Cassettes for a refrigerator bag how to use

What is a coherent heat-drum and how to use it

For lovers of picnics and trips over distant distances, thermogram-cooler is an indispensable accessory. But not all consumers fully understand how it looks and how it works. They would like to know what and how long such a device holds the cold. Others are interesting-how the Kholodnik bag differs from the isothermal container and what is better to choose. This article will give answers to these and other questions.

Kholodnik bag-this is the name of isothermal (heat-insulated) device. To maintain constant internal temperature, it uses cold accumulators. For the manufacture of thermal drum, durable synthetic fabrics are often used that can repel water and protect from the penetration of sunlight.

For the outer part of the cold bag, the following materials are used: synthetic polyamides or thermoplastic polymer vinyl chloride. The advantage of these fabrics is easy cleaning from pollution, and they also dry quickly. The device is stable due to the thermal insulating laying (special foam) laid between the outer elements of thermal drum and its inner part.

Outside, according to the description, the product resembles a classic bag with handles, equipped with s for various small things. The thermal drum does not cool, but only supports the initial temperature of products, medicines or cosmetics that are laid in it. So that it plays the role of the refrigerator to use special ice containers.


Important! Thermal drum is also used as a thermos to preserve products with warm. In this case, batteries are heated.

Principle of operation

Cold batteries. Plastic, necessarily sealed, capacity of a rectangular flat shape, inside which a special liquid is contained. Usually a solution of carboxymethyl cellulose. The weight of one container is approximately 0.5 kg, it is designed for 6-10 liters of the volume of thermal drum, allowing up to 10 hours to maintain a constant temperature. In fact, the device resembles ice, but has special properties. Quickly freezes and slowly melts.

Devices that accumulate cold are multifunctional: they will be useful to tourists, summer residents, motorists on the road. In addition, they extend the service life of a stationary refrigerator, reducing the load on the compressor, become a real salvation when the electricity is turned off, when the contents of the freezer begins to melt. Claudagents are also used in medicine. To transport a number of drugs, vaccines, biological tissues and other things.

The principle of the functioning of such a device is simple: the container is placed in the freezer, where it completely freezes in 6-8 hours. After that, the battery is ready to work. The desired number of bags is covered with the sides and the bottom of the thermal drum, and then the products are tightly loaded there. The service life of the refrigerant is not limited, after using it you can rinse with water, wiped dry and re.Freeze.

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Batteries cannot be placed in ordinary road bags. Their contents can damage the lining and fabric from the inside.

Urals for isothermal bag

The refrigerant of thermal drum (cold battery) will help save the desired freshness of products in an isothermal bag on hot summer days. The drive itself will be required if it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature for a long time, which exceeds the capabilities of the bag.

Thermal container can withstand the temperature of 2-3 hours. But if the time is on the road more than this time, products and drinks may deteriorate. During the trip to the thermal Summer, a refrigerant should be placed, which will maintain the temperature even longer.

How to use a cold battery?

As a rule, the cold battery works is very simple. Before use, it must be placed in the freezer for a long time for complete freezing the filler inside the device. After that, put it in an isometric bag and the battery will be for about 20 hours (depending on the bag of the bag) to keep the cold, selecting heat from the products in the bag. Then the cold battery must be washed with water and put again in the cold. The battery of the cold bag of environmentally friendly materials, absolutely harmless for food products, was made. You can store such batteries in the freezer of the refrigerator or in another place protected from light. The life of these devices is not limited when storage is properly. Depending on the size of your cold bag and on the number of products in it, you may need a single battery, but several. If you use one cooler, then put it on top of the products, and if several, then shift them in layers all in the bag, and put one more on top.

Cold batteries are used in household refrigerators. They stabilize the temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator, thereby contributing to the more rare inclusion of the compressor. In addition, the cold accumulator increases the time for safe storage of products, if the electricity is suddenly turned off and the refrigerator does not work. Up to about 18 hours in the freezer, the minus temperature will still remain. Also, this device increases the freezing power in freezers. With manual defrosting of the refrigerator, it is very convenient to use cold drives.

Cold batteries in thermal shows are used when selling ice cream or during the transportation of perishable foods.

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Alternative to factory batteries

DIY cold drives, of course, are inferior in their properties to factory devices. But, if the planned trip does not take much time, they may be quite useful.

The simplest version of the cold source at home is frozen water in a bottle (both plastic and glass). This type of battery has a great drawback: ice quickly melts, as a result of which the low temperature in the isothermal bag does not last long. The best indicators of the home invention can be achieved if salt or alcohol is added to the water.

So, improvised materials necessary for the manufacture of a cold drive:

The approximate ratio of the last two is 10: 3 (for example, 100 g. Water and 30 g. Salts). The freezing temperature of such a liquid is about.20 degrees. If it does not freeze for a long time, you need to drain a little solution and add clean water.

The thermal conductivity of the concentrated aqueous solution of salt is approximately 236 kJ/kg. This value is not limit: it can be increased, the temperature of freezing of the composition at the same time decreases.

If the wallpaper glue or gelatin is added to the salt solution (the consistency of the solution should be similar to the gel), the resulting battery will melt more slowly compared to previous devices options. Homemade batteries for greater efficiency should be laid on the bottom of the bag and on top of its contents. If necessary, you can additionally place them between the products.

Liquid composition in the cold battery

The following types of refrigerants are distinguished by the types of cooling substance:

The battery with water-salt solution retains a temperature of 6-8 to 18-20 degrees. The refrigerant contains the substance E466 (carboxymethyl cellulose) as a thickener. The gel generator can maintain both increased and reduced temperature regime. Silicone refrigerant is capable of holding the temperature for a week. The limit from 0 to. 3 degrees.

Preparation and action

Prepare a cold battery for use. Containers are placed in the freezer, turning on the maximum cooling mode, for the time required to complete fluid freezing. Freezing time directly depends on the type of filler. Then you can use it in an isometric bag for a day, the battery will take the heat from the products, keeping them fresh.

The time of the beneficial action of the battery depends on several factors:


Depending on the volume of the bag, several batteries may be needed. It is very important to correctly place them in the space of the bag:

As the composition is defrosted in the battery container, it is pulled out of the bag, washed with water, wiped dry and placed again in the freezer.

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Store the cold battery, while it is not used, it is necessary in the refrigerator, this ensures the safety of the battery and increases the period of activity of the refrigeration-modricular device.

What is

The batteries for the cold bag are similar with small-sized containers of flat configuration. The products are filled with special liquid, which often contains a solution of carboxymethyl cellulose and has the ability to quickly freeze. Usually the device is made rectangular or square. Sometimes it is a dense package that can take any necessary configuration.

Before you start using the device, it is sent to a special freezer, until complete cooling occurs. A refrigerant for a bag is used by tourists, car owners, workers in the field, summer residents and fans of picnics. Wide functionality and great popularity are due to the fact that the accumulators of the cold for the cooler bag for up to 72 hours can persist from 0 to 0 to.5 degrees.

The shape of the device is due to compact considerations. In addition, it allows you to create a large contact surface, which ensures the implementation of the main function. Maintaining the necessary temperature.

To understand how the cooler bag works, you need to know what elements are inside the coolant itself. Its design consists of several details:

The latter, in addition to water, includes several additives:


These substances increase the heat capacity of water. The temperature at which the mixture freezes quickly and can reach 5 degrees below zero. Simply put, the cold generators for the cooler bag at the first stage accumulate the negative T, after which the food inside is cooled.

Where you can use the cold battery

There are also cold sources used as trays. Products and drinks located on them either cool, or remain warm longer.

Cold drives are indispensable and in case of disconnecting electricity. The elements located in the freezer or refrigerator give the accumulated cold, thereby slowing down the process of defrosting for one day.

Cold batteries in the freezer are needed not only in emergency cases, but also on ordinary days. Their presence leads to an increase in the degree of freezing of products placed in the chamber.

When choosing a cooling element, you first need to answer the questions for what purposes it will be used, and what duration of the device is needed. Only after that it will be clear whether the factory (gel, silicone, water-salt) or a home-made cooling element is needed.

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