Can I shave with a trimmer without a nozzle?

Can I use a man’s trimmer??

Do not try to shave intimate area hair trimmer clean, you can hurt your skin Also, do not try to shave scrotal hair trimmer. the skin on it is very thin and in folds, which grass trimmer blades can easily catch. Leave all the work to the razor.

Trimmer is called a compact device that helps trim eyebrows, mustache, beard, and spot remove excess vegetation in the intimate bikini area, nose and ears. The photo below shows a trimmer for grass with different attachments, which allows you to both cut and do curly trim remove hair in the ears and nose.

Pros and cons

It’s cheaper than an electric razor, but it does require regular blade changes. The pluses of the machine is that he shaves cleaner than an electric razor, as the sharp blade is good removes stubble, which is not under the power of every electric razor. In addition, wet shaving with a loom is good for clearing pores, making the facial skin cleaner. The disadvantages are that the machine still traumatizes the skin because of the direct contact, and, accordingly, cuts are quite possible.

shave, trimmer, nozzle

Electric razors, on the other hand, are good because they don’t require water to shave, and they’re faster. Also, using an electric razor eliminates cuts and is less irritating to the skin. You don’t have to change blades as often as you do with a razor.

But using an electric razor leads to facial contamination and pimples, because the pores are not cleaned. That said, the razor itself can be noisy, it needs cleaning, and it is noticeably more expensive than the razor.

When using electric razors, you need to follow certain rules. Hair needs to be stiff, so you can’t shave immediately after washing in the morning, but 10-20 minutes later. For more efficient shaving you can powder your face with talcum powder and wipe it with toilet vinegar to get firmer and more resistant to the electric razor.

But shaving with a loom also requires a certain skill.

Universal shaving loom rules

  • Before you start, steam your face with warm water to make shaving more pleasant and easy, and to avoid irritation afterwards.
  • Apply a shaving cream and wait for it to soak in, softening the stubble.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it.
  • Rinse blade well after shaving to keep it from becoming a breeding ground for germs and to make it last longer.
  • Dry your razor each time and change blades regularly.
  • Be sure to use aftershave products that soften and moisturize your skin.
  • No rubbing with cologne, methylated spirits, or iodine, as the former two tends to dry the skin, while the latter can cause a chemical burn. It’s best to cleanse the cut with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine.
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Maxim Isayev

D. in law, professor of constitutional law at MGIMO:

Women don’t like beards! For the orthodox man, a beard is a certain dignity and sense of his worldview. When he has a beard, he assumes certain obligations, first of all, to correspond to the image of God, for God created us in his own image. And if we look at the iconography, Our Lord Jesus Christ is always depicted with a beard. Therefore, we should strive to conform to Him.

One can remember many historical examples when Orthodox people were forced into captivity, forced into a Basurman way of life, but, nevertheless, they remained Orthodox. And the beard in this case is part of the Orthodox tradition. I can’t even imagine a metropolitan, sorry, with a barefoot face. not with us or the Greeks. Catholics and Protestants may have that, but they have different traditions there.

In our climate, a beard can be very useful. it keeps you warm in cold weather. The only disadvantage is that it takes a long time to comb it in the morning.

First approximation

So, taking the grass trimmer out of the box. Narrow, compact, fits comfortably in your hand. By the way, light. here in 9 years progress has clearly stepped forward.

There are three controls on the body. The large on/off button, the laser retract button, and the ring whose rotation moves the plastic length adjuster attachment. The settings allow you to get a bristle length: 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0 и 7.0 millimeters. If you’re confused by this huge range of numbers, you can say: 18 different lengths from 0.2 to 7 mm. Turning the ring turns on a LED light and you can see the number that determines the length (funny enough, it’s called LED-display, but it’s just a LED shining through the application film. and you don’t really need much more). After a couple of seconds the light turns off so you don’t waste any power.

shave, trimmer, nozzle

The set also includes a replaceable blade for trimming “thin” places, a plastic nozzle for length adjustment, a brush for cleaning, a storage case and some huge amount of paper. certificates, guarantees, safety and care regulations, instructions.

In general, the grass trimmer is such an easy-to-use device that there is not even anything to write about using it. Take it and shave. If you need to make a thinner stubble, change the blade to a narrower one. It clicks into place, no effort to remove the blade assembly, just a nudge in the right direction. You need to make some bristles of a certain length. Just put on the regulator, set the necessary distance and go.

You can wash it underwater, but be careful because it’s not completely waterproof and you shouldn’t rub it with a dish sponge under a jet of boiling water. Just gently rinse the nozzle block.

Two words need to be said about charging. A full charge, which takes about an hour, is enough for 80 minutes of clean shaving. Objectively speaking, these are very good indicators, because with regular trimmer use it 20-30 minutes a week at most. That is, the charge lasts for a long time. If the grass trimmer is depleted “to zero” and you need to shave urgently, then 1-2 minutes of charging is enough for one shave.

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In general, the standard functions we have considered. Let’s talk about unconventional.

How to get the closest shave possible?

The biggest drawback to dry shaving with an electric or razor blade shaver is. is Skin Irritation. Too much pressure during shaving can also cause irritation, and in some cases razor burn dry, flaky skin. Tingling or burning sensation during and after shaving.

Who invented shaving for men?

History The time when males started shaving is unknown, although the images of beardless men on cave walls suggest that it might have started in prehistoric times. It is known that ancient Egyptians already in the times of the first dynasties several thousand years ago shaved both the face and the head.

Vibrissas (ed. ч.Vibrissas, lat. vibrissae, from vibro, to vibrate, to wriggle; colloquially, “whiskers”) are the tactile mechanosensitive long stiff hairs of many mammals that protrude above the surface of the hair coat.

Additional tools

As mentioned above, grass trimmers offer a lot of attachments in the kit. If you miss one of them in the basic set, you can buy it separately. In addition, you will need a brush to clean the device and a special oil.

Talking about how to trim your beard with a trimmer, don’t forget that you may need other tools to take care of facial hair as well. First of all, these are brushes for beard and moustache and combs with different width of teeth.

Short skirt at 45

You can do anything if you’re that comfortable ! I personally, the cream takes off. Although also white and not visible, but I like to be without.

If you really grow fine down on your legs, what’s the point of shaving it and making it stiff? If it only seems to you that the hairs are not noticeable, but in fact there is a hair a mile to see, then of course shave everything or wax. If girlfriends make remarks then you have the second option, but you do not notice it point-blank

Well, how can I put it? I have complexes that if I shave my legs, they’ll be dark hairs, and if, in cases where the razor does not turn out, they’ll grow back. Also (yes, I’m a teenager) my mom is against shaving legs.

And so it will be, the author. I had sparse golden hairs that I liked, I shaved them black and thicker. In general it is terrible not to walk unshaven, and I remembered how I was pestered by all sorts of old men in this age, once near school one grabbed, and walked with a friend, himself in a suit, well then were pencils metal I pushed him pencil case, but the stress was strong

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Honestly. It’s not pretty. I saw it on a girl I know, and it really doesn’t look well groomed. Unless you wear short dresses or skirts in the winter with dark, thick tights, then it’s okay. And in the summer. Or remove hair in some way (shaving, waxing, depilation, even a trimmer without attachments, so that even without perfect smoothness, but visually it was normal, if the skin is sensitive and shaving badly reacts, I myself do so), or if not touch hair at all, then wear long dresses, skirts or pants.

How blond hairs turn into dark hairs after shaving?? It depends on the bulbs, and the color and thickness?

Why would a teenager want to shave his legs?? Walk the way you like. Black long hair on the legs would look unaesthetic. But blond fuzz looks nice on a young girl.

It’s not hair, it’s fluff. Rare. If you shave, they’ll grow thick and hairy, like everyone else.

I have a friend who wears jeans with holes in the knees and bare ankles and shaves her hair only where the holes and ankles ahahah I’m furious with her author shave your legs, you can not get away)))

Of course. You’re doing great, you’re right not to shave, don’t follow stereotypes and feed the manufacturers of razors, be individual. This is rare these days.And those who advise shaving. The moronic fools.

The fabric upper weave conveyor

Fabric conveyor. inherent mechanism of any, even the most ancient sewing machine. It is the conveyor belt that provides the necessary stitch length by pushing the fabric between the two needle punctures. Machines equipped with a conventional fabric conveyor can cause problems when sewing thin materials such as silk, chiffon, viscose, thin synthetic fabrics. Layers of fabric can shift in relation to each other. In addition, when sewing, for example, plaid or striped fabrics, it can be difficult to achieve a perfect pattern match due to the same displacement. In order to solve this problem an upper fabric conveyor is used.

Usually it is a device that is attached in place of the presser foot and helps push the fabric over the top. This feeds both layers of material at the same time, as in industrial sewing machines, and parts do not shift.

Pfaff. the only company that equips its machines with an integrated upper fabric conveyor, the so-called IDT (Integrated Dual Transporter) system. Built-in conveyor belt is good because you can work with any foot, while the removable only with a universal foot, which is often not convenient. Thanks to the built-in overhead conveyor belt, Pfaff machines have become popular among home tailors.

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