Air vessel check for air leaks

General principles for applying a smoke generator

Most often, the smoke generator is used to search for the leaks of the intake collector of the motor. The configuration of the intake manifolds of advanced engines may quite laborious and has a huge number of possible leakage places. A more effective method of their search is considered to be the supply of smoke to the intake manifold and visual disclosure of leaks on the places of smoke exit from the outside of the test system. Such a method has the highest accuracy and does not require much time.

To conduct such an audit, you need to close the input pipe in the air filter region (for example, polyethylene film at the junction of the ducts).

Then submit smoke to the intake manifold through one of its fittings.

Now, it is quite visually to detect the spaces of smoke from the intake tract. They mean and will begin to show the places of leakage of the intake system.

The presence of leakage in the intake manifold affects the indications of almost all engine control sensors, and the engine control unit (ECM) is sometimes able to interpret them exactly. Have all the chances of appearing codes of different defects that do not specifically prescribe on existing leaks.

The work of the motor at small and medium.Speeds can deteriorate significantly. This occurs due to the entry collector of the additional number-the air-air mixture is lunch, and in the cylinders there are ignition passes, the stability of the idle speed is violated. With all this, the signals from the oxygen meters installed in the exhaust system tell the unit control unit about the excess air as part of the fuel-air consistency (when the engine control system is equipped with an air flow sensor), and ECM increases the time of injecting fuel with nozzles. With all this, the value of the adaptation of the fuel-air consistency is suitable for the upper adjustment limit. Also, to strengthen the storage data of the ECM idle speed, it reduces the opening step of the idle regulator (or the opening angle of the electric throttle), and the indications of the air consumption meter are reduced.

There are expensive and not enough smoke generators at all. They make smoke approximately idyntial. Their main difference lies in the convenience of working with them. Those who are rapidly included in the smoke generation mode are more comfortable, also have every chance to give smoke doses. The probability of serving smoke will be necessary when the leak is placed in a seriously affordable place. In those cases, an accumulation appears in the smoke exit region, which interferes with a detailed examination of the leakage site. With this option, the accumulation must be blown away, then serve smoke in small doses. This allows you to examine the place of its exit in detail.

It is recommended to serve a rather large amount of smoke with significant leaks. The better the smoke is served, the more freak it will reach the leakage and will come out of it. With an insignificant leak, the number of smoke is practically oriented by the size of the leak itself. With this option, the smoke will be able to move the snuffle of the intake tract to the leakage site for a long time, and the pressure pressure of the smoke with all this quickly increase. Therefore, when searching for insignificant leaks, it is noticeably more comfortable at first to rapidly fill the entire system with smoke.

To achieve the desired result, it is possible to deliberately make significant leakage in a place in the opposite of the supply of smoke (for example, opening the oil-liner lid of the motor), and serve smoke. How the smoke begins to leave the forced leakage, it should be eliminated, and again give smoke. Such a method should accelerate the visual manifestation of insignificant leaks. Because the value of the allowed leakage is sometimes known in advance, it is much better to constantly fill the system checked by smoke.

Of great importance is the system of limiting the pressure of the smoke supply. It is relevant in cases where the value of the leak as turned out to be less than the supply of smoke. In this situation, it turns out that the smoke is supplied to the test system, the largest number is supplied than to exit through the available leaks. Most of the manufacturers of smoke generators like to serve smoke under too low pressure. Approximately 0.03 0.05 bar.

This guarantees security for any option and any verified system, including when it is made of relatively narrow material having a huge surface area (for example, fuel tank). Although, this narrows the scope of the smoke generator, because some leaks have every chance of manifest only at high pressure in the verified system. The sample of such a system may be the intake tract of the motor equipped with an air boost system.

To generate smoke, when searching for the leakage of the fuel tank, it is not recommended to use air, because the supplied air is mixed with fuel pairs and significantly increases the danger of ignition from the smallest sparks. To achieve the desired result, instead of air, it is recommended to supply inert gas, for example, nitrogen (smoke produced by the generator, in essence, the smoke is not classified; practically, this is vapors of oil).

In fact, any mineral oil is used to generate smoke. Although it should be borne in mind that, together with oil, they have every chance of evaporates and additives that have been in it harmful to well.Being. Therefore, for security, almost everyone advises the use of baby oil, for example, from Johnson’s Baby, to which malicious additives are not added. In addition, it is possible to use fluids designed specifically for the auto generators, although it is more difficult to purchase them.

To supply oil to the evaporator, some manufacturers of smoke generators use fiberglass or asbestos cord, which in itself is considered source of malicious substances. Also, these cords very soon demolish and come into unusable. Therefore, the most advantageous systems of smoke generators are in which these materials do not use.

Almost all manufacturers complete their own smoke generators with a manometer designed to measure too low pressure; either by a rotameter showing the consumption of smoke entering the verified system. Although, usually, this probability is not used by anyone. In almost all cases, everything comes down to the usual definition of the focus of smoke outputs outside the test system.

Actual experience indicates that a significant part of the machines has leaks in the intake or exhaust system, external leaks in the crankcase ventilation system and in other neighboring systems. With a similar number of smoke emerging from the leak, the effect of this leak on the work of the motor may be different. If this is a leak in the intake manifold, where a significant vacuum is created, then its effect will become significantly higher than the effect of such a leak in the air duct before the throttle, where the resolution is practically not formed.

Smum generator for searching for air leaks

He began to notice that during the start (touching the place), failures began to appear in the thrust, the engine began to shake significantly and smoothly moved at low speeds, it was problematic. And from 1500-2000 problems did not cause. All sorts of forums immediately talked about adhesion oil in the first place. But I read that such phenomena can cause air leaks somewhere at the inlet. I decided to try to look for it Air leaks are checked in three main ways:

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Eyes and hands. A clear visible violation of the integrity of the tube, hose or something else like. This is the easiest case. They felt, turned, saw a crack or at all tore off; Replaced and rejoiced)

Essential fluids for the start of carburetor engines or just a carburetor cleaner. Check is carried out on the starting engine. A liquid that is easily ignited is sprayed in small quantities in different nodes and tubes. If you hear a change in engine operation, it means that the problem is in this place. The engine absorbs this very liquid into the intake manifold, its pairs, the mixture is richer than the recipe for the “brains” of the car and the revolutions should jump.

Smoke. In my opinion, the most interesting way. The bottom line is that in one of the tubes of the intake system under slight pressure, smoke is supplied. Air filter pipe is dumped with polyethylene. The system should turn out to be sealed. Thus, by streams of smoke above the engine, you can determine the places where it “passes”.

I want to talk about my experience.Smoke can be obtained in different ways. The easiest sigarette, the coolest dumm generator. Since I did not have a smoke generator, and the time was allotted for the car, I guessed what I used. Pulled the phone, blew into it and saw smoke from under the throttle. The sucker came across! I unscrewed, wiped everything, washed, twisted. As a result, the engine works smoother, there are no failures when touched. I did everything quickly, there is no photo unfortunately. There is only such

And the smoke generator interested in!) There are many schemes on the Internet, the video is. Basically, a candle of incandescent of a diesel engine is used everywhere, immersed in oil. I looked at it all and decided to try to assemble my device. I have no incandescent candles, I don’t want to look. But there is a nichrome wire. It will be a heating element. I initially wanted to do on the principle of an electronic cigarette: the thread passes through the spiral. The fluid rises along the thread, heats up and evaporates.

I don’t know what temperatures there I got a thread resistance of about 3.3 Ohms. Nutrition of the 12th century. The temperature of the spiral turned out about 250 degrees, measured the thermocouple.

For a long time there was no news from me, because it was cold outside, and I somehow did not want to walk with snot after the garage. Since this is not my main occupation, but only a hobby, I could afford it. But now it got warmer, and began the people to call me, and I do cars. Today the conversation will be about such Ford Focus.

A little background. Focus had an accident, the blow was in the front wings, as a result of which the intake manifold cracked at the seams. The collector was sealed to me, but the car did not behave well during the factory. Until the car warms up godless troit and does not go. It is to blame for this air leaks in the collector. To search for suckers, you can use the old grandfathers a method-water suspicious places with water, or spray in them any aerosol. This must be done on the starting engine and listen to the engine reaction to these manipulations. If the engine is gaining momentum or, conversely, nurses to stall during these manipulations, then in the place that was watered with water or sprayed the airzol with an air leak. I use this method only if I need to check the quickly suspicious place. Often such a place is a throttle or nozzle ring.

But in such cases as with Ford data, it’s easier to look for leaks using a smoke generator. I use a homemade smoke generator.

At first I had a prototype, welded, which is said, from shit and sticks.

In addition to the fact that he looked terribly, he is also constantly text. I checked a few cars to them, but it became clear that something was necessary and more reliable. Then I ordered the turning point and collected the second option.

A good smoke turned out, but I sold it to one good person), and again I was left without a smoker. Then I am again ordering another case and this is what happened in the end, and with what I work today

The smoke turned out to be heavier than the previous and more in diameter. It reaches for the maximum smoke mode, but the case does not heat up as much as in the previous version, and can work longer, without danger to burn the candle.

All smoke generators work in special oil generators, Johnsons Baby, or ATF oil, children’s oil. I use the latter, since I only found it in my garage)

A little distracted from the topic, and so, we connect the smoke to the intake manifold, plug the throttle and serve the smoke under pressure no more than 0.2 atm per inlet. Where there is a collector’s leaks, smoke will go. In my case, it looked like this:

Very often the cause of unstable engine operation is the air leakage in the ICE system. To find the place of air leaks, special smoke generators are used to one hundred. I suggest making it with my own hands.

Hello, I think many of you know about such a device as a smoke generator. This is how he looks:

Use it, as I said, to detect air leaks. Summered into the system. Respectively, from the place where depressurization is present, smoke will come out. Thus, it is very easy to find where the air leakage occurs specifically.

The smoke generator for checking the inlet tract of the car from the soldering iron

For manufacture I used: 1. A jar of baby food with a metal closing lid, 2. Metal dish for washing dishes, 3. Heating element from the soldering iron, 4. A network cord with a fork from the same soldering iron, 5. Plastic tube, later replaced with 2 metal ones, 6. Cold welding.

By the way, I found the same heating element separately on Aliexpress, maybe someone will come in handy.

To begin with, we mark the places of holes, the central for the rod, the side for tubes, through one we will supply air, we will connect the other end to the intake manifold.

We drill 3 holes under the diameter of the tubes and rod from the soldering iron. It should turn out something like this.

The next stage, we fasten the heating element, for this we wrap the very tip, which will be mounted on the lid with non.Combustible material, I used a gasket from a powerful diode assembly from a broken computer power supply.

This gasket wrapped the tip of the rod and fixed it with electrical.

Next step. Save the network cable to the element.

To pile up contacts, used soldering acid.

Class, you can solder wires. First we put on the cambric wire, we solder.

We put on a heat.Assembly cambric, heat it.

We prepare for fixing in the lid of the jar using cold welding.

Before using cold welding, it is advisable to soap your hands and let the soap dry a little, then the remnants of cold welding are easily washed off.

We put a metal grid in a jar, it is better to use a rigid. There is still soft on sale, it was burned with me at the place of contact with the rod.

After hardening cold welding, we try in work. I tried different liquids in the work. Glycerin smokes best. The pharmacy is sold in jars of 25 ml for 25, I needed 3.

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I noticed that the heating rod is hot not along the entire length, but only in the middle. And if the liquid is in contact with this place, there is more smoke.

After many attempts with different liquids that I found at home, plastic tubes began to melt, by that time I found metal tubes. The tubes from the telescopic antenna from the old receiver came up well.

Smoke begins to go about 10 seconds after turning on and its intensity does not decrease when blowing.

When checking by car I found 3 places. Rubber tubes cracked in a cloth braid, although visually, to the touch and bend were in perfect condition, without a smoke generator I would definitely not have found.

Astronauts Are Fixing an Air Leak On International Space Station

Unfortunately, it was not possible to show other places, it is difficult to simultaneously repair the car and remove. In conclusion, I will add that using such a smoke generator in everyday work on car repair will probably not work, but it is quite possible to fix your car.

He worked for 15 minutes (glycerin in a jar boils, naturally the jar was heated) with small breaks to eliminate malfunctions. Metal tubes in places of connection with glue gave a small leak, perhaps it was necessary to break these places. But in general, I am satisfied with the result. The error has disappeared, the idle passage normalized and hanging at increased speeds disappeared. And it felt better the car began to react to the brake pedal.

DIY smoke generator. For motorists, and car repairmen ⁠ ⁠

Hello everyone, pickups and subscribers! This topic for motorists who prefer to repair their cars with their own hands. This device allows you to look for air sunses in the Air Air Force (check for integrity). Today I will tell you about the smoke generator ala “collective farm-samopal”.

Since the smoke generator became the need to have a decision, I decided to assemble it independently, in view of the fact that I like to design (to work) and the abundance of information on the Internet on this topic. I did not invent a bicycle and do not pretend to be laurels, but I create a post for amateur fellow amateurs who may once need a similar device. And so, in the end we got the Building Building Building 1000. We need to achieve such a result (scheme)

I ask you to forgive the scheme, I tried to portray in Photoshop.

Spring for solid lubricant per 100g. 300

A candle of incandescent from a diesel engine (from Peugeot is best). 200

Wires \ Crocodile \ Thermal Submissive \ Clemes. 180

Hoses \ clamps \ nut \ Copper washer \ rubber washers \ nipple with nipple for a wheel disk. 200

Drill of the desired diameter and tearing of a copper tube (with a diameter of 6mm) 100

And now in steps. To begin with, we will need a syringe for solid lubrication, took this one:

From it we need only a case that is ideal for a smoke generator container. Next, we need to make it out completely (the process did not take pictures, as unnecessary, everything is clear there), to this state

We need for further work, only the cover and the container itself, where the smoke generation process will occur.

Next, prepare the lid for our smoke generator, for this, I glued it into an epoxy, a piece of a copper tube with a diameter of 6mm and 160mm in length, it turned out like this: it turned out like this: it turned out like this: it turned out like this: it turned out:

Using a copper tube, it is necessary to set the direction of air in order to have effective chimney, we should immerse a copper tube into the oil (ATF), passing through the oil. It will be more effective to squeeze smoke to the output (this process is shown in the diagram). The diagram also shows how it is necessary to stick a copper tube, t.E. It needs to be inserted into the existing technological hole to the end, in order to block and direct the air, move precisely along the pipe. Next, we do not need to completely drill a copper tube (marked with red dotted line), and make a hole for the yield of smoke (marked with blue dotted line):

Thus we directed the air movement. In the inlet (air entrance), I screwed up and put on glue, a nipple with a nipple from a wheel disk (after cutting all the excess) this: this:

The final photo will be seen by its location. Now let’s move on to the preparation of the electric part, our smoke generator. I decided to make wires with crocodiles to supplied power to a candle of incandescent from the battery. There are no problems with the manufacture of the wiring, the process is simple. Cut \ reap \ solder \ squeeze \ plug up.), it turned out like this:

I purchased a transparent tube to see smoke at the exit, I also purchased a brass adapter from the thread. To the “Christmas tree” under the clamp. Gathered together:

The tip used the one that went with the syringe in the kit (do not disappear good).

We collect a candle with wiring and hoisted in place:

The candle is inserted into the technological hole of the container located below. Do not forget to use the washers and rubber gaskets so that the oil does not orange from below (I used this):

Collect everything in a heap and get a smoke generator.)

check, leaks

Where exactly the air can suck where

There are quite a lot of places for the passage of unaccounted air. You need to understand that everything can be guilty of either a leaky elastic band or a crack in the intake manifold.

  • Vacuum hoses on the collector;
  • Corrugations located after the flowmeter;
  • Loose compounds (promoted clamps);
  • Damaged gaskets, this can be on the connection of the throttle with the collector, as well as at the place of fitting to the GBC;
  • Sophisticated cuffs of fuel nozzles;
  • Vacuum brake amplifier.

If there are suspicions of the appearance of unaccounted air in the intake manifold, you should immediately check all of the above places. As a rule, the suction is quite easy to find. If difficulties arise, it is recommended to contact a service station or get a special device for finding the insufficient intake.

Air leakage through nozzles is one of the most common problems, and the fault of everything is spoiled by sealing gum

Simple smoke generator

In general, I stood the other day at the checkpoint. And in order not to waste time in vain, I decided to realize the idea that long.Exciting me. To assemble a simple smoke generator to check the intake manifold.

From a suitable tool, I found only a small knife and a triangular file without a handle

One and a half liter plastic bottle was also freed from water in the throat. A half.Liter bottle of a drink was also bought, which was quickly drained with a daughter

First of all, cut a large and small bottle into two parts. I threw the upper part of a small bottle. In total, there are two lower parts (small and large) and one upper. I think it’s clear.

Remove the crankcase ventilation valve from the valve. In the lid from the bottle, a hole made a hole so that the removed hose entered it with effort. I wound the upper part of the large bottle on the lid. It turned out such a picture

Then he hung a hole on the bottoms of both lower parts. In a smaller cigarette diameter, and in the upper hose diameter from the compressor for pumping the wheels.

He shot a cigarette at the driver of a neighboring car, smoked it and inserted a smaller bottle into the hole, and all this thing assembled his feet to his feet into a large bottle

It stuck it all into the upper part of the bottle and connected the car compressor

Drivers of neighboring cars could not understand for a long time what I was so diligent, although many probably did not understand

As the experiment showed, this decision has the right to life because of its simplicity and speed of assembly. I spent half an hour. And then, while they bought it and drank a drink, while I hollowed the holes with a file on my knee and shot cigarettes

check, leaks

Only it needs to be upgraded a bit. You can insert not one cigarette, but a few so that there is more smoke. Better yet, recall childhood and use paper instead of cigarettes impregnated with a silver. I don’t know how you are, but in childhood we often shukharyi smoke from such paper. Smoke was.

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How to find an air leak

Also, the lid on the bottle must be twisted through gauze so that the ash does not fly into the collector.

I will further improve. True, this copy had to be thrown away, since when checking on checkpoints could be mistaken for a drug addict

I advise you to see what interesting decision our community member Pavel used to make a smoke generator from improvised materials

Possible places of insanity of inlet tract

  • All tubes, hoses of the vacuum system. Most often, the hoses are sagged in the places of connection with the fittings, crack on the bends. Also, the sucker of unaccounted air can occur due to inattention, when after the repair they forget to connect or confuse the hoses in places, they are pulled out from the fittings by negligence.
  • Vacuum brake amplifier system. The air leak can occur not only through the check valve or hose, but also through the torn membrane, depressurization of the vacuum chamber body. We have already examined how to check Wut.
  • Laying in the intake manifold.
  • Snow gum.
  • RXX seal at the schedule of the DZ case.
  • Rotation axis of a mechanical throttle. The development that arose on large runs leads to the appearance of a backlash. Throttle shutters with an electric wire problem with the problem of sucked air in such places do not suffer.
  • Intake manifold. A rather typical problem for cars with plastic collectors.
  • Crankcase ventilation system. The cause of the suction is the leature of hoses, tubes, valve.
  • Lentity of the ventilation system of the gas tank.

The use of a diagnostic device

The scanner allows you to determine the additional symptoms indicating that the cause of unstable idle revolutions is precisely in the air leak, the device will allow in real time to observe:

  • Testimony of lambda-zond;
  • The degree of opening of the throttle;
  • The position of the idle regulator;
  • The desired and actual revolutions of the idle stroke;
  • Long.Term and short.Term fuel corrections.

In the video, a diagnostic specialist explains how to use these values ​​to diagnose air leaks in the engine.

We localize the cause

Consider the main methods for determining the cause of the air leakage without using a smoke generator.

  • Spraying the carburetor cleaner near the elements of the inlet tract. The composition of cleaners includes easily evaporated and ignitable components. Getting through the place of air leaks into the cylinders, the cleaner enriches the fuel mixture. In especially critical cases, at such moments there is a short.Term raising of engine speed. But it is much more reliable during the test to observe using a diagnostic device for short.Term fuel correction. The values ​​when absorbing the cleaner will rise, as the lambda zond will register the enrichment of the mixture.
  • Spraying water. The purpose of the test is to hear the characteristic sound of water absorption, which will necessarily occur at the site of the air leak. For convenience, pick up a bottle of water, after making a small hole in the lid. Cleaned the location of the hoses of the vacuum system, if possible, the junction of the cylinder block and the inlet collector. Check the site with special care after the throttle, since there is discharge and risk of leaks above all. But do not completely fill the engine with cold water, and especially the exhaust manifold. A sharp temperature difference can lead to its cracking.

Test with a smoke generator

The meaning of the check is to serve in the intake path of smoke. In places of air leaks, the smoke will go out, which will allow localizing leak. You can buy a smoke generator or build a device with your own hands. There are plenty of various design options on the Internet, one of which is shown in the video below.

How to find a smoke generator to find a place of air leakage?

  • Blok the inlet pipe in front of the air filter. If this does not do the pressure of smoke in the inlet tract will increase slowly.
  • Disconnect one of the available hoses of the vacuum system, instead connect the smoke generator hose.

Using the compressor, serve smoke. When the system is fully filled, you have to observe smoke leaks that can provoke an unaccounted air leakage to the intake manifold.

Symptoms of air leaks through nozzles

The detection of leaks lends itself to drivers with experience of many years of driving and the ability to listen to the work of the motor. The first signs of the presence of this are launches in the morning or after a long downtime of cars.

    Does not start in the morning, as usual. Long.Term scrolling by the starter is required. Engine troit and stalls. The reason for this is the pumping unit (high.Pressure fuel pump), which is poorly responded to fuel passing in high speed mode. And on small (idle) does not have time with excessive air in the combustion chamber.

Severe engine starting in the morning. The reason for the fuel pump

Determine the place of air suction

The most effective way to determine the place of air leaks is visual.

True, for this you have to either find or collect the simplest smoke generator. Smoke launched into the absence system will instantly show the place of suction with high accuracy. It is clear that there is not even every hundred a smoke generator, so the simplest device can be assembled with your own hands.

DIY smoke generator

To do this, a purge pneumatic gun, a compressor with a receiver and a pack of smoke cigarette. The gun simply connects to the air receiver or compressor, a cigarette is inserted into the nose of the gun, the pressure of about 0.5-0.8 atm is pumped up and the smoke under the pressure enters the inlet collector.

The flaw will become noticeable as soon as the smoke finds a place to exit.

check, leaks

Another way to search for a “suction” place

The second way to determine the place of suction is more time.Consuming and long.Term. For this, a flammable fluid (ether, gas with a high octane number, liquid for rapid starting the engine in the can) is useful for this. To check and determine the place of suction, it is enough to start the engine and spray the liquid on the collection of the collector.

Sometimes the suction is clearly heard by a characteristic whistle or hissing, but this does not happen in all cases. Therefore, you need to methodically spray the liquid with the fit of the intake manifold to the block head and all the suspicious connections that we listed above. As soon as the fluid falls into the place of breakdown, it will suck in the inlet tract and the engine speed will increase sharply for a while.

Other methods

There are several more methods for identifying the suction. They are in the exact measurement of the discharge on the site from the throttle to the combustion chambers, however, the equipment used to implement this method is not always available, and the accuracy of localizing the place of depressurization using this method is minimal.

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