconnecting the “Konder”. And in models, where only one “timer” button, the time switching function perform standard buttons (temperature adjustments, fans and others).

Stages of connecting the air conditioner to the network

Connecting the air conditioner to the network is an equally important stage that occurs after choosing, buying and installing climate equipment.

All work should be carried out according to the schemes given in the instructions for installation and operation. The schemes are also depicted on the lids of external and internal modules.

electric, connection, split, systems

Stage #1. Preparation of tools and materials

Connecting the air conditioner to the network, like any electrical work, is carried out using tools, including a drill, pliers, a set of screwdrivers and another.

Among the mandatory consumables are screws, dowels, clamps, a box of plastic for a cable and so on.

Prior to connecting the air conditioning blocks, it is necessary to free access to the places in which their installation and joining will be carried out. All objects should be removed from the room or cover them in order to avoid damage from concrete and brick dust, fine crumbs

The exact list of necessary materials and tools depends on several factors:

  • Device models;
  • The requirements of the air conditioning manufacturer;
  • The selected method of connecting to the network (through a socket or through a separate supply line for a trimmer).

Particular attention should be paid to equipment, on which the stability of the device depends. So, if you regularly notice the jumps of voltage in the network, you should immediately choose a stabilizer for the home.

To join the air conditioner to the power supply network, you will need a socket, wire and circuit breaker.

To calculate the required length of the wire, you will need to take into account:

It is also advisable to provide an additional cable so that you can connect sensors, for example, temperature.

The cross section of the wire is selected taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer. The installation manual provides an electrical connection diagram of a particular model.

For high.Power air conditioners (over 1800 W) designed to maintain rooms with a large square, standard outlets are 16 and not suitable, since they cannot withstand the actual load of the connected device

Fixing the wiring when laying communications using boxes is performed using screws and glue. For the so.Called, hidden wiring, special clamps will also be needed, with which the cable is fixed in the strobes.

For wall decoration, special construction gypsum is used. This material allows you to quickly open the plastered layer if necessary.

Stage #2. Studying the network connection schemes

It is important to ensure reliable grounding to the air conditioner. In the new houses there is a grounding core. But with the old housing stock, everything is not so simple. They do not provide for the “Earth”, so most users include “as is” technique.

To protect against overloading the network in the electric shield, an automatic machine is installed on an individual fishing line for a trimmer. Detailed information is indicated in the technical documentation with step.By.Step actions when connecting climate equipment. Adhering to them, you can do work on your own.

Also, under the lid of the external unit of the split system, it contains a diagram of how to properly connect the wires to the street and internal block of the air conditioner, and the connection of the latter to the power supply network.

Schematic images of the air conditioner connection to the mains. The diagram indicates the contactor of the “Earth”, as well as: n. Zero; L. Phase; 3, 4. Terminals for connecting the external module to the internal. This scheme is usually located under the lid of the outer block

Stage #3. Connection of blocks via cable

To connect the blocks to each other, it is necessary to lay the inter.Block wire from the internal module to the external. This is done with the laying of a freon highway. With guidelines for laying the air conditioner.

Another wire will be needed to connect the internal unit to a separate power line.

Scheme for connecting the air conditioner to the mains, connecting options between the system modules. Requirements for the cross.Section of the wire used to elect the climate equipment

To perform connections, it is necessary to clean the wires from isolation. This can be done using a conventional knife or a special device to relieve insulation from cables and wires.

Connecting the external and internal unit of the air conditioner is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • It is necessary to remove the front decorative panel or protective cover of the block;
  • Stretch the cable and place it from the side of the module;
  • Clean the ends of the wires;
  • Insert them into the corresponding terminals and fix them;
  • Fix the cable at the output of the block;
  • Close the module with a lid.

In some models of air conditioners, a separate wire for the temperature sensor is laid between the blocks.

Stage #4. Connecting the device to the network

The electrical circuit for connecting devices in everyday life is radically different for semi.Industrial models installed in office rooms.

electric, connection, split, systems

In practice, two main methods are used:

The first option is used to put into operation almost all household devices.

If a decision is made to attach the air conditioning using a standard outlet, this can only be done in certain situations:

  • The power of the air conditioner is small;
  • An electric network in an apartment or private house has sufficient power;
  • The device will be located in this part of the room temporarily.
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It should be borne in mind that it is forbidden to connect other household devices to the line.

There are two main ways to connect the air conditioner to the mains

Inverter air conditioners most often have a network connection to the external unit. On/OFF air conditioners (non.Inverter) are most often connected to the network through the internal unit. In this case, the inner block may have a wire with a fork or without it. The wire has three veins-yellow-green (“earth”), blue (“zero”), brown (“phase”).

The figure shows the connection of the external unit. The left block is an “interblord” connection (4 wires in this case). A three.Phase air conditioner power supply is connected to the right block (Power Supply.

It is important for all air conditioners: if the interior unit of the split system does not have a wire with a fork, then when connecting the power (to the desired block), you must follow the phasing. The zero wire must be connected to the terminal “N”, and the phase to the terminal “l” or “p”.

You must follow the phasing. The zero wire must be connected to the terminal “N”, and the phase to the terminal “l” or “p”. I work as a ship electrician. Maintenance and repair of any refrigerator equipment, my direct responsibilities. Repeatedly I had to install household air conditioners on ships, including modern inverter. All air conditioners I have set without problems for several years. In this regard, I am embarrassed to ask what phasing we are talking about? There is usually no zero on ships, and the network is 220 or 110 volts of two.Phase.And what to observe?

Hello! Unfortunately, we have no experience on ships. And when connected in domestic conditions, we adhere to modern standards (GOST R 50462-2009 (IEC 60446: 2007) and the manufacturer’s recommendations. But now we will know that the air conditioner works without problems from a two.Phase network.

A network for household needs, 220 or 110 volts, as a rule, not two phase, but single.Phase. Just at ship power plants, as well as on mobile, there is no grounded zero.Therefore, there is no need to follow the phasing.

Here, everyone uses GOSTs without understanding why they are needed. Why are they and do not know what to do when it is impossible to follow them. And here everything is simple, there is a regular alternating current on the network. Both wires are absolutely the same and equivalent, and they would not differ in anything If one of them would not be grounded. This is zero. In the second wire in this case, the full voltage of the network will be relative to the earth. It is this wire that is called the phase. And if we mount switches, bags, they must turn off the phase wire to relieve voltage relative to the ground. In this case, when you take your hands for a slightly breaking through the disabled device, you will not hit the current. And if you remove zero, then on the device there will be voltage relative to the ground. On the ship, the concept of phase and zero cannot be, unless, of course, connect one of the wires to the ship’s hull. What will be the voltage between each of the wires and the body who knows it depends on the leakage currents on the case on each of the devices. It can be imagined that two resistors were turned on between the network wires, and the middle was connected to the body. In terms of safety, if something can hit the current, turn off both wires with bags and switches. And in the air conditioning itself, the power supply and off will be carried out through the wire marked as phase.

Hello, I studied for an ordinary bottle.Off convictor there is one cable of Shol from the interior to the external unit and right now I pay attention that two cables come out of the second cable of the second cable from Chevo ?! And where the guys go where?!

Dc inverter air conditioner mistakes to prevent in wiring connections while installation part 1

Hello! In most household split systems, power is suitable for the inner block-in this case, one inter-block cable is coming from the inner block to the external unit. In some models, the power system is connected to the external unit-in this case, from the external unit to the internal, one inter-block cable is the second cable to the external unit goes from the current source. In addition, there is an additional two.Core cable between the blocks for the temperature sensor (for example, Panasonic air conditioners often have such a cable).

Greetings, my power should come to the external unit, but when the wiring was done, they brought it to the internal. Nothing if I feed me from the internal, the maples on the external are still swarm?

Good afternoon! If the terminals in the outer block are patented, then you can connect to the internal.

General Aug25uar air conditioning, what can happen to it if the three conductors (3F) of the Earth are connected and fed, but the zero is not connected. 2. What will happen if the phasing is broken?

Good afternoon! One. The air conditioner will not work. Nothing else will happen if you do not climb into it and do not turn on the remote control. 2. If the phasing is broken, the compressor may not turn on and give an error. Then you need to change any two phases to each other.

Help in the situation with connecting the air conditioner Artel 18. When moving, the cable labeling that goes to the outer block fell out. 2 cables for 2 gyms. One cable in the thickness of the color on the veins is brown and blue. And the other brown and blue lived thinner than the color. There is a scheme on the cover, but it shows internally a branching. The air conditioner is installed, vacuumed with a vacuum pump (the vacuum arrow did not change within 2 hours after turning off the pump), tested for tightness with a manometric station. The problem is to find out which cable and Zhili where to connect? Thanks in advance.

Good afternoon! It is necessary to find the wire connection diagram to the external unit on the case or on the lid of the external unit. According to it, you need to connect the wires coming from the inner block (the colors of the wires to the terminals of the inner block should approach the similar designations of the terminals of the external unit). If the scheme is not found, it will be more difficult to understand without minimal knowledge of electrical equipment. You need to remove the top cover of the outer block, look where the wires from the pads are suitable. Usually this: N from the inner block approaches the blue wire of the external, “Earth” of the inner unit approaches the yellow-green external, “1” of the internal one approaches the first terminal with a brown wire on the outside (but there are other colors. ). The remaining wires must be viewed visually on the blocks and circuit. Often the “3” of the internal unit goes to control the fan of the external unit, and “4” the internal goes to control the four.Way valve of the external unit.

Circuit breaker

If it is planned to enroll the split system from the shield, then you will need protection devices one of which is a circuit breaker. It is selected relative to the rated power of the device specified in the technical passport or on the external unit. It is advisable to always leave a small stock. For example, start-stop air conditioners have a very high start-up current that goes off for 20 A. And although the duration of work at such values ​​is small, it is still worth taking into account.

You can choose the necessary values ​​of the machine by the current according to the formula: the power of the air conditioner (KW) is divided into network voltage (220 V) and increase the received data by 20-30%.

When connecting the air conditioner to the supply network, it is important to remember that the circuit breaker should have a distance between contacts in an open state of at least 3 mm for each phase wire. The phase is strictly observed: the procedure for connecting the phases must comply with the order on the terminal block.

For air conditioners, an automatic circuit breaker type C is suitable. It fully ensures the safety of engines and has high characteristics in the case of an emergency.

Single Phase Split Type Air Conditioner(AC) Indoor & Outdoor Wiring Diagram/ How to Wire Split AC

It is necessary to make sure whether the electrical panel allows you to install additional equipment in it.

It is worth remembering that both for the air conditioner and other household electrical devices, the most reliable is the connection through a separate fishing line for the trimmer. With this option, it is not necessary to install a protective shutdown device and a differential relay.

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Types and series of air conditioners Electrolux

Household equipment includes several types of devices: traditional split systems, economically advantageous inverter plexus, multi-output systems and mobile air conditioners. Each of them is represented in several serial rulers.

Of course, domestic air conditioners are more in demand, therefore, it is on them that Accent is made in this article.

Split systems of traditional type

Here this refers to wall.Type air conditioners. Electrolux has about nine lines of such devices. All of them were developed using advanced technologies and substantiated significant constructive and optional changes. As an example, you can take EACS Fusion series air conditioners, which have reconstructed the elements of the system responsible for the distribution of air flows. Now, thanks to the wide.Angle vertical blinds and a large corner of the opening of flexible wings, the air in the horizontal direction enters a very wide stream.

The filtration system is equipped with 6 separate filters, among which there is anti.Icl, biological antibacterial, catechin (excellent anti.Allergenic deodore) and with silver ions. All of them kill bacteria and viruses, making air useful and clean, but periodically they need maintenance (cleaning).

In addition to the main modes, the air conditioner of the Electrolux Eacs Fusion series is equipped with a microcircuit that diagnoses malfunctions, icing protection, fast start.Up and economical night regime, buttons on the remote control, which is important for families with young children. The positive characteristics include a condensate evaporation system, which does not allow moisture to collect inside the device and in the room.

Due to the special coating of the heat exchanger according to Blue Fin technology, the life of the operation increases by several years, as it prevents the development of corrosion processes.

An important factor is the energy efficiency of class A. This feature will be appreciated by those who have restrictions on energy consumption or are forced to live in the saving mode of funds.

Of course

Electrolux Air Gate series, which have stylish external performance along with a huge number of additional capabilities, deserve special attention. From the name it becomes clear that this line is a special approach to air filtration.

To the already listed features and working characteristics of the previous series are added:

  • Neo and coal filters. The first has a porous structure and removes all suspended particles up to 99%, the second delays the particles that make up the smell and absorbs harmful chemical gases;
  • Cold plasma generator that destroys any malicious organics and ionizing air;
  • Launching at low network voltage;
  • Smooth engine starting in the first minutes;
  • Protection against voltage drops in the form of a shutdown of the device at unacceptable marks;
  • Multilayer varnish coating of the body against mechanical damage.

Three designer colors are another plus towards Electrolux Air Gate air conditioners among traditional split systems.

When choosing a wall air conditioner, attention must be paid to power values. Judging by the reviews of buyers, Electrolux Air Gate air conditioners and other episodes are very powerful and cool large areas in comparison with the declared in the technical passport. If we are talking about a nursery, it is better to take a less productive device. Area 22 m², which means that seven is quite suitable, not a nine.

Mobile split systems of floor type

Electrolux produces a large lineup of mobile air conditioners that meet all the requests of the life of a modern person. They are in no way inferior to splites, but unlike the latter, such devices can be transferred from place to place if necessary and used in any conditions and rooms.

The floor air conditioner is a monoblock on wheels placed near the window through which heat is removed with a corrugated hose. So that street air does not enter the room, special plugs in the kit are used.

Electrolux mobile air conditioning has general working characteristics for all models and series an additional set of functionality in each line separately. The general technical parameters include:

  • Good performance indicators at a low power consumption;
  • A class of increased energy efficiency. A;
  • Low noise effect;
  • Safe type of freon R410A;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Lack of need for special installation.

It is worth noting that in most specks, inverter splittes, multi systems and mobile devices are used precisely Freon R410A. It has excellent cold production, and this reduces energy consumption. It does not destroy the ozone layer, therefore, does not pose a threat to the environment. He does not have to ignite him, which means that he is safe for a person.

All Electrolux floor conditioners are able to work in cooling, drainage and ventilation modes. They distribute air flows in the room evenly thanks to a three.Speed fan and convenient blinds, so drafts are excluded. Condensate is removed automatically through air ducts. Also, Electrolux mobile air conditioners are equipped with auxiliary drainage pump in case of high humidity inside the device. All episodes have a round.The.Clock timer for programming the time of turning on and off the device.

DIY Air conditioner inter.Block cables

After installing the air conditioner, it is necessary to lay the inter.Block cable from the internal unit to the external, and the other wire. Stretch from the internal unit to the conclusions of the electrical system. Interlock cable is used mainly with 4-5 veins of different colors to prevent errors in connecting both blocks. The section is selected 2.5 mm 2.

The essence of the connection in general terms is as follows:

  • Remove the front panel and protective cover of the block;
  • Stretch the cable and place it from the side of the module;
  • Clean the ends of the wires, insert into the terminals and tighten with screws;
  • Fix the cable at the output of the block;
  • Close the module with a lid.

After connecting both blocks, you should carefully check the correctness of the work performed. Next is testing the assembled scheme and short.Term system launch.

The rest of the circuit for connecting the air conditioner to a household power supply is individual for each model, as in the case of powerful three-phase split systems. In this regard, the details of the connection should be clarified in the attached instructions.

The cost of installing air conditioner Electrolux Price

Name / cost of work Units.Izm. PRICE

An example of connecting air conditioning systems

Connecting a mobile air conditioner is made in the same sequence as a stationary. Do.It.Yourself connection to the power supply is made in several stages. Initially, an individual machine is installed in the electric shield intended for the air conditioner. Next, the phase wire of the three.Wire cable is connected, having black or brown color to the phase terminal of the machine gun. The cable of the blue cable is connected to the zero tire of the electric shield. A yellow-green wire is fastened to the grounding wire wire, if available.

IMPORTANT! The connection of the electrical wiring should be carried out correctly. Otherwise, it is possible to lead a system of air conditioning to a serious breakdown or a complete failure.

In the absence of grounding, the differential relay is used to protect against electric shock. If you do not know how to connect the air conditioner with your own hands, the video will tell you about this. With it, you can also learn about the features of connecting a diffuse relay.

If you want to know how to connect the floor air conditioner, then you need to initially install its internal unit. For this purpose, a three.Phase cable is used with three wires of different colors:

Sometimes the color of one wiring can be yellow-green in color. The electrical circuit of the air conditioner will tell in detail about the installation of the internal unit. The wire characterized by the presence of black braid and coming from the machine gun is connected to the L-cream. The wires coming from the machine gun and having a blue color are connected to the N-clock. In the internal block of the device, the wiring of yellow-green coloring to the terminal mass is connected. Kalina air conditioner connection scheme shows exactly the same installation of air conditioning systems.

Attention! Connecting the external unit of air conditioning systems is made according to the same scheme. When installing the outer unit, the wiring with the cross section is used. 3×2.5 millimeters.

The output machine is installed on the load current in the electric shield. During the installation of electrical wiring, special tubes are used. If the electric wiring is laid together with the drainage or near the flow of freon, then the corrugated tube is used.

It is quite possible to connect a conditioning system with your own hands. To do this, you need to study the instructions and perform all actions in strict accordance with it.

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