Designations of the icon on the washing machine eyelid

Washing modes in the washing machine Beko machine

The first question that worries all housewives concerns available modes. Knowing what specified programs are in the arsenal of cars, it is easier to plan washing and not spoil the linen with high temperature or excessive pressing. Acquaintance with the main buttons on the dashboard will help to avoid errors.

  • “40`40 °”. This mode proposes to reduce the washing time by half and get clean linen not in 80, but in 40 minutes. Speed ​​is achieved due to enhanced revolutions and maintaining the temperature regime of 40 degrees throughout the cycle.

Important! The temperature range and the squeezing force can vary on different models of the eyelid, so it will not first prevent the attached instructions to familiarize themselves with the attached instructions.

  • “Delicate wash”. It is distinguished by smooth rotations, minimal spin, abundant water and low temperature, which allows you to protect easily spoiled knitwear and viscose from leaching of color and washing.
  • “Baby clothes”. The name speaks for itself: this program is designed to wash things for children. Its use is also recommended for allergy sufferers. Secret. In several rinsing cycles.
  • “Dark fabrics”. To preserve saturated black color, it is proposed to select a mode with a large volume of water and low squeezing intensity. Another recommendation is to use liquid detergents for dark things.
  • “Handwash”. For especially delicate fabrics, for example, silk and cashmere, it is better to choose a manual mode with a reduced set of water. Thanks to the floor filled tank, there is no increased absorption, deformation and stretching.
  • “Wool”. For woolen clothing, the corresponding button is selected that allows you to carefully clean the fabric without forming sprouts.
  • “Pooh”. Washings with a capacity of 9 kg offer special care for things with down and feathers. High.Quality purification with the removal of feathers and residues of their vital activity is achieved.
  • “Shirts”. A shirt depicted on the panel is a program with removing problem areas without damage to fabric and severe crushing. The perfect balance is respected: minimal squeeze and low temperature in the range of 30-40 °.
  • “Fitness”. Provides full purification of sports things made of cotton and synthetics. Washing passes within 40 °.
  • “Eco 20 ° C”. Designed for cotton fabrics with minimal pollution. Faster removes spots and saves up to 80% of energy consumption compared to the standard “cotton” regime. Enhance the cleansing effect of the gel powder.

Most models from the eyelid and the self.Cleaning program. It lasts about two hours, during which a complex processing of the drum, hoses, garbage filter and dispensary occurs. The cycle passes without linen and detergents, and a high degree of purification is determined by heating of water to 70 °.

We set up the washing algorithm

The first washing is carried out on any of the long programs and without linen in the drum. Next, the user will have to select the optimal cleaning mode, focusing on the type of fabric, the intensity of pollution of things. How to turn on the Beko washing machine became clear, but what to do with the launch of the necessary washing parameters?

Inexperienced users can introduce numerous keys, incomprehensible badges, indicators, sensory sensors into a stupor. That is why it is preliminary important to read the instructions for a specific model of the smell baco, to figure out what the characters on the control panel mean, for which the LEDs are responsible for, for which additional buttons are needed.

Standard procedure for starting an automatic machine:

  • Turn on the washer in the network;
  • Open the valve responsible for the supply of water;
  • Put a batch of things in the drum;
  • Close the hatch tightly;
  • Put out the dick for detergents;
  • Pour the powder, pour the rinser (if necessary);
  • Click on the machine gun network;
  • The selector handle select the desired washing program;
  • Run the cycle by pressing the “Start/Pause” button.

When the machine reaches, you do not need to immediately try to open the hatch. The door unlock will occur only a few minutes after the end of the process.

Select the mode carefully. If you wash the woolen product on the Cotton program, it is unlikely that it will be possible to avoid deformation of the thing. For delicate fabrics, special washing parameters are provided, for more dense matters. Other conditions.

Is the same designation on washing machines of different brands

Modern washing machines are equipped with panels with Russian.Speaking text. Which indicates a specific regime. Design and technical equipment of models are constantly being improved. In addition to the fact that the machine can wash and squeeze underwear, it is equipped with many useful modes. Manufacturers add new icons that indicate additional options. The purpose of such changes is the most convenient and easy operation of the equipment. But it is not always possible to understand such symbols.

Some manufacturers use not only standard, but also their own icons, which indicate certain functions. We tried to consider the most common of them.


The brand has chosen the letter designations of the modes. After reading the name of the program, the user will immediately understand the clothes from which fabrics you need to wash in this mode. Several characters are indicated in the form of drawings:

  • Timer. An image of a watch;
  • Clothing with a spot. Intensive washing;
  • Face with a castle. Protection against babies;
  • Clothing and soap bubbles. Cleaning with bubbles;
  • A basin with a wavy strip. Soaking linen.
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On the panel, symbols are broken into groups. You can choose an extraction degree and additional functions. Location and marking of the designations:

  • The VCL/Off button is located in the center of the panel;
  • Clothing and underwear. The program “Cotton”;
  • Clothing on the shoulders. Cleaning synthetics;
  • Pants. A program for jeans;
  • Pelvis with a strip. Cleaning in a large volume of water;
  • Iron. Delicate mode;
  • A coat of wool in a bowl is a manual program and woolen things.


The rotary wheel on the panel allows you to choose the type of washing and the temperature mode:

  • Picture of cotton. For natural things;
  • Flower. Delicate washing;
  • Knitting threads. For woolen things;
  • Triangle. Synthetics;
  • A basin with a downward direction. Drain;
  • A spiral fishing line for a trimmer. Squeeze;
  • Point bowl. Rinse mode icon;
  • Hand in a bowl. Manual washing.


The manufacturer near the mode indicated its name and number:

  • Cotton box means washing things made of natural fabrics;
  • Triangle. Washing synthetics;
  • Curtains. Cleaning curtains;
  • Wood. Economical regime.

Обзор стиральной машины LG с интеллектуальной технологией AI DD

The remaining signs are important with other models.

On the units of this trademark there is no designation of icons, instead of them there is a letter name. The desired mode is chosen with a rotary pen.


On the powder tray there are descriptions of programs. They are somewhat different from other manufacturers:

  • Pelvis with liquid and vertical strip. Soaking things;
  • A bowl with waves and dots. Rinsing;
  • A month with the stars. Work in the Night mode without plum, with a reduced noise formation;
  • Empty pelvis with a vertical strip. Preliminary processing;
  • Arrow and two strips. A pause, start;
  • Sheet and pillowcase. Washing bedding;
  • “M”. Mode “My program”. In memory of the device, programs are added most often.


Most of the icons coincide with generally accepted. There are individual, designed only for this brand:

designations, icon, washing, machine
  • Butterfly. Cleaning of silk products;
  • The image of the blanket. Covers from different fabrics;
  • Sneakers. For sportswear;
  • Snail. Squeeze;
  • Shirt. Processing no more than five slightly stained shirts.
  • A bowl with two vertical stripes. The usual mode;
  • Pelvis with the letter “R” and horizontal lines. A fast program;
  • T.Shirts. Everyday use;
  • Feather. Delicate program;
  • TAZ with two waves. Intensive mode;
  • The image of the dial. The deferred mode;
  • Crossed outlet. Without spin;
  • Watering can with drops. Rinsing;
  • Two waterings with drops. Additional rinse.

Now, having understood the whole variety of symbols, Nastya can choose the perfect mode for washing her clothes.

designations, icon, washing, machine

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The main icons

Most manufacturers use similar symbols to indicate the main washing processes. The icons are depicted on the control panel near the Start button. The icons are conditionally divided into 4 groups indicating:

  • Stages of washing (rinsing, squeezing, draining water, etc. P.);
  • Main modes (cotton, synthetics, silk, etc. D.);
  • Additional programs (baby underwear, economical washing, etc. P.);
  • Special settings (light ironing, half loading, foaming control, etc.).

Consider each group in more detail. The main processes and stages of washing have the following designations:

  • A circle or rhombus with a vertical line in the middle or in the upper part. Button for turning on and off the machine;
  • Triangle and two vertical features. Start/pause (launch of the selected program and pause in its implementation);
  • Snail or spiral. An extending icon on a washing machine. If there are two such icons, then a more twisted spiral means a regular squeeze, less twisted. Delicate;
  • Crossed out a spiral. A regime without spin;
  • Basin with water and one upper wavy line. Washing;
  • Pilgroup with water and two vertical mowing fishing line. Energetic washing;
  • Pelvis with a hand icon or a separate image of a hand. A manual washing mode;
  • Pelvis with one vertical feature. Preliminary washing;
  • A basin with two vertical lines. The main washing or ordinary/daily;
  • Pelvis with letter R or several objects/things. Fast washing (linen refresh);
  • A basin with a snowflake or a snowflake depicted separately. Washing in cold water;
  • Pelvis with dashed lines inside. Rinse icon on the washing machine. In some models, rinsing is indicated by the shower icon;
  • A pelvis with a vertical arrow directed down (can be supplemented with a wavy line). Draining water;
  • Sun. Drying of linen;
  • Iron. A function that provides light ironing.

The icons of the main laundry and types of fabric are also mostly the same in most manufacturers. Programs for the main types of fabric are displayed by the following icons:

  • Cotton. Cotton fruit or cloud on a stick;
  • Synthetics-a flask with a nose (or without), a hanger-brewer or a T-shirt on the shoulders;
  • Silk. Feather, shaik, butterfly or flower (often the same icon on the washing machine. Delicate washing);
  • Jeans. A pattern of trousers;
  • Wool. A ball or coil of wool.

As the main washing programs, many models of technology have:

  • Intensive mode, which corresponds to the image of one or more things with spots;
  • Delicate mode. An icon in the form of a flower resembling a chamomile;
  • Eco-mode (economical washing)-image of a tree or letter E.
designations, icon, washing, machine

Additional washing programs usually have icons by which it is easy to understand what this function means. For example, the image of a football ball is a mode for washing sportswear, sneakers. For washing shoes, etc. D.

Modern washing technique has many concomitant functions that help to bring the washing process to perfection. Additional settings are found in almost all new models. Let’s talk about images corresponding to the most common programs and options:

  • Spots removal program. T.Shirt with a black circle or square. Must for highly contaminated clothing. When it is turned on, soaking the linen in the foam for a long time occurs;
  • Modes for washing rugs/bedspreads/curtains. A schematic image of these products;
  • Night washing/silent mode. The icon of the moon with the stars or the image of the Ruper;
  • The mode for sportswear from membrane fabrics is a pattern of mountains or the inscription “outdoor”;
  • The layered washing timer is the image of the clock of the clock;
  • Half loading. A weight with a number;
  • Blocking from children. A lock icon;
  • Foaming control. Soap bubbles.

For mechanical control models during washing on the panel, indicators will glow over the buttons corresponding to the selected options. For example, if a cotton mode is launched, and the washing process is currently at a rinse stage, the indicators over the cotton icon and the image of the pelvis with dotted lines will glow on the panel. If you turn off the squeezer, the indicator will sorrow over the icon with the image of a crossed out spiral.

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Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances. The washing machines of this brand are sold all over the world, and the inscriptions on the controls of the units are translated into many languages, including Russian. The modes icons are almost always intuitively clear. In modern models, the main functions are indicated by words, and in those that have been released for a long time, you can often find icons. Let us explain some images characteristic of this brand:

  • Panties, T.Shirt and T.Shirt (or T.Shirt and cotton flower). Mode for washing cotton fabrics. The icon emphasized by the fat line is intense washing. The same icon accompanied by an arrow is mixed washing;
  • An empty container or dial with a dedicated segment of time. Fast washing;
  • Night shirt. Delicate washing;
  • Butterfly. Mode for silk fabrics.


Samsung washing machines control panels are often equipped with inscriptions, not icons, which is quite convenient for users. There are very few non.Standard icons, for example:

  • T.Shirt with a painted lower right angle. Intensive washing;
  • T.Shirt with soap bubbles. Eco Bubble function;
  • Dial. A timer of the delayed start;
  • Lock and smiling muzzle. Blocking from children;
  • Pelvis with a wavy line. Preliminary soaking.


The Italian company Indesit refers to manufacturers who are trying to create the most adaptive technique for the user. In addition to the icons, the names of the washing programs are indicated on the dashboard, which is quite easy to understand. In addition, almost all designations are standard and intuitively understandable. Among the icons denoting new functions, one can highlight:

Various types of icons

As a rule, there are several groups of designations on standard automatic machines, which are included in the main functionality. This is a set of popular wash modes, options available for setting up to the user in which you can set the time, temperature and other parameters, as well as individual control buttons and signs and signs and signs. Each designation should be distinguished according to the group, but it should be borne in mind that a particular set is completely dependent on the brand and model of the washing machine.

Separate control buttons

Since each manufacturer of washing machines develops devices with a certain set of options, it makes sense to consider in more detail the most famous brands and find out how the functionality of some automatic machines differs from others, and then find out what the most famous designations on washing machines mean.

Bosh brand models have a standard set of buttons. Four of them are usually located on the left: they are designed for the modes of washing things with spots, the preliminary cycle of work, light ironing and repeated rinsing, each button on the typewriter is marked with a special icon. Rotary handle with signs allows you to select a mode with the corresponding temperature. Also on the panel there are indicators of squeezing modes and operation cycles of the Bosch device.

The popular LG washing devices are equipped with a convenient display and a full set of necessary buttons with special signs that are designed to switch between modes, allow you to choose a washing program, and also independently install the parameters. Temperature and pressing speed indicators are located on the right.

In some models below, another row of functional buttons is added.

This Italian brand is also widely popular in Russia and includes a large number of numerous options corresponding buttons and badges on each washing machine. The front panel of ARDO devices is usually decorated with a large display, where the washing time and the selected mode are displayed. The standard rotary handle allows you to choose the right program, this can be done very quickly due to the presence of understandable icons.

Basic icons/Images

Most firms use standard marking. It can be divided into categories: Cleaning, Type of washing, fabric material, special capacity.

  • Pelvis with a wavy strip. Soaking.
  • Lapal bubbles capacity. The main cycle.
  • Shower or drops. Rinsing.
  • Spiral or snail. Symbolizes the squeezer of things. If this sign is crossed out, then the operation can be canceled.
  • The capacity of which the arrow goes down. Indicates the possibility of forced plum.
  • Sun. Such a sign indicates the possibility of drying the fabric.

The second group includes the following characters:

  • Pelvis with a vertical line. Preliminary cleaning;
  • A hand immersed in a container of water is manual washing;
  • Feather or butterfly, silk tape. Mode for cleansing delicate fabrics;
  • Watches with a painted dial-an express-cycle, and a painted area will inform the time (half-30 minutes, a quarter-15 minutes);
  • Wood or plant. Launch with reduced resource consumption;
  • Moon and stars. The possibility of launching in the dark;
  • T.Shirt with a dark spot. Cleansing strong contaminants and persistent spots.

Depending on the type of fabric and the purpose of clothing, the following group is distinguished:

  • Mountains. To cleanse heavy outerwear. For example, washing a winter down jacket.
  • T.Shirt with number. Cleaning clothes for sports.
  • Sliders. A program designed to clean children’s things.
  • A dress with a cotton box or a flower. A mode for cleansing natural fabrics.
  • Three yarn balls. Cleaning of wool products.
  • Hanger. Designation for washing synthetic fabrics.

The fourth group includes the following signs:

  • Cross. Disinfection of things, the cycle takes place at the highest temperature as possible;
  • Watering can and “”. Things will pass through a more thorough rinse (resource consumption will increase);
  • The iron is light ironing, since the drum will not rotate quickly;
  • Key. Blocking the panel from presses.

What other modes are there?

Any BEKO washing machine, in addition to a set of main programs, has additional functions that allow you to realize various tasks:

Name Description
Soak Improves the quality of washing, simplifies the separation of mud
Rinsing Contributes to impeccable rinsing powder
Light ironing Prevents crushing

What do the icons on the washing machine mean: what designations are on different brands of cars, photos

The washing machine is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It greatly facilitates the work on the household, coping with the washing of any kind and complexity.

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The more diverse modes the machine has, the better the care of any type of fabric will be.

However, sometimes many buttons on technology are a real nightmare for women, because what importance the signs on the panel have is not always clear.

Is the same designation on washing machines of different brands

The washing machines of modern models are often equipped with panels with Russian.Speaking text indicating a particular regime.

Many modern models are equipped with a Russian.Language description of washing programs

There are the main icons that are used in all models, but some trademarks have their differences.

Many icons are found on different washing machines

The main symbolism

To start the operation of the machine and pause it, you need to use the “Start/pause” button (||). Some devices are equipped with an additional button “./Off.»To turn on and off the network.

Some cars are equipped with the “Turning” button and the Start button, and some of them only one of them

The manufacturer Bosh designed the panel where the washing modes are indicated, it is clear that it was not difficult to configure the machine the machine the first time. For the standard option, it is enough to turn the lever to the required item and turn on the Start button, which has a rhombus icon and a vertical strip inside it.

Setting the washing mode in the Bosh washing machine is not difficult

  • Dirty T.Shirt. Mode for strong pollution;
  • Empty capacity and vertical strip. Preliminary washing;
  • Iron. Insmistribution;
  • A capacity with a wave and an arrow up. An increased amount of water.


At the machine of the Indesit brand, there is a decryption of washing modes, as well as additional functions, thanks to which you can simply select the desired number using a rotating lever. Under the display, all icons are also signed.

All icons are signed on the panel of the Indesit machine


The Samsung washing machine often absent at all. The manufacturer simplified the task of the housewives, simply signing the functional buttons.

There are often no icons on the Samsung apparatus

But some additional opportunities are still indicated by signs:

  • Smiley Castle. Blocking from random presses;
  • Dirty T.Shirt. Washing high intensity;
  • A capacity with a wave. Additional soaking;
  • Hand in a container. Washing manually;
  • Capacity and vertical fishing line for a trimmer. Preliminary wash mode.

Like Samsung brand, icons are also rare on LG models. All programs are indicated in Russian, and additional opportunities are also indicated by the text.


Many Ariston models have no decryption at all. All programs and additional functions are indicated by icons. Therefore, the first time to use such a technique will be difficult.

Many models of Ariston do not have decoding designations on the control panel

  • T.Shirt. Cotton;
  • T.Shirt with a spot. Removal of stains;
  • Sausage. Synthetics;
  • Mix. Mixed linen;
  • M. My program: the ability to record a frequently used program on it;
  • Pillow and blanket. Bedding;
  • Tape. Silk, curtains;
  • Ball. Wool;
  • A capacity with a wave, a spiral and an arrow down. An additional installation of spin, rinsing or draining water.
  • T.Shirt with increasing stripes. Type of washing;
  • A capacity with a wave and a shower with increasing stripes. A type of rinsing;
  • Spiral. Squeezing power;
  • Thermometer is the temperature of the water;
  • An arrow dial. A deferred start;
  • A dial with horizontal stripes. A short cycle;
  • Iron. Light ironing;
  • Feather. Economical washing (water is not heated and consumed economically);
  • Child’s face. Blocking from random presses.


The following designations are found on the apparatus of Zanussi:

  • Circle with a triangle. Cotton;
  • Interrupted triangle (flask). Synthetics;
  • Wood. Water saving;
  • Iron. Light ironing;
  • Flower. Delicate fabrics;
  • Hand in a container. Washing manually;
  • Threads. Woolen things;
  • Pants. Jeans;
  • T.Shirt with spots. Intensive mode;
  • A capacity with a wave and a vertical strip. Soaking;
  • A capacity with a wave and dots. Rinsing;
  • A capacity with a wave and an arrow down. Draining water;
  • Spiral. Squeeze.

Zanussi washing machine is not easy to use the first time


On panels of Candy brand machines, icons are often used by other manufacturers.

Схема установки подвесной системы “Icon

However, original designations are also found:

  • Letter P in the pelvis. Preliminary washing;
  • Plus and two drops. The Aqua Plus mode, which provides for additional rinsing;
  • A dial with an arrow to the right. Deposition of launch;
  • Letter T and 0C in the pelvis. Water temperature;
  • Iron. Light ironing.

On Candy washing machine, original designations are found

Designations for choosing a washing program:

  • Cotton wool. Intensive washing of cotton (at a temperature of 90 degrees);
  • Vata. Cotton (color resistance);
  • Sausage. Synthetics;
  • Feather. Delicate fabrics;
  • Shower in the pelvis. Rinsing;
  • Spiral. Squeeze;
  • A capacity with a wave and an arrow down. Draining water;
  • 14. Fast mode;
  • Hand in the pelvis. Manual mode;
  • Ball. Wool;
  • Mixwash. Mixed laundry mode.

Container icons for special tools

Each washing machine is equipped with a special tray in which the washing products are placed. In order for the process to go qualitatively and correctly, you need to know what exactly and in which compartment is falling asleep (poured).

Features depending on the manufacturer

Let’s analyze which designation can be found on the washing machine of a particular brand and in what form they are presented on the control panel of the unit.

designations, icon, washing, machine

We will not hide that little.Known brands use non.Standard icons in the development of the design of their household products. And they can be completely unfamiliar to most buyers in our country. In such a situation, you can seek information to the instructions of the manufacturer of this washing device or make a call to the service center.

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