Capsule coffee machine Bosch what capsules are suitable

Which capsules are suitable for coffee machine Dolce densely, Nepresso, Bosch Tassimo, Kremesso. Disposable and reusable capsules: how to save on coffee

At the moment, several brands offer a good assortment of coffee makers for household use. Manufacturers of capsule coffee makers produce their own original capsules with ground coffee, which are quite expensive for an ordinary person.

I don’t want to throw away a good coffee machine, there is only one way out. To choose which capsules are suitable for Nespresso Delonghi coffee machine, Dolce densely, Bosch Tassimo, Cremesso, Squesito.

Buyers have already managed to evaluate the quality of original products, so they do not want to simply buy fakes of unknown companies whose capsules do not have that magical taste and aroma. People are interested in whether it is possible to choose capsule coffee of one brand and place it in the container of the coffee maker of another company.

Another problem that occurs more often is the lack of a company store in the city. In this case, it remains to constantly order products via the Internet. This is not quite convenient, since at any time guests can come and the workpieces will fly in one day. It is not always possible to buy several blocks at once, as it is expensive, plus delivery from another city to the consumer.

What is the difference between Nepresso, Dolce densely, Tassimo? Help with the choice

So much in the coffee machine’s market that the head is going around. I want capsule, not very expensive. It turns out they are divided by type of capsules. Tell me what the differences and advise some.

We were presented for a wedding to a dolce densely coffee machine.Better Dolce-Guosto, they have a large selection of capsules!My husband likes me.Before that, I drank coffee cooked in an ordinary coffee machine.I drink Americano in the morning, and in the evening of Mokka or Latte Machiato.

Bought a dolce densely and 2 capsules set for it. Of these 2 sets, made one set. You buy ground or grain to your taste (there are aesthetic gourmets) and fill them with capsules. There are a lot of videos on Yu-Tube how to make the re-refuelled capsules.

Aunt brought capsules for Tassimo (Jacobs Espresso 3 packages of 16 pieces), and we have Nespresso. Is it possible to exchange/sell such capsules somewhere somewhere?

Hello. From us you can purchase Tassimo capsules at low prices! Http: // vk.COM/Club110486044 We also deliver to other cities. 79067673077

How can you compare coffee coffee (fu!) with natural ground.

Olga, you are wrong, the capsules are the same natural coffee. It is quickly prepared not because it is soluble, not at all, just the cooking process is different. The steam acts there, and the coffee case is not good than in the coffee shop, I tell you like a coffee machine with experience!! And I drink in Starbax and I do at home, only I have no cool syrup (we have a non.Specific machine, if anything, we take analogues, otherwise, well, very expensive original capsules, orders Rusperess from here http: // wwww.Strogo-Coffee.Ru

And why capsule? In my opinion, you can get angry on the capsules. From a pack of ground coffee you will prepare more portions of coffee.

Yana, I found a store with normal prices, I will not say that it is straight cheap, but quite acceptable. And there is a choice, and there is no need to let it out: I inserted a capsule and ready)

I don’t know what the difference is, I have a non.Specific coffee maker, it cooks beautiful coffee, capsule, capsules I take Single Cup Coffe. There are affordable prices, if you count, then a cup of coffee is 15 cheaper, and if anyone drinks wholesale, it is profitable!

Dolce-gusto Krups and Bosh coffee machines, I have not met others

Delicious coffee in capsules for non.Specific machines https: // vk.COM/VKCOFFE

Coffee in capsules: Capriccio, Volluto, Arpeggio, Cosi. How is translated into Russian? What kind of coffee? What a taste? Tell me, please, someone?

Received a coffee machine Delonghi Esam 4500, we liked the same from friends and therefore took themselves especially at this price. It is very convenient that everything is automatically, and the foaming of milk and grinding coffee, pressed the button and you need to wash it well, but earlier there was an an eryniper with a manual buffer of milk, there it took a mug of coffee about 7-10 minutes). Very satisfied.Like so much. We use the whole family I ordered on Ali there are now huge discounts up to 90%http: // ali.PUB/205UB2 VITE Link you will not regret

Nespresso coffee machines are high as assembly, insides and mechanism as in Mercedes and BMW, for comparison. It is already longer and Tassimo this is already going like Renault and Peugeot cars, they certainly do not bad coffee, but in itself coffee, medium.Sized quality, that is, Gevalia, Jacobs. Nespresso, if we talk about original capsules, then they have the highest variety of coffee and if you compare the coffee that these coffee machines prepare, then non.Spress is in the first place. You can buy the average variety of coffee of the day of Nepspresso, it will be the same as that of other cars, except that non.Spress has a more powerful pressure, that is, 19 bar, and other Tassimo or Dolce has a lot of 15 bar. The design is different, management.

At the expense of prices, depending on whom how. If you buy for yourself, I think if there is enough money for the device, then the capsules should have enough. I personally do not count money for such trifles. But capsules for dolch are densely and tassimo more affordable than. Original for espresso. Think.

I have been using a coffee machine and live coffee capsules for two years, I tried the capsule coffee of other manufacturers, after Living Coffee it is impossible to drink. I changed one car to a new one not so long ago, not because of the quality of the car, but because they had a new model, with a foam.Round and a compass of capsules, it is very convenient) I also left the old model of the car, it can be checked there and make coffee without capsules, falling asleep just ground, in the new one it will not work out) many types of coffee, from 100-400r somewhere, 8 capsules each) I like 2 types of 100r, the other 150r, I drink private, but it does not go on the way My opinion, the coffee coffee is tastier than in any cafe, where the price tags for 250ml coffee cabbage with foam costs about 150 rubles) and so a Turk is of course a good option, I use it periodically when there is mood and time))

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I have a coffee machine nonsense. Capsules took the same company. But I accidentally bought “live coffee”, suitable for a coffee machine of this brand. Coffee is magnificent!

Capsol machine. It is very comfortable! You will first get used to it, and only then say. It’s better not to come up with an option for an office. I inserted the capsule. Pressed the button. Espresso was brewed. Other Espresso cars classic. They are clogged, warmed up, something gets stuck in them, etc.D.

If you want to be sure of the composition of coffee, then use your ground coffee, we bought reusable Kapsula-Coffee capsules.Ru for nespresso, fall asleep into the capsule just ground coffee, insert into the car, cooks coffee. I also brew large-leafy tea in a capsule with a coffee machine, refused bags and a kettle.

You will not feel the taste that is in the original capsules. Simple ground coffee does not have such a concentration that is in the original capsules

Yes, capsule is overlooking. I have a Tassimo Bosch car, and I really love Kapuccino. So the packaging of capsules costs 300-350, and there are only 8 cups! T.E. 8 coffee capsules and 8 milk capsules. So consider if you drink every day. Sooo expensive

So beat the milk separately. Buy in IKEA Kapuchuchinator for 99, heat milk or cream in a mug, beat and add espresso or Americano from a capsule there. For you 300 already 16 cabbage will be and natural milk. And for the action, it is fashionable to take LOR espresso for 199 16 capsules. Here you have convenience and benefit

And why capsule? In my opinion, you can get angry on the capsules. From a pack of ground coffee you will prepare more portions of coffee.

Advantages and disadvantages

Capsules of this brand are in great demand among connoisseurs of coffee. And this is not casual, because they have a number of advantages:

  • Coffee is obtained with high taste and rich aroma;
  • A wide variety for selection is provided;
  • The price corresponds to the quality;
  • High.Quality ingredients are used.
capsule, coffee, machine, bosch, capsules, suitable

Among the minuses of TASSIMO capsules, you can note the moment that they are suitable for use only in coffee machines of this brand. Also, despite all the positive aspects of the goods and its quality, the price, in comparison with other offers, is significantly higher. But this area is justified, since the drink really turns out to be rich and fragrant.

The most popular capsule manufacturers


Swiss company producing capsules with high.Quality ground coffee. Products are designed for a target audience of consumers who prefer this brand. By purchasing a coffee machine from this company, the consumer is automatically entered into the circle of regular customers, becomes a member of the Nespresso club. In the future, such participants can use a wide range of services offered. Experts will help choose the desired variety of coffee and accessories. At the request of the client, the capsules can be delivered home or to work up to 48 hours. In branded service centers, you can serve or repair equipment, get advice on its operation.

Sale of goods and products from Nespresso is under strict control. All names from the presented assortment are ordered through special services or branded coffee boutiques.

Dolce gusto

Nescafe Dolce Gusto products is a premium brand producing coffee machines and special capsules for them. Such an organic combination allows you to quickly and professionally cook coffee and other drinks at home or in the office. The Dolce system was densely appeared in 2006, as a result of the joint efforts of Nestle and Group Seb.

Dolce capsules are densely filled with fried and high.Quality ground grains of the best Brazilian coffee varieties. Various varieties and proportions create drinks with a unique taste:

  • Espresso. There are various ratios of arabica and robusts mixed with each other. There are 13 varieties of this drink saturated with a bright coffee aroma in total.
  • Americano. Soft classic drink from 100 percent arabica. Stronger drinks. In the category of Lungo or Lungo Mind.
  • Cappuccino. It contains invigorating coffee and delicate milk dessert of milk powder and sugar.
  • Mokka. A three.Component drink of coffee, milk and chocolate. The ingredients are distributed by two capsules.


A well.Known Italian brand using only high.Quality premium raw materials for its products. Therefore, in a short time. Since 2008. The company has acquired many fans of its products. Squesito capsules are available with coffee makers of the same name.

capsule, coffee, machine, bosch, capsules, suitable

In total, there are 6 main names from which you can always choose the right option:

  • The strongest drink that includes Robusta (100%).
  • Coffee with a middle fortress. Ideal for morning meal.
  • 100% coffee of this variety is used.
  • Here, Arabica and Robust are combined in perfect proportions. It is considered a drink for the whole day.
  • Premium class product. Organic varieties of arabica are used that preserve the aroma and taste.
  • Arabica and Robusta are mixed in a proportion of 1: 1. Caffeine is completely absent.


French capsules for coffee machines have been produced since 2004. The appearance resembles a small glass closed with a lid. Inside, it is filled with fried compressed coffee, packaged into canceled doses. The beneficial qualities of the drink are improved due to the use of special grinding and additional processing.

In total, the company produces several options:

  • Lungo. It has a soft taste. The volume is designed for approximately 110 ml.
  • Espresso. Produced in classic form or with the addition of milk. The fortress of the drink can be adjusted independently.
  • Americano, cappuccino, caramel cappuccino and other species.

Each capsule is marked with a special barcode, which is automatically read by a coffee machine. All the information necessary for work is encrypted here. The device independently regulates the volume and temperature of the water, sets the preparation time, determines the concentration of milk. The output is a coffee drink with all the declared characteristics.


Italian company, founded in 1895 by the entrepreneur Luigi Lavatsza. Currently, this is a major manufacturer who uses coffee from all over the world to work. Among large American suppliers, Brazil and Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica should be noted. In Asia and Africa, the product is supplied with Uganda, Vietnam, Indonesia.

The vast majority of Italians choose this particular brand, represented by dozens of varieties of natural coffee. They are distinguished by the degree of frying and grinding.

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The company’s production system consists of six factories. Of these, three are located in Italy, while others are located in France, Brazil, India. Italian plants provide an international market, and foreign work work for local coffee lovers.

Disadvantages of coffee in capsules

When purchasing a capsule coffee maker, it is necessary to take into account its unpleasant features:

Attention! Some models of the same brand requires different capsules.

At the time of writing, the box with 16 tablets weighing each from 6 to 10 grams (depending on the type of drink) of a popular brand costs 369 for the promotion. For comparison, the standard packaging of ground or grain coffee 250 grams can be bought for 250 or cheaper.

Capsule systems for coffee machines: what is presented in the Russian market

The modern capsule coffee market is divided between 3 main brands:

Buying a coffee machine. Which kind of coffee machine should you go for?

Each of the presented systems belongs to certain types of coffee machines. Typically, the brand of capsules is indicated next to the brand of the manufacturer of the apparatus. There are combined coffee machines that use both ground coffee and proprietary capsules. To find out which system is compatible with each specific model, you can find out from the instructions.


This Swiss brand from the Nestle concern appeared on the market first and does not lose its position to this day. In the assortment of 26 types of capsules. You can distinguish them by the color of the aluminum case, each species has its own name indicated on the membrane. The shape of the capsules is recognizable: slightly elongated, with noticeable faces in the lower part.

For its capsules, Grand Cru Nespresso uses only the natural ground coffee premium, the degree of frying, the blend and grinding depend on the type of drink. Each capsule has 5 g of coffee. Standard packaging includes 10 pieces, there are tasting sets of several types that are often attached to Nespresso type coffee machines.

Full list of drinks of the NESPRECCO system:

Name The color of the capsule Compound Roasting Taste
Kazaar Navy blue A mixture of robusta from Guatemala and Brazil with South American Arabica. Dark saturated, strong, with light bitterness and pepper notes.
Dharkan blue-green One hundred percent rabica wash (blending of varieties from South America and Asia). Dark Bright, with cocoa notes and shades of wood.
Ristretto black A mixture of arabica from South Africa, Colombia and Brazil with a small number of robusta. Dark delicious, with notes of black chocolate and tropical fruits.
Arpeggio Violet Pure Arabica from Costa Rica. Dark rich, with velvety chocolate tones.
Roma Gray-brown A mixture of South American Arabica with Asian timid. Dark soft, with a slight sweet taste and woody shades.
Livanto golden-medal One hundred percent Arabica from South America Average warm, with caramel notes and thin bitterness
Capriccio Emerald green Buy of South American Arabica with Vietnamese timid Bright delicate, with a small sourness and notes of fried barley
Volluto golden One hundred percent South American Arabica Bright Sweet, with fruit sourness
Cosi light brown Pure Arabica from South America and Kenya Bright light, with notes of cereals and fruits
Indriya from India Silver-gray One hundred percent Brazilian Arabica Average Strong, with shades of chocolate and nuts
Rosabaya de Colombia Silver pink Pure Colombian Arabica Average saturated, with fruit-berry sourness
Dulsander do brasil Light gold Washed Brazilian Arabica Average moderately strong, with barley notes
Bukela ka ethiopia Bright copper One.Percent Arabica from Ethiopia Bright spicy, with thin sourness and wood notes
Envivo Lungo Reddish-brown A mixture of Mexican robusta with Indian arabica Dark dense, strong, with bitterness and shades of ginger
Fortissio Lungo green Arabica mixture from South America and India Average bitter-sweet, with notes of cereals
Vivalto Lungo Silver-blue Buying of South American and African Arabica Average slightly sour, with wood-fruit nuances
Linizio Lungo yellow-orange Brazilian and Colombian Arabica Average Soft, with grain notes
Caramelito light brown One hundred percent Arabica from South America Average bitter, with caramel shades
Ciocattino Black brown South American Arabica with cocoa Average classic, with notes of bitter chocolate
Vanilio Milk-white One hundred percent South American Arabica Average moderately baked, with a touch of vanilla
Decaffeinato Intenso dark brown A mixture of South American Arabica and Asian robusta without caffeine Dark bitter, with shades of cocoa and fried barley
Arpeggio Decaffeinato blue-violet Arabica from Costa Rikibes caffeine Dark saturated, with cocoa notes
Volluto Decuffeinato Old gold Pure South American Arabica without caffeine Bright light, with sour-sour fruit flavor
Vivalto Lungo Decuffeinato Silver-blue Bamber of South American and African Arabica without caffeine Average slightly sour, with tones of wood and fruit

Dolce gusto

A very popular capsule system offering 25 options for pure coffee, coffee drinks, hot chocolate and tea with spices. Plastic capsules are more flat and rounded, resembling the shape of the bowl. Drinking options are characterized by a color membrane, which indicates the name. Capsules are packaged in cardboard boxes of 16 pieces. If the drink contains milk, half of the capsules in the package will be milk.

Pod coffee machines: 4 top brands put to the test

Buyer choice: the best models for beginners and pro

When choosing a coffee machine, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Water tank volume;
  • Body material;
  • Type of capsules used;
  • The presence of additional functions (auto shutdown, cappuccino, alert of protection against scale).

It is not necessary to consider pressure: for capsule machines, it is not of fundamental importance. Typically, the maximum level varies from 15 to 19 bar.

Nespresso Essenza Mini

Compact coffee machine laconic rectangular shape. Suitable even for small kitchens or offices. Equipped with an electronic control system, which allows experimenting with recipes.

There is a compartment for storing the used capsules. Auto system is valid, the machine operates in an energy.Saving mode. The pallet is removable, you can install it to the desired height depending on the volume of the cup.

  • Affordable price;
  • You can adjust the volume, strength of the drink, the height of the milk foam;
  • Works both on disposable and reusable capsules;
  • There is an indicator of water level;
  • Easily washed.
  • A small water tank, it will have to be constantly added;
  • Short cord;
  • The design of the machine does not allow you to install too high or wide cups on the pallet;
  • The smallest pollution is visible on the glossy case.

Krups Piccolo Nescafe Dolce Gusto

A miniature model that fit even in the smallest kitchen. Suitable for home and office, very simple in management. Even a child can easily cope with a coffee machine, but for pensioners who do not know how to handle complex equipment, it will become a real find. Using the device, you can prepare 25 Nescafe branded drinks: from classic espresso to cold tea.

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There is a power button on the case and the lever with which the drink is adjusted. The pallet can be installed at 3 levels. The difference between the model and its predecessors: the presence of a scale with a regulator of the volume of water in a drink. Lovers of stronger or weak coffee can choose an option to taste.

  • Compact dimensions;
  • 3 options for colors;
  • Affordable price;
  • Simple management;
  • Does not require cleaning and washing;
  • Automatic shutdown saves electricity;
  • Autodosis of water helps to regulate the fortress of the drink.

Krups Dolhe Gusto Infinissima

Popular model working on Dolche Gusto capsules. Differs in a futuristic design suitable for modern kitchens. Produced in several colors. There is no autodozing, you will have to choose a portion volume by hand. There is a system of notification of cleaning from scale: the procedure is necessary when the indicator begins to blink yellow instead of green.

  • Affordable price;
  • The car works very quietly;
  • Suitable for family use;
  • The pallet is easy to install on the desired height.

Nespresso de Longi Latissima

Compact coffee machine operating on Nespresso branded capsules. Laconic design, rectangular water tank is placed conveniently and compact. The device takes up a little space in the kitchen, while it allows you to cook at least 4 cups of coffee in one time.

The case is made of plastic, the water tank is transparent, easily removed. Maximum pressure. 19 bar, which corresponds to the parameters of professional coffee machines.

The reservoir for milk is removable, it can be disconnected and moved to the refrigerator. There is a system of auto disposal and a separate cappuccino that is easy to wash.

  • Compactness;
  • You can prepare not only standard coffee, but also other milk.Based drinks;
  • The ability to adjust the volume of drinks and the height of the milk foam.

Krups XN Nespresso

Medium.Sized model, plastic case with metal trim. Produced in several variations. The coffee machine is quite heavy, but compact, goes well with modern household appliances. It works on Nespresso branded capsules, which are easy to buy in any household appliance store. Used capsules can be put in a special compartment.

  • Stylish appearance without unnecessary details;
  • The volume of portions is adjusted automatically;
  • There is a function of heating cups;
  • Saves electricity due to the function of auto shutdown.

Bosch Tassimo Suny Tas

Several options for this model are presented on sale, characterized by additional functions and price. The most expensive ones have an automatic cleaning system from scale and an automatic reader that determines the type of drink on a barcode on a capsule.

The device works on TASSIMO branded capsules, allowing you to prepare different types of coffee drinks and delicious milk chocolate. A medium-sized water tank (0.7 l), suitable for simultaneous preparation of 2-3 cups of coffee. Floodplain water heating, the tray for the cups is removable, easily washing.

Inhouse multicoffee

A small coffee machine comfortable for home and office. Presented in several colors. The housing made of durable plastic, the water tank is small (0.6 l). There is a removable pallet for cups with a plastic grille that is easy to wash and install on the desired height. Works on Nespresso and Dolche Gusto capsules. There is no additional cappucchica, the volume of the portion can be manually adjusted.

capsule, coffee, machine, bosch, capsules, suitable

Nespresso capsules

Home Capsules

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Rating of automatic devices

Such devices include an extensive set of functions and facilitate the cooking process as much as possible, but are also much more expensive than capsule analogues.

TIS 30129 RW Verocup 100

A model with a cappuccino settled in height within 15 cm, independent rinsing of the elements after turning on or disconnecting the device. In the configuration filter Brita, tuning the tongue and protection from children.

Vasily Ionov Polina Ignatieva
“It is easy to understand management, it turns out aromatic, high.Quality coffee, but you can not configure large portions and this option itself is not provided for all types of drink.”” “Cooks strong, delicious coffee. Cons: a large resource consumption, small containers for waste, there is no zoore loading indicator.””

TIS 30321 RW Verocup 300

A device with ceramic millstones, an innovative heating element of a prototic type, providing an optimal temperature for a drink.

Nikolai Koshkin Vladislav Yurchenko
“A thought.Out cabiner, an uncomplicated design of the device, excellent quality for this price segment.”” “Beautiful design, setting a nose for any size of the dishes, heating cups.””

TCA 5201

Model for the preparation of espresso with manual cappuccino. Can fill two cups at a time, has an auto cleaning system, heating and eliminating scale. Equipped with a coffee grinder with a grinding type.

Mikhail Eremin: Alexander Shcherbinin:
“Budget coffee machine, cooks excellent espresso. High.Quality plastic building, thoughtful assembly.”” “A spacious apparatus with tuning water stiffness, worthy of the quality of the resulting drink.””
Model TIS 30129 RW Verocup 100 TIS 30321 RW Verocup 300 TCA 5201
Type of coffee Grain Grain Grain
Volume, l 1.4 1.4 1.8
Power, W 1300 1300 1400
Maximum pressure, bar fifteen fifteen fifteen
Type of drink Espresso, cappuccino, Latte Machiato Espresso, Latte, Ristretto, Kapuchino, Latte Machiato Espresso, cappuccino
Decalcination There is There is There is
Auto shutdown There is There is There is
Kapucchuchinik There is (auto) There is (auto) There is (manual)
Weight, kg 7.1 7.2 9.4
Price, p 19968 31500 22890

The Bosch lineup line is represented by a variety of devices that differ both in price and in the set of functions. Choosing the optimal device, it is worth considering the purpose of its application, additional options and ease of maintenance.

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