Close the boiler in the kitchen cabinet options

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Requirements for a gas boiler in the kitchen

Most of the owners who plan to effectively heat their own cottage or a country house with gas are concerned about the problem, about whether it is possible to place a gas boiler in the kitchen, or you will need to equip a separate top room.

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I immediately want to reassure homeowners. Currently, the existing state rules for installing a gas boiler allow the installation of gas heating equipment in non.Residential rooms used for cooking.

However, the owner of such a fire.Hazardous device will need to comply with state requirements in terms of fire safety in order to implement the design of the kitchen with a gas boiler on the wall to their liking.

Ways to hide

So, the owners purchased a gas boiler of a wall type. The installation of equipment is planned in the kitchen, in parallel with the withdrawal of a special coaxial chimney pipe immediately behind the capital wall, horizontally on the street. Let’s see what are the ways to hide the mounted unit.

If the boiler fits into a general environment, it is not necessary to hide it

  • Of course, the best option is to place a thermal generator in a specially made cabinet, which in design completely repeats all the links of the kitchen set.
  • You can make a metal frame, sheathe it with drywall, hide the boiler inside this niche, and then hang the door. She must also repeat the facade of the headset in the appearance.
  • There is an option to finish the front surface of the boiler: paint or glue with film.
  • Finally, just hang a thermal generator somewhere on the side of the headset if its color coincides with dominant tones. In this case, the gas unit will look in accordance with the overall style of the kitchen.

That’s just the decision to design part of the premises with the boiler, of course, it is necessary to take before the installation of the unit starts. In this case, you still need to think through the cladding of communications in advance. How to cover a gas pipe and electric eyeliner? We will also talk about this in the process of presenting the instructions.

And now we will begin, in fact, to the description of the procedures of the “infusion” of the boiler into the overall picture.


In the presence of individual gas heating, it is most difficult to beat the old equipment models. The designs released 15 or more years ago do not comply with modern design standards. Replacing heating devices with new ones would be the best. But such a procedure is very expensive, and professionals will have to work on it. One of the optimal options therefore is a disguise of gas equipment.

In the case of the wall installation of the device, it is either hidden by the cabinet facade, or made an important interior part. Since you can’t hide the device, you can enter it into the environment. The disguise is bad in that the facades cannot be provided to the device by a free influx of fresh air. In the option with floor boilers, they sometimes use penalties or gkl boxes. The design of these elements is determined exclusively by the stylistic direction of the kitchen.

In the old rooms, the boilers are usually rigidly tied to some corner. And any attempt to transfer them turns into serious problems. State bodies require a lot of papers governing such a procedure. And the work itself will be difficult. Therefore, the idea to rearrange gas equipment to a less noticeable place will most often have to refuse.

It is much easier if the boiler is only planned to be installed. Then you can choose the optimal solution. Of course, given all the same fire safety requirements. When placing a boiler inside the headset, furniture from the inside is covered with foil or other materials. It is best to immediately clarify that it is a product to mask heating devices when ordering a headset when ordering.

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How to disguise communications?

Hiding a gas boiler in a closet is not all. The next actual question is how to close the pipes and wires of a gas boiler in the kitchen. Gas and heating pipes, as well as electrical wires supplied to the unit, look unaesthetic. Therefore, it is also desirable to hide communications.

close, boiler, kitchen, cabinet, options

According to safety rules, communication cannot be completely hidden in the wall, there should always be free access to them. You can decorate communications using a box. Another option is to purchase a ready-made plastic sleeve or make it yourself from drywall or a wood-piece stove. A homemade box is sometimes glued with a film to the color of the finish or furniture. It is important that the sleeve does not adjoin the pipes close, it is necessary to leave a gap of about 1 cm.

Also, communications are successfully disguised as:

You can always show imagination and close the pipes and wires with some suitable decor item.

How to hide a chimney?

In the upper part of the boiler there is an output for smoke. The chimney is usually placed in a corrugation or metal box. It has a larger size than other pipes. There are several ways to hide pipes from a gas boiler:

  • Close with decorative panels;
  • Hang a shelf over the pipe;
  • Clog a suitable PVC film;
  • To mask thematic decor.

Note! Close the gas boiler and all its communications can be using one cabinet, which in height is located from the entrance of the chimney into the wall to the working countertop.

How to close a floor gas boiler

Wall gas boilers, compared to floor, more aesthetic option. Therefore, the latter are more often trying to hide. If the space of the kitchen or bathroom allows, then the easiest option is to raise brickwork around the heating device. Such an industrial style in the interior of the house is popular today. At the same time, a brick wall is not just a way to hide the unit. This is an excellent protection, which is part of the fire safety system of the house.

The second option is how to hide a gas boiler in a bathroom or kitchen is to install it in a headset penis. In the bathroom, it can be a separate pencil case next to the sink or in any other place if the space allows. In the kitchen, the pencil case fits into the headset itself.

The third option is to use drywall, plastic panels and other non.Combustible flat finishing materials to hide the floor model. The technology is the same as in the case of wall units installed in false chipscard.

Floor models. Devices with large sizes, compared to wall. They try to install them, and then hide, near the outer wall with the street. The usual location is the corner of the room or the site near the window.

How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen: the best designer achievements in the field of disguise

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If the adherents of techno-style or loft, the presence of a gas boiler in the kitchen does not bother at all, then for the rest the appearance of the unit so necessary for organizing a comfortable life of the unit becomes an annoying factor. Naturally, the latter puzzle over how to hide the heating device so as not to break the harmonious picture. However, in the case of gas equipment, any whim or fantasy does not always work, but to introduce competent and aesthetic masking oh, as not easy!

Requirements for the organization of gas supply, standards and rules

The main issue of installing gas equipment is the organization of security. Therefore, it is worth knowing the elementary rules and fulfilling strict norms. Of course, if the apartment is in the new building, then experts are installed and coordinated by themselves, the tenants can only skillfully and correctly disguise the gas boiler.

Recently, in order to save both energy and the family budget, they have been trying to introduce individual heating systems, and in this case the authors of Novate.Ru strongly recommend that you can familiarize themselves with what is possible and what is strictly forbidden to do:

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If you have not yet been frightened by restrictions and yet the room corresponds to the noms, then you can safely install a gas heating device and start thinking how the equipment harmoniously fit into the existing or newly created interior.

Hide a gas boiler in a closet

This is the most popular way to have a noble kitchen and individual heating. But in such an ideal, seemingly option, there is a lot of pitfalls that you need to know in advance so as not to spoil the furniture or something worse violate safety rules.

If the equipment is fixed on the wall, then it can be hidden in a hinged cabinet, in case of flooring. In a cabinet or a cabinet. But in the first and second options, it is necessary to organize a free flow of air to the unit and observe technological indentation from the surrounding boiler/ gas column of elements.

Encasement Boiler Casing

Repair in the kitchen is best done after installing gas equipment, then all communications will be able to perfectly veil. |

It is also worth considering in advance how the main communications will take place: water, gas pipeline, chimneys and electrical wiring, because their heaps looks even more not aesthetically aesthetically aesthetically pleasing than the boiler itself/column. They, as a rule, are hidden under special plastic boxes of the desired color, and if the repair is done after installation, then they can be completely hidden under a specially made box or in a niche and vested with tiles or any other finishing material.

The openwork door of the cabinet will provide a constant air flow, which will be a guarantee of the correct and non.Failure operation of gas equipment. |

The best option in all respects will be the lattice or openwork cabinet door. If the gas boiler is in the place where there is no kitchen set, then for it you can build a camouflage box with your own hands, while not forgetting about the basic rules of installation and safe operation.

Important! The gas column cannot be placed in a tightly closed cabinet. The upper and lower parts of the furniture should always be open.

Make a part of a kitchen set

If the living space allows, then gas units can be turned into an original design element. |

If you are a happy owner of an apartment in a new building and organize your life from scratch, or you decided to install a boiler/column during a radical interior change, then gas equipment can be made an element of the headset. But for such a disguise you need to carefully prepare and know in advance where it will be. Naturally, the size and color of hinged or floor cabinets will entirely obey the dimensions, shape and color scheme of the installed unit.

Wall gas device decor

The safest equipment option is a boiler with a closed burner. Since modern units are quite compact, they are easier to hide behind decoration, but more bulky models are possible to give a more aesthetic look.

There are several options for how to beat their design in the interior.

  • You can hide the gas column behind the facade in the form of a grate. This will provide free air access.
  • The placement of the boiler in the closet next to the window helps to mask both the equipment itself and its communications.
  • Installation in the corner. The wall device can become as invisible as possible if it is placed in a niche near the sink.
  • An interesting idea is to paint the kitchen wall in tone. This will ensure the harmony of the interior without the need to come up with something complex.
  • The problem will help to solve the manufacture of a hinged shelf to order, especially for equipment. This will allow you to close the ugly pipes, chimney and hoses with which the boiler of individual heating is associated with the system. You can also purchase ready.Made plastic boxes for pipes and other communications made in a decorative style.
  • A good option. Embedding in a headset. In this case, it is worth considering its color in advance. Since gas speakers are produced mainly in chrome and white shades, they will look flawlessly in combination with any bright tones of furniture. On the other hand, you can paste the body of the boiler with a polyvinyl chloride film of the desired shade or paint with decorative heat.Resistant paint. However, sometimes a great color of the device can set the necessary Accent to the entire kitchen complex or it is profitable to contrast with the main tone.
  • Quite often, the equipment is masked by the antresoli housing with an open bottom and a top located above the sink. But at the same time, a tight adjustment of the boiler to the walls of the shelf is not recommended. In general, this is not the most successful solution, but if it complies with the safety rules, then this option is also allowed.
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The most budgetary method of decor of a hinged model is the manufacture of a plasterboard structure with your own hands.

To do this, at the first stage, a frame is assembled from metal profiles and is fixed to the plane of the wall. Then the cabinet box is assembled and attached using dugs. Sheets of drywall are fixed on it, after which the column is mounted, and then the doors are hung. Since the air always has high humidity in the kitchen, it is recommended to use moisture.Resistant drywall.

Paint the boiler in kitchen colors

It should be remembered that such operations are with particular caution. It is worth using only those paints that withstand high temperatures and are not toxic.

Also, it would not be superfluous to first clean the surface of the boiler and treat with a soap solution, for the better quality of painting.

The disadvantage of this method is that such a coating will be short.Lived.

Norms and rules that need to be taken into account

The instructions for the unit have safety requirements that you need to familiarize yourself with the installation of equipment. The main thing is not aesthetic appearance, but security.

Basic installation rules, regulated by SNiP:

  • Change the location of the boiler only a short distance. The transfer of equipment is possible to the corridor or another place, if it complies with other safety rules: for example, the room where the equipment should be transferred non.Residential, the presence of the door is necessary (it should not be tight) and the window. If the unit is hidden in a pencil case or cabinet, then holes in the facade for free circulation of air are needed. It is worth noting that the change of location has a fairly high cost.
  • It is forbidden to mount a gas device in the kitchen-living room, because the living room is a living room. Therefore, it is not recommended to break the partition between the kitchen and the living room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to mount equipment on loggias, balcony.
  • The area of ​​the kitchen should be at least 9 kV.M., and the height from floor to ceiling is 2 m.
  • You can not have a boiler next to combustible materials. Therefore, it is better if the user decides not to close the unit at all, which is safe. Equipment manufacturers take this into account and make a decorative panel on the wall of the device (under a tree, apply photo printing and much more). You can also independently perform the boiler or paint it to the color of the kitchen or interior.
  • You can not combine the ventilation channels of the kitchen and the gas boiler.
  • It is forbidden to hide the communications of the boiler (pipes, ventilation) under non.Stroke boxes of materials that do not give free access to ventilation, in particular from drywall. Therefore, it is recommended to mask pipes behind decorative panels where the door opens, or purchase a decorative removable box for communications in a construction store.
  • Install a special device that will notify the user in the case of gas leakage.
  • On the wall where the gas unit is hung, it is necessary to close the metal sheet.
  • Between the boiler and the gas stove or the refrigerator should be at least 30 cm.
  • The counter should be placed no closer than 1.6 m from the boiler.
  • The boiler socket is installed at a distance of 1 m.

When choosing a method how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the rules and norms for safety measures. This will protect the user from a possible accident and a fine from gas service controllers.

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