Cleaning Split systems how often is carried out

DIY air conditioning cleaning: regularity, methods, means

Air conditioners have long been widely used by Russians to create a favorable climate in residential and office premises. During operation, they are polluted and need to be cleaned. You can make it by contacting professionals or yourself.

cleaning, split, systems, often

Split ACs. Coil Cleaning DIY Guide by Blue Star (Hindi)

Dust and dirt can cause a breakdown of the device. In the instructions for the air conditioner of any kind, you can find a item about their mandatory periodic maintenance. Timely cleaning of the device prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor and noise during operation. Maintaining the cleanliness of the air conditioner allows you to significantly extend its service life.

The device cleaned of dust and dirt does not spread bacteria and viruses that accumulate inside it. They can cause allergic reactions, cause a disease of the respiratory system and asthma. Energy consumption grows in contaminated air conditioning, which can seriously affect the family budget.

Independent cleaning of the air conditioner requires knowledge of the device of its design.

What is called split system

Split system-Contractor, divided into two blocks, internal and outer, which are connected by a copper pipeline for supplying a refrigerant. This design is a good compromise between inexpensive monoblock air conditioners and highly effective multi-split systems. On the one hand, the split system is deprived of the shortcomings characteristic of monoblock air conditioners, namely the low efficiency and high noise during operation (the noisy compressor is taken outside the dwelling). On the other hand, the cost of split systems is much lower than that of multi-split systems close to them along the efficiency, in which several internal blocks are joined by one external unit.

cleaning, split, systems, often

For 20-30 thousand. You can purchase quite high.Quality air conditioning. Therefore, for small (one-three rooms) apartments and cottages of a split system is the best option.

After installing air conditioners, do not forget that the internal blocks are equipped with a system of filter elements that need periodic cleaning and, possibly, replacing consumables. It is necessary to carry out regular service, otherwise air purification will be ineffective

How to do it

The following will be told how to clean the internal block of the air conditioner on your own.

To start cleaning, you need to prepare tools for work and the necessary materials:

cleaning, split, systems, often

It is recommended for work to stock up on a respirator and gloves.

Before cleaning the air conditioning yourself at home, you need to turn off the electrical appliance from the network. The floor is covered with old newspapers or polyethylene film in order not to pollute the floor while working.

The cleaning procedure includes several stages that will be considered in turn. In this case, you need to understand how to disassemble the air conditioner.


In order to clean the filters, it is necessary to remove the lid. To do this, it must be placed and pulled to yourself and up, bringing it to the stop. After that, you can see filters. These are slightly curved cellular plates. For cleaning, they need to be removed from the air conditioner, pulling on to yourself, then down. When examining, you can see how much they are contaminated.

To clean them, it is usually enough to rinse them with warm water. If you can’t remove the dirt, win them in water for half an hour, adding a little liquid soap.

After removing the dirt, it is necessary to rinse the filters with clean running water and wait until they completely dry out. After that, you need to gently wipe them with a piece of soft fabric. It is strictly impossible to dry through the use of warm air obtained using a hairdryer.

In this case, due to additional heat, a loss filter can occur.

Before putting this part in place, it is necessary to vacuum the insides of the device.

This cleaning can be performed under the condition that we are talking about mesh filters. This is impossible to do this for a variety, because in this case the contaminated is simply thrown away, and new ones are put in their place.

It is believed that these details can be washed no more than six times. This is due to the fact that they can gradually lose the ability to pass air in this way.


It is a design that is collected from several small plates. It is used to change the air temperature that passes through it. Inner platinums are located at a slight distance from each other. As they work between them, a large amount of dust accumulates. To clean them, you need to know how to disassemble the internal block of the air conditioner.

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If it is not very much, it is possible to clean with the use of a brush that has a long pile. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. After the procedure is finished, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the surface with a soft rag from dust.

Sometimes it happens that the dirt mixed with condensate and created a dirty film. In this case, it is not possible to independently carry out the cleaning procedure. Since you need to use special equipment. Cleaners. In this situation, it will be better for clearing to professionals.

To open access to the radiator, you need to open the lower lid of the split system. Then it is removed and cleaned. After its end, the part is put in place.

Rotary fan

This part is a circular shaft with shoulder blades, which, rotating, pushes the processed air into the room. Over time, dirt accumulates in it, which can lead to breakdown.

When planning how to clean the air conditioner, you need to start with the preparation of a soap solution. To do this, small pieces are thoroughly mixed with water. Then with this composition you need to spray the rotor fan blades. You need to wait a bit until the dirt plows. Then the fan needs to be turned on at low speeds.

It should be borne in mind that drops of soapy fluid during rotation will fly apart. After the fan works for several minutes, it is turned off and cleaned manually with a piece of soft tissue, toothbrush and prepared soap solution.

In order to protect yourself from spray when cleaning the internal unit of the air conditioner before starting work, it is recommended to cover the wall with a protective film, the floor with old newspapers. In the process of cleaning, you must be very careful in order not to damage the blades. If this happens, you need to replace the fan.

Drainage system

In the process, the channels of the drainage system will be contaminated.

If the air conditioner is cleaned, then the condensate will begin to drain inside the room. In this case, mold and fungus, which are formed in a humid environment, will begin to enter the pallet, and then on the radiator. From there, along with the air, they will fall into the room.

Drainage can only be cleaned partially. In this case, there is no way to clean the system independently in full. In this case, the detergent and brush are used. It is also recommended to rinse the drainage tray.

Full cleaning of the drainage system can be performed only by professional means. For this, steam processing is used. It can also be done by spraying a special cleaning substance.

There are split systems in which an automatic cleaning system is provided. To do this, the system sometimes switches to idle and dries drainage channels. In this case, you do not need to think about how to clean the split system at home yourself.

External block

This part of the air conditioner is located outside the room, from the outside of the wall. Access to it is difficult, but this does not cancel the fact that this block is regularly polluted and needs to be cleaned.

It is usually located outside the ground above the ground. The situation is facilitated by the fact that in this case there is no need to often clean. It is enough to do this no more than one or twice a year.

Step.By.Step instructions for cleaning the external unit is as follows:

cleaning, split, systems, often
  • The device must be disconnected from power supply.
  • In order to start work, first of all it is necessary to remove the top cover.
  • If there is such an opportunity, the garbage must be removed manually.
  • It is advisable to use a powerful vacuum cleaner for cleaning.
  • When carrying out work, you can not touch electrical boards. If they break, only service specialists will be able to fix them.
  • It is necessary to additionally clean with a brush that has a long pile.

How to clean the air conditioner yourself correctly?

To qualitatively clean the home air conditioner, they usually invite a specialist in this matter.

Is it possible to carry out the sink yourself with a minimum set of tools and chemistry?

The master comes, opens the lid, knocks the filter on the knee, hiss a couple of minutes with a steam generator without dismantling the squirrel wheel.

Learn How to Clean an Air Conditioner Servicing AC Cleaning at Home. SMELL FREE AC

Wins the outdoor with Kerher, spraying all the walls with dirty water (the neighbors will say thank you from below).

Takes his denyuzhki and leaves with the feeling of a fulfillment.

And after a couple of months, the air conditioner again begins to stink and overgrown with mold.

High-quality cleaning of the inner block with all the processes of disassembly and assembly takes at least 2-3 hours. This procedure is not fast and you need to approach it thoroughly.

You should not confuse it with elementary operations of washing air filters, which it goes from force for 10-15 minutes.

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In general from words to deed. We will show you in stages the analysis of all nodes and those nuances that you will have to face, and you will already draw conclusions on the basis of this. You can clean it with your own hands or it is better to invite a professional.

Still, after an attempt to independently disassemble and assemble the air conditioner, the number of appeals to a specialized service center increases dramatically)))

Sometimes even detailed video instructions on YouTube do not particularly help.

In extreme cases, with knowledge gathered from the article, you can easily control the work of the master.

Note that it will only be about the internal block, and not about the external!

To safely get to it, except for special.Tools sometimes also requires special.Technics.

First of all, pull out a fork from the outlet and turn off the device from the network.

After disconnecting, let him relax for 30 minutes. This time is not included in the total duration of the repair specified earlier

Half an hour data is necessary to cool the heated elements of the system. Another useful advice to those who will clean the unit not for themselves, but to the customer.

Suddenly he will be faulty. Then never prove that you are not to blame for his breakdown.

So, click the top cover and take out air filters.

According to the instructions, it is recommended to clean them every two weeks. The easiest way is to soap them with something like Fayry and rinse with a sponge under warm water.

Just under a stream of water from under the tap, really dirty nets cannot be washed.

Otherwise, you will get a quest. “How to make out the air conditioner and live on without it”

LG, Samsung and various kinds of Chinese No Name models understand relatively tolerable. But with the Japanese you have to disperse everything to the screw.

Therefore, put one of the family members next to you, so that he writes the whole process on the smartphone camera. This will help very much in the subsequent assembly of the design in the reverse sequence.

Behind the air filter in separate models, there may be a deodorizing element.

This is a thing that is sprayed with different aromas, and the whole room is filled with appropriate smells. We remove him.

We go down below. Open the lower damper and clench it on the sides.

Do not be afraid, it bends very well. Feel free to pull it down the middle and pull it out of the grooves along the edges.

If it doesn’t come out right away, try to scroll it. There may be a “lock” (for Toshiba models), which leaves the grooves in only one position.

Another damper may be associated with guide blades of air flow. Click on them and from them.

You can not climb a rag into the unit to clean the internal walls of the air conditioner, without removing the damper itself.

Those who want to save time, most often in this way and break the guides of the loud.

Signs that maintenance is necessary

A large flow of air passes through the device, carrying dust and steam, saturated with fat from cooking. On the inner surface, garbage and moisture accumulate, which create conditions for the formation of mold. With a large accumulation of dust, ticks appear. Dust is able to cause allergies, provoke an asthma attack.

The sediment affects the quality of the air and the operation of the split system. Deteriorations are clearly visible. The only remedy is a preventive examination of the internal unit at least once a week. The external is disassembled at least once a year. To understand how often to clean the air conditioner in the apartment, you need to study the instructions. It has all the information about what maintenance is required, and when it should be done.

Signs of pollution of the device

  • Unpleasant odors that appear only after starting the device. If they were not felt a few minutes before the launch, then the reason for their appearance is probably the deposits accumulated inside the deposit.
  • Reducing the flow of processed air. Most likely, it is overlapped by a thick layer of deposits.
  • Increased energy consumption. Perhaps dust and fatty raids interfere with the operation of the engine.
  • Cracking and constant hum. They occur when the engine is clogged or filter. One of the reasons is a raid on the fan blades.
  • Leaks and characteristic squash appear when clogging channels or incorrect operation of the device.

Why clean the air conditioner

The device is included through itself huge amounts of air. And in the city it is always saturated with dust, particles of smoke, soot and other dirt. Passing the air through itself, the split system is polluted all the time.

The air conditioner also constantly produces condensate, which flows along the drainage tube to the street. If the liquid meets the dirt in its path, then the latter gets down into lumps. They remain in the air conditioner. Dirt and moisture are ideal conditions for the life of bacteria.

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It is especially important to clean the air conditioner in the spring. Over a long time, the system has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt, which will fall into the room with a direct stream.

Useful tips for caring for air conditioning

The following recommendations will help to properly serve climatic work:

  • Cleaning filters and dust fan, act carefully, do not use strength. Fragile parts are easily deformed and are not subject to repair.
  • Do not allow direct sunlight on the inner block. The signal from the remote control is distorted, the system does not respond to it. Electronics may break.
  • Close the windows when the device is turned on. Cooling the street, the device works for wear.
  • Regularly inspect the external block for damage. If there is a suspicion that Freon follows, smear the joints with foam compounds. Bubbles will show where the gas comes out.
  • On the ground floor, protect the outer part of the split system with a grate.
  • Do not turn on the air conditioner in frosty weather.
  • Do not use faulty equipment, call the master.

Articles, videos, where professionals talk in detail about caring for air conditioning, look for service centers on the sites.

7 operations performed during the maintenance of the air conditioner

  • Cleaning filters of the internal unit (mesh filter of rough cleaning).
  • Cleaning the impeller of the cooling fan of the internal unit (if necessary).
  • Cleaning/washing the heat exchanger of the external unit (if necessary).
  • Washing the drainage tube.
  • Checking the performance of electrical connections.
  • Diagnostics of the working condition of the air conditioning equipment (measurement of parameters in order to determine the sufficiency of the freon).
  • Refueling/re.Reference of freon (if necessary).

The air conditioner is refueling by freon through the outdoor block valve, so it is desirable that this block is easy to maintain for maintenance. Otherwise, any procedures will fly into a penny. Say, complex maintenance of the split system will now cost 2–2.5 thousand And for the services of industrial climbers will have to pay extra 5-6 thousand.

Manufacturers recommend completely drain the mixed freons R407 or R410 and season the refrigerant again to the normative mass. This avoids errors. Refuel mixed freons in a liquid state, not in a gaseous! Now they begin to supply air conditioners on the new R32 freon (TOSHIBA, for example, since 2017. This is the BKVG series). It is one.Component and in this regard more convenient: it does not need to be drained. You can only add a little and check the mass by weight.

Freons is a whole group of gaseous fluoride.Containing hydrocarbons. Different freons can be used in domestic air conditioners. Most often it is a mixture of R-410A (50 % of diphormethane and 50 % pentifthoroetan), Freons R-32 (diphormmethane), R-22 (chlordiformethane) are also found. At the moment, equipment operating on the R-22 is not produced, this colad can be found only in old models. This is why you should pay attention to new models.

The most reliable way to refuel the air conditioner is the complete removal of the freon and then refueling the exact amount of gas, because not a shortage or excess of only 20 g of Freon will affect the performance of the device

To carry out the procedure itself, special equipment is needed. In the simplest case, there should be precise electronic scales and a manometric collector with hoses. Refill without weights, “by eye” is prohibited. Also, you can not mix different types of freons. Say, in systems designed to work with the R410A refrigerator, it is forbidden to use other refrigerants, and in systems designed to work with the R22 refrigerant, etc Apply the R410A CLEAD. When mixing refrigerants of two brands in the refrigerator, there is an unacceptably high pressure, which can cause a rupture of the circuit and accident.

Preparation of the system for the summer or winter period

Care for air conditioning or split system in the apartment includes holding measures to prepare for the change of season. Regardless of whether the model is adapted to use in winter or not, there are some temperature restrictions. Include climatic equipment at a temperature below the permissible threat of a leak of liquid with subsequent icing of the external unit.

Before the onset of cold weather, you must definitely clean the home air conditioner, and dry the whole system. In modern models there is a special function “fan” (the name may be different).

Preparing for the warm season, the interior module of the split system or air conditioning must be cleaned again. During the downtime, fine domestic dust is certainly collected inside the case, so you need to rinse air filters and a fan, and if necessary, the evaporator.

Caring for climate technology in an apartment or office increases its effectiveness, increases the air conditioner’s resource. The technical device of air conditioning systems is simple, why many users prefer to conduct cleaning measures on their own.

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